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Laceylace isn’t what you’d call a troll. He/she/it is what can only be referred to as the most blatant, wanton corporate shill to ever hit the internet.

Not surprisingly, he/she/it actually turns out to be yet another fully grown man using pictures of little girls and posting all kinds of sexual innuendo as if to advertise for services typically found in the red light district of Budapest, Hungary. As usual, you don’t have to believe us, just look at what he/she/it says. This is Lacylace’s profile page:


Yea. That’s wholesome.

It’s very clear, or at least it should be clear by now, that there is a very, very disturbing trend among the Wargaming trolls and shills: they’re pretty much all grown men disguising themselves as little girls using sexual innuendo as if to advertise services and sexual favors. Frankly, it’s the kind of thing that makes one look at Tolos and say, “well…you’re not THAT bad after all.”

That, in and of itself, should warrant Wargaming at least telling them to clean up their act a bit, but of course it doesn’t. Turns out that Wargaming actually sponsors these…well, we don’t know what the hell they are, so we’re going to stick with perverts. After all, what kind of regular human being, let alone grown man, pretends to be a little girl and offers up people the right to “eat the booty” in exchange for driving privileges? (And God only knows what they mean by “driving”.)

Queue the red light here.

That said, Laceylace takes corporate shill out a whole new door. Seriously, he/she/it does. He/she/it’s the person that actually blames you for everything no matter what.

  • Server is down for maintenance? Laceylace blames your internet connection.
  • Somebody is abusing you in chat? You deserved it even though you said nothing.
  • The game crashes for not just you, but hundreds of others? You ALL are the problem.

To Laceylace, Wargaming has never once made a single error of any kind. Ever. Not even when they allowed the T22 rigging to go unchecked. That was all our fault too. Some examples of he/she/it’s ridiculous “tow the company line” statements:

  • When a topic is made about how OP the new Rheinmetall Skorpion G is:

View PostLaceylace, on Sep 11 2016 – 6:01, said:

They don’t want pref MM tanks anymore. Also it has no armor. It has pretty trash camo tbh unless it’s behind 100 bushes. And it’s a 12.8cm gun. There are also other tanks at tier 8 that get it. And there are other tanks that get a better one. The Rhm is an example.

Now, never mind that the Skorpion since it’s release just recently leads all T8 TD’s in:

  • Damage per game
  • Kills per game
  • Battle rating
  • XP per game

pretty much every single category there is. Never mind that. According to Laceylace, it’s not OP at all. It’s a poorly armored tank so it’s all your fault it’s so blatantly OP.

And then there’s this little jewel from the other day when player Obsidian made a thread asking if the servers were messed up because he was getting very bad lag. Laceylace’s response was all too predictable:

View PostLaceylace, on Sep 10 2016 – 06:29, said:

Get a better ISP. Dial up is outdated.

Never mind that pretty much everybody else was having issues. Never mind that and Level 3 have been the cause of major packet loss for Wargaming for YEARS. Never mind it’s been documented by the ping plots of hundreds of players over that same period of time.

Never mind all of that.

It’s you.

Then a player a couple weeks ago brings up a sore topic for pretty much everybody: Maps. The map situation has been rather pathetic for years. Everybody admits it. Everybody except Laceylace, that is. He/she/it’s response to the staleness of the map situation that has plagued the game for years?

View PostLaceylace, on Sep 5 2016 – 13:45, said:

But we’re literally getting a new map next patch. Paris.

A new map! A whole ONE! ONE NEW MAP!!!

Wow, Laceylace! Thank you for solving the entire issue of getting the same map 8 times in a row for the last 3 years in one fell swoop!

No matter what your problem is, even if it’s backed up by THOUSANDS of other players on thousands of other threads around the world, you can bet that Laceylace will blame you for it.


UPDATE 9/15/16

A few choice samples of Laceylace’s attitude in game have been brought to our attention by Malcolm Fox. Although it comes as absolutely no surprise to us that Laceylace is an even greater douche bag in game than he/she/it is on the forums, we thank Malcolm for bringing this to us.



UPDATE 9/26/16

Thanks to STP for sending us a couple images that kind of sheds light on more of Laceylace’s lies. He/she/it apparently couldn’t keep track of which girl he/she/it was posting pictures of claiming it was him/her/it. He/she/it posted one picture claiming it to be him/her/it over on the Wotlabs forum in December of 2013. Then, not even a year later in October of 2014, he/she/it posted a picture of a different girl on the World of Tanks forum claiming for that to be him/her/it. Now, this year in January of 2017, yet ANOTHER picture appears posted by Laceylace.

Here they all are in a side by side comparison:


So, basically, over the last few years, he/she/it took off about 4 to 6 years of age twice, got a new nose, a complete cheekbone redo and a eye lift along with extensive hair and eyebrow work as well in both directions coming and going.

What’s more, we’ve just been made aware by another contributor that Lacelace and uberdice are in fact the same person. (Read comments on uberdice’s profile for more information while we look into it.)

If that turns out to be true (we’re looking into this for sure) then the three lovely ladies aren’t anywhere near what Lacelace/uberdice look like. If this is true, they (rather he in the end) looks like this:

Yet another oriental-English mix that likes pretending he’s a girl because he wishes that’s what he really had been but he’s trapped in the body of a miniature man.

Why are we not surprised?

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  1. Donward

    On top of all of this, LaceyLace is a Wehraboo shitter.

    We suspected as much, but didn’t really have the hard evidence. Thanks for posting.

    – Thing 1

  2. KruggWulf

    I think OP is just mad he got super slammed in the 1v1 smackdown john cena WWE match last nite

    Ahhhhhh…the post of a guy living in a trailer out back of his parents house, sleeping with his sister, drinking Early Times, waving a rebel flag, looking out for UFO’s and blaming Obama for not finding any.

    Thanks for posting. We need a bit of comic relief around here.

    – Thing 1

  3. Lacey

    Yo you didn’t even show my picture or anything. Did you look at recent content then make your entire argument about that?

    The fact is you’re such a blatant shill and complete asshole, that you post things every single day like that. We didn’t have to dig. We didn’t have to go back in time. You’re a 24/7 horses ass. We can get material from you minute by minute.

    – Thing 1

  4. SchnitzelTruck

    So I hear this site is the new safe space for the mentally deficient? Good to know!
    (you have donward here, so that’s a given)

    And you are here too! How about that!

    – Thing 1

  5. Lacey

    I’m a complete asshole because I speak my mind.

    No. You’re a complete asshole because you’re a complete asshole. We agree completely on that. If that’s what’s on your mind, try reading a book. Maybe then you’ll get something into your head you can discuss other than being an asshole.

    – Thing 1

  6. STP

    This is another perv that uses pictures of girls that aren’t him and says they’re him. He posted one pic a few years ago on Wotlabs forums saying it was him and then he posted another pic on the Tanks forum on his rage against this site saying it was him. They’re two different girls. He’s so stupid he forgot he posted a different girl as himself the first time.

    We’re not the least bit surprised. When you start living a lie, you eventually wind up lying so much you can’t keep your lies straight. Any link to those images?

    – Thing 1

  7. Blackgunner

    LaceyLace actually posted a whole thread about herself once. Detailing her time in the german army. It was in off topic somewhere.

    Well, that’s not the story we’re getting at all from more than a few people; and frankly, the story we’re getting is a hell of a lot more credible than the complete bullshit we’re getting from his buddies.

    Then again, when you surround yourself with men pretending to be women posting pictures of anime little girls, do you really expect for most people to think any differently?

    – Thing 1

  8. Xreallyxcoolx

    She explained that the old pictures was what she used due to insecurities. Her picture for the clan IOC were her irl. So that kinda proves the whole picture thing…

    Yea. Sure. Right. That’s why he doesn’t comment on any of his replays and has his alter ego uberdice do it? That’s why he hasn’t posted an updated picture in years to clarify the situation? That’s why not even his good friends are really sure one way or the other?

    He’s cold busted pal. He took a pic of a girl at a friends house and the lady from across the street and used it as his ID. He’s the same perverted anime screwball like all his buddies that all pretend to be women in order to get people to like them.

    – Thing 1

  9. Xreallyxcoolx

    What friends? Most of her friends are in agreement on her being a girl. The info you get is from people not her friends.

    He’s the one posting different pictures. He’s the one already caught lying. He’s the one making excuses. You really expect people to just magically start believing him now? That’s the problem with lying: once you start, it’s nearly impossible to ever have anybody take anything you say at face value again.

    While we do appreciate your friendship with him and your defending him, you’ll have to forgive us for simply calling bullshit on it.

    – Thing 1

  10. Avalon304

    I mean… dont let facts stand in your way guys… like the fact that both Uberdice and Laceylace have been seen playing at the same time on a livestream, while being on completely different portions of the map. I mean don’t let that stop you from filling this loony bin to the brim with crazy theories. Its provided me with hours and hours of laughs, reading the stuff you call “evidence”.

    We didn’t say they were the same people, somebody else did. We were actually looking into it and so far haven’t found the evidence to support it, which is why we haven’t posted it as fact.

    Then again, if you would learn to read, you’d know that already.

    – Thing 1

  11. Lacey

    Im still trying to figure out how anyone believes this crazy shit that you post. The only thing I can come up with is that anyone who believes it must have edited or be have eaten lead paint as a child.

    As opposed to the crazy, offensive, insulting, unsubstantiated shit you post? Has it ever once occurred to you that it’s the very people you THINK are your buddies that are telling us this?

    Of course it hasn’t, Lacey. You must be a lead paint eater yourself on top of being a liar.

    – Thing 1

  12. treadhead1

    Wargaming NA is based in San Francisco, do you really need to say more than that when it comes to deviant sexual behavior?,

    With all due respect, this has nothing to do with being a homosexual. Homosexuals are generally up front, honest and very open about who they are and what they like. We don’t have a problem with that.

    What we do have a problem with are grown men masquerading as little girls while at the same time supporting a medium that exploits children and supports child pornography and helps to support the enslavement of child sex slaves world wide.

    We have a BIG damn problem with that.

    – Thing 1

  13. treadhead00

    I got issues with the anime also. I was a real tanker in the army and to have all this little girl/sissy shit associated with something that is very macho in real life is bullshit. Most of the real life tankers I knew were hard drinking, pussy chasing, ass-kicking sons of bitches and would curb stomp these anime girlie men.

    You’re not the only one that feels that way. Unfortunately, this agenda is pushed from the very top of the corporate ladder. We still to a man can’t wrap our head around how anybody thought this would appeal to the masses. We’ve also come to the conclusion that all of this is done “in the closet”. One of the tipoffs to that is Wulfehound, who literally bombarbed Gomez_Adams with messages begging for him to take down his page.

    It was a pathetic display, and one that proves he doesn’t want anybody in the real world seeing it because he doesn’t want anybody knowing what he does. That, in and of itself, removes all doubt of what’s really going on.

    – Thing 1

  14. treadhead00

    He/she curses like a native speaker of American English. Europeans speak more of a English style English. Also, American slang is hard for foreigners to pick up, let alone cussing/cursing in the manner that is displayed in the above post. If the person is actually a German, I applaud them for their knowledge of our language.

    He’s not German. Not even close. In fact, he doesn’t even speak German. One of us actually busted him using a Google German translator to pretend he was German. Only translators come up with the nonsensical crap he’s posted trying to pass it off as German.

    Point in fact: Just about everything Lacey has ever said about himself is completely false.

    – Thing 1

  15. Laceylace aka Brandon Rhody

    Well, well, well…look what we have here: Tsavo’s roommate popping by to leave a little love letter for us. Wonderful. Well, how about this?

    We now know who you are, dumbass. You just can’t quit, can you? You just can’t bring it upon yourself to let shit go. You and Tsavo both deserve each other in that shit blue house you live in.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Mr. Brandon Rhody aka Laceylace. Finally, we have the he to go with the he-she we’ve always known about but didn’t quite nail down the identity of.

    We’ll update your page in just a second with this new info and a few pictures, Brandon.

    Hugs & Kisses

    – Thing 1

  16. Whisky A Go Go

    Holy hell. How the flying fuck do these guys survive in the real world? Un-god-damed-beleiveable.

    Brother, we wish we knew. Actually, no we don’t.

    – Thing 1

  17. STP

    Holy shit it just never ends with these assholes.

    Apparently not.

    – Thing 1

  18. Aldus

    You have GOT to be kidding me! LMFAO!!! Oh man this is beyond ridiculous!!!

    We were thinking more along the lines of absolutely pathetic, but yea. We agree.

    – Thing 1

  19. Laceylace aka Brandon Rhody

    So am I uberdice as you said earlier and we’re convinced of it. Or am I this Brandon guy?

    Let’s review what we said on the page just above your bullshit you refuse to read, shall we?

    If that turns out to be true…
    If this is true, they…

    Nowhere did we ever say we were convinced of anything…until you just posted and removed all doubt, Brandon. Funny…you don’t look half as stupid as you post.

    Besides, we now know who uberdice is as we were able to match his picture to a person on Tsavo’s Facebook friends list. But since uberdice hasn’t made a complete ass of himself by screwing with this site non-stop like Tsavo did, we’re not the least bit interested in screwing with him in any way.

    – Thing 1

  20. treadhead00

    They look like they would be good first candidates for the bear grease wrestling that G-series proposed.

    And there’s a mental image I think we could have all done without. πŸ˜‰

    – Thing 1

  21. Insurr_Leftist

    OMG…This is all starting to make sense now! The constant harassment, and attacks on the NA forum I’ve been getting, the stalking, the creepy shadowing, the weird trolling, ” An the whole time we were being accused of wearing Tin Foil Hats?”…. This is simply incredible! All of you readers out, “Can all you more understand why the NA forum is creeped out now?” And Toxified the way it is?

    You know something I really do hope the WGNA staff indeed does come over to read this section, so they can get a better picture of what is going on under the roof of their forum. Then again, “What hell is going on under the roof of that Blue House?” Wait..! On 2nd thought, ” I don’t want to know!” πŸ™ Just wait until G-series finds out about this stuff? Oh, the humanity of it…

    If they’ve been harassing you in PM’s, Wargaming will not do a thing about it. They don’t moderate PM’s so they’re free to harass you all they want. You’ll have to put them on ignore in your settings and block PM’s from them. Also make sure you disable posting on your account profile page or they’ll start messaging you there as well.

    Then send us all the shit they’ve been hitting you with. We’ll get it up pronto.

    – Thing 1

  22. Insurr_Leftist

    PS. WOT LABs will have a field day with this, don’t they have those behind closed doors Shenanigan’s sub-forum areas for stuff like this? Their always on the prowl for this kind of stuff. Damn, and Havok Clan will be under all kinds of scrutiny by labs, and the other clans too. Damn, _Tsavo’s Furry friends have really done it this time! Wow, no wonder they spent their waking days an nights breaking rules causing unrest on forums, and subverting the NA forums over at Wargaming also. :O

    Yes, they have a secret section to their forum.
    Yes, we have a couple of people there that tell us what’s going on.
    No, we typically don’t give a shit as it’s a bunch of crying and bitching by the same assholes.

    Frankly, the NA WoT forums have gotten a lot quieter lately. Hell, just Tsavo’s dumb ass being gone has shut the troll factor down by a factor of 10 at least.

    – Thing 1

  23. _Nolan

    Cuts… cuts deep.

    Ugly? Sure, but fat?! ‘Cmon…

  24. Scorpiany

    Let me shed some light on Lacey based off of what I know.

    First things first – The second picture is her. The first and third are both former classmates. Third one is also currently her secretary working for her. The last picture is uberdice; a friend she often Platoons with. Two seconds of research will show you this. I’ve Platooned with them – While they’re in the same Platoon. Also, Lacey does stream – Just not to the public. She and uberdice are beyond of a shadow of a doubt different people. Knowing both of them, they’re very painfully different. The claims in this article are slander towards her. That being said…

    The reason I say painfully different, is because what is true about Laceylace is her toxicity on the Forums. I wouldn’t call her a corporate shill – That’s not her intent. She has a “I’m better than you because I suck it up and deal with it” kind of mindset though. She doesn’t acknowledge problems with the game, because she believes that it should be just dealt with by the players; not the company.

    She would frequently get herself banned when she and I used to Platoon a couple years back, because of her extremely short temper. She doesn’t seem to TK as much, but she has no problems going on tirades in-game or on the Forums. I’m honestly really surprised she hasn’t been chat-banned yet. With the things she’s said, it’s actually shocking to me that her account hasn’t been sanctioned in any way as far as I know.

  25. Thing 1

    You’re so full of shit it’s laughable.

    First off, he lied when he posted the first picture.

    Secondly, he lied when he posted the second picture a year later.

    Thirdly he lied yet again when he posted the THIRD picture three fucking years after that.

    Fourthly, he forgot to delete his first Steam account that shows yet ANOTHER different girl that lives in the United States.

    Laceylace first account Steam

    Fifthly, in all the time that fucking idiot has trolled the forums, never once has he responded to ANYBODY that spoke to him in German with German…because the fucking asshole lives in the United States and doesn’t speak a fucking word of German without Google Translate.

    Sixthly, he constantly talks in American slang, which is nearly impossible for a German to speak.

    Seventhly, he has NEVER spoken on any of the platooning videos or streams with that half-breed uberdice. He can’t, because he’ll blow his cover and prove he’s a guy.

    Laceylace has done nothing but lie every single time he types anything for years.

    Go sell your bullshit to the idiots on the forum at Wotlabs. They’ll believe you because they’re all liars as well. You’ll fit right in.


    Your a fucking dumbass scorp. Not once did u ever actually verbally communicate with lacey. No one has. Not even clan mates. We always kicked him out of company and now team bbattles


    Because he wont use voice.

  28. Thing 1

    And there you have it. How people believe this bullshit is beyond me. I mean, are you that desperate for a piece of ass, Scorpiany? Do you think that maybe, just maybe you might get a hook-up out of it?

    He’s a fucking GUY pretending to be a GIRL because he’s such a fucking asshole it’s the only way anybody will tolerate his bullshit.

  29. Gomez_Adams

    I’m just curious as to how you can say, “She doesn’t seem to TK as much?” when there is video right here on this very site showing him doing exactly that and then bragging about how he does it constantly and gets away with it and then explains exactly how he cheats the TK system.

    Or did you not see that? Here you go:

    Care to revise your statement?

  30. Thing 1

    Another good point. It’s obvious that Scorpiany is just fan-girling over Laceylace’s ass. He post all this defensive shit trying to “look after the little lady” rather than looking at all the complete bullshit, outright lies and seeing that everything he thinks about him is complete bullshit. Laceylace is indefensible. There is not one single endearing quality of any kind in that waste of fucking life. Not one. Everything he does is a lie, deception, against the rules, rude, racist, homophobic, all of it. Every fucking thing bad you can come up with clearly defines Laceylace.

    There is not one single goddamned thing I’ve ever seen from that fucking waste of life that was in any way positive or redeeming.

  31. Insurrectional_Leftist

    OMG.. No wonder LaceyLace and Tsavo seem to fit together so well together. As they say “Birds of feather flock together” πŸ˜‰

  32. TheQuagmire

    I need to add a whole lot of you virgins on to my tk list. I’v nailed gasai the other night now I just need to have one of you tards in my game.

  33. Insurrectional_Leftist

    You’re that desperate to become famous on this site? To have your video up on this site? For the whole community to see what a team killer you are? For the WGNA Office to see you in full-color? You are aware that the WGNA office officially visit’s this site right? And they will see your actions in full HD color ? You want fame that easy? Then again, I don’t final say so ? Like who am I ? I am just a nobody…. There are more powerful people than me here in this place ! Master Thing 1 might have something to say about that?

  34. Thing 1

    You guys will have to forgive WarAuthority. He’s the typical overweight, ugly, never amounted to jack shit asshole World of Tanks player.

    That’s right, asshole. I know who you are. Fuck up one more time.

  35. TheQuagmire

    Hey that’s great you know how to use google to find someone’s youtube account I’m sure you feel all warm inside knowing how autistic you are. For a site full of stalkers I’m shocked you guys haven’t hanged yourselves for being absolute scumbags.

  36. Thing 1

    I know you from before, asshole. And Eve online, WarsGoddess. And from before that when you went by Wipeout. We go wayyyyyyyyy back.

    See you around, fat boy. But not here.

  37. Scorpiany

    Where did I defend Lacey at any point? I gave an explanation; not a defense. I do not support the kinds of things Lacey says or does. Nor did I say she stopped TK’ing. I said she doesn’t do it as much (Read: Doesn’t want to get banned. Also the same reason she calmed down the ranting in her posts; she said at one point that she was trying to avoid the new strikes). As for German, I’ve seen her run through it a few times in my Discord and elsewhere. No idea what that other Steam profile is, thus I won’t comment on it; I’ve personally never seen it. I’ve only known the Sigmarite Empress one.

    I will admit that it’s very easy to call her a shill. Even last night she posted a full-fledged defense of WG on something they clearly messed up (Ranked Battles).

    I was going to call her out on that post, but then decided it’s simply not worth the effort… Just not worth it. Won’t change her mind, why waste my time when I can just make a separate post on-topic and criticizing Ranked Battles on my own accord.

    She’s an apologist, not a shill. I’ve never seen anything which would indicate a connection to WG – But an apologist? Holy hell yes, she’s the first to rush to defend WG’s most stupid actions.

  38. Thing 1

    Where did I defend Lacey at any point?

    When you started making fucking excuses for who he was as if it were even remotely the truth. It isn’t.

    That is NOT him. HE is a GUY. HE is not German. HE is as American as baseball.

    He has done nothing but lie not only about who he is, but what he does, and you came up here defending his worthless ass as if ANYTHING he’s EVER SAID was true when we all know it isn’t.

    Then you said he doesn’t TK that much when we have clear evidence to the contrary.

    I don’t care what the fuck you call him: He’s a lying, racist, homophobic, complete and total waste of life.

    Full Fucking Stop.

  39. Mr_Alex


    When someone that is known male that has to pose as a girl, one has to ask are they having a gender crisis?

  40. Thing 1

    No, they aren’t. What they do is pretend to be girls so people will like them. It’s a sign of very low self esteem mixed with a lifetime of failure and bitterness. As a man, they have very few people that give a shit about them and they are complete failures with women.

    So they think that by pretending to be women, all those guys that play the same video games as he does will fall all over themselves to be “her” friend, and put up with any shit “she” dishes out on the hopes that they have a hot, sexy girlfriend online.

    Laceylace is proof that it works on idiots. I mean really…when you have someone like Scorpiany trying to defend not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but a fucking MULTITUDE of lies, it obviously works.

  41. The_Dastardly_Canuck_rob

    Almost as insecure as someone who made this website.

  42. Gomez_Adams

    Well, this has been interesting to say the least.

    Credit to Scorpiany though for coming to what must be for him the lions den and making an arguement. At least it’s an argument worth hearing and debating rather than the absolute crap the Wotlabs folks post.

  43. Thing 1

    Almost as insecure as someone who made this website.

    Says the guy finding it necessary to post on this website to defend a liar. Fucktard.

    And agreed on Scorpiany. Misguided as he may be at least he makes a fucking argument worth reading.


    Scorp tries so hard to use the she word in his opening. And never does he say anything about the he/she issue. But he continues to call it, a she. Lace has never been on discord chatting with anyone

  45. Thing 1

    For me it’s a simple matter of all the god damned lying. Everything is a lie with Laceylace. If everything he’s ever said is a lie, and it is obviously, then it is also obvious he’s lying about being a girl as well. And such lame excuses as “I’m ashamed of my voice” is just pure bullshit. Nobody’s so “ashamed of their voice” they don’t even talk to friends and clan mates that they’ve known for several years. That’s just complete horseshit.

    It’s so obviously horseshit that anybody that says otherwise proves themselves to be a complete fucking village idiot.

  46. Centurion_Mk_5_2

    So… did you plan on having any actual proof in your article? Or were you just planning on keeping it full of half-baked theories and unfounded supposition? I mean, I’m genuinely curious. Because I read the whole thing and your offered no solid proof to your supposition that Laceylace is not whom she says she is. You’ve offered even less solid proof that Laceylace is uberdice. You’ve also done no research with regards to Lacey’s steam profile. The picture you posted is not her account.

    So I’m just curious, do you intend to provide solid proof? Or just keep making wild accusations and hoping that the only people who come here aren’t coming here to laugh at said wild accusations?

  47. Thing 1

    Well, asshole, let’s review:

    He lied about who he was the first time.
    He lied about who he was the second time.
    He lied about who he was the third time.
    He lied about who he was on Steam.
    He lied about being German.
    He lied about everything he’s ever posted.
    He’s taken every precaution to never, ever speak even to his friends and clan mates under any circumstances.

    We’ve proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he isn’t who he says he is. Even by his own admission, he lied twice, which again proves he isn’t who he says he is.

    We on the other hand, haven’t lied once.

    Now go back to your liar you hope to get a piece of ass from someday…but watch out for that sausage he’s got up front as I’m sure that’ll be a bit of a mood killer for you.


  48. Frau_Blooka

    These motherfuckers never cease to amaze me!! They sit there and defend A KNOWN FUCKING LIAR!!! They say POST PROOF and you do and THEY STILL SAY PROVE IT!!! If the motherfucker lied even once about who the fuck they are then THEY ARE A FUCKING LIAR YOU DIPSHIT ASSHOLE!!!

  49. Thing 1

    So tell us all how you really feel Frau. πŸ˜‰

  50. Frau_Blooka

    Fuck off T


    The thing is they have no proof he is a she. Other than him trying his damness to come off as a female. Which is obvious when u consider the norm.
    This scenario has gone on longer than this site been up.

  52. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Wow, these gender identity crisis issues ! πŸ™ One Lying asshole causes a few other lying assholes to get confused over another person’s gender identity issues. Simply astounding. Or they are just lying trolls… For pete’s sake. 😐

  53. Thing 1

    The thing is they have no proof he is a she.

    It’s worse than that. They can’t prove ANYTHING about him at all one way or the other.

    We have PROVEN BEYOND ALL DOUBT he’s a liar.

  54. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I suppose that they have been watching too many “HE-MAN Episodes !” “By the power of GreySkull I command it to be true!” Skeletor even knows Bullshit he see’s it, “O.K. assholes wake up, pull your heads out of your HE-MAN butts, and stop being idiots! He’s not a girl you nimrods ! You and GreySkull just need to stop the lying, an go lie down, you’re drunk !!”

  55. Centurion_Mk_5_2

    You’ve provided no proof. You not proved anything beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I’m gonna start with the Steam profile. I know exactly how you found it: you went to the community section of Steam and searched for ‘laceylace’ and picked the first one that showed up. There are two of them, by the way, I’m so surprised you didn’t immediately latch onto that as “proof”. That account you showed was 3 years old as of that screenshot. You can tell because of the 3 years of service badge shown just under the account number. (It is now 4 years old as it was made on May 31st 2013). But, and heres the kicker: Lacey’s actual account, (you know the one that is hers, says shes from Germany and is not completely unrelated to her) is 8 YEARS OLD. Way to go on that research guys, found a completely unrelated account, created after her actual account and then call it her “first”. (Oh and other LaceyLace account on Steam is 3 years old right now… so… that’s not her “first” either.) Anyone who has Lacey on Steam as a friend can also confirm this. (If you had read Scorpiany’s messages… he actually referenced her real account by one of its past names… I surprised that slipped past such good investigators).

    So ok… that’s the Steam profile “proof” shot to shit. Let’s see, what else do we have, oh the pictures:

    So, Scorpiony provided an explanation for this. The middle picture (the one referencing IOC) is her. This corresponds with the pictures Ive seen of her. Now of course, I could post them, but even if I did, youd probably ramble on about how that’s more lies. Now, I have no reason to lie. None. You can believe that if you wish (you probably wont). And to be honest, if I had to worry about sites like this one, I wouldn’t post consistent pictures of myself on the internet either…

    So so far, we have an unrelated steam profile that provides doubt to any of your claims, and the fact that other pictures Ive seen of Lacey directly match the person in the 2nd image. But… I feel like I’m missing a claim… OH! The claim that Laceylace = uberdice. And… well… that’s pretty false, considering Ive platooned with both of them at the same time. More over, both accounts have, roughly, the same number of battles, and uberdice is consistently better than Lacey. And Lacey created her account over a year after uber did. Now I suppose you could say: “Oh but uber just has a friend play that account sometimes.” And yea, I guess that’s possible but as a person who plays with uber fairly regularly, he isn’t that clever AND finding another person whos even semi-competent at WoT is a stretch. The entire argument that Lacey = uber requires a large amount of mental gymnastics to even be plausible, let alone the truth. Though I suppose it would be too hard to believe that Lacey is actually a girl.

    So Steam profile “proof”: shot to shit. Picture “proof”: directly goes against my personal experience. Lacey = uber: directly goes against my personal experience. Lots of doubt still to be had. In fact more doubt than actual tangible proof.

    What I’m seeing here is a group of people who are so angry (over a video game, of all things), going through some impressive mental gymnastics because they think some woman lied about who she was. All of your proof is circumstantial at best and flat out false at worst.

  56. Only_Meuploading

    Just a couple of questions for you.

    I’m most interested in her time in the German Army.

    Any chance of indicating what Branch of the Service she was in, rank and providing a photo of her in uniform?

    I’m fairly sure she wouldn’t have an issue with providing that information to you.

    If per chance she does have issues with the first two, the photo would be fine.

  57. Thing 1

    Hey asshole: We’ve proved FOUR TIMES that he is NOT who he SAYS HE IS.

    What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

    And Onlymeuploading, all he’s going to do is post YET ANOTHER picture of somebody HE ISN’T. He’s done that 4 fucking times already. That’s going to do no good at all.

  58. Centurion_Mk_5_2

    More completely stupid bullshit that’s been deleted.

  59. Thing 1

    And that’s about it. I can only tolerate a complete fucking moron for so long.


    So centurion platoons with him and uber regularly.
    And yet theres no voice chat involved. Doesnt that raise an eyebrow centurion?
    Why all the different photos posted from lace? Even if 2 is different. Why? Who uses fake photos for their profiles.
    Theres nothing indicating that lace spent vast amounts of time with any germans.
    Think about it. U spend yrs practically as a family with hundreds of germans in surroundings with thousands of germans. Anyone would tend to show some form of german influence. Just like a marine in usa. U can tell a marine thats in the room.
    Lace has no miltary experience in german army or any other.

  61. Speedy_DePalma

    @spacedude exactly it’s nothing but diversion, subversion, denial and excuses across the board to know it’s horseshit. It’s so easy to said person to put all this to rest but nope they double down.

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