20 World of Tanks Lies Exposed – Their Article with Our Commentary

It’s rare that one comes across a company so out of touch with reality that in an effort to explain why their product is so bad they actually post a story proving it. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Wargaming, not surprisingly to us here at EWOT, is one such company. They have recently posted an article entitled: 20 World of Tanks Lies Exposed.

Now, on it’s face, one would think that it would be an article defending the game. One would think it was an effort to show that the game isn’t as bad as some say it is, and would post some sort of evidence to back it up.

But this is Wargaming, and they are not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, when it comes to articles like this, it makes them look more like a teaspoon.

We here want to not only preserve this article for posterity (as we find it highly likely that somebody will eventually point out how patently moronic the article is and they’ll take it down) but we also want to add our ‘two cents’ in as well. That said, here is a link to the article. If it’s no longer there, it’s because they deleted it after it was pointed out to them how completely moronic it was to begin with. (For the record, this would not be the first time they’ve done that by a long shot.)

Link: Original Article

Below is the original article with our commentary. Their words are in the same format as the original article with out commentary in red below each point.

1. Real tanks don’t have hitpoints!

One penetrating hit and you’re done. For this reason, real tanks don’t focus fire on a single target. Instead, they fire on as many enemies as they can at once.
No kidding! Really? You’re joking! That they would actually try to explain that real tanks didn’t have “hit points” is, at best, moronic. Do they really think their player base is that stupid? What’s more, do they realize that they just admitted that their system is completely wrong and War Thunder’s is completely right? After all, War Thunder operates without hit points; only modules and crews can be damaged and many times one good hit will end you. So in other words, War Thunder works based in reality and World of Tanks is a completely bogus system. They just admitted it. How stupid is that?

2. “Sixth Sense” is not a thing.

Commanders use intuition and experience to determine whether they’ve been spotted. Confirmation then comes from incoming fire, which may not be as welcome, but is just as effective at getting you moving.
Again, really? You have to explain to your player base that Michael Wittman didn’t have a huge light appear over his head any time an enemy tank spotted him? I tell you, if your player base is this stupid, they should be playing Pokemon Go. In traffic. Blindfolded. While drunk.

3. Loaders don’t have full loadouts available.

Only a portion of a real tank’s loadout is readily available to the loader. After the rack is spent, the rate of fire decreases dramatically, or the tank is pulled back from the fight to transfer rounds from stowage to the ready rack.
That they actually made a valid point in this article is stunning. I’m willing to bet someone fought like hell to get this added because it actually makes sense, is educational, and is information that some people honestly may not know. I’m willing to bet whoever wrote it fought very hard against the rest of this moronic drivel and was probably fired for it.

4. An autoloader’s magazine reloads with only the necessary replenishment rounds.

It ends up being much quicker than a full magazine would take.
But what if they emptied the magazine you nimrods? Sheesh!

5. Loaders can’t ignore the tank’s movement.

World of Tanks are virtually shock-absorbent, but in real life, they often get thrown around. And in tanks without turret platforms, they need to worry about loss of limbs if they’re not careful.
You’re kidding us! Really? You mean inertia actually is a thing in tanks? We were completely convinced it stopped when we got off the bus or out of our cars. Surely tanks are immune to it!

6. Many tanks that face each other really don’t make a fair match.

For example, the M4 Sherman (tier V in game) reached the battlefields in North Africa about two months ahead of the Tiger (tier VII) in 1942. In the game, the Tiger usually faces the T29, which was designed to destroy it.
This is, without doubt, one of the more moronic statements made. It’s not the 1942 Tiger vs. the 1945 T29 we’re worried about. It’s the 1944 E75 vs the 1952 T10 that we’re upset about. Time and time again the German tanks of the 1930’s and early ’40’s are put up against Korean War age tanks from Russia. So once again they admit their game isn’t fair and includes match ups that literally could never have happened. So why do they? Simple: Money grab and make mother Russia look good.

7. The T28 isn’t the only T28.

The T95 Gun Motor Carriage is also known as the T28. The T28 in the game is a hypothetical early variant.
What about the Tier IV Russian medium T28? Forget to look at your own tank lines again?

8. Paper panzers don’t even exist.

World of Tanks brought to life a number of tanks, like the Pz. III K, that were never actually built.
And of course nearly the ENTIRE line of Japanese, Chinese, Czechoslovakian tanks, and more.

9. A broken track isn’t a quick fix.

In-game Crews move at light speed compared to reality. It usually takes the better part of an hour to fix broken tracks, that’s if they broke on hard, dry, and flat ground.
Again, really? This list is simply laughable at how bad it is. That you point things like this out is insulting to everybody’s intelligence. Then again, maybe that’s their objective.

10. Tanks didn’t really shoot other tanks that much.

Mostly, they were shooting at things like infantry, and their loadouts were more HE-oriented. Even American tank destroyers carried as much HE as AP.
We have one word for you: Prokhorovka

11. View range is only affected by the weather, not the tank type.

In the game, view range is a stat that depends on the type of tank you’re driving.
And the type turret you have on that tank, and what tier it is. Does anybody ever proofread your articles?

12. Tanks don’t disappear after they sit still.

Otherwise, that would be kind of freaky.
So the roughly 35,000 post made about vanishing tanks over the last few years are what, then? Tell you what, if a picture is worth 1000 words, how about a video? These two videos are of the same game. One is from the victims view, the other the attackers. The attackers are right on top of the defenders and are completely invisible to them. Video 1 Victims view    Video 2 Attackers View

13. A tank’s line of vision doesn’t come from the gun.

In the game, the line of vision always matches the gun. In reality, there’s always an offset, just as there would be aiming a handheld firearm.
Or you can right click from the external view and pan around 360 degrees and see everything. You can also use the zoom out mods and see the entire battlefield from a ‘birds eye’ view. You can also use any number of illegal mods you don’t police to remove everything from foliage to trees and objects.

14. Estimating a shell’s arc to gauge the success of hitting a target is terribly difficult.

In World of Tanks, if your crosshair is on the target, the arc is already set for you. There’s quite a bit more thought (and hope) involved in real life.
Yet again proving how completely fail their game model is. Try out War Thunder Realistic Battles. Those marks on your gun scope? You actually have to use them to account for elevation. Once again, a post that proves World of Tanks is the inferior model.

15. For the majority of World War II, German tanks weren’t painted Panzer Grey.

They were actually painted dunkelgelb — a sort of yellowish brown. It became standard in February 1943. Before that, North African service tanks were also yellow.
That’s cool, but answer this question for us all: Why don’t you offer the historical paint schemes? War Thunder does.

16. The British Caunter color scheme (blue/yellow desert stripes) is wrong!

It follows a common misconception displayed by a number of museum tanks, and is far more blue than greyish brown. Granted, we briefly corrected it a couple of years ago, but it proved unpopular, so we quickly changed it back.
So once again it’s fashion over accuracy. Well done.

17. Artillery wasn’t really used for tank plinking.

Plinking — the lobbing of individual rounds at individual tanks — was rare, but it did happen.
Which begs the question: If it was so rare, why are there often 3 or 4 artillery units per side in your game that do exactly that? If it was in fact that rare (and it was) there should be a cap of one artillery unit per side per game, no exceptions.

18. On open-topped vehicles, we should be able to see the Crew.

Right? I mean, they’re not supposed to be ghosts.
Yes. Right. We should be able to see them. So why can’t we? Could it be that you simply lack the ability to do it? After all, once again, War Thunder does it and it’s perfect. Why is it that everything you claim should be done you don’t do, but War Thunder does? We’re becoming more than a bit convinced that whoever wrote this article actually is a mole planted by Gaijin. How else can you explain this?

19. Some tanks aren’t what the game says they are.

For example, the American T30 heavy tank is now a tank destroyer for game design reasons.
In other words: You make it up as you go along with absolutely no regard for historical accuracy or realism, even though on your website you claim that the game is realistic and a simulator. Brilliant.

20. Shifting from forward to reverse isn’t so quick.

It usually takes a couple seconds for the tank to switch to reverse. The game makes it as fast as smooth as… well, a keystroke.
Yep. Look, this entire article could be summed up in one sentence: Our game is a complete farce, has nothing at all to do with reality, is completely made up on the fly, and doesn’t have any realistic features that War Thunder has.

Thanks for clearing that up for all of us. If there were any doubt before, there certainly isn’t now.

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  1. ArthVex

    As an artillery main who has looked at realistic ways of balancing out arty, #17 (having a cap of 1 arty to each side) is something I’ve said for a long time now. 2 per side possibly, but no one likes having more than that. Not the guy playing arty, and not the tankers on the other end of the shell. I would gladly deal with longer queue times for this change.

    That’s been offered up by a great many people. Why Wargaming has flat out refused to do it over the years is anybody’s guess. They do it with aircraft carriers in World of Warships (limit them to two per side) so it’s very easily doable.

    – Thing 1

  2. Luke_Skywalker01

    Warthunder is more of a simulator, World of Tanks is more of a historical arcade shooter…


    …they should stop talking about historical accuracy the way they have, as mentioned above, because they literally validate the points you make, which are valid.

    Though things like the reload time point are obvious things you leave out of the game, it does not mean you (Wargaming) should tout that Korean war tanks and tanks that served in the Vietnam war (American Tier X) can fight the Maus, which as described by the man who designed it as (a pathetic waste of resources fit for the allies we fight).

    10/10 Article dude

    Thank you. We try.

    – Thing 1

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