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There are jerks, then there are trolls, then there are racist, bigots, homophobes and then, after all of that, there are people like SchnitzelTruck.

This guy wrote the book on complete asshole. We’re serious. It just doesn’t get any worse than this guy.

Now, to get the ball rolling, lets put this guy into perspective, shall we? Let’s just see what Wargaming thinks about the guy per his multitude of accounts:

SchnitzelTruck – main account. Permanently forum banned.
SchnitzelWagon – second account. Permanently forum banned.
SchnitzelCart – third account. Permanently forum banned.
BinaryIsNotAGender – fourth account. Permanently forum banned.
SyrianChildSeekingMissile – Completely deleted by Wargaming.

Now, contrary to popular belief, Wargaming are loath to ban anybody. Reason being more active accounts make them look better no matter how great an asshole those accounts are made up of.

So what’s so bad about this guy? Why all the hate? Well, we don’t know…but here’s a few sample of this asshat in action:

SchnitzeITruck, on Aug 06 2016 – 03:38, said:
I just took my T57 with an HE clip and one shot 3 allied arty. 1 hour ban is worth it.

SchnitzeITruck, on Aug 06 2016 – 04:45, said:
TK’s are still handled by the automatic system. Sorry m8, your arty will never be safe.

SchnitzeITruck, on Aug 04 2016 – 22:53, said:
*TK’s arty courteously*

SchnitzeITruck, on Aug 04 2016 – 17:21, said:
…How the hell do you get banned for 3 months.
I TK arty multiple times daily and I have NEVER had a ban higher than 1 hour.

OK, so the guy hates arty. Unfortunately for him, he’s played 1,397 games in arty. What’s more, he didn’t just play it, he paid a boatload of money to free XP his way past a great many of them to get to the upper tier arty.

So what we have here, once again, is a complete waste of humanity doing whatever he wants, insulting everybody every way he can while being a hypocrite.

Yep. Patent Asshole, this one. How his game accounts aren’t banned is down to the fact he’s dropped every single dime his mommy has into this game.

What’s more, he’s a racist. Feast your eyes on this little jewel:


Well, no wonder they deleted the account. What an asshole, eh? What makes a guy like this? What creates so much hate and anger in a man?

Is he ugly? Puny? A runt of some kind that got pushed around by bigger kids all his life?

Well, you be the judge:


Yep. An ugly, skinny, ginger with little to no hope of ever developing anything remotely close to his own life on his own merit. The poor bastard probably hasn’t even been laid yet. God love him.

So, once again, we see a millennial loser running up mom’s credit cards so he can get online and bully and insult people over a pixel tank game along with his other little crone friends.

You know what the good news is about all of these people?

The vast majority of them are NOT American, so we can honestly say that stupid is NOT exclusive to the states. The vast majority of these assholes are, in fact, English.

You know what the bad news is about some of these people? Especially this particular asshole?

He IS American. The racist bastard lives in Oregon.

Go figure.





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  1. STP

    I’ve see this asshole in game. He’s as bad as they come.

  2. ActuallySchnitzel

    OMG THANK YOU!!! Finally. I made that alt on this site to report myself. This is truly an honor. Racist comments are by a friends alt, stuck them in there because I knew it would tip the scales in favor of you listing me here. Thanks again.

    Oh come on. Don’t be so modest; take full credit. We all know those are your comments based on the sole fact you have no friends.

    – Thing 1

  3. has a life outside tanks

    I play with this guy, and he is legit one of the best people I have ever talked too 😀

    Says the guy named “has a life outside tanks” who is posting on a website that lampoons a tank game in the middle of the night and uses a Hotmail address.

    Yea. OK. Sounds legit. Meanwhile, we’ll leave this here:

    Bullshit o meter

    – Thing 1

  4. Aldus

    Nothing worse than an asshole that’s actually proud to be an asshole.

    Hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right.

    – Thing 1

  5. Ansbach 1998

    That picture. Look at his biceps ! No wonder he’s an internet badass weighting in at 130lbs!

    Can’t make this stuff up.

    LOL! Nice one!

    – Thing 1

  6. treadhead00

    Man—All these dudes look like they suffer from; “I got my ass kicked on the playground when I was a kid” syndrome. If he talked shit in person like he does on the net he would get curbed stomped daily. Hell, I’m over 50 and I could beat the shit out of 3 or 4 of him at one time.

    Well said.

    – Thing 1

  7. 1n_Soviet_Russia

    @treadhead00 why would he need to fight you if he could run circles around your 50 year old fatass?


    – Thing 1

  8. treadhead00

    Did a commie just say some thing? Or was that someone passing gas?

  9. 1n_Soviet_Russia

    The only thing that will be passing gas is your body 6ft under-ground, time’s a tickin’ and I laugh thinking about you wasting all of it on fighting people who will be happier and richer than you ever were…

  10. treadhead00

    Hey commie, I’m laughing at you. You have know clue about how much money I make. Since you are sticking up for schnitzel fuck, you are most likely one of the anime girly boys that troll the forums.

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