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The story of Daigensui (aka Sumeragi) is, at best, a lengthy one worthy of an entire volume. While we’ll not get into doing our level best impersonation of Leo Tolstoy, we will attempt to shed some light on this forum Troll / Wargaming shill.

This, once again in  a very, very disturbing pattern, is the story of yet another man doing any and all things to be a woman. It is becoming very clear to us that Wargaming has a thing for this sort of person as more and more it comes to light that behind every little girl anime picture is in fact a grown man.

Daigensui’s story actually starts out on the Korean World of Tanks server two years ago. At the time, he (bear with us on this) introduced himself as a Korean-Japanese woman that was working with Wargaming as a consultant on the Japanese tank tree.

According to Daigensui, he was:

  • a 20-something Korean-Japanese female living in Vancouver
  • a lesbian but engaged with “her” cousin
  • a very intelligent, overachieving student that graduated from both Tokyo and Yonsei Universities
  • working in a fortune 500 company owned by “her” parents
  • possessed wealth in excess of 10 million dollars
  • a distant relative of the present Emperor of Japan

With all of those lies flying around as well as being a “Wargaming employee”, it didn’t take Daigensui very long to gather a following of fanboys (and fangirls for that matter) on the Korean forums.

It was about that point that Daigensui and his cronies started flooding the forum with the same type of trolling, insults and bullying that we see every day on the North American forum.

On June 7th, 2014, several members on the Korean World of Tanks Community page called Daigensui’s sex into doubt. Apparently, Daigensui had screwed up and revealed to at least one person that he was in fact male. Not long after that, several people put forth evidence that Daigensui was in fact male, and that his name was Kang Seung Jae, and that he was actually a run-of-the-mill ex-marine and not a member of the elite intelligentsia he claimed to be.

This of course lost him any and all credibility in that community.

To make matters even worse, a good many people in the Korean community were pretty upset over the M18 Hellcat. It was actually added to the tech tree of the Army of the Republic of Korea. Many players were upset because the ROK Army never used the M18 to begin with and were calling for it to be removed.

It didn’t take long to find out that it was put there due to Daigensui’s input and insistance. This of course put him even further out of favor with pretty much everybody.

As if that weren’t enough, while all of that was going on, things were going tits up for him under his alter ego Sumeragi as well. As Sumeragi, he had been already revealed to be male (he was using the same Korean-Japanese front for that identity as well) and he was systematically banned from several Korean gaming communities over it.

Things soon came to a head for Daigensui as he was actually called out by the forum admins of the Korean community. They set up a live chat room to have a discussion with him along with witnesses to find out a few things once and for all. Not surprisingly, Daigensui had an issue with his mic and the admins  and witnesses couldn’t hear anything he said. (How convenient for him.)

The issue didn’t end there though. The Korean admins, adamant to find out once and for all what was going on, actually called him. The admin had a conversation not with a Korean-Japanese woman, but a grown man living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

So after all of this, Daigensui aka Sumeragi aka Kang Seung Jae and God only knows who else was kicked out of the Korean World of Tanks community as well as the WRD forums.

So what happened to him?

Not to worry, folks! He’s a Wargaming protected shill and troll, so they set up him over here on the North American forum and turned him loose on us, where he continues to put completely bogus input into the game via largely the Japanese tech tree.

So don’t worry about him. He’s just fine, and continues to be thanks to Wargaming.

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  1. Tomoko

    well…..pretty sure forums all know how much i hate Daig (for framign me in WoWS) but still…this is a bit mean =/

    oh well..karma (got links to the evidence here? i would love to read it first hand)

    The links were sent to us by an anonymous contributor and are in Korean. The contributor translated them for us in a rather lengthy letter and we put the pieces together from there.

    However, if you speak Korean, you can begin your search for all things Daigensui (aka Sumeragi) here:

    – Thing 1

  2. Aldus

    Wargaming has become a perverts paradise. Probably was from the start bunch of damn eurotrash ad Asian perverts.

    Unfortunately, that’s what we’re finding out more and more. Every day we look into things, it’s always some perverted anime thing or racist thing. It’s one or the other every single day now. It boggles the mind how any business could allow it to fester the way Wargaming has. It’s like a behind the scenes look at the Trump followers convention.

    – Thing 1

  3. STP

    He’s a guy for sure. He goes around posting pictures of his sister claiming it’s him.

    We suspected as much, only we figured he just picked an image off the internet. To use his own sister? Wow. What a freak. Reminds me of the case of that woman that used her daughters pictures to set up internet affairs and wound up getting a guy killed.

    – Thing 1

  4. Mr_Alex

    I had a run in with Daigensui before suffice to say, he does not like being challenged

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