Aimbot – The Game Breaking Plague of World of Tanks

From the very beginning, World of Tanks included an “auto-aim” feature. You simply right clicked on an enemy tank you could see and your gun would automatically aim at that tanks location.

This was not a very effective way to aim though as it typically just aimed for the turret (which is about the heaviest armored part of most tanks) and did not compensate for speed or angle in any way. In the end, using it resulted in more misses and bounces than it ever did any penetrations and damaging shots.

The vast majority of players never used auto-aim for that very reason. About the only time anybody used it were in light (scout) tanks on the move. At top speed, some light tanks can top 60kph, making aiming all but a nearly impossible enterprise. What auto-aim allowed those tanks to do was essentially hurl a few rounds in the direction of an enemy while they focused on their driving. If that tank got around the rear of the enemy, that was about the only time auto-aim was useful; the backs of tanks having less armor meant that precision aiming wasn’t really necessary for the most part.

But that was about the only instance in which auto-aim was ever useful…until a few years ago.

Aimbot is a program that takes the built in auto-aim system and super charges it into the most game breaking, deadly gunnery aid in the game.

Instead of the nearly “brain dead” aim at the turret programing, aimbot is actually programmed to aim at the weak spots (thinnest armored areas) of all tanks. What’s more, it also compensates for speed and angle to make more accurate and deadly shots completely and totally automatic.

As if that weren’t enough, it goes further. Aimbot will keep it’s aim locked even if the tank is no longer visible. That’s right, once you’re spotted, you’re essentially dead. There is no way to hide from it.

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But wait! There’s more!

Aimbot will also lock your fire button so that it will not fire unless you have a clear shot at the target you have locked. This saves you an absolute fortune on all those gold rounds you have to spam to compete these days.

In short, aimbot essentially removes any and all gunnery skill from the game completely. You simply right click a spotted tank and keep hammering the fire button until it’s dead.

For those who want to check out this deadly, completely illegal mod, you can get it here: The Aimbot Cheat

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s well respected QuickyBaby showing and telling all:


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  1. Colddawg

    Wait, whistle blowing about a cheat and then posting a link for people to download it? “I is confused.” Do you want to stop the aimbot issue or spread it?

    That’s the same bullshit phylosophy used by Wargaming. People ask for proof of it’s existence and when you post the proof you’re then accused of “helping spread it”.

    You’re part of the problem. Odds are you’ve been using it since day one and can’t stand anybody pointing it out to others because you don’t want them to use it against you.

    -Thing 1

  2. SchnitzelTruck

    ~That’s the same bullshit phylosophy used by Wargaming. People ask for proof of it’s existence and when you post the proof you’re then accused of “helping spread it”.~

    Providing the video is already proof of existence. Giving the download link is helping spread it.

    What? Are you afraid people will now use it against you? I thought you were the one saying it didn’t even exist. So what are you really worried about?

    – Thing 1

  3. billyzbear

    This looks like an old post. I have a question about these aimbots though. I and others in our clan have noticed an up swing in ammo racks lately. More than once a game. More like one shot right after another, with multiple tanks. Sure you can try to tell me to get safe stowage and don’t expose that part of the tank.
    There is something else going on. Do these aimbot mods target your ammo rack?

  4. Thing 1

    Aimbot can target for weak spots in the armor by way of the indicator, but it doesn’t target modules specifically that we are aware of.

    But there’s also an illegal mod that shows you where all the modules are on a tank in 3 d mode.

    You can take a look at that here:

    It is illegal and shows the locations of all modules and crew on all tanks. So all the people using it know EXACTLY where to aim to ammo rack you.

    That’s why you see so many more ammo racks: it’s the first thing all the cheaters using that mod aim for. First they take out your ammo rack, then they hit the fuel tanks.

    Think about how many times that’s happened to you: first hit, ammo rack and it takes forever to fight, so you’re helpless. Next hit you catch fire and burn.

    Game over.

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