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UPDATE 9/15/16

Yesterday, the intelligence officer of the comieboo clan, Donward, contacted us to inform us that Wulfehound was in fact NOT associated with them. What’s more, not only was Wulfehound not associated with them, he was in fact loathed by them as a whole. Apparently, Wulfehound’s wanna-be attitude was more than a bit tarnished by his activities in anime (read as exploitation of under aged, over developed little girls) and his promotion of “furry” porn on a site he frequented.

We apologize for any defamation done to Donward and his associates. It was not intentional in any way. The lead paragraph has been changed to reflect this.

This Troll/Shill prowls the NA forum trying to pose as a “Wehraboo Hunter”, also referred to as the “comieboos” by some. He (or rather she as far as we know…we’ll get to that in just a moment) although wanting very much to be associated with these Stalinist history revisionist’s, has no affiliation with them at all. Quite the contrary, as much as Wulfehound carries the hammer and sickle around waving it as he goes, they want no part of him.

Yes, he’s that bad.

Not letting that deter him, Wulfehound spends his time chasing people down on threads and calling them out on their historical sources. If their historical sources do not meet with a Russian internal seal of approval, they are considered pro Nazi sources of information on the spot.

The posters are then immediately accused of being Wehraboo’s and Nazi’s. Then of course they are swarmed by a team of Wehraboo Hunter Stalinist thugs on the thread in question and a flame war begins. The person is then somehow moderated and banned for a EULA violation of Nazism on the forum even in the face of not saying anything about Nazi’s to begin with, but rather discussing common history from known credible, public sources.

This occurs whether discussing tanks, war history, or practically any topic under the sun. Practically any topic becomes political once Wulfehound and his/her Russian Commissars come out in trench coats, and everyone is hauled off.

According to Wulfehound and his army of Communists Commissars, the Germans were completely incompetent; all tanks, equipment, weaponry, technology and science they came up with was worthless and inferior. Not only that, but the allies were not even needed during the entirety of World War II, and actually were only involved to keep the Soviets from succeeding in overrunning the whole of Europe.

There was some question on a recent forum thread which was removed from the NA forum where this Anime avatar was called into question for being in violation of some state laws for being exploitative of under age females. The constant display of Wulfehound and his followers of images consisting of what appear to be 12 or 13 year old girls with the bodies of 25 year old women were seen by some as more than a bit questionable, not to mention it caused more than a bit of confusion as to what sex Wulfehound actually was.

This of course turned into another epic shit storm of two sides: Side one consisted of middle aged men defending the use of obviously under aged, over developed animated girls. Side two consisted of middle aged men wondering why in the name of all that is holy there were other middle aged men using images of obviously under aged, over developed little girls in pushup bras and short skirts with garter belts in poses exposing their panties.

Just so we’re absolutely clear on what we’re talking about, this is a real picture of Wulfehound he/she himself/herself posted:

Real vs Fantasy Wulfehound

If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you and make you want to lock up your daughters, then nothing will. It’s creepy on a level that not even Norman Bates could match.

In the end, though, the weird, perverted sicko’s prevailed as once again the NA forum censorship moderators removed materials, shut down the thread, and banned…wait for it…

Everybody but the middle aged men using pictures of obviously under aged, over developed little girls. So that tells you right there what the men running Wargaming prefer and subscribe to.

Here’s a few select examples of Wulfehound and his/her (the jury is still out, to be honest) Nazi paranoia:

“Not going to happen at all, as both of those men were Nazi scumbags”

So criticizing the panther with facts makes you a commie, I suppose supporting the panther without facts must make you worse than a Nazi?

Just because I don’t believe Nazi propaganda
No they didn’t. Tiger had at best a kill ratio of 2:1, and averaged around 1.5-1.7:1. The only sources that back up the 5:1/10:1 ratios are German war diaries, which are full of lies and blatant overclaims. (Case in point: the German military intelligence reduced claims by up to 50%)

“Except it is, and the evidence you used earlier was literally propaganda”

“You speak about the T-34 being overrated (which to be fair is partially true) yet believe Nazi propaganda?”

And here is an example of some of Wulfehound’s responses to reasonable statements:

Panzer_Graf, on Jul 07 2016 – 15:11, said:
Every reliable source of statistics from WWII illustrates the general superiority of German armor over Soviet. When I mean statistics, I mean kill ratios, engagement success, etc.

“Wulfehoud reply: Statistics and ratios based on claims only.”

PrinzEugen85, on Jul 07 2016 – 23:29, said:
Wulfe will always, always make excuses for Russians. Teamold gets ragged on a lot, but he doesn’t have this demented dependency to say everyone’s always wrong, and Politburo is always right.

Wulfehound says, “Excuse me for not believing Nazi propaganda.”

The Commie is strong with this one. It’s laughable that he calls everything from every historical source “Nazi Propaganda” while at the very same time advocating nothing but communist propaganda that has no basis at all in reality. Apparently, he/she is so blind by his/her love for mother Russia, that he/she doesn’t realize that showing a blinding, overwhelming bias for one side despite facts to the contrary published by reliable sources does not make for a very believable point of view.

In fact, it makes you look like…well…you’re full of shit.

We often wonder who first assembled the wehraboo hunters to begin with. Perhaps they came with Wargaming in the beginning? Being as the game is made by a Russian developer, it’s not such a large leap to believe so.

One thing that is missing from Wulfehound’s public profile on World of Tanks is the graphics that he/she and most of his/her fellow “Nazi Hunters” (read as ‘Card Carrying Closet Communist of the Pedophile Variety) carry on their private profile pages, but not to worry; we shall see that he/she gets it here.

UPDATE 8/27/16:

Apparently, Wulfehound got a load of this page and lost his freaking mind. He IMMEDIATELY changed his avatar over it.

But what did he change it to? Well, come on folks, you didn’t really think this latent pedophile would really wise up, did you? Here it is:

New Wulfehound Avatar

Some people never learn.

UPDATE #2 8/27/16:

This guy is just off the rails. Apparently, he is so bent out of shape that he not only spammed the content pages of the site with bogus comments, he also went after people over on the World of Tanks forum. One of our contributors, Gomez Adams, just sent in this little jewel of a conversation that Wuflehound PM’d him:

WulfeHound, on Aug 27 2016 – 06:44, said:

The one that you and Insurrectional run, it’s quite fascinating. By that I mean hilarious to see the thought process behind the tinfoil. Keep up the libel, you’re doing a grand job of it.Have a nice day


To which Gomez Adams replied:

Gomez_Adams, on Aug 27 2016 – 06:57, said:

First off, I don’t “run” anything.

Secondly, you’re the one with issues, pal. You’re the grown man pretending to be a little girl. You’re the one sending PM’s like a jilted old lady. You’re the one changing your avatar from one perverted anime image to another.

Thirdly, you have a nice day as well.

So Wulfehound comes back at him with this:

WulfeHound, on Aug 27 2016 – 07:17, said:

This is hilarious.

1) It doesn’t take much to put two and two together to see that you run that site. There are things there I’ve said in response to you there, you showed up on my profile after I changed my avatar and the edit to that page was made soon after, and a good friend of mine registered recently there. So I know for sure it’s you.

2) I’m not “pretending” to be anything aside from me. You want someone who’s that level of disturbing? Go after Gasai__Yuno.

3) Well I can’t exactly leave a comment on your page as I’m on RO until tomorrow, and besides this is material for for a PM rather than for public view

4) Wow. I didn’t know that having avatars of two different characters that are both fully clothed means I’m perverted.

Keep up the good work, man. It’s quite entertaining.

And Gomez responds with this:

Gomez_Adams, on Aug 27 2016 – 07:39, said:

Make no mistake: I know about the site, but I don’t run it. I’m sure all this will wind up over there as I will tell them about it.

The hysterical part is that with every single message you send you simply prove that they were right all along.

This guy is so bent out of shape it’s hysterical. Kudos to Gomez for keeping his cool.

UPDATE #3 8/31/16:

Wulfehound, it seems, is the gift that just keeps on giving. Apparently, he was so bent out of shape over seeing his profile that he wept for 3 days over it. He couldn’t go to Wotlabs to cry about it because they think he’s a douche bag so he doesn’t post there at all anymore. So, he PM’d his buddy Tsavo about it over at the World of Tanks forum and the shit storm went into high gear.

The funny part though is that rather than getting support and pats on the back, Wulfehound was told his profile on this page was actually accurate.

We’re still all laughing about it. The thread got so ridiculous, as usual given these guys, that it was locked down. Of note is Wulfehound crying like a baby that his profile here is not true at all while he’s told that it is by the very people he thought would stand up for him.

You can read the full thread here: Tsavo’s WoT Thread About This Site

Notable content pertaining to Wulfehound:

View PostGseriesARFCOM, on Aug 30 2016 – 03:57, said:

Wow, the expose they did on Wulfehound is excellent.

View PostWulfeHound, on Aug 30 2016 – 03:57, said:

Shame it’s false

View PostGseriesARFCOM, on Aug 30 2016 – 11:57, said:

Honestly Wulfe you must admit the Stalin loving communist Wehraboo part was pretty spot on.

View PostWulfeHound, on Aug 30 2016 – 04:09, said:

The wehraboo part is true. However, I’m not a communist nor do I “love Stalin”. He’s a megalomaniac paranoid dictator who deserves his place in hell just as much as Hitler.

View PostGseriesARFCOM, on Aug 30 2016 – 4:15, said:

Well you did state once that you wished you could have served as an infantryman in the Soviet or East German army during the Cold War. I take it you just love Krushchev and Brezhnev then?

View PostWulfeHound, on Aug 30 2016 – 04:15, said:

Yes, I did state that. Does that mean I was serious? No.

View PostGseriesARFCOM, on Aug 30 2016 – 4:23, said:

Oh come on Wulfe don’t back peddle. You were 100% serious. There was no joking around going on within the context of that thread or your response. You were proudly waving your red flag while wearing your Che Guevera t-shirt when you wrote that.

The poor guy just can’t help putting his foot in his mouth.

UPDATE #4 9/14/16:

Yet another avatar update to yet another little girl, only this time, surprise-surprise, it’s Russian!


And absolutely NOBODY is surprised by this at all.

Update 11/21/16:

So after being very quite and falling off the radar for quite a while, Prinzeugen85 brought it to our attention (see post below) that he was back, with a new girly avatar, trolling again as if nothing ever happened.

Well, oddly, by the time we looked into it, yet another perverted little girl avatar was gone and is now replaced with this:


Is our resident bearded latent pedophilia inclined pervert finally attempting to butch up? Could it be that he’s finally stopped trolling little girls with friendly faces and promises of candy and games and good times?

Could it be that Wulfehound at long last is growing the hell up, turning over a new leaf and going straight?

Well, we seriously doubt it because that would be in fact the second sign of the apocalypse, but we can always hope.

Update 12/27/16:

This is some seriously sick shit. Check out the fucking disgusting shit this asshole posts:

That fucker is a full-blown pedophile. If the issue was ever in doubt before, there’s no god damned doubt about it now. That’s the most disgusting shit we’ve ever seen.

Update 12/29/16:

All rejoice! Wulfehound has been perma-banned from the World of Tanks forums. Couldn’t have happened to a bigger perverted douche bag.

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  1. GseriesARFCOM

    I appreciate the hard work and highly detailed investigative work that went into developing this fine expose. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you. We’ve only been up and running a few weeks, but we’re putting things together day by day. Much more to come to be sure, so pop back by from time to time.
    – Thing 1

  2. Aldus

    LMAO!!! Holy shit man! That is too damn funny! And true. You nailed it! I can’t believe that dumbass was stupid enough to post a picture of himself. What a fucking moron. And an ugly son of a bitch too!

    Thank you! We aim to get it as right as we can. Glad you enjoyed it.
    – Thing 1

  3. Wulfe

    I would like for the pedophilia part to be removed since that’s libelous.

    Actually, no it isn’t. In order to prove libel, you must first prove without doubt that the statement is not true, and that the statement caused you financial hardship. (i.e. you lost a job, or were sued, or suffered a contract cancellation, etc.)

    Of course, you can’t prove any of that. What we can prove and actually have proven (with your help of course) is that you are a fully grown man imitating a little girl. That doesn’t bode well for you at all. I’m sure your counsel will advise you of the very same thing.

    – Thing 1

  4. Aldus

    LMAO AGAIN!!! It is so goddamned funny seeing Wulfehound so butthurt over this. After all the bullshit he shells out and got away with he’s getting his ass owned and it is just funny as hell. What a fucking idiot. Dude says his article is libel and he just keeps on changing pictures of freaking 10 year old girls!!! LMFAO!!! You fucking moron! You’re just proving them right every single comment you make and picture you use you dumbass.

    Well, that’s what they do. They simply can’t help themselves. It’s much like they all say it’s nothing and it doesn’t bother them.

    But then it’s all they can talk about. They also tried using proxies to get in to the site to leave a bunch of bogus comments and troll. Our software has blocked 1294 attempts in the last two weeks from proxies trying to forward already banned IP’s.

    That’s a lot of effort for people that don’t care, is it not? Fact is, it’s driving them nuts…and we’re just getting started, so stick around.

    – Thing 1

  5. Donward

    This site is an absolute slur. Wulfehound is NOT a “comieboo” the C is always spelled lower case and we are not “his” army. We at the Clan of the comieboo have no association with him – or any other Animea princess at the T110 threadite – and the fact that he hung out at the now defunct Historical Armored Vehicle section of these forums is entirely happenstance.

    Please correct this mistake.

    We will amend the main story page first thing tomorrow morning. If you can think of anything we missed or would like to add to the story, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

    – Thing 1

  6. T___A

    You should add that WulfeHound used to have a deviantart account where he posted his own made furry porn

    Although this is of course hearsay, that you’ve posted it here sort of backs up our suspicions and those of others that helped out with this story.

    However, should you ever find a link to a cached page, we’d love to post it to the story. Thanks for posting.

    – Thing 1

  7. Donward

    T__A is correct. We just wanted noted for the record that the comieboos are in no way affiliated with Wulfehound and in fact have been mocking him for years before this site came into being for his ANIMEA proclivities.

    Again, we’ll amend the story first thing in the morning to reflect this new information.

    – Thing 1

  8. T___A

    Also he regularly posts to reddit a known meet up websites of pedophiles to post their Child Porn.

    See this Anderson Cooper piece for more details:

    That is simply shocking. Thanks for posting that.

    – Thing 1

  9. Tommy Whitmore

    Wulfhound wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t a furry
    and if he didn’t post in *that section* of reddit
    and if he didn’t have a toxic personality
    that’s a lot of ifs.

    We’re hearing this more and more lately. We knew he had issues, but we certainly didn’t think it crossed into the realm of the bizarre. Thanks for posting.

    – Thing 1

  10. STP

    I actually met this guy on another forum. He’s into that furry porn and really weird stuff. This guy is a lot more perverted than you think he is.

    You’re not the first person to tell us that. Thanks for posting.

    – Thing 1

  11. Prinzeugen85

    He’s quite the bully for someone that looks like some creepy, communist, hobbit.

    The hysterical part of it all is how he’s been crying like the little girl he pretends to be since we did the article on him. All of them have, really. They try to laugh it off like it doesn’t matter but it is literally all they can talk about anymore.

    Typically, that’s when you know you’ve got it right.

    – Thing 1

  12. Prinzeugen85

    He has a new avatar and has felt brave enough to start bullying people again. Some things never change.

    We hadn’t heard anything from or about him in so long he fell off the radar. But yea, assholes never change. They just wait until they think everything has blown over and start up the same moronic behavior all over again.

    – Thing 1

  13. Aldus

    “Is our resident bearded latent pedophilia inclined pervert finally attempting to butch up?” LMFAO!!! Now that’s comedy gold right there man!!

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    – Thing 1

  14. Frau_Blooka

    You are the sickest fucker I’ve ever come across you fucking pedophile!!!

    Yep. It’s about the most twisted shit we’ve ever see as well.

    – Thing 1

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist

    The question is, “When will the little girlie man try to resurface again under another user name? Make know mistake I know that though is depression to even mention, but something like this, will try to figure their way to come crawling back sooner or later.” Sorta like the creature from the black Lagoon! You know those old monster movies with sequels from those MST3K program.

    It wouldn’t surprise anybody. They all run God only knows how many alt accounts for trolling and shit.

    – Thing 1

  16. Mr_Alex

    Comments Deleted

    Look, pal: do we generally think this shit is sick? Yes. Do we want it gone? Yes. But when you start posting all kinds of bullshit about pedophilia rings and executing people, you’ve gone too God damned far.

    DO NOT make another bullshit comment like that again. Fucking EVER!

    – Thing 1

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