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Wargaming: Their Anime Crowd and the Promotion of Child Pornography

There is an ongoing theme when it comes to a good many of the trolls, shills and bullies we’ve done profiles on here: the vast majority are all anime fans and present themselves as little girls rather than the grown men that they are. While for some this isn’t that big a deal, for us it’s systematic of an underlying problem: The complete and total lack of decency.

If one reads the Terms of Service of Wargaming for it’s games which can be found here, one finds this statement:

2.1 You must be at least 13 years of age to use the Services.

So how is it that a site and game marketed to 13 year old children allows a blatant adult theme of borderline child pornography to go on unchecked?

This article is not for the weak of heart as it will get lengthy and rather disgusting to anybody possessing anything remotely resembling decency. So reader beware, and at this point it’s fair to warn you that this article IS NOT INTENDED FOR A YOUNG AUDIENCE. If you’re under the age of 15, you shouldn’t be reading this at all.

You have been duly warned. That said, here we go:

There is, sadly, a very sick element out there in the world: Grown men who fantasize about little girls. Now, being grown men, they fully understand how against the law it is to exploit minors. They also know full well that it is illegal to promote the exploitation of children and they know it’s a Federal offenses to posses child pornography of any kind. So how do they get around that?

Well, they use cartoon anime little girls. They somehow try to claim it as ‘an art form’ when the reality is it’s no different than an adult magazine slightly disguised as a cartoon. To take it one step further, these same people claim that the girls depicted are in their 20’s, and of legal age.

You’ll soon see that is not the case. Not only is it not the case, you’ll see that for them to even suggest that their images are anything other than 13 to 15-year-olds and younger in some cases with the bodies of 25 year old women the vast majority of the time is completely and totally preposterous.

Taking a break from this though, it’s important to point out that anime as a whole has been around for a long time. Shows like Speed Racer, Voltron, Space Battleship Yamato and G-Force: Guardians of Space were all anime Saturday morning cartoons of the past that were quite popular. Just to be sure what we’re all talking about, let’s take a look at some of this classic anime:

Speed Racer:




Space Battleship Yamato:


G-Force: Guardians of Space:


These anime cartoons have been around for decades. Starting with Speed Racer back in the 1960’s up to the present day with Voltron, you see a very distinct style to it that has held it’s look and feel for longer than most people reading this article have been alive.

So do you call it an art form? Well, we here would say, “yes”. Absolutely. It was not only original in it’s look when it first came on the scene in the United States back in 1967, but it held that look and style for as long as yours truly typing this article has been alive. That, in and of itself to us, constitutes an art form in much the same way as Classical Music, Rock & Roll or Impressionist Painting.

So, where does it all go pear shaped when it comes to Wargaming and it’s legion of anime fans? Well, let’s just take a look at a few examples of what they’re calling anime, shall we? These images were found not out there on the dark web, not out there on some adult site, but EVERY SINGLE IMAGE YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE WAS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THE FORUMS OF WORLD OF TANKS AND WORLD OF WARSHIPS.

x3rnnmt uwfxtleh ubtpime s-l400 qc9qhec bunny arpeggio_of_blue_steel_by_artemisumi-d71eo34 zv3a2jg anxzvqm 17wpmxq 9thkdxi 1enzhm9zl85levxfcjlhxrlrfohghper70wyp1hqnyhwwqlbun3gjgb8dh

There are not dozens, not hundreds, but literally thousands of such images and worse posted across hundreds of pages on World of Tanks and World of Warships. Now, if that is 13 year old viewing material, then this country has a very massive problem on it’s hands; namely, a complete and total reworking of our rating laws are in order as is a federal investigation into video games, their communities and their moderation and enforcement.

As stated before, those are not the images of grown women. It is clear to everybody here and everybody that worked on this article that these are minor, teenage girls at best with the bodies of women in their 20’s at least.

To make matters even worse, Wargaming created this environment and fully supports it. Wargaming’s administrators and moderators defend all of this filth tooth and nail, and they ban, censor and ridicule anybody that dares question it.


Well, here’s why:


Wargaming, more specifically Wargaming Asia, actually puts it in their games. It’s been plastered all over World of Warships lately and VEHEMENTLY defended agasint any and all question from people who think it’s more than a bit questionable.

We all know how child pornography, child sex slavery and child exploitation is not only condoned across Asia, it’s actually a way of life for them. So, they brought it here to the good old United States to ram it down our collective throats in a display of, “it’s only cartoons so there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Anime of this type has been directly linked to pedophilia, rape, molestation and other crimes. It’s like a gateway to the dark side and beyond…and Wargaming not only allows it on their sites, but actively promotes it and defends it tooth and nail.

Not only do they defend it, their very own moderators and administrators promote it and make active posts in the very threads that all of these images were taken from. (Namely, NyxWGA who created one of the threads and The_Chieftain who actively took part in it.)

In the end, there comes a line in the sand between an art form and pure smut. Most of these images left that line far behind. This is not art. It’s adult entertainment for perverts and nothing more.

If your child plays this game, he or she will be surrounded by this. In the end, they will have two options: Get on board and join the perverts, or get banned.

But make no mistake: it’s here to stay, because Wargaming wants it that way no matter how disgusting, revolting and illegal it may be.


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  1. Aldus

    What a bunch of sick fucks!!! How the flying hell do they get away with that sick shit?!?!

    Amazing, isn’t it? That a business would not only allow this sort of filth on a game marketed to children, but would actually publish it, promote it and take part in it is simply beyond the pale.

    – Thing 1

  2. VladimirsRevenge

    I always thought that there were a good many kids there that just acted stupid most of the time. I had no idea it was all grown men behind it all. I’m so glad I left all that shit behind long ago.

    Nice site guys. Very well done. Best of luck to you all.

    Thanks for the compliments! Yea, it’s more than a bit shocking to find all this out. Depressing, really. I mean, what the hell does this say for the future?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, old man. It does mean a lot! Try not to read too much at one go, it’ll make you physically ill and I know full well you don’t need that at this stage of the game.

    – Thing 1

  3. IronPotato

    Non of the photos shown should affend anyone… I mean look at them… what 13 year olds are that busty. No one at such a young age has breasts that big. Also it’s just anime, if you don’t like it then keep scrolling. There are some serious CP photos out there. None of these even depict the look of a child (Maybe younger looking) but really this stuff you have shown here which you have taken affense to is Harmess.

    Also is it wierd? Fuck yeah it is… but it’s fucking Japan.

    No. It’s the United States they’re spamming that shit all over and that’s the problem. If they want that shit in Japan (which they do) and Europe (which they do) and want to sleep with grade school girls and have whore houses chock full O girls that haven’t hit puberty yet and take part in sex slavery (which they do), then that’s their business.

    But when they start spamming that shit all over the forum for North America, on a server located in and for the United States, in an effort to drag us into that demented, perverted hell along with them, then we have a BIG damn problem with it.

    – Thing 1

  4. Luke_Skywalker01

    WoT lost any decency when it went to E-Sports. (From what I have seen this is how I think it all happened) It validated the statwhores and made them rise to power. So these grown men who are absolutely cancer decided to post the crap so they could be validated because most people who post anime on the game forums are shitty players, at 10% WR (which 10% wr is actually bad performance). Sadly, the moderators, wanting to kiss ass, let it be. This validated the whiners, which usually are the same ones posting animu. That cancer eventually led to a 1984 situation, where a powerful upper party gave crap to a proletariat that is larger while an oppressed middle class (the people who play the game to enjoy it) got squished and harassed.

    Simply put, E-Sports really killed the game. Not the tournaments like the march madness ones that give out tanks, i mean the large ones involving plane flights and hotel rooms in some place in new york, with extremely vague details on how to even join the league in the first place.

    What you have to remember is that World of Tanks is NOT in Esports. They were not allowed in because of the ridiculous amounts of RNG the game has, the gold pay-to-win ammo and several other reasons. Wargaming then literally made their own league because no reputable league would take them.

    How bad is that league? Well, the best team in it from mother Russia quit due to absolutely NOBODY being interested in it.

    – Thing 1

  5. Mr_Alex

    I actually feel embarassed about defending the anime crowd, I wonder if WGNA should opt out of the hafuri Graf Spee that is coming in?

    Anybody defending it should feel bad. This isn’t an art form. It’s the deliberate exploitation of young girls. All you see are animated, overdeveloped 12 year olds that those perverted, middle aged sickos can get their jollies off of. Every goddamned last one of them should be locked up.

    I’ll also bet you 1000 dollars up front that none of their parents, wives, or children no that they’re into this shit. They do it alone, in the dark, late at night. Why do you think Tsavo had Wargaming delete his entire posting history?

    Because he was ashamed of all that perverted shit he had spammed for years and was scared to death of anybody he knew finding out about it. That’s why.

    Every last one of those fucking perverts is the same.

    – Thing 1

  6. Mr_Alex

    If every one of those manga images below the underlined red letters reached the Censorship board in New Zealand, every one of them would be classed objectionable, also in New Zealand, Highschool DXD which the anime crowd loves to talk about is banned in New Zealand for a good reason.

    It can get you jailed here in the United States as well depending on the jurisdiction. I know they’re a lot tougher in the south that out where I am, but they’ll still seriously frown on it. You’d definitely get fired over it, that’s for certain.

    – Thing 1

  7. treadhead00

    My question is why anime when there is a shitload of free porn with real women on the net? Porn is not good either, but you are substituting a cartoon character for real women and when you are into the anime which, in my mind, makes you double the pervert. Bottom line; grow up, grow some balls, get a job, and get a real girl.

    The reason they mostly use anime shit is simple: child porn is illegal. Not only is it illegal, it’s a Federal offense to even look at it, let alone possess it and transfer it/sell it. You WILL go to jail for DECADES.

    They use the anime children to bypass that law because they think that looking at pictures of animated little girls is legal. In some places, it is (as disgusting as it may be).

    Take a good look at these guys: they’re mostly fat, ugly, middle aged men who have never had success with women to begin with.

    In short they’re complete fucking failures as men and use it to get off on because even the thought of dealing with a real woman their own age is simply terrifying. It’s a turn-off to them thinking about real women. Little girls they can dominate though is different. That’s what they’re after. That’s why this shit is all over everything they do.

    – Thing 1

  8. Mr_Alex

    There are at least 2 clans in World of Warships that are into the perverted anime stuff, they are -FOG- and KNTAI as well

    At this time we’re not really doing any Warships stuff. One particular guy (Gomez Adams, who I am well aware has had some run-ins with the anime perverts from that game) has been pushing for it and we’re considering it, but for now we’ve got enough on our plate with the Tanks assholes.

    – Thing 1

  9. Macabe

    Hello so i usually don’t post on third party sites like at all but i constantly see things like the above where we’re basically called perverts. Not going to comment on kntai, i’m not part of kntai nor am i affiliated with kntai beyond organizing tournament battles via Supremacy League and the usual clan diplomacy stuff(and by that i say hi like once a month) because i personally don’t want to be at war with everyone and their mother when CW comes(if it comes at this rate). But i will talk about -FOG- as i am one of the co-owners of it. I apologize in advance for the impending wall of text. In addition, i please ask you read this entire thing in its entirety.

    Please do note i do believe select animes are alright and there are some that never should have existed. There are some like Hellsing or Dragonball and the likes that are not hypersexualized and then there are the disgusting ones like high school dxd as mentioned above. I don’t know the names of others that might be like it. The extent of my anime viewing is hellsing and rwby. So ya, thanks for making me google that. I’ll probably have to clear my browser history now. Thanks. Anyway, tangent over: I will not defend something like high school dxd. It’s blatant pornography and there’s no hiding that.

    Now to the more relevant stuff that i want to get into:

    A little over a year ago, i will agree there was an issue within -FOG- with specific anime related things and yes it reached into real life(it’s sad but true, i’m an open book and you can ask me anything about it) that are disgusting and never should have existed and it more or less revolved around the ex-leader(and founder) along with a select few individuals that allowed it to take place. Those individuals were removed. Every last one of them. It’s very obvious the sexualization present in many fanarts, official anime art or productions. As i said, i don’t defend them nor will i ever. Yes there was an issue with it in -FOG-. I along with two friends(the other commanders) recognized it and we worked toward getting rid of it. Was it a dick move how we saved the community? Yes. We manipulated our way into ownership. We don’t hide it. The community may have been flawed but there were and are far too many good people in our community to just let it die so we fixed it. I’ve worked very hard to stomp out what we are constantly being accused of and we were finally successful in fully ridding such cancer when we took over the clan from the previous leader(whom we kicked out/banned). I don’t even know the name of said individual at this point nor do i care.

    -FOG- does not nor will it ever condone sexualized anime content. So i don’t care if you want to call us shit players or something along those lines. But please don’t call us something so disgusting. We are not perverts. The only thing remotely related to anime is our community name and it’s for a very simple and specific reason. The background of “The Fleet of Fog” is interesting. It’s basically AI that eventually becomes self aware and takes control of sunken WWII era ships after restoring? or upgrading? and then seeks out the best way of completing its mission. We represent that concept. Nothing more, nothing less. So like i said, call us whatever you want but not something we are not and are firmly against. We are not Perverts. It’s that simple. We are a very diverse group of individuals of varying ages that just have a common interest and that is world of warships. Last i checked it wasn’t a crime to just play an internet game and current membership have never committed any such crimes that Mr_Alex has implicated above. Those who did commit such acts were reported to the police. How do i know? He bitched about it for hours and that is how we knew there was a problem and when we began working towards fixing it. All i want is for my members to stop being called something they’re not.

    We have multiple servicemen, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives within our community and slandering them with such an absurd blanket statement is just not fair to them. Insult our skill level? By all means go for it. I’m the first to admit i am terribad at ships. But call us Perverts? I’m sorry but that’s too far. I do not expect this to make an impact on anyone. I’m not trying to sway people. I’m just giving insight on the other side of a coin that so many people ignore. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I’m just going to skip all your bullshit and hit on two points you made:

    -FOG- does not nor will it ever condone sexualized anime content.
    We have multiple servicemen, fathers, mothers, husbands and wives within our community

    We know that. And here is your clans Facebook page: FOG World of Warships Facebook Page

    And on that page you will, among other images, find these:

    Yea. Sure. That’s some fine fucking servicemen, fathers and husbands you got there.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Searching your members and the shit they post elsewhere shows content we can’t even post here legally. I’ll bet a million bucks I don’t have not a god damned one of their wives know they’re looking at and masturbating to all that shit either.

    So tell your story walking pal. You’re in bed with a bunch of fucking pedophile perverts just like was stated. You may not be one of them, but you’re surrounded by them pal. BIG TIME!

    – Thing 1

  10. Frau_Blooka

    Another pervert defender that talks all high and mighty without even looking at his own god damn web page. Go fucking figure. Hey asshole before you go acting all self righteous and bullshit like that how about actually LOOK AT WHAT THE FUCKING PERVERTS IN YOUR CLAN ARE POSTING!!! You stupid fucking moron!!

  11. Gomez_Adams

    Although Frau lacks tact, unfortunately he’s right. Defending this and pretending you and your clan are “servicemen, fathers and husbands” as if to say they’re these fine, upstanding citizens without even bothering to look at what they do is, at best, foolish.

  12. Macabe

    We dont have a facebook page anymore nor have we since february or march of 2015. It’s owned by the guy that founded the community and he has posted a ton of crap on it from what i remember. You can pretty much see why we forced him out. I don’t know what’s on it nor have i looked since i was moderator of it for all of 1 month while attempting to gain trust of the guy that owns it as part of the plan to take over the clan.

    So in other words, you KNOWINGLY associated with this pedophile pervert under false pretense so you could screw him out of his clan rather than start your own legitimate one? That makes you just as bad if not worse than he is, shit for brains.

    The faceboom page didnt go to plan, he locked us out before we could nuke it from orbit. We only have one “official” thing seperate from the WG forum and that’s our website/forum that based off statistics, 3 people have used in the past 30 days. I don’t even monitor it beyond using it to send out mass emails about upcoming events once a month. I don’t know where you got those pictures but if it’s on our forum or website ill get it taken down. If it’s somewhere in our recruitment thread i’ll make another. That is not who we are or who i want us to be.

    Then you are in deep shit, pal…because pretty much every member of your clan posts shit just like that and worse all over the damn place.

    Like i said, i’m an open book and ill anwser anything but my mistake for thinking a civil discussion was possible. I have over 300 members, i unfortunately can’t keep track of all of them.

    Then you have too god damned many.

    When somethinf gets pointed out to me, i fix it.


    That’s all i can do at this point. I didn’t come here to be attacked.

    You came here spewing bullshit. You came here saying that’s not who you are and who you associate with and in the SAME GOD DAMNED BREATH you admit that IS who you associated with. On top of that, you say your members don’t do that sort of thing and then IN THE SAME GOD DAMNED BREATH make the excuse that you can’t watch them all or check them all out.

    That’s a level of pure dumbass I don’t think we’ve seen here yet, pal…and we’ve got some fucking DOOSIES on this site.

    I was hoping a civil discussion was possible. Clearly i was wrong so i apologize for wasting your time. I shall take my leave.

    You do that.

    – Thing 1


    Even if its all “cleaned” up. They still involved in it.
    What this idiot is basically saying is its ok to do child porn as long as u dont advertise it. Or get caught.

    Exactly. Well said.

    – Thing 1

  14. Zeedox

    The Gameplay Discussion forums have become unbearable due to the amount of pseudo-pedo pictures. Numerous complaints to the board moderators have gone unanswered as they appear to cozy up with that “type” of player. I have decided to actively avoid full sections of the boards except for the mod forums for the region switcher.

    They’re not “cozying up” to that type of person. They ARE that type of person. They’re all a bunch of middle aged pervert pedophiles that get off on 12 year old, overdeveloped, animated girls. We’re actually considering mailing pictures of what they condone to their wives and children along with a questionnaire of whether or not they know this is what their husband/boyfriend/father is really doing at work, but we’re on the fence right now as to whether or not to go that far. (We have to wait on our legal advisor to look into what the repercussions might be.)

    And yes, we know who they are.

    – Thing 1

  15. Mr_Alex

    I have also avoided general discussion on wows forums for the last few weeks, the amount of those psuedo pedo anime pics are insane and disgusting


    Even on wotlabs forums. Theres an anime section. The heading says something about needing to masturbate to the anime pics.
    If that isnt blatantly obvious pedo pushing and advertisement for the sick fucks.

    That place and everybody that frequents it is pretty much a perverted waste of material. I looked around that place once about two years ago and just shook my head. How grown people get into all that animated kiddy porn, furry porn shit is beyond me.

    – Thing 1


    Maybe their wives and such are also into it. But if they have children. And their child has friends over.
    I would not want my kid to be friends and visit a pedofiles home.

    I can assure you that if their wives, neighbors, bosses and friends found out about it they’d be instantly shunned. Why do you think Tsavo had Wargaming delete his entire history? It was for that very reason. He’s a creepy asshole but I bet in real life he’s a quiet, timid, nice person.

    – Thing 1

  18. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Perverted Pedo’s. Wargaming must attract every pedo from around the globe that enjoys gaming with other namby pedo’s, and Amine freaks. Why don’t they just break out the Whips and Chains and get it over with! How sick. That’s probably what happened to Wulfehound, they probably came in arrested him, and took the hard drives downtown, and locked him away finally! The bright side is maybe the could trace those hard drives down, find who these other Pedo’s are and set up sting operations or something?

    It all started with the whole China/Japan thing. It’s not stopped since.

    – Thing 1

  19. Mr_Alex

    China and Japan are into the anime thing, I recall a few years ago when I did business with a Japanese model train dealer and where ever you walked in Japan, when it came to the toy shops, these kind of anime things are very common, all I can say is after walking out of the shop and seeing all these perverted anime figures, I left very creeped out

    It’s been a part of Japanese culture for over a thousand years. When the lord of the house came home, he always had a line of people to choose from for the evening. They ranged in both men and women from full adult to 10 year old child. Whatever he felt like having, he took.

    All anime is, is the perpetuation of that old right that modern society has deemed despicable. They actually see nothing wrong with it, of course. The only people who think as they do are the same perverted, knuckle dragging pedophiles that started that sickening practice centuries ago.

    – Thing 1

  20. Gomez_Adams

    I honestly would have thought that after all the flak they caught over the last episode they would have left that over in Asia. I tell you…it just boggles my mind that they keep forcing this absolute perverted garbage down our throats.

    Not a chance. Any time those pedophiles get the chance, they’ll ram this shit down everybody’s throat. That’s how obscenity works: if you ram it down people’s throats long enough, they become used to it and stop bitching about it.

    Pretty soon these assholes will just break bad and show old sailors screwing these little girls on the decks of the boats and call it “getting your game on” weekend or some other bullshit. They’re all a bunch of perverted middle aged latent pedophiles and they’ll never, ever stop.

    – Thing 1

  21. cymonsia12

    well ..thats somewhat true here in SEA.. but in my personal perspective.. no one seems to talk about it in sea wot.. and i just ignore everything. because i only focus on the game ..idc about this as long as im having fun with my friends at wot.

    Ignorance is bliss. Good luck with that.

    – Thing 1

  22. Gomez_Adams

    That’s what emboldens people – other people simply ingnoring the world around them. Indifference is what leads to it all. Any reasonable society that wants standards of ethics must be vigilant in monitoring the world around them.

    This goes back to the example of how everybody thinks it will never happen to them, it always happens to someone else. Then, suddenly, when it happens to them, they all of a sudden ask, “how could this happen”?

    People not paying attention and not caring is how it all happens.

    Right now, at this very moment, there are literally millions of underage little girls being abused sexually around the world by the very same people that promote this crap.

    And nobody cares.

    Until it’s their daughter being abused.

  23. Thing 1

    Perverts will be perverts. Oh fucking well.

  24. Gomez_Adams

    On the bright side, at least they actually implemented my idea on having a button to turn all of it off. So, thankfully, I wont see any of it.

    I still find the motives of marketing a show for teenagers to a known audience made up of primarily full-blown adult males more than a bit suspect.

  25. Thing 1

    Well, the 50 year old perverted pedophiles will be happy. At least Wargaming hasn’t lost that part of the demographic.

  26. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve been playing Fallout 4 I got on sale on Steam. I don’t miss Wargaming’s worthless crap one single bit.

  27. Mr_Alex

    @Gomez_Adams and Thing1 and Insurrectional_Leftist

    I just can’t wait to see the collapse come, that high school fleet stuff basically shows how low Wargaming will stoop just to gain players also on WGNA, the mods are busy deleting threads where people are voicing their opposition of such content showing up in game

  28. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Their also internet black listing this site on IP providers where ever they can also, to try and shut this site up where ever they can to in order to silence and shut people up where they can to. They going to great lengths to ban the website, despite all their false promises to the community after the Sir Foch incident not to do it anymore also! Their a pack of LIARS 1st class. Wargaming lies so bad their teeth are rotting out! They promise not to DMCA anyone in the community, then they turned around and started a blacklist on IP providers to blackout the website address. Only a desperate low life trash slime ball outfit does that.

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