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Tsavo’s Back – The Bullshit Hits Epic Proportions

So the little asshat comes crawling back to the forums once more with his bleeding heart followers in tow praising his “bravery” and giving him a shoulder to cry on about how he was wronged unfairly.

What a crock of absolute bullshit.

Let’s take a quick look of some of the pure bullshit that has been posted since his return and set the record straight once again, shall we?

_Tsavo: More than that, they wanted to cause harm.

No, shit for brains. We didn’t. You did. You’re the one that kept coming up here fucking around. You’re the one that wouldn’t stop. You’re the one that was warned and banned twice. You’re the one that used connection after connection after getting ban after ban fucking with us.

You got what you had coming to you. Actually, no you didn’t…but fuck up again and trust us you WILL.

What’s more, harm? HA! You have no fucking idea what we had planned, pal. I’ll let you in on a number, and you tell me what the significance is: 1,202. When you figure that out, you’ll have just an inkling of what was going to happen to your stupid ass had somebody not talked us out of it.

So wanted to cause harm? No. If we really had, believe me your dumb ass would presently be unemployed living in a fucking gutter.

And that just might still happen, asshole. Fuck up and screw with us one more god damned time. NOBODY will save your ass again if you do.

Battlecruiser: Wanting to cause harm and being able to cause harm are two different things.

True. We never even tried, although in the beginning we were going to. As stated, we were talked out of it. Suffice to say, he (Thomas) seriously exaggerated things. All we did was yank his chain with a fake screen shot and send one email that was very serious in nature and 100% true in content that is posted for all to see on this site. You can find that here on the 11/1/16 update:

That was it.

Everything else, he (Thomas) completely made up. And you fucking idiots believe him.

Sturmgeschut: I was under the impression doxxing was illegal.

Here you go:

doxing – Google Search

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  1. Frau_Blooka

    LMFAO!!! Oh shit man!!!

    I know right?

    – Thing 1

  2. Luke_Skywalker01

    What is funny is that this is how Trump got elected (not to start political discussions here)

    *Person hates something*
    *Tells friends about it*
    *Gets group to crap on it*
    *More people know about it*
    *People actually join the cause people are against*
    *Pissed people hate it more*
    *Others support it because they see the validity in it, which was actually validated by the hatred of others*

    Interesting point of view.

    – Thing 1

  3. Cigarette_Smoking_Man

    And now it all comes full circle does it not? As you have state yourself Luke. All of this is becoming more clear The Truth is Out There. It does exist for those who are able, willing, perceptive enough, insightful, an have the scope of mind to see the big picture. Take for example concerning this thread topic response left to me several months back by NyxWGA. The NA Forum Admin back then in regards to your questioning why certain threads were being selectively removed, and cherry picked. Once you begin to reveal, and pull the curtain back on what the “Handlers” are doing, (or whom they could be) they suddenly going into an attack defensive mod, an alert their hounds upon you. Read below and behold this fine example:
    POST # 53

    Posted Jul 16 2016 – 01:46

    Player Experience Supervisor

    22 battles
    [WGA-B] WGA-B
    Member since:

    You’ll need to ask an admin here in order to restore a thread. Unless a customer support representative is specifically trained in forum moderation, they wouldn’t have access to view those threads either. GhostPrime would be the best person to talk to, as I work across all of WG’s forums so I am not here in the PC forum as often as he is.

    View PostCigarette_Smoking_Man, on Jul 15 2016 – 11:44, said:

    Yes, indeed. By vacuum cleaning, an cherry picking up all the evidence it gives their paid employed shills the cheap out of no links there fore it never occurred, “We win.” Remove the Truth, Bury the Truth, Deny the Truth.

    It seems you may be misunderstanding the purpose of these forums. These are the Wargaming forums. We provide them as a courtesy and a privilege to our players as a place to discuss our game. We note feedback from here, although not exclusively here – we also look at feedback from social media, places like Reddit, customer support tickets, and customer surveys to inform us of how our players feel about the product.

    These forums are not provided to you to come and say whatever you want to say, in whatever way you want to say it. I am under no obligation to leave a thread visible “because it’s the truth” according to a specific person or group of people.

    If you go to a pizza place, and you disagree with how they run their business, they will likely listen to your complaint and take note of it. If you desire to stand in their pizza place and berate them, insult them, be rude to their other customers, and generally be a jerk, they will almost certainly ask you to leave, and they are under no obligation to leave any visible sign to their other customers of the incident. Our games, websites, and forums are all part of our pizza place. We choose what our policies are, what kinds of pizza we make available, and what behavior is allowed in our place of business.

    We actually don’t normally go in and just start removing content, or “making things disappear” – for this process, it was all done by script so no one sat and looked at which threads were archived. I’ve clearly stated the criteria used to determine what was archived, and I’ve clearly stated a means for requesting a useful and relevant thread by moved back. But I need to remind you that we are under no obligation to let you say whatever you want, in any manner that you like. If you want the freedom to do that, you will need to go somewhere else.

    And do notice in the Last sentence she says (from quote above) I need to remind you that we are under no obligation to let you say whatever you want, in any manner that you like. If you want the freedom to do that, you will need to go somewhere else.

    And I say now: “Here we are, now” Wargaming WGNA Office, another self inflicted Black Eye you have just given yourself!! This is ALL YOUR FAULT. Totally and completely. This is exist because of you, and you alone. You even told people to go else where, and you got your wish. Now, you can’t stand it, and neither can your silly, foolish Shills, Trolls, Spies, Obesessive Compulsive Disordered Wots Labs Elitist Deplorables at the inner collective hive where all the mental problems of he highest order in basement dwellers exist.

    All of this only come’s from failure of a Gaming firm being run by Handlers from on high, with twisted, unethical greedy dimensions, with pure arrogance and incompetence. I encourage anyone to stand up an post here to prove you do have character, and that no one tells you where you can go, or not go on the internet especially Wargaming.

    Well said. The pizza joint analogy is a good one. What’s more, normally the manager or at the very least waiter of the establshiment almost always ask, “So how was everything?”. If you point out the pizza was great, but the bread sticks seemed a bit underdone, then it’s not a personal assault against him. It points out to him that he needs to examine the bread sticks. Maybe they’re just not being cooked long enough. Maybe the dough is all wrong.

    Whatever the issue is, he can look at it and address it.

    With Wargaming, however, it’s not that way. Someone says, “I just lost 15 in a row! How is this not rigged?!” and instantly the same 10 people insult, berate and troll him for 15 pages while the Wargaming moderators sit there and watch.

    Can you imagine, going back to the pizza joint, the manager asking you and your family, “So, how was everything?” and you reply, “Well, the pizza was great, but the bread sticks were a bit on the underdone side.” and then the entire staff of the restaurant comes running out from behind the counter and hurls things at you, yells at you and insults your family?

    How long you think that place would be open?

    Not long at all. In fact, it’s one of the very reasons that for every 10 restaurants that open, 8 will go out of business within the first three years.

    – Thing 1

  4. Speedy_DePalma

    In regards to brother Smoking_Man thanks for confirming what I thought I saw happen but wasn’t sure but sure enough I’ve seen a few times threads vanish and I thought they might have gone the way of the locked section but nope.


    I just called one time. As far a his employer was concerned. It was just a typical call. I wasnt rude in anyway.

    We know. You said that when you first did it. We understood exactly what you did. But Thomas went crying like the little bitch he is to all his anime-perv butt-buddies that we bombarded him with calls trying to get him fired and those dumbass cocksuckers believed him.

    Facts have no meaning to those idiots. They sit there and call what we post on this site, which is THEIR COMMENTS THAT THEY MADE, THEIR VIDEOS OF THEM IN ACTION and call it all lies. Then some kiddy-toon porn fucktard buddy of theirs makes up complete bullshit and they drink that like it’s holy water and call it the gospel.

    It’s just typical of them. They live in their own little world where facts are lies and their lies are facts.

    It’s why they’ve done nothing about us: they can’t. When you have nothing but lies on your side and you’re fighting the truth, you are going to lose every single time.

    – Thing 1

  6. treadhead00

    I could not believe his “I’m back thread”. The anime and brony shit about made me puke. Hell, my daughter thought My Little Pony (MLP) was for wussies when she was little. How any age male could be a fan of MLP is beyond comprehension. These guys need to grow some balls.

    Agreed. Why do you think he had every post he ever made deleted? Because he knows full well it’s perverted, pedophilia bullshit and he didn’t want anybody he knew to see it.

    People don’t blanket delete years of their history unless they know full well what they were doing and saying was wrong. I’m sure the other anime perverts would do the same if they got caught out. They all know it’s perverted shit, that’s why they hide it from everybody.

    – Thing 1

  7. PrinzEugen85

    Just seeing the forum these days gives me the dry heaves. I really wish you folks dropped the axe on him, but I can understand your reasons for not doing so.

    In order to drop an ax effectively one must make sure to sharpen it to perfection.

    – Thing 1

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