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Profile: BigNaturals – aka How_Bout_Dah (Formerly CBARoughneck)


WARNING: This is, without doubt, the longest and by far the most disturbing feature we’ve ever done. Proceed at your own risk.


So what does this bullying, pornography loving and distributing, illegal mod host, -G- member look like? Well, here you go:


Why are we not surprised?

As we profile these trolls, shills and bullies that have turned World of Tanks into the most toxic, bullying, perverted environment on the internet, one thing has become abundantly clear to us:

Wargaming knows about them all and actually condones what they do. They must. They simply have to. There is simply no way on this planet they don’t know.

What makes that so very disturbing is people like CBARoughneck. This guy takes bullying out a whole new door. He is, without doubt, the most worthless waste of human life we’ve ever come across.

We can look at people like Tolos and say, “Well, he’s just a bitter little guy that’s mad at the world” and we’re OK with that. Does that excuse him from being an asshole? Well, no. It doesn’t any more than it does the rest of us. But when you look at this guy CBARoughneck, all of a sudden you realize that he’s not just a bully or a troll. He’s actually a full-blown criminal.

We’ll get the ball rolling with CBARoughneck’s “hit list”. Now, we all know that team killing, team damage, bullying and the like are against the rules as is distributing illegal mods, cheats or hacks and are clearly stated as such. Just for review, here are Wargaming’s posted rules on the subject that you can find here:

2.03. Insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment are not tolerated on any level.

2.04. Derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference are prohibited.

2.05. Allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level is prohibited.

2.13. Discussion on, or linking to unreleased content, cheats, hacks, Trojan horses, or malicious programs is prohibited. If you suspect that a cheat or hack exists or have any other problems or concerns on these topics, provide the necessary information to technical support.

2.15. Threats of destroying allied player vehicles as well as the threats of disclosure of ally positions to enemies, regardless of whether the threat was carried out, or not, are prohibited.

Now, here comes the funny part: CBARoughneck has broken EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE RULES MULTIPLE TIMES. What’s more, Wargaming is fully aware of it.

So what has happened to him? Absolutely nothing. He’s still alive and well and playing for -G- as always, continuously bullying and adding people to his “hit list” and running it all from his own site. How do we know this? Well, he was stupid enough to actually post the hit list on his site which can be found here.

WARNING: CBARoughneck’s site is illegal as it contains vast amounts of pornography and is not listed as an adult site. It is not recommended to ANYBODY under 21. It also offers pornographic World of Tank Mods for download and as such is in direct violation of EULA and Federal Law. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY OF IT. You have been warned.

To take that one step further, he even list instructions on how to use a custom (and very vulgar) XVM Icon (Yes, they’re in on it too) for display in game so you know who is or isn’t on the “hit list”. Here’s a copy of it:


So how do we know this? Well, because number one on the list happens to be one of us. This has been going on not for days, weeks or months, but for absolute YEARS.

And Wargaming knows all about it. How do we know that? Well, once again, we have it all documented. Every last single bit of it.

To post it all would require an effort along the lines of Alexandre Solzhenitsyn and the reading patience of no less than Job. That said, we’ll give you the condensed version as best we can.

This all started back in December of 2014 when our member accidentally team killed CBARoughneck who had pulled out into his shot several hundred meters down range.

So, they added our member, valkyrie451, to the “hit list” listed above. Any time any member of -G-, or any sub-clan or friend of that clan like ESPRT would see him, they would instantly team kill him.

Needless to say, this put quite a damper on valkyrie451’s gaming experience. He was getting team killed because of this bounty 3 to 4 games out of 10 as well as harassed non-stop in chat, in his garage with PM’s and on the forums as well. So he tried to reason with them about it because he simply didn’t understand what the big deal was. Here’s the opening plea to Wargaming for sanity on valkyrie451’s part:

Ticket #396444
Category:WoTSub-category:Rule Violations

Need for you to contact your adminstrative staff.

I have been targeted by this individual in game. There is a bounty list that has been started in game. I have done nothing wrong. My access to the game has now been restricted unfairly, and my equal access to fair competition as be violated and removed by this purple unicum bully squad member my GOLD bounties.

valkyrie451 December 22, 2014 12:52 AM

This just posted by one of the group of players who helps conduct the bounty list from their site of bounties:

“LMAO, you just made my day please send all the mail you like to wargaming, why would they care if we are paying gold bountie on players out, we are buying the gold from them, they may actually congradulate us for it. Your feable attempt to argue this is hilarious. And for me, as you can see I have no clan tags so no clan to tarnish, and I am sure Roughs views are his and his alone why would ESPRT be bothered to care what he does on his own forum. He owns this thing why are you to stupid to realize this? Stop acting like forrest gump of the Modding community please. Heck I don’t even have to have this argument, I could just straight out ban you from here and you would have to find your mods elsewhere, point of all this is SHUT YOUR MOUTH, you filthy pubbie.
posted by Maggz @ 6.36 am

Does Wargaming approve of this policy?

Do they they endorse this?

Again, I ask, “what actions are you going to take on these players for their actions in this act they have committed? and are continuing to commit ?”

So what is Wargaming’s response to this? You’re going to love it:

December 22, 2014 10:08 AM

Dear valkyrie451,

Thank you for your reply.

The primary issue at hand is that the information you are sending me is not happening in Wargaming space, and we do not set the rules in a third party forum.

If a player targets you in a player vs player battle before going for other targets, that is the prerogative of the player and falls withing our rules. If a player team kills another player, this action is handled by our automated team kill system. If a player does either of the above things for in game currency, it is no different than receiving funds from a clan to attack targets in our clan wars battle system and also falls within our game rules. Lastly, the information you are sending me is from a third party source that Wargaming does not control, and therefore our EULA does not apply.

As mentioned in my last correspondence, if you would like to take this up as a legal matter, you are more than welcome to do so, however all correspondence in this ticket will cease.

I do apologize for any inconvenience however I must consider this matter closed until which time as one of these players breaks the rules set by Wargaming within a domain that Wargaming controls.

Best Regards, Alma Gerret
Support Manager Wargaming America
Support You can always check your ticket status by logging into our Support Portal:
Please don’t forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed.

So, in other words, never mind they’re CLEARLY breaking the game rules hand over fist. As long as they PLAN all of it on another forum, it’s perfectly OK.

Well, that clears up a lot, doesn’t it? After all, as long as you get your cheats and illegal mods off another site, that’s clearly perfectly OK too, right? (And this site has them all, that’s for sure.)

So what we have here is Wargaming being FULLY AWARE that the entire clan system, particularly -G- and ESPRT at the time, were cheating, bullying, team killing, abusing, and a bunch of other rules violations on their game server and they not only did nothing about it, but actually told them it was perfectly OK to do so as long as it wasn’t planned on Wargaming servers.

How about that, folks? So, in other words, EVERYTHING is legal, just plan and download it all on some forum outside the official World of Tanks forums.

Pretty bad, isn’t it? Well, as they say on all those really bad TV commercials, “But wait! There’s more!”

Just days later, they came together again in a game and true to his word, CBARoughneck team killed him. Valkyrie451 posted the replay to send a link to Wargaming about on a support ticket for help. Here’s some of the statements made by CBARoughneck on that game:

lol i dont need gold to buy tanks son i HAVE EVERY TANK in the game FYI ( look it up). Why are you on a shitlist its cause you have Tked me twice in 2 different battles, There isnt a bounty list its a shithead list for people like you that like to TK teammates or yell hacker in every game. I will go out of my way to kill you in every game i see you in hopefully your on the other side lol. You should be banned for the TKing that you do and for just being a horrid player.

He’s actually incorrect. He was accidentally team killed only once. Then he goes on:

How is any of this considered a gold making scheme? If I wanted to pay someone to TK you 500 times a day and was willing to BUY gold from Wargaming and give it to ANYONE, that’s still me BUYING gold. Wargaming will NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances you could ever think of TURN DOWN my money. You sir need to get over yourself, I certainly hope to see you in EVERY battle I am in for the next years battles!

Ah! So that’s it! As long as he’s buying gold to pay people to break the rules, it’s perfectly OK with Wargaming.

And you know what? It is. We’re not kidding. It actually is. This is what Wargaming had to say about that:

December 31, 2014 6:31 PM
Dear valkyrie451,

Thank you for your reply.

We will investigate this matter regarding this dialogue between you and the player you have provided.

That being said, we do not consider one single disagreement to be appropriate evidence of repeated harassment.

As previously stated, we will need multiple screenshots that demonstrate that you are being repeatedly harassed due to your nickname.

Once we have the screenshots we have requested, we will be able to further assist you.

We look forward to your reply and hearing from you soon.

Have a great day.
Best Regards, Chris Gregg

Wow. Just wow, right? Again, never mind that what CBARoughneck was doing was grounds for an IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT ban, absolutely nothing was done about any of it. Not one thing.

Pretty bad, wouldn’t you say? That Wargaming has the nerve to wonder where all their player base went in North America is laughable when you consider they’ve allowed this kind of abuse to go on unchecked for YEARS.

But wait. There’s more.

Just a week and change later, Lord_Helix got in on the act and actually talked to valkyrie451 about it. A ticket was sent in over that as well showing the ongoing, non-stop harassment over this CBARoughneck bounty thing. Here’s that ticket’s contents:

valkyrie451 January 2, 2015 9:33 PM

I was just now TKd by a player at the end of battle, who roughneck promised 500 Gold too…..

He admits it here in this conversation… He his having them TK even on the teams i’m on everywhere.

He promised him 500 Gold, and was concerned if he will pay up now or not??

valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:12:42 PM) Why???
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:12:50 PM) lol
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:12:51 PM) Why did you do that?
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:12:52 PM) sorry
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:13:15 PM) Is there a bounty on me?
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:13:39 PM) no man
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:13:42 PM) who paid you gold for that?
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:13:45 PM) i just feel like oing it
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:13:58 PM) ????
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:14:18 PM) realax is just a game man
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:14:20 PM) sorry
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:14:22 PM) Whatever….If by chance your doing i for a bounty then I know who is doing itg
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:14:26 PM) it
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:14:40 PM) ok look
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:14:46 PM) And he is in trouble for it with the FBI onow
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:14:56 PM) tha guy told me to do it but i dont mean it
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:15:09 PM) Rougneck has put a bounty out on me
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:15:26 PM) and the NA office told me to report him to the FBI
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:15:31 PM) which I have
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:15:38 PM) and that is why I am wondering?
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:16:07 PM) I have to save all these now cause the NA office needs to see them.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:16:22 PM) no kidding.
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:17:01 PM) man i dont knwo why he want you so bad but let me out of this
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:17:17 PM) I’m not after you
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:17:26 PM) i’m after him, if he is behind this.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:18:10 PM) They need to stop this gold bounty stuff.
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:18:33 PM) i hope he atless give me the gold
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:18:53 PM) how much did he promise?
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:19:40 PM) 500 gold
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:20:01 PM) well….Atleast we know it was him.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:20:23 PM) well, I just upset with him is all
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:20:38 PM) but why is he doing this
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:20:46 PM) this you want me to kill he ?
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:21:03 PM) He is mad at me, because of my position on WN8
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:21:22 PM) and he claims I team killed him on purpose about a year ago
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:21:31 PM) but it was an accident.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:21:47 PM) Someone is behind even him doing it too.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:22:29 PM) There are a bunch of cybebullies in this game is what it is….
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:22:53 PM) WEll, I would make sure he gives the gold then.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:23:01 PM) Make him pay up.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:23:18 PM) If he does not pay up,, then tell the NA office about it.
Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:23:40 PM) i will man, sorry for the battle and thx for tell me this
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:23:47 PM) sure….
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:23:54 PM) sorry not mad at you
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:24:06 PM) Its hiim doing it.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:24:30 PM) NOt trying to get you in trouble.
valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:25:00 PM) bye, an good battles… Thanks…

The replay of the battle and Bounty Kill is at the end….

And what is Wargaming’s response to this? Here you go:

January 7, 2015 10:58 PM
Dear valkyrie451,

Thank you for your reply.

While we do understand your frustration, unfortunately we do not consider these instances a result of your nickname.

Rather, this seems to be an on going dispute between you and other players that is unrelated to your nickname.

We are sorry for the disappointment and any inconvenience this has caused you.

As previously stated, you are more than welcome to change your nickname yourself for 2500 gold.

You can read about this feature here: … y-nickname

Should you have any future questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call on us at Support.

Have a great day.
Best Regards, Chris Gregg

Really? Seriously? That’s the response?

There comes a point when you have to face reality: there is CLEAR, ABUNDANT, MULTIPLE abuses going on here. It’s very easy to see. Wargaming just makes excuses, turns a blind eye to it all and lets it happen.


Well, we can only think of one plausible reason for it all: Wargaming North America Staff and these players are one in the same.

We simply can’t come to any other plausible reason. Abuse after abuse, rule breaking upon rule breaking by the same clans, the same players, over and over again for years on end, all of it fully documented and reported to Wargaming and NOT ONE SINGLE THING HAPPENS TO ANY OF THEM.

But wait. There’s more. (Unbelievable, isn’t it?)

Not wanting to just lay down and die, valkyrie451, trying very hard to just move on, actually paid to change his name. It didn’t help. They used the very information that Wargaming supplies through their API to XVM and other mod pack makers INCLUDING CBARoughneck to track him down and keep harassing him. A week and change later, he had to file yet another ticket over the same abuse:

valkyrie451 January 12, 2015 9:42 PM
Please Read the Following Bounty list in the Attachment Below.

On the reading in the attachment below you will read this statement:

You will read that my name is added “Permanetly to his MEGA-PACK to all players in World of Tanks with the ICON in XVM for all to be identified to for the Bounty hit….

This too will be turned over to the FBI….

And this meets your requirement for the 2500 in gold for name change. If you cannot see that this meets your requirement then the London office, Minsk Office, Cyprus office, or maybe even the Hellenic Bank CEO’s might be able to understand that with a copy of the FBI report filed?

I will explain to the FBI office this significance of this under which the amount of money I have paid to the game, with my reciepts for the past 2 years, and how this applies to cyber bully laws.

Players of this level of low intelligence, which are allowed to break laws, can tend to get Wargaming in trouble even perhaps?

This is Mass Decimination under a MOD-PACK throughout the entire game, it also falls under:


I also wonder what the Legalities are to XVM when players use it in this manner for a mass SLANDER/LIBEL Attack of this nature??

I would suggest someone better read the implications of what this individual is doing in this bounty list below.

This is in YOUR GAME. Forget the fact this is being stated on a his own 3rd party website. That has nothing to do with what he is doing in game with it. The deed is being committed in your Game.

This too will be sent to your home office as well as the FBI.

They really should have thought of this before doing something so stupid.

Now, you may be wondering how he reported this to the  FBI and you may be wanting to laugh about it. Well, guess what – Wargaming supplied the link to file the complaint to when they refused to do anything about it earlier. Here it is:

If you would like to report these players as “Cyber Bullies” you are more than welcome to do so, however customer support is the wrong place for these reports. The correct place to file a report of a cyber crime is located in the following link:

Best Regards,
Alma Gerret
Support Manager
Wargaming America Support

And that’s exactly what he did. So what did Wargaming have to say about all of that? You guessed it. But here it is anyway for your reading pleasure (or disgust as the case may be):

January 16, 2015 2:01 PM
Dear valkyrie451,

Thank you for contacting World of Tanks NA support.

Unfortunately the actions of third party sites cannot be influenced by Wargaming.

We suggest that you contact the creator of the XVM mod or the modification to XVM in regards to this issue.

Please note: Any instances of gameplay that break our game’s rules will be dealt with accordingly. This includes instances of teamkilling, which are handled by our automated system.

As stated previously, we are not able to offer you a name change at this time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future questions or concerns.

Best Regards, Trevor Collins

Here’s the problem with that: it is Wargaming themselves that supply that data to the third party sites, so it is therefore Wargaming who are actually responsible.

What’s more, it is Wargaming’s responsibility to enforce their on rules on their own server, which they clearly not only do not do, but also completely neglect even when it’s brought to their full attention.

It’s the most deplorable situation we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen some doosies, folks. This, however, goes far beyond the pale.

But wait. There’s more. (I know…unreal, isn’t it?)

So what does he do at this point? Well, he once again did exactly what Wargaming told him to do: He took it up with the XVM staff. So what did they say? Well, they agreed with us – that it was Wargaming’s responsibility as it is they who supply the data and they who allow access.

And yes, we have that to, folks. Here you go:

valkyrie451 January 24, 2015 11:28 AM

Форумы Korean Random

Здравствуйте, valkyrie451,

Вы получили новое уведомление:
sirmax ответил в переписке под заголовком «Problem with Player Abuse.»:

Claim to WG, this is their zone of responsibility.

Ссылка на переписку: … stUnread__

Пожалуйста, не отвечайте на данное письмо, оно создано автоматически нашим почтовым роботом и является лишь уведомлением о новом сообщении в переписке. Любые письма, отправленные в ответе на данный адрес будут автоматически отклонены.

Для того, чтобы ответить в личной переписке, перейдите по данной ссылке: … stUnread__
Форумы Korean Random

valkyrie451 January 24, 2015 11:31 AM

I’ve been communicating with XVM staff and they feel as I do this is your area of responsibility.
I will update information accordingly with any offical dealings with the manner.

So what does Wargaming do once the Cyrillic alphabet gets hurled at them? They completely cave in, of course. Here you go:

February 1, 2015 1:14 PM
Dear valkyrie451,

Thank you for your reply.

We have done a thorough investigation of your account, and are willing to make an exception and change your username.

However, we would like you to know that even if your user name is changed anyone that has you on their friends list, listed through XVM, etc will also have your new name as a unique ID number, not just the name.

We do not have access to change any unique ID numbers on anyone’s account.

If you still wish to proceed with the name change, please let us know and provide the following information:

Three choices for your new, desired nickname.

You may find the nickname rules at the following links: – The nickname requirements: … ce-status/ – Chapter 3 of the Game Rules “Names (Players and Clans), Avatars, Images, Signatures & Clan logos”: … ame-rules/

Desired nickname:

Option #1: Option #2: Option #3:

You can check whether or not the desired nickname is taken here:

As soon as you supply us with a new nickname we’ll be happy to assist you with the name change process.

Your nickname will be changed after the next server maintenance session (generally within a week, excluding unlikely situations involving server technical difficulties).

We look forward to your reply!
Best Regards,
Alexandra Parker

Now, one would think the story ends here. After all, valkyrie451 finally got his free name change, right? But actually, it doesn’t end here. The real fact of the matter is that the story only begins here.

Why the sudden change in policy on Wargaming’s part? Why does Wargaming North America say it’s not their problem, then shove him off to the XVM folks only to cave in the INSTANT XVM tells them it’s Wargaming North America’s issue.

Read that about 5 times real slow and let that sink in folks. That can mean only this:


If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it should. This is what we’ve been saying all along: that XVM, Wotlabs, and the trolls of the power clans run Wargaming North America completely and totally.

But wait. There’s more. (We completely understand at this point you need to take a break. Go ahead. We’ll wait.)

Welcome back. Let’s finish this thing up with one final push, shall we?

The most revolting thing of all of this is Wargaming’s constant denial of any and all responsibility for their game. This actually explains all the latest lame duck attempts to clean it up:

  • New rules enforcement strike system (that they’re not even enforcing at all)
  • The upcoming all chat removal
  • The changing of their moderators for the 5th time in 3 years.

It explains a lot…except for one thing: Why can’t they just punish the people and clans that are violating all these rules not once, not twice, not three times but CONSTANTLY over a period of YEARS?

Well, once again, there’s only one plausible explanation: Because it’s they, the employees of Wargaming North America, who are actually doing it all.

Nothing else makes any sense at all. Nothing.

UPDATE 10/19/16:

Just yesterday, CBARoughneck himself popped by. At first, he made up some porn-based nickname so ridiculous we wouldn’t post it, but it was painfully obvious from the 3rd grade grammar ability and general stupidity of the post that it was in fact him.

That said, if you look down at the bottom in the comments you’ll see what he said over several visits, but we’re really just interested in this part:

the thing!!! lol show the proof of me paying someone/anyone this gold!!!! I can make any text chat to show what you have shown here that’s funny. Show me a screenshot of the gift of gold that him or anyone had to accept to get this 500 gold come on show me and everyone else the screenshots. Show the screenshots of this chat not just type it out hell I can show the chat me and your wife had two weeks ago while you was at work.

OK, asshole, how about a video replay? In this replay you start the instant you see Valkyrie451 post. You start off with threats of “you’re dead” and when he asked why you flat out tell him “bounty”. Later on in the video, about the 3:44 mark to be exact, you say in all chat, “I pay gold to kill dicks like you”.  Here you go, asshole:

UPDATE 5/31/17:

This asshole fell off the face of the earth not long after this article was posted. He has, however, re-emerged. His new name is How_Bout_Dah and he’s still the same asshole he’s always been.

UPDATE 11/17/17:

He’s changed his name again, folks…must have the Thomas M. Aebi (aka _Tsavo_ aka ElectronicFunk aka a bunch of other bullshit) syndrome.

His name now is BigNaturals. Yep, he named himself after a porn site, folks. That right there shows you the type of fucking loser, asshat, sicko fuck he is.

Lets see how long the pervert sticks with that name before he has to hide like a bitch once again.

This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Aldus

    Holy fucking shit!

    Our thoughts exactly. Imagine having to go through all that, know full well they knew everything, and have absolutely nothing at all ever done about it.

    – Thing 1

  2. treadhead00

    At least he looks like he can back up the smack talk. If that is his real picture. He is probably another pencil neck dweeb who wishes he was a fairy princess.

    Good point and you’re probably right. We believe that it either is him or is a picture of somebody he knows, maybe his father or a good friend. At any rate, it’s who he claims to be other than his forum avatar on his site which we can’t publish here.

    – Thing 1

  3. Blackgunner

    So what you’re saying is…

    Kill CBARoughneck and all G members on sight?

    Are you reading impaired? Never once did anybody say or even remotely suggest that. The point is that he, like many other power clan members, constantly break every rule in the book (which we pointed out very clearly), that Wargaming is made aware of it all and that nothing is ever done about it.

    – Thing 1

  4. Blackgunner

    I’m going to be completely honest with you. I don’t know either of the sides of this case here. But what I have discovered through my own looking through of documentation is:

    A. Roughnecks see nothing wrong with this ‘hit list’, even though it is blatantly juvenile in nature. How out of reality do you have to be to actually go out of your way to make people online feel bad. Kind of pathetic, really.
    B. Websites made for the sole purpose of being biased in one direction or the other are mildly irritating. I’d take the official forums over that any day. At least people get called on their bullshit there.
    C. Contrary to popular belief, the M1 Abrams is actually a very mediocre tank.

    Yea. Now you’re showing your true moronic side a bit.

    A. His “hit list” and offering gold for services is a direct violation of the EULA as pointed out.

    B. You can’t post anything about anybody on the forums and it falls under the name and shame rule and would result in an instant ban, so unfortunately it is Wargaming themselves that make sites such as this necessary. People are pissed off about it because we actually show the bullshit they get away with. Big brother can’t save them here and it drives them nuts. If you had any idea how many hack attempts have been launched against this site and how many of them have tried every proxy on earth to get here, you’d be far more shocked at their efforts than ours. They spend at least 20 times the amount of effort we do, and that’s a conservative estimate.

    C. Who cares?

    – Thing 1

  5. CBARoughneck

    well this is so old and outdated lol 1 get your facts from both parties not just 1 side, there is no hit list no where on his OLD FORUMS (he sold it FYI ) doesnt it say they will pay you gold for TKing someone. its a shithead list of people that TK ANYONE, call someone out without proof like here. I see no in game screenshots of this gold talk of killing anyone , I see no replays of it nothing to back up this claim. If you TK me I will TK you back when I see you next time. So if you are on a shithead list then you prolly deserved it. If he has done this so many times in game and people turned in replays (they show chat and WG can pull chat logs of chat in hanger to FYI) also WG can login into your account at any time and set him up through chat, so I honestly think you guys are just butt hurt is all. And yes that’s roughneck in the picture I seen him when he use to stream hes a big fucker

    Normally, one must visit a bowling alley to meet one of your stature.

    First off, everything posted is also available in screen shot. Yes, you did admit to paying people 500 gold to TK people. Your reasoning was that it didn’t matter it was against the rules. Your argument was that since you spent money, you could get away with it.

    Secondly, you claim to have “sold” the site. We know all you really did was create a new admin account and kept right on going. (Not that it’s worth much as that site generates the traffic of a dead end dirt road in south Texas.)

    Learn to read. Stop being a patent moron. I know that’s very hard for you, but give it a try anyway.

    – Thing 1

  6. CBARoughneck

    sorry typo “it doesn’t say no where on the forums they will pay you gold if you kill someone” go look for yourself!! , and yes the adult area for Big Natural’s mod is listed as for adults only and you have to agree before entering that you are over 18.


    OK, numbnutts, here it is again from the article you obviously didn’t read:

    CBARoughneck: How is any of this considered a gold making scheme? If I wanted to pay someone to TK you 500 times a day and was willing to BUY gold from Wargaming and give it to ANYONE, that’s still me BUYING gold. Wargaming will NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances you could ever think of TURN DOWN my money. You sir need to get over yourself, I certainly hope to see you in EVERY battle I am in for the next years battles!

    You admit it right there, pal.

    That not good enough? Here’s the conversation where you told someone you would pay them 500 gold to TK this person:

    valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:18:10 PM) They need to stop this gold bounty stuff.
    Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:18:33 PM) i hope he atless give me the gold
    valkyrie451 (1/2/2015 9:18:53 PM) how much did he promise?
    Lord_Helix (1/2/2015 9:19:40 PM) 500 gold

    Now, if that’s not enough for you, you need to stop drinking cheap booze and looking out for UFO’s and learn some basic reading comprehension skills. At the very least, try to stop smoking crack so you can remember as least some amount of the pure bullshit you do.

    – Thing 1

  7. CBARoughneck

    so when post dont go your way you delete them?

    No, dipshit. If you once again would learn to fucking read, you’d have seen above your post that it must be approved before being posted.

    Believe it or not, we don’t sit up 24/7 waiting for complete idiots like you to post so we can hurry up and approve it. We had some issues with some people posting porn and other disgusting images, so now everything has to be manually approved before it appears on the site.

    Now go back and read that about 20 times and HOPEFULLY, God willing, it’ll sink into that block of granite you call a brain.

    – Thing 1

  8. CBARoughneck

    the thing!!! lol show the proof of me paying someone/anyone this gold!!!! I can make any text chat to show what you have shown here that’s funny. Show me a screenshot of the gift of gold that him or anyone had to accept to get this 500 gold come on show me and everyone else the screenshots. Show the screenshots of this chat not just type it out hell I can show the chat me and your wife had two weeks ago while you was at work.

    if you had such solid proof of me doing this I would have been banned and FYI WG does have proof of all the gold I have ever bought cause they have all the (over $15k) transactions bought by me. guess what I have never bought 500 gold for me or anyone lol. that’s a waste
    and you call me a bully but here you are doing the exact same thing that gets said in game in every battle well use to lol
    this site is a joke and so damn funny thanks for having me on the list I love it

    You know what a joke is? You signed up as somebody else. We changed your name because we knew full well it was you. How pathetic are you, man?

    We don’t need proof that you did. You made the offer. That, in and of itself, should have gotten you a permanent ban instantly.

    We’re not going to your place screwing with you. This is our place. And look who’s here screwing with us, creating fake names, trying in vain to make excuses for himself, making shit up as he goes along.


    That right there tells everybody that reads this everything they need to know.

    -Thing 1

  9. CBARoughneck

    oh and I sent in a ticket on Insurrectional_Leftist since he has multiple accounts and that’s against the rules it isn’t, dipshit. I’m serious, man: PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN.

    That was changed in 2013. Alt accounts are allowed so long as they are not created to circumvent a permanent or temporary ban.

    Now be a good boy and go look up ‘circumvent’ before you go insane trying to figure out what it means.

    – Thing 1

  10. CBARoughneck

    you guys are so fun lets play some more come on over i have beers and hookers, but im pretty sure you swing the other way

    Well, you would know. After all, it takes one to know one, does it not? Now stop staring at our asses and move on.

    – Thing 1

  11. CBARoughneck

    wait how is Bludawg a porn name? WTF kinda of porn you watch man get the fuck out of here

    That wasn’t the name you used at all and you know it. Then again, with the amount of cheap booze in the plastic bottle and pills you stole from your uncle laid up in the VA you consume, maybe you don’t.

    – Thing 1

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