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Wargaming Moderators: The Lunatics are Running the Asylum


This article is at the very least a two cup of coffee / two beer affair depending on what time of day you read it, so proceed at your own risk.

With any type of open forum, be it a debate between presidential candidates or a high school debate team, there is what is commonly known as a moderator. Sometimes, this can consist of more than one moderator to act as a team to insure complete compliance of however many people are taking place in the debate/open forum.

A moderators job is pretty simple: keep the discussion civil, and keep it from getting out of hand and so far off topic that it results in an open mud-slinging contest.

Now, this is not rocket science to do; it’s actually quite simply especially when you have a predefined set of rules to obey. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s have an example of that in action, shall we?

  • The rule: religion will not be discussed during this debate.
  • The statement from Candidate 1: “My worship and faith in Jesus guides me through…”
  • The action: Moderator IMMEDIATELY interrupts the candidate to remind him that religion is not to be discussed during this debate.
  • The result: Candidate one needs to rethink his statement and make it about his public service, not his lip service to whatever god he chooses to pay homage to.

Pretty simple, is it not?

Well, apparently over at Wargaming, it’s not easy at all. Well, it is and it isn’t. Let us explain:

What you have at Wargaming North America is a very bizarre situation unlike that seen at any other gaming community: A third party site (and members thereof) is actually running the moderation of Wargaming North America and using it as a means to suit their own end.

Now, when you as a business allow the special interest of one minority faction to take over and dictate their own policy in complete contrast to your written doctrine, you are in for a world of absolute shit; and that is EXACTLY what we have on the World of Tanks forum for Wargaming North America.

Although there are many instances over the years of this policy being in place despite the constant denials of Wargaming North America, it finally all came to a head a few days ago and simply removed any and all doubt.

The thread in question has since been pretty much gutted of the vast majority of the evidence as usual, but what Wargaming North America didn’t count on was us copying the entire conversation as it unfolded. What you’re about to read is real, did happen, and is absolute fact.

The thread in question can be found in the locked archives (for now) here.

The thread was a pretty straight forward post about how Wargaming North America continues to ignore the player base and has since day one. It’s a well written post that met with a good deal of agreement…until they showed up.

The fact of the matter is the reason Wargaming North America completely ignores its player base is because Wargaming North America is run by a small group of people that actually use the game for their own gratification at the expense of every other player on the continent. That’s right, you heard it here first. It is they who control everything. They control who gets moderated and who doesn’t. They control which tanks values and ratings get changed and which don’t to insure their superiority. Pretty much any and all decisions are made to suit only them. Anybody else that ever has an opinion on something, even when the majority of people agree with them, is bullied and/or banned into silence by those same people.

So after this person, named Shadora, made this well thought out, well articulated post, he gets flat out assaulted by the power clan Wargaming people from Wotlabs. The first insult comes from well known Wotlabs lackey and HAVOK member Random_Task. This guy posts more insults than anybody on earth, and never once does he get warned or sanctioned in any way for it.

His first post on that thread:

The only players who are begging for SBMM are the ultra-baddies.

Nice, isn’t it? So rather than make an argument on the ideas like essentially everybody else on the thread had to that point, let’s just insult 95% of the player base. After all, nothing will happen. He runs the joint along with his other Wotlabs / Wargaming sponsored and featured clans. But it doesn’t end there. It is, in fact, only the beginning. From there, Random_Task (aka Wotlabs/HAVOK/Wargaming North America) goes on with these lovely comments:

No ones stats are padded here, snowflake

I just actually have an IQ higher than that of petrified feces, and can play a simple game at a competent level.

Don’t you and Gomez have a website to be tending to?  Off you go child.

The only thing true is that you are a horrible player.Does it suck to be too stupid to figure out a simple video game?Life must be tough for you cupcake.

How you cannot even manage a simple 50% win rate proves that you are not a bright egg.

Please don’t ever reproduce.  There are enough dumb people in society already that my tax dollars have to support.

Now, it’s at this point we need to pause and take a look at the rules of Wargaming North American’s Forum. You can find them here in their entirety, but we’re only interested for now in the ones those post broke very clearly:

  • Flaming
  • Harassment or Defamatory remarks
  • Personal abuse or attacks
  • Off-topic posting, such as attempting to derail serious threads or creating topics in the wrong forum section
  • causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
  • Making non-constructive posts, or creating threads on non-constructive topics

So six rules violations in about as many posts. In other words, pretty much every single post he makes is against the rules. So now the question becomes: How the hell is he still posting?

Given that the new “5 Strike Policy” went into effect a couple of weeks ago, this guy should have been banned about 3 days later at the very latest. If nothing else, this one thread is enough to give him six strikes at least…maybe more.

So what happened? Well, the person he was saying all of that too made a mistake. You see, the person he was saying that too is Insurrectional_Leftist, who is a contributing member of this site. You don’t have to be a detective to see that this site, obviously very upsetting to these very same power clan elitist and Wargaming North America to the point that it’s all they discuss now, opens anybody associated with it to blatant abuse that goes completely unchecked and unpunished.

So, obviously, when Insurrectional_Leftist used the report button to report these posts as rule violations, he received a strike and a ban for it immediately.

That’s right. He reported these obvious, blatant, over-the-top rules violations which the moderators saw fit to do absolutely nothing about, and they ban him and give him a strike for reporting it. What’s more, he received more warnings for daring to suggest that Random_Task was posting off topic insults and should stop.

Nice, eh?

So then what happened? Well, it got a bit ugly after that. Reports went out as did several letters to several people. Suddenly, the entire thread is wiped clean of any and all traces of anything Random_Task said along with anything Insurrectional_Leftist said. Or so they thought. And for the record, here’s a screen shot of Random_Task’s insults:


It is once again more evidence (as if anybody needed it) that the stat-whores of Wotlabs actually runs Wargaming North America. What’s more, the very same moderators and administrators of Wargaming North America are in fact the very same people hurling all the insults and abuse across the forum to begin with under their Wotlabs accounts, and then switching to their admin/moderator accounts to dish out punishment to anybody that dares post while at the same time getting rid of any evidence they left behind.

How else can you explain how they always get away with that sort of behavior every day for years on end?

How else can one possibly justify the completely counter intuitive way in which this site is run and it’s ONLY run this way in the North American server?

But the story doesn’t end there. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more blatant and wanton than that, there’s more.

After the shit storm that was this thread, Insurrectional_Leftist filed an appeal. Well folks, that appeal is in and guess what? It got overturned and his strike removed. Here  it is straight from Wargaming:

Cory Conner September 26, 2016 11:48 AM

Hey Insurrectional_Leftist,

Thank you for contacting Wargaming NA support!

Your strike is in the process of being overturned, Ghostprime and I came to this decision after we reviewed determined the actions didn’t warrant the sanction.

Have a great day, and happy tanking!

Best Regards,

Cory Conner

Wargaming America Support

OK, so that worked out in the end. But what about Random_Task? What about all the blatant rules violations and insults he hurled about? What is Wargaming’s plan to stop that kind of behavior from being a constant on their forums?

Well, let’s just let Ghostprime tell us all about that, shall we?

Community Coordinator
722 battles
Member since:
04-22-2013 Sent: Today, 06:44 PM

The comments by Random_task have been moderated. I also do not feel that you should have been given a strike for these comments, as you were not the one derailing the thread, you seemed to have been trying to keep people stay on topic. I am removing that strike from your history.

If you do not wish to have to see the posts other people make, please use the ignore feature.

Really? So you’re not going to take any action at all to get rid of the person that’s actually causing the problems, but rather you’re going to demand your members who did nothing wrong and who were in fact the target of the insults to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist and simply suck it up?

I guess next the local Police will inform us that if we don’t want our car stolen we simply shouldn’t buy one.

If women don’t want to be sexually assaulted they shouldn’t be women.

That’s the Wargaming mentality on all things. Again, the question is: WHY?

Because it is them doing it all to begin with, folks. It always has been. It would not surprise any of us here in the least if we were to find out that Ghostprime and Random_Task are in fact the same exact person – trolling the populace, insulting everybody he wants, giving them strikes and bans and then having to clean it up once the home office finds out about it.

How else can this be explained? How else can the same exact people do the same exact things over and over for YEARS and absolutely NOTHING is done about it?

In the end, there is only one way: They are the ones doing it themselves. There is no other plausible explanation.

What an absolutely pathetic state of affairs.

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  1. Aldus

    Holy shit. I always thought something was up but god damnit. This explains a lot.

    And believe it or not the same exact thing happened again today involving the same exact guy only this time he was insulting Gomez_Adams non-stop for a few pages.

    And, you guessed it, absolutely nothing at all happened to him.

    – Thing 1

  2. VladimirsRevenge

    I pretty much knew this a very long time ago. It doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    We’re not surprised one bit about that. Wish you still played. You’re sorely missed.

    – Thing 1

  3. Random_Task

    Confirmed- Gomez_Adams is in fact, none other than VladimirsRevenge. Suck it up you pussy ass motherfucker 🙂 You’ve been officially outed. I called it.

    And you’re wrong as usual. Gomez_Adams is 48 years old. VladimirsRevenge is now 74, retired, and spends his time riding motorcycles, not playing online games anymore. He gave that up last October and rarely even uses the internet anymore. The two do know each other as we all do, but that’s as far as the relationships go.

    Your problem is you. You’re stupid. You’ve always been stupid. You take what one person said and the lot of you run with it forever believing it as the gospel. You’re a blind follower of patent morons that tell you what to think, what the facts are, and what to do. You’re an angry, failed, overweight, uneducated nimrod who’s online life in World of Tanks is the only thing you have left keeping you from jumping off a building.

    We pity you. It must, after all, really suck to be you.

    – Thing 1

  4. VladimirsRevenge

    I’m 75, dumbass. 😉

    1000 pardons.

    – Thing 1

  5. treadhead00

    Love the banner on the new Meathead Militia video. “Who Wants Candy?”, sounds life a fucking trolling pedophile driving a white cargo van.

    You are not wrong. It sort of begs the question: “How far does all of this pedophilia rampant on the Wargaming NA server go?” does it not?

    – Thing 1

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