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Where do we even begin with this idiot?

Well, we supposes the best place to start is by admitting that in reality, Strike_Witch_Tomoko doesn’t really deserve a place in this list.


Well, frankly, because he’s just a patent dumbass. It was brought to our attention the level of dumbass he is by our contributing member Insurrectional_Leftist. For some bizarre reason, he seems to be catching all the flak for what we’re doing.

Now, there’s a big difference between just being a complete dumbass and deserving a place on this site. Frankly, we actually kicked around the idea of creating a new area specifically for dumbasses, but it was determined that:

A. It would require far more effort than it’s worth.
B. The odds of finding another dumbass the caliber of Strike_Witch_Tomoko is indeed slim, making that effort somewhat fruitless on it’s face.

So, we’re just going to throw this dumbass up here with the trolls, shills and perverts. Forgive us for being lazy.

What makes Strike_Witch_Tomoko such a dumbass? Well, let’s get the ball rolling with the PM he sent Insurrectional_Leftist back on Friday, the 11th of this past week over the Tsavo debacle:



Just. Fucking. Wow.

First off, dumbass, in order to prove defamation, you must first prove that:

  1. The statements made are in fact not true.
  2. The statements made caused the subject financial loss or harm to his professional reputation in some way resulting in permanent damage.
  3. The statements made were not privileged. (Long story short, that the person making the statements had absolutely no reason at all to make them to begin with.)

There’s no way on God’s green earth you can prove any of that shit, pal. In fact, we can prove exactly the opposite.

Now, needless to say, Leftist was caught a bit flat footed by this; after all, it’s not “his” site at all. But Leftist being Leftist, he tried to figure it all out:

Insurrectional_Leftist, on Nov 12 2016 – 21:31, said:

Why are you sending me this stuff for anyway?  Can you explain pls? I guess I’m not understanding clearly what you mean I suppose?

After not getting a response for a bit, Leftist sent all of that to us asking us what he should do. We told him what to tell the dumbass. That message is here (our text we told Leftist to send is highlighted in red):

I sent your message over to those admins.  They told me to send this message to you, to send back to them, ( I get feeling they have legal representation, and are not impressed too much with Tsavo’s threats)  see below:

“Go for it. We’re STILL WAITING for him to do a damn thing.

He hasn’t.
He wont.
Know why?

Because that idiot knows it’s all his fault. What’s more, as stupid as he is he also knows we haven’t broken one single law. Everything on our site, HE PUT THERE. Every last bit of it. It is ALL public domain information. There is NOTHING he or anybody else on this earth can do about it.

Now run and tell him to either get busy suing so we can bankrupt his ass into the dirt by dragging him and his half-assed attorney through civil court for the next 2 years or shut the hell up. You’re making me tired all over by boring me to tears.”

I think, they don’t mind if you pass this on to whom ever is spreading, the lame, limp, threats…. That’s the impression I get?

Now, anybody with half a brain would have ended the conversation right there. But this is Stink_Wench_Tomato we’re talking about, so of course he doesn’t have the sense to realize he entered a battle of wits completely unarmed. He continues:

Strike_Witch_Tomoko, on Nov 12 2016 – 21:42, said:

because when someone posts real life information on a site thats writing lies and slander of a person’s character.

this is a big lawsuit waiting to happen, and is one of the more common court cases that happen.

however, if they can’t find the owner of the site, they’ll go for anyone whose supported it.    because he names you in it, it kinda looks like you support it.    so it might be best to ask him to remove your name from that article where he credits you.

Wow. Again, just fucking wow. First off, lets forego the 3rd grade grammar and punctuation and just get to the meat and potatoes of the matter:

  • Slander is the spoken word, dumbass. Libel is the written word. Since nobody here has actually physically talked to each other, slander doesn’t apply at all.
  • Lies? Everything we’ve posted other than one joke/gag we pulled on Tsavo’s stupid ass at the very beginning to teach him a lesson is 100% absolute truth and completely backed up with documentation.
  • If they can’t find the owner of the site, then they’re probably being represented by your stupid, uneducated ass. It’s actually quite simple to find us. All you have to do is ask. You could also send us an email as could your representation. We have 4 different mails posted on the site and Tsavo has been sent an email directly from us as well, so he’s well aware of how to contact us directly.

The truth of it all, dumbass, is that he (Tsavo) doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. He has no lawyer, he has not and will not call the police because he knows full well that everything we’ve said is 100% accurate.

Tell you what, dumbass: Look up a famous writer named Oscar Wilde. He reminds me a lot of Tsavo in one respect: He acts like a victim when the fact is he isn’t.

You see, Oscar sued a man for libel after the man accused Oscar of being a latent homosexual in writing. Now, Oscars friends all advised against the law suit, but you see, Oscar was a dumbass when it came to such things. His ego was bruised, so he let his ego override common sense and he sued.

The big problem with that is that Oscar was, in fact, a homosexual. (Which was a criminal offense in England at the time.) So in the end, Oscar wound up going to jail, losing everything, and dying a flat broke drunkard in France.

The only difference at this stage of the game between Oscar’s situation and Tsavo’s, is that Tsavo (Thomas) has complete dumbasses like you pushing the issue and egging him on to take the path that Oscar did.

Well, dumbass, keep up the good work. We simply CAN NOT WAIT for you dumbasses to talk him into it; because once you do, we’re going to make him the 21st century example of Oscar Wilde.

On acid.


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  1. Aldus

    LMFAO!!! God damnit man this just keeps getting better and better!!!!

    It does, doesn’t it? It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

    – Thing 1

  2. Unknown Douchebag

    Gomez, do you just like Tsavo in a no homo way? Is that why you stalk him?

    Do you always post a comment on a page that has nothing at all to do with the comment you make?

    First off, Gomez Adams doesn’t run this site. He did help us set up the forum at the very beginning, and he did contribute a few things about Wulfehound PMing him to death begging for his page to be taken down, but that’s about it. Secondly, it’s YOU people who stalk him. Every time he does something, we get at least a half dozen emails from people like you telling us what he did; for instance his name change. We usually know almost immediately.

    The truth of it is he’s getting trolled to death by the very people he THINKS are his friends. It is THEY who tell us everything. THEY who told us where to find out who he was. THEY who instantly tell us what name change he’s done.

    And then of course they sit back and laugh their asses off while Tsavo sweats bullets over it, pays to have his name changed 3 times, begs to have all of his posts he’s ever made on the forum deleted and more and then they blame us for it.

    It just goes to show the two-faced, lying nature of you people. You’ll throw anybody under the bus so you can feel better about your failed and miserable lives. Thomas’ situation is proof of that.

    For us, it’s hilarity on a level we never thought possible.

    – Thing 1

  3. Gomez_Adams

    Well, it’s not really all his fault he thinks that. I think I know what happened.

    Back when Laceylace was sending messages, he left a link to his profile as his link under the old posting sign in system in use before you switched to Wargaming login. What that did was turn his name into a link. Well, I didn’t know what that link might be, so I clicked his name to find out and it took me to his profile. So, by seeing me show up on his profile he simply assumed it was me that ran this site and went around telling everybody about it.

    Well, he’s telling everybody you and Whiskey A Go Go run the site. He must have clicked it too. So that stupid ass thinks that anybody that clicks a link he left on this page runs this site?

    Come on man. Nobody’s that fucking stupid.

    – Thing 1

  4. Gomez_Adams

    First off: yes they are that stupid.

    Secondly: Whisky must have clicked it too. Of course, anybody not signed in with their account would just see an error page (not allowed to access profiles without being logged in) so he would of course never see the dozens of other people that in all likelihood clicked the link.

    That makes sense then. God damnit man…they take stupid out a whole new door.

    – Thing 1

  5. Frau_Blooka

    I clicked it too but got the “You are not allowed to view that” bullshit. I knew it went to the WoT shithole forum but not where.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    Yep. And you wont show up as having visited his profile either. You get the same treatment for a permaban that people not logged in get, so he’ll never know you were there either. (Technically, you weren’t, so there’s that.)

    That explains a lot. What a crock of shit. Guess I can’t really blame the guy then. I didn’t know it all worked that way either. I figured he was just full of shit as usual.

    – Thing 1

  7. Strike_Witch_Tomoko

    dear whoever the idiot is who posted as me

    fk off. stop pretending to be me

    whoever the owner of this site is. check IP if you want. but that wasn’t me who posted

    That’s part of why we’ve gone to this new login system. The problem is that all the douchebags from Wotlabs constantly hide in proxies (many of which we’ve blocked) and VPN’s (some of which we’ve blocked) and although we can trace them still to a certain point, nailing it down exactly is, at best, difficult beyond the effort of bothering with over a comment.

    Just this once we’ll take your word for it and assign a new name to that particular poster.

    – Thing 1

  8. Strike_Witch_Tomoko


    No problem.

    – Thing 1

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