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There are trolls, there are shills, then there are people like Tsavo.

Typically, when one comes across a person that never has anything good to say to anybody, acts like a complete horses ass all of the time, and is in every way a despicable presence no matter where you encounter them, you get the mental image of some poor, unfortunate, ugly fat kid with no friends hiding in his mother’s basement. They lash out at people for that very reason: in real life, they have no friends, no dates, and in all likelihood never leave the house because they themselves have been bullied all their lives.

Well, one look and listen to the real Tsavo, who also likes to call himself ‘The Stoned Waffle’, and it simply confirms what you think he would be: a poor, fat, ugly young man with a receding hair line and sparsely populated beard growth grown in a vain effort to ‘butch up’, living out his failed and miserable life in a darkened room on a computer in his moms basement making videos that nobody watches.

EDIT: Tsavo, in a vain attempt to hide, made his videos originally posted here private. So, we’ve found some more of his bullshit under yet another name he uses, TheStonedWaffle. Click on them and enjoy the douchebaggery.


Now, at this point, it’s clear to see that not only is our assumption about this epic sad sack true, it becomes painfully obvious that his online ‘persona’ has absolutely nothing to do with reality. The poor guy is just, for lack of a better word, pathetic.

One would almost feel sorry for the guy but for this: he is without doubt one of the most rude, obnoxious, hateful, trolling assholes that World of Tanks has ever seen. What’s more? He admits it. One can at least respect him for that, because God knows full well there’s nothing else on this earth he can be respected for. I mean really…just take a look at this poor guy:

Tsavo Real

This poor guy fell out of an ugly tree and hit every single last branch on the way down. Hell, just looking at him makes me depressed. The poor guy sitting there in a darkened room with a blanket covering the shelf behind him that in all likelihood holds his blow-up dolls and anime porn collection just makes one want to weep for him.

Then of course his having to use female crews in game and strange animal fetish avatars makes me want to break out the Citibank and send him a prostitute and a bag of White Widow as it appears painfully obvious the guy has never had contact with a woman in his life and it’s a pretty safe bet the closest he ever got to being stoned was claiming to get a contact high while watching Scary Movie during the fish tank bong scene.

We should pity him. So why don’t we? Well, it’s simple really: He’s an asshole. That’s really all there is to it.

All of that said, let’s take a look at a few samples of Tsavo’s ‘contributions’ to the World of Tanks forums:

View PostDesmios, on Aug 29 2016 – 21:05, said:

Sad.  Game could be much better.  Thank you all!

View Post_Tsavo_, on Aug 29 2016 – 21:10, said:

it’s better currently as you don’t play it

Yea. That was very helpful, Tsavo. Thanks.

View Post_Tsavo_, on Aug 28 2016 – 12:01, said:

I’m a touch jaded, but if someone actually wants advice, I’ll try to help.  Sometimes my snark overshadows the help

No shit, Tsavo; tell us something we don’t already know.

View Post_Tsavo_, on Aug 26 2016 – 17:03, said:

you got a bum and there are street corners, friend.  Money will come C:

So tell a guy that can’t afford premium tanks and account to go prostitute himself to the homosexual community.

One can simply do an author search at the World of Tanks forum and see post after post after post of this kind of complete junk. It’s simply intolerable that such a person has existed for so long. He, and people like him, are far more to blame for the failure of World of Tanks in North America than just about any other single issue Wargaming has with one exception:

Wargaming themselves. They, by allowing people like this waste of humanity to do what they do year after year, are more to blame than anybody; even Tsavo.

Now, here comes the payoff: Tsavo actually had the guts to apply for forum access to this site. We’re not kidding. Here you go:

Well, thanks but no thanks, Tsavo. We have a bit of a higher standard here that you can’t possibly live up to. Besides, I’m not sure that everybody is up-to-date on their tetanus shots.

UPDATE 10/17/16:

Tsavo’s non-stop obsession with us has led him into resorting to using his work to still contact the site under various bogus names to defend himself. For what reason, we don’t know and frankly we don’t care.

But with all things there comes a limit. Our limit with this idiot has been reached. Therefore, whatever information he gives us, we’ll now just put out there in public for everybody.

Here is where Tsavo works:

Point Park University
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
General Information: 412-391-4100
Help Desk: 412-392-3494

Please submit any inquiries you may have about Tsavo to those numbers / that address.

UPDATE 10/18/16:

So we learned poor old Tsavo’s been crying buckets of tears over being outed. When sent this text, I originally looked  around for Ashtin Kutcher because I was sure I was being punked. Surely not even a patent narcissist could post shit like that. Well, he did. So here is his river of tears with our commentary:

He did.  I have set the ball in motion with local law enforcement (convenient when you have police officers at your place of employment) and WarGaming has done it of their own volition.

Good. Because what the police will find out is that not one single time did WE ever contact YOU. It was YOU who did all the contacting. It was YOU that made all the posts. It was YOU that put all your shit online to begin with. WE had nothing to do with it, dipshit. Quite the contrary, we actually GOT RID OF YOU. TWICE. YOU and YOU ONLY are to blame.

Anyone has the right to disagree with me, call me names, and think me the lowest scum of the planet.  That is fine.  Criticize me, hate me, loathe me entirely.  These are all acceptable and protected forms of speech (at least out side the forums).  Unlike those guys who run the page, when I close out of the forums, I leave the forums and the game behind.  Meat world is separate from digital land.  Their initial page is fine, they rake me over the coals with seething hatred and, you know what?  That’s cool with me.  The update from the 17th, however, is a direct attack at me let alone the picture posted on their scams and ineptitude page.  Essentially amounting to a direct threat.

You’re so full of shit it’s beyond the pale. If you “left it behind”, you would not have created multiple accounts, changed  IP’s multiple times and even used proxy servers to hide behind to keep spamming your trolling bullshit on our site. You’re so full of shit it’s laughable. If YOU left it all behind, dumbass, you would not have gone through hours upon hours of effort for days on end to STILL try to troll this site. Next time, take the fucking hint: STAY GONE.

NO ONE has the right to 1.) Make threats and 2.) attempt to cause real world hurt and harassment with any medium.  These are not rights.

Awwwwwww…poor baby…there, there now. Let me put your mind at ease:

  • Nobody ever once threatened you in any way.
  • Nobody ever suggested that any harm come to you at all.
  • Your place of employment was notified that you are using their network to harass our site. Which you are by using it to circumvent two bans already placed against you.

Now, you know full well you aren’t supposed to be using your work intenet for this bullshit “YOU LEAVE BEHIND”.

You got busted. Suck it up, buttercup.

They’ve crossed the line into going after me in the meaty world, I suppose that should be considered an honor, however, going after peeps in the real world brings all sorts of legal nastiness with it as well.

No, dumbass. It was YOU who crossed the line. You may be accustomed to the worms in your life that put up with your bullshit day after day, year after year. We’re not those people.

From their threats submitted directly to our complaint department (which they previewed, accusing me of child pornography possession and posting) to posting my contact information at my place of employment for the sole purpose of harassment.

Again, dumbass, no threats were ever made. They were simply asked to look into your use of their network for this petty, trolling bullshit you do.

This is a matter that is not taken lightly

It isn’t here either. I’m going to laugh my ass off when the cops say to you:

Wait a minute…how did they get your information?
Oh…so you went there?
You went there how many times?
You were banned how many times?
Why did you persist in going back?
Why were you doing this on university time, money and resources?

Yea. That will end well for you.

UPDATE 10/19/16:

_Tsavo_ has changed his name to Zeman_Bastogne for those of you who want to keep up with his antics. This has been a public service announcement.

UPDATE 10/21/16:

Our new favorite picture of our favorite person. 5 second rule, Tsavo. It’s down there less than 5 seconds, pick it up and eat it. That’s the rule, man. We’re not making this shit up.


Update 11/1/16:

After multiple warnings, the hack attempts against us simply will not stop. Since we all know full well who is behind it and on whose behalf it’s being done, the Tsavo blog info on the banner has been updated.

Also, true to our word, we sent correspondence to the Vice President of Human Resources requesting their help with this issue. Tsavo was copied at his work email on this correspondence. The contents of that correspondence is below in its entirety:

To whom it may concern,

This is going to be in all likelihood the strangest correspondence you’ve ever received in your professional careers. Believe me when I tell you, it’s been a challenge for us here as well.

The short of it is that an employee of yours, Mr. Thomas M. Aebi, who works in your Help Desk department, has been using Point Park University’s internet, computers and other resources to launch personal attacks and harassment against our web site for the last few months.

As petty as this may sound to you, believe me when I tell you it is not to us. The resources we’ve had to incorporate to counter his and his friends attacks have been considerable both in expense and hours of effort. It is our (the team here at request at this time that you have a conversation with Mr. Aebi and inform him that we are in fact taking this seriously.

As an offer of proof on our behalf, we can tell you that Mr. Aebi used the screen name “_Tsavo_” when these attacks were taking place. Attached to this message are two samples of his posting on our site starting in August and as recently as two weeks ago from your network, which is the IP highlighted on the images, which we are sure you will find in the access log history of his work station. In fact, we’re very confident that should your IT department look into the history of his work station, you will be appalled at the sheer volume of places he frequents from your network, let alone what those places actually are.

Also attached is a list of illegal log-in hack attempts we believe were conducted by Mr. Aebi and his online band of friends. The vast majority of those are actually online Proxy servers that they think can’t be traced.

If you’ll have your IT people look into it, you’ll in all likelihood find that a few of those attempts link right back to your university as well as Mr. Aebi’s personal computer, and more specifically in regards to this issue, Mr. Aebi’s work station at your university.

We would also like to take this opportunity to point out a few things in your Code of Conduct that governs your employee’s actions. Highlighted are those principles we feel Mr. Aebi has clearly violated:

Purpose and Principles

As members of the Point Park University community, employees are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of this institution, and of the broader community in which we operate. Individuals acting on behalf of the University have a general duty to (i) conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of the University, (ii) take no actions incompatible with their obligations to the University, and (iii) conduct themselves in accordance with the principles set forth herein.

Each University employee shall:

  1. Engage in and promote honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal interests and the interests of the University.
  1. Maintain an ongoing commitment to honesty, trustworthiness and responsibility by acting in a reliable and dependable manner, and by treating others with impartiality
  1. Act as stewards of University property and resources by exercising custodial responsibility and appropriate care and maintenance over such property.
  1. Provide fair, accurate, timely, and understandable information in any report, press release, marketing and advertising materials, or any other materials shared with the general public, governmental agencies or other persons or entities with which the University has dealings.
  1. Comply with the laws of federal, state and local governments that are applicable to the University, and the rules and regulations of private and public regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the University.
  1. Protect the confidentiality of non-public information about the University and its students, including, but not limited to, student records, employee personal or medical files, and contracts and agreements with third parties, in order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information. This does not prohibit employees from disclosing and discussing their own or other employees’ terms and conditions of employment.
  1. Promptly report any suspected violation of this Code to the University’s Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, or as otherwise provided for herein.

Ethical Standards

High ethical standards depend ultimately on a climate that encourages them. An abiding spirit of high ethical standards never can be supplied by a piece of paper. The University takes pride in the ethical spirit of its employees and continues to rely upon the actions of the employees to make the University a trusted and respected member of the community. The mere appearance of misconduct or impropriety can be damaging to the University, therefore, the University and its employees must strive at all times to maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity.

University employees must conduct all business on behalf of the University in a professional, honest and ethical manner and must adhere to these standards when dealing with the University’s students, parents, vendors, and each other. University members must not make false or misleading statements to any entity doing business with the University, or to any student, employee, law enforcement personnel or representative of any governmental or quasi-governmental entity.

I think that everyone can agree that this entire situation, brought on solely by Mr. Aebi’s inability to separate his private internet life from his work environment, is causing all concerned far more trouble than it’s worth.

We respectfully request that you have a conversation with Mr. Aebi, inform him of the violations he has committed not only in your own standards that he agreed to when hired by your university, but quite possibly several laws governing internet hacking / attempted hacking as well.

We appreciate your time, consideration and understanding in this matter. We apologize for having to involve the University in this matter as we are well aware that the university has far more important things it needs to be doing.

If there is anything we can do to assist in resolving this matter, please let us know.


M. L. McFall

Site Administrator – Exposing World of Tanks

p.s. Links to relevant imagery mentioned earlier are below:

Mr. Aebi accessing our site from your network this past August:

Mr. Aebi accessing our site from your network this October:

List of IP’s directly linked to hack attempts on our site the last 4.5 weeks:

Update 11/2/16:

Another name change folks. That is not a typo on the page. He’s changed it to ElectronicFunk.

No, folks, We’re not shitting you. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Update 11/17/16:

Yet another name change folks. He’s back to _Tsavo. (Same as original sans the underscore at the end.)

So now that we’re back to pretty much where we started (with the exception of Thomas being light a bit of gold for 3 name changes), we can all go back to our regularly scheduled shit storm, already in progress.

Update 2/6/19:

His name is back to _Tsavo_ where it started and he’s pretty much back to the same old bullshit all over again.

He now works in the book store of Carnegie Mellon University as a 15 dollar per hour computer support person.

Here’s his new email: [email protected]

Viel Spaz!

Update 3/8/19:

New contact information:

2011 Gregory St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1641
Phone: 724-972-9558
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Tsavo

    Comedy gold. 10/10 would read again.


  2. icedbroom


    Unfortunately, your status as a known troll is non-existent. You’ll have to up your game I’m afraid.
    – Thing 1

  3. doomslinger

    Am I included on your troll list?; If not, I will have to upgrade my trolling level.

    At this time, you are not on the radar.
    – Thing 1

  4. the_dastardly_canuck_rob

    I need to shit post more often to make the list

    Most definitely.
    – Thing 1

  5. Tjtod

    As a League player as well I am quite disappointed to have not made the toxic goon squad, guess I need to play more LoL to up my toxicity game.

    Well, the first thing you have to do is actually be a league player. You presently aren’t. The next thing you have to do is actually be good at the game. You aren’t. Then once you’re good at the game you have to start insulting anybody and everybody you come in contact with, which at present you’re not doing. So there’s your “to do” list.
    – Thing 1

  6. Ponce De LePWN

    All I know for sure is that Treila50 and SymbosisBC are both Trannies looking for a hot beef injection.

    While we wont bother asking exactly how you know that, it is interesting information.
    – Thing 1

  7. Anonymous

    Ponce I weep for you with G molesting you and you having to toss salads to be of use to the football team

    Thank you for the “coffee meets keyboard” moment this morning.
    – Thing 1

  8. Blackgunner

    I’m actually somewhat amazed. With all the crap I’ve done on the forums, I was sure someone would have a field day ragging on me.

    The jury is still out on you. We don’t think you’re the typical stat padding whore / Wargaming shill at this point.
    – Thing 1

  9. Blackgunner

    I’ve really been disapointed. I come here everyday to find the newest articles and lately there haven’t been any. I know there are more trolls out there!

    ~Eagerly awaiting more profiles~

    Patience, young grasshopper…patience.

    – Thing 1

  10. treadhead00

    Another dweeb who looks like the last time he had pussy was when pussy had him.

    You’re assuming he’s actually been with a woman? You’re giving him a lot more benefit of doubt than we do.

    – Thing 1

  11. treadhead00

    Read what I am saying, last time he was in a vagina was when his mother giving birth. But that might not be true either, because since he is so ugly he could be a test tube baby screw-up where the scientist forgot to add a chromosome or something.

    Completely missed that. We see your point.

    – Thing 1

  12. Aldus

    LMFAO!!! Oh man!!! I’m going to call up there tomorrow and ask for his ass every hour on the hour! This is fucking great!!!

    Knock yourself out. Just don’t forget, when they say there’s nobody there by that name (Tsavo), describe him. Tell them it’s important. Maybe with luck you’ll actually be able to speak to him.

    Let us know how it works out.

    – Thing 1

  13. STP

    What an idiot. What a complete fucking idiot. If you’re doing this shit from work man you got some serious issues.

    No argument here. The funny part is that he actually thinks that he’s the victim in all this. Never mind he admits openly that he’s an asshole. Never mind he openly admits he abuses people and insults them. Never mind he admits all of that shit. He then has the gall to set up bogus accounts on our forum, spam it with shit and troll it, breaking once again every rule he agreed to.

    So he gets banned. Twice.

    But that’s STILL not enough for this asshole. He just simply can’t stand not being able to spew his bullshit all over the place. He’s so fucking obsessed with it all that he does it from work and gets them involved in it.

    Now he’s said he’s called the cops. He’s so full of shit it’s ridiculous. I hope he has. I honestly hope to God he’s really that stupid. Once they find out that it’s HIM initiating all of this shit, HIM making all the contact, HIM posting all his shit online, they’ll fire his ass instantly and point and laugh at him on his way out the door.

    – Thing 1

  14. Aldus

    Holy hell. This guy just gets more and more stupid. He’s going to call the police for his own fuckups? Holy shit man. It’s like this guy that was drunk as hell at the drive through calling the cops because they were closed and wouldn’t serve him. That worked out really good for his dumb ass too.

    That’s exactly the case here. This idiot is so obsessed and so blindly hateful that he can’t see that it’s his fault all this shit went down.

    The clincher for me is how he cries to his buddies about how he “leaves it behind” when he logs off. What a bunch of bullshit. If he left it behind, his ass would never have come here to begin with, never spammed shit in the forum, never set up multiple accounts, never used multiple IP’s to keep accessing the site after being banned twice and he CERTAINLY wouldn’t have brought his god damn place of employment into the mix.

    I’m serious – this guy has some big time issues and needs some extensive therapy. Big time.

    – Thing 1

  15. Prinzeugen85

    WGNA, play for the tanks, stay for the crazy? : /

    It certainly seems that way lately, doesn’t it?

    – Thing 1

  16. Thing 1

    Zeman_Bastogne, did you really think you’d escape with a simple name change? That’s not going to happen pal. You’re going to have to start over and learn a new skill: Keeping your mouth shut.

    You’re going to have to do much, much better than that to get away, asshole. I’m watching every single move you make like a hawk everywhere you go in the WoT community.

    Sleep tight, asshole.

  17. Aldus

    Holy shit man!!! That’s so fucking funny!!! Name change and it’s posted here the next day. What the hell was the point on his part? LOL! That poor bastard! LMMFAO!!!!!

    Well, he’s probably trying to hide it from his work. He certainly doesn’t want them following a bread crumb trail to all the shit he’s been up to on work computers.

    He’s an idiot though. IT will have a record of everywhere his system has gone and everything he typed as well. They’ll have backups of all the images he used, everything he deleted from his system, and everything else that goes with it. You can’t hide shit on a system like that…or any system for that matter. Even when you delete it, it’s still there.

    We’ll just keep his name updated for them as well for when we start sending out our mails next week to the different departments of Point Park University. All it is for us is a couple of point and clicks, and the trail to all his bullshit will be just as clear as it was before.

    – Thing 1

  18. AyyLmao

    You idiots realize that Doxxing is a felony right?
    Enjoy the report to the FBI.

    You realize we are fully aware of the law and are quite confident in our counsels advice, don’t you?
    Enjoy talking shit in the middle of the night with nothing to back it up, loser.

    – Thing 1

  19. Yuri_Doujinshi

    I’ve insulted plenty of mentally inept conspiracy theorists in my time on the WoT forums. Can I be listed as a troll too?

    Since you have the reputation of…well…nothing, and we’ve never seen nor heard of you, no. I’m afraid you’ll have to up your game considerably. (At least to the point somebody somewhere mentions you in passing at the very least.)

    – Thing 1

  20. treadhead00

    Don’t rat Tsavo out. It is better to keep him around for all the bullshit material he provides. Keep the good times rolling.

    That’s the problem: we didn’t. He did.

    – Thing 1

  21. Aldus

    I think I found his name. I think it’s Thomas Deleted. If it is he’s really stupid. If you Google the new name he used his avatar comes up on some weird assed anime site next to that name. It even has his Verizon phone number listed. Surely nobody is that damn stupid!!!

    Ok, this is the part where it gets dicey. Scaring the flying shit out of him and getting all his little buddies panties in a wad by posting very generic, non-personal information and posting a bogus, Photoshopped screen shot of his college feedback form is one thing. Posting his real name, although allowable under the law (if that is in fact his real name) is pushing it.

    No personal numbers pal. I’m not shitting. I’ll come down on you like a ton of fucking bricks you post his personal number here.

    – Thing 1

  22. Aldus

    Damn man. Sorry. Didn’t mean to piss you off.

    No worries. You haven’t “pissed us off”. Fact of the matter is we’ve known his real name, his home address, his cell phone number, his direct line at work, his work email, the building he works in, his official title and more for a while now.

    We know it all pal. If we wanted it posted, we’d do it ourselves. Just lay off it.

    – Thing 1

  23. STP

    LOL@ the new pic! Well at least that explains his physique. Where on earth are you getting pictures of him? How the hell are you doing that?

    It’s all public information. That particular image came from his Facebook page and is by far our favorite. He puts it all out there and grants permission for anybody to view it, so the situation is quite literally that he is giving all of the images and information to us.

    – Thing 1

  24. spacedude

    so it seems wg has deleted every post tsavo or bostogne had made. did they also ban him?
    or did they reset his account so he cant be tracked?
    his posts are still up in wows.

    They deleted all his posts so they couldn’t be traced. Doesn’t matter. We knew everything anyway, and most of it came from other places than WoT forum.

    – Thing 1

  25. Zepherex

    Yo so I heard you guys traced his IP and found where he works and started planting child porn on him. That’s not cool, it’s a fucking game. I know this whole thing is being run by Insurrection_Leftist, WhiskyAGoGo, and Vladimir’s Revenge. It’s pne thing to make an article and call someone out, it’s another to invade their personal life and try to get them fired. You guys are legit acting like kids despite being fully grown adults.

    You heard wrong, as usual. Nobody “planted” anything. Nobody has done anything except yank his chain the way he yanks everybody elses.

    And for your information, shit for brains, nobody INVADED a thing of his. He’s so fucking stupid, and such a narcissistic douche bag, he just assumed everybody on earth is an idiot.

    HE put his name out there.
    HE kept spamming this site time and time again after being banned multiple times.
    HE didn’t set his Facebook settings properly and made every single thing about him, his friends, and his family visable.
    HE is the fucking idiot that didn’t know when to quit.

    WE haven’t had to invade a damn thing, fucktard. He put it all out there all by himself.

    He ran to you idiots crying like the little bitch he is making up a story and you bought it. Quit being a moron. Wake the hell up.

    – Thing 1

  26. Zepherex

    Based on this response i’m assuming you’re either vlad or whiskey lol.

    So my next question is when my article is coming up, you know… cause im in BULBA… obviously makes me a cheater right?

    First part: Wrong. As usual. It cracks us up no end how you idiots still can’t figure it all out.

    Second part: Don’t flatter yourself, kiddo.

    – Thing 1

  27. Zepherex

    Oh and a question for vlad. You gotten the Tier 5’s on the russian heavy line in WT. Last time I was tracking it you were on the IS-2. Was thinking of going up the line myself that’s all.

    VladimirsRevenge quit the game a year ago give or take a few months. He’s not playing anything anymore and hasn’t for a very long time, not even Armored Warfare. He’s out riding his new motorcycle almost non-stop. He has nothing to do with this place. He’s popped by to check it out a few times when we got it up and wished us well. That’s it.

    Even the Admins over at World of Tanks have looked into it all and found he hasn’t been around for a very long time. That you people still persist in jumping at shadows and chasing your own tail over this same old, tired bullshit is testimony to just how far around the bend all of you have gone.

    Over a piece of shit pixel tank game.

    This is the last word on this.

    – Thing 1

  28. STP

    I don’t know what’s worse. Is is the idiot troll that prided himself on being a jerk to everybody that gets what he has coming and cries like a bitch over it, or that same asshole lying to all his friends about what happed, or those assholes for blindly believing him when all the facts are sitting right here on this site? I mean shit man! His bullshit is everywhere. What you did is everwhere here to read. It’s all here. But they’re saying some different shit happened? WTF?!?!

    It just goes to show their mentality: The truth doesn’t matter to them. It never did. They exist for one purpose and one purpose only: to bully and insult others.

    They do this fully confident that nobody will ever find out who they are, so they’ll never in their lives have to answer for it.

    But once one of them screws the pooch and gives away everything about himself, they all panic because they all become afraid that they’ll be next.

    Funny part is, we don’t care about them at all. We post truth here. It’s THEIR WORDS. It’s THEIR ACTIONS. That’s THEM in all those replays and quotes and tickets. It is truly amazing they have the nerve to be upset about what they themselves did.

    – Thing 1

  29. TrollForLife


    A page of truth just like the others.

    – Thing 1

  30. TrollForLife

    so wtf did Tsavo actually do? i read alot of comments and i dont know wat the actual fuck did he do that was so bad? also plz dont make it seem that ppl that watch anime and r furrys a bad thing ty.

    We didn’t really have anything against Tsavo other than he’s an asshole. He admits it. All over the place. It’s a badge of honor for him that he treats people like garbage.

    So we did an article on him. How he found out about it is anybody’s guess, but once he did he pretended to laugh it off, leaving a post saying it was funny and even linking to it in his signature on the World of Tanks forum.

    But then he started creating multiple troll accounts on the forum screwing with us. He got banned. He kept on doing it. He got banned again. He kept coming back over and over again trolling and being his usual asshole self.

    Well, he got so desperate to screw with us he resorted to using his work internet to come back up here because we had banned or blocked the other IP’s he was using. That was a fatal mistake on his part.

    He is to blame for it all ENTIRELY. He just simply can’t stand not being able to bully, insult and harass people. His own arrogance, stupidity and narcissism cost him.

    So, we scared the shit out of him and treated him the way he loves to treat everybody else: like shit.

    That’s really all there is to it.

    Lucky for him, we really haven’t even started screwing with him yet at all. But we will if he or any of his perverted buddies ever screw with this site again.

    And pal, we mean it.

    – Thing 1

  31. Steamboat_Willy_Sr

    Bravo EWOT, bravo.

    On behalf of the entire crew, “Thank you”.

    – Thing 1

  32. Aldus

    Oh holy shit dude!

    Well, exactly how many warnings is one supposed to give?

    – Thing 1

  33. Ansbach 1998

    He’s listed on the Point Park faculty roster, too funny. Next time I’m in the Burgh I’m gonna say hi !

  34. Aldus

    Electronic Funk???? What a f*ing joke! LOL!!! What a moron!!! Oh man what’s next from this idiot?

    Pal, we’re waiting with bated breath…in between fits of laughter, of course.

    – Thing 1

  35. treadhead00

    What a fucking moron. One of the main rules of life is, “Do not shit where you eat.”

    We agree completely.

    – Thing 1

  36. spacedude

    he had to change his phone number. and i tried his work. asked for Thomas and he was on in 10secs.
    i asked him if he was the one who was being a dick to players in wot. after a few secs he hung up.
    funny shit.

    Once is a test and/or joke. Any more than that is harrasment. Best to leave it at that.

    – Thing 1

  37. spacedude

    thomas doesnt know the trouble this tsavo dude is. im willing to bet my phone call will be mentioned tonight when tom logs in.

  38. Aldus

    LMMFAO!!! Really?!?! Again!?!? Holy shit is this dude out there or what?

    Well, he probably figured what’s the point of not using his original name when everybody knows who he is anyway. Can’t say I blame him there. After all, would you really like to be stuck with the name ‘Electronic Funk’?

    – Thing 1

  39. STP

    Any bets on he changed it back because he caught flak for that gay assed name he was sporting?

    Well, there’s that as well.

    – Thing 1

  40. John Key

    You’re going to be arrested for this. Downright illegal.

    Enjoy the stalking charge, just because someone said something mean on the internet.

    I love idiots that comment about things they know nothing about.
    A. It’s not stalking, moron. We never sought him out. He, in fact, came here. Over and over and over again.
    B. He was warned. He was banned twice. He still didn’t stop. He got what he asked for. If anybody in this whole thing was stalking, it was him.
    C. Nothing about it is illegal at all. We’ve not posted anything about him that he didn’t post in the public domain himself.

    So far, we’ve had Tsavo say he’s calling the police, Wotlabs asshats saying they “talked to the director of the FBI in Phoenix” (FYI, there is no such thing as a “director” in Phoenix – he’s actually special agent in charge Michael DeLeon. The Director of the FBI is James Comey and he’s located in D.C.), and two others say they’ve “called the authorities” or went to see them personally.

    They and you are all liars. It’s laughable you idiots keep up with the hollow, empty threats.

    But do keep it up. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.

    Hugs and kisses,
    – Thing 1

  41. MrDeathtanker

    This is some really creepy stalking going on here.

  42. Thing 1

    Says the shit-for-brains creeping around the internet at 1:00 in the morning leaving messages on a blog.

  43. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve watched this thing happen from day one when I originally tried to set up a forum for these guys when they first got started.

    Tsavo is the guy that made a multitude of accounts using various proxies and VPN’s on the old forum I set up. Tsavo is the one that followed this site everywhere it went in everything it ever did, messing with them non-stop.

    It is, in fact, he who stalked this place, not the other way around. Unfortunately, he was stupid and underestimated the people he was messing with.

    Sometimes, when you’re the bully, you have to realize the moment when you’re messing with someone that will not be bullied, that will in fact kick your ass. I tried to warn him. Then things went out of my hands completely and he was warned again by the people he shouldn’t have been messing with.

    Sadly, Thomas didn’t have that ability to see things for what they were and walk away. He doesn’t to this day. Anything he gets at this point he fully deserves.

  44. Thing 1

    That’s goddamn right! Well said man!

  45. MrDeathtanker

    Deleted bullshit.

    Contrary to what you’re accustomed too, asshole, trolling is strictly forbidden here. Now go on back over to that little shithole with Tsavo and cry rivers like a good little boy.

    – Thing 1

  46. PurpleBlitz

    Oh my god DUDE there’s a LIMIT! He’s such a fucking baby, coming back and bitching about shit that’s his own damn fault. Do these fucking people ever grow up??? He would run into a fucking tree and make excuses about how the thing jumped in front of him. For fuck sake.

  47. Dirty_Camel

    This is one of my favorite posts to read while dropping a deuce! _Tsavo and turds go together like burgers and fries. The epic contrast between his smug ass avatar and reality makes laugh so hard it totally clears my guts! Doctors should perscribe this read for constipation! (Damn, Which one of these kids left 3 sheets on this TP roll?) WIFEY!!!!!

  48. Thing 1

    He was shit canned from the college not too long ago and is still holed up in his mother’s basement.

    And he’s almost fucking 40 years old. THERE is your typical World of Tanks troll. They’re almost all the exact same.

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