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Tolos is yet another European that plays on the North American server. Some say it’s because he got run off by the higher talent level of the EU server, and that his English accent wasn’t up to snuff. All we know is that he’s an epic troll.

It is said that in every crowd, there’s a horses ass. Well, in every gathering of horses asses, there’s one that puts them all to shame. In the World of Tanks Forums group of horses asses, that one that outshines them all is, without any doubt, Tolos.

Tolos goes beyond troll, really. Giving credit where credit is due, this guy is the end-all-be-all troll of trolls. His picture should be in the dictionary next to the word and his collective work of posting should be the very definition itself.

One could make the argument that Tolos is a victim of his environment; after all, he has been a member of RELIC, arguably the single largest group of patent assholes on the planet, since October of 2012. It would be quite easy if not acceptable to believe that he was simply corrupted by being surrounded by the vast, overwhelming number of complete horses asses for so very long.

But we’re not here to do that. We’re here to show him for what his is: A patent asshole and forum troll of the highest order. Let’s just let his own words speak for him. I don’t think you’ll need any other evidence than that.

View PostTolos, on Jul 27 2016 – 09:39, said:

Its that kind of thinking that lead to the Dallas shootings.

View PostTolos, on Jul 26 2016 – 11:37, said:

It makes me wonder what your life is like when you still have to come to the forums on a game you dont play just to whine and moan.

View PostTolos, on Jul 26 2016 – 11:58, said:

This is what a lot of the whiners dont get.

View PostTolos, on Jul 26 2016 – 12:07, said:

To people such as yourself you’re 100% correct.

View PostTolos, on Jul 25 2016 – 21:13, said:

We dont bash him because of his stats, we bash him because he’s an idiot.

View PostTolos, on Jul 25 2016 – 13:34, said:

Gotta love how baddies defend his hipocracy.

View PostTolos, on Jul 23 2016 – 20:54, said:

Well I watched the replay and all I can say is this. No wonder you are a sub 47%er, it was bloody awful to watch. You cant aim for [edited], that wasnt RNG, that was a bad player making excuses.

View PostTolos, on Jul 23 2016 – 17:40, said:

Calls teams bots, whilst having the stats of a bot…gg?.

View PostTolos, on Jul 21 2016 – 18:26, said:

You’re right the MM does pick on your teams….by putting you on them.

And folks, that’s just over the last week. You can go back for 4 years and this sort of toxic posting is all you will ever see. It’s a non-stop, troll fest of insults and bullying from Tolos since day one.

He is without doubt the only person you will come across that will complain about people complaining and not see the irony of it.

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  1. doomslinger

    I remember reading a lot of those forum posts and to put those replies in proper context, you would have to read the posts Tolos was replying to. He is right in most of his replies. The biggest hypocrites are the bad players who average 1 or 2 shots of damage in tanks and then blame their teams or other players for causing them to lose. There is such a large proportion of the world of tanks playerbase that plays at or near bot levels and blames others for being bad. They are the very definition of the word “hypocrites”.

    Context has nothing to do with being a complete jerk and patent horses ass, which is what Tolos is 90% of the time. And 90% is being kind.
    – Thing 1

  2. Tolos' wife.

    Tolos is just a commentator from the top 1% looking back at popular myths, habits, groupthink and conspiracies, and taking a sarcastic view of it, whilst pointing out in the clearest way possible…

    Tolos, on Jul 21 2016 – 18:26, said: “You’re right the MM does pick on your teams….by putting you on them.”

    Thanks for contributing as an unsolicited source and backing up with independent proof our thought he’s a complete asshole.
    – Thing 1

  3. SchnitzelTruck

    The fact you have tolos listed as a 10/10 troll automatically discredits your site. One of my favorite forum personalities.

    The lack of Gasai_Yuno here as a Level10 psychopath disturbs me.

    Liking an asshole and hanging out with him doesn’t mean he isn’t an asshole. And we’ve got a good many people in the works. It takes time though, so bear with us.

    – Thing 1

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