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Colddawg isn’t what you’d call a troll or bully so much as just a pure, dyed-in-the-wool douche bag. He’s the typical Wargaming brat that acts like a complete douche bag because he gets early access to things that normal players don’t. He spends most of his time rubbing peoples faces in that fact.

When he’s not beating his chest about his new equipment you don’t have access to yet, he’s yoloing in and getting blown to smithereens and blaming you for it.

Thank God for his sake he spends far more time in team league games padding stats so he doesn’t look like the complete idiot he is on top of being a douche bag.

But again, don’t take our word for it. Take his. A user with the game name Insurrectional Leftist sent us these videos of Colddawg doing what Colddawg does best: being a patent douche bag.

Video One:

Now, in this video, Colddawg does his typical yolo attack and gets hammered instantly exactly 1:49 into the game. Of course, he was chatting the entire time, so go figure he never paid attention to what he was doing. But that doesn’t stop him from blaming his own team. After he gets blown to Mars in record time, he stouts out in all chat:

Colddawg: I swear I was just shot by one of my own TD’s…because they’re being massive pussies and botters and sitting really far back there.

Now, the enemy player that actually killed him tells him it was he that did it, not his teammate.

So, does Colddawg man up and apologize for being a douche bag to his teammates? Of course not. He simply goes on his merry little way. Being a pet of Wargaming, he will not suffer anything for this when most of us would be instantly chat banned at the very least. They take care of their own and throw their paying customers under the bus.

Which brings us to Video Two:

Now in this video, our beloved douche bag Colddawg is doing his usual “look at me, don’t you wish you were me” bragging.

But that’s not the real point of this video. The real point is that our man that supplied these videos calls him out on the abuse he made in video 1.

Does Colddawg apologize? Of course not! He is, after all, a complete douche bag. Douche bags don’t apologize, they simply keep being douche bags. He goes on to once again blame “everybody that was sitting on the red line not taking part in the battle.”

Would that be the battle that lasted 1:49 for you in that speedy Skorpion you were throwing in everybody’s face?

Yes, it would.

What’s more, our contributor Insurrectional Leftist offers up the replay to anybody that wants to watch it. That of course shut Colddawg up instantly. He never says another word.

A very special ‘Thank You’ to Insurrectional Leftist for bringing us these videos of yet another Wargaming sponsored douche bag.

UPDATE 9/3/16:

Well, it seems that as cool as Colddawg tried to play it in the comment he left on this very page, he is completely bent out of shape over it. Just today, he was in game with the very same guy that sent us the replays featured in this article. So what did Colddawg do?

His usual, of course: He yolo’d in, got blasted to ribbons by a far superior team, and immediately started typing into all chat to report Insurrectional Leftist as a bot.

Here’s the video:

His tears flowed as usual even when his own team tells him flat out that Leftist wasn’t a bot at all. Even when Leftist himself types in that he’s not a bot, that doesn’t stop Colddawg from crying to the other team in all chat to please report Leftist as a bot.

Even B0aty of Wargaming Sponsored Clan SIMP got into the action by calling the enemy that killed him a “faggot”.

These are the people Wargaming love, folks. These are the people that Wargaming not only sponsor on their site, but protect and promote in the game. This is why their game is in nearly a complete shambles and has had to resort to near draconian measures to try and stop it.

Sadly, we here think it’s far too little too late. It’s painfully obvious that the same trolls and shills aren’t going to ever stop and Wargaming certainly isn’t going to enforce their own rules (as usual) to stop it either. After all, it is Wargaming themselves that put these people in the position they’re in, sponsored them, condone anything and everything they do, and then sweep it all under the rug when you report them for such blatant rules violations.

That Wargaming has the gall to wonder why they fail in North America is proof positive of just how out of touch with reality they really are.

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