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Wargaming: The Nazi’s of the Modern Era

Well folks, as many examples of racism, antisemitism and hate we’ve posted on this site, something was brought to our attention yesterday that not only takes the fucking cake, it completely removes ANY AND ALL DOUBT that Wargaming not only don’t care one bit about enforcing it’s own rules, but they ACTIVELY PROTECT, PROMOTE, AND CONDONE RACISM.

There simply is no other logical explanation on earth. There just isn’t.

This article is the culmination of YEARS of violations that have gone unpunished, complaints that have been swept aside or outright ignored, but was really brought to the forefront by Allegra, who witnessed something he found, as any rational human being would, repulsive.

While on the forums a few days back, Allegra came across a player named BigRebOne. Let’s examine that name a moment before we go any further.

It’s obviously a take-off on the name Big Red One, which is in fact the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Marine Corps. This is their logo:


And this is their website: Fort Riley, Kansas – Home of the Big Red One

They are, without doubt, one of the most resilient, honorable collections of military men ever to walk the earth. But you notice the players name is “REB“, not “RED“. It’s obviously a takeoff on REBEL, which is a racist, southern United States group that still thinks slavery should be a thing.

Well, this is their logo:

And this is their website: Ku Kux Klan Racist Assholes

As hard as it is to stomach, you have to scroll down a ways to see their incorporation of the Rebel Flag. Get a barf bag. You’ll need it.

So what else is it about this BigRebOne guy that warrants his mention? I mean, surely, that wasn’t it. Surely being a redneck, racist asshole is bad, but not worthy of that much attention. Right?

Wrong. Here’s the avatar he uses on the World of Tanks Forum:


Really? I mean, FUCKING REALLY?!?! You let a guy named REB use an SS Officer as an Avatar and you do absolutely nothing about it?

OH! So it must not be against the rules, right? So Wargaming is OK with this. Ahhhhh…I get it now, I understand. We’ll just look at Wargaming’s own rules and make sure.

Well, shit, folks…wouldn’t you just know it? It’s actually AGAINST the rules in more ways than one. Let’s post ’em up, shall we? This is taken DIRECTLY FROM THE FORUM RULES LINK ABOVE:

The following list is only a summary, but it gives some idea of names, images, signatures, avatars and clan logos which are not accepted with the world of tanks environment:

  • which have (in any way) racist or nationalistic implications which may create offense to a certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group.
  • that contain an allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminating propaganda on any level.
  • that contain Logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with organizations, that violate or were violating existing laws and rules (For example, using different variations of Nazi symbolic, abridgements and signs( 88, 14, 420, SS), or similar stylization (such as, 55) as well as credentials, names and surnames of Nazi leaders) which may provoke strong negative reaction/association or promote national/ethnic/religious hatred.
  • that are connected with negative historical or political personalities, first of all those who are judged by international courts for crimes against humanity, those that generally arouse feelings of suffering or disgust in the majority of people, as well as members of currently existing terrorist organizations;

That’s four in a row, folks. You post a fucking Nazi SS officer as your avatar? And get away with it? How the flying fuck is that even possible? How in the name of all that is holy do you excuse that one?

You can’t.





OK…I digress yet again. Give me a moment here…

OK, so maybe it’s possible that their forum admins are so completely and totally inept that they just missed it. Maybe they overlooked it. Maybe they were too busy jacking off to anime little girl porn and just didn’t get around to, you know, actually doing their fucking job.

That’s got to be it, right?


(Seeing a pattern here yet?)

Allegra, who was almost as shocked by the avatar as we were, reported it to the forum moderators. I mean, come on…there’s no place for that bullshit in the game. What’s more, it’s BLATANTLY AGAINST THE FUCKING RULES. Frankly, I would have perma-banned any racist asshole stupid enough to ever even THINK about using that as an avatar, let alone actually doing it!

So, what happened?

Nothing. Not one god damned thing. A day and a half went by and not a fucking thing was done about it.

Allegra was shocked. He though, “surely they saw that” but then began to think, “well, maybe they didn’t”.

So he checked the racist asshole’s profile to find out and guess what?

There it is, folks. Number one on the fucking list. Wargaming employee and forum moderator Volier_Zcit looked right at it. He came to the guys profile, looked right at a fucking Nazi SS officer image, and said, “I don’t see a problem with that at all.” and let it go.

Can you believe that mother-fucking shit?

So what do you do? Do you let it go?


So Allegra did the only other thing he could: report it to Wargaming Customer Service in a ticket.

Folks, they let it go too. You just can’t make this shit up. You just can’t.

So here’s his filing the report:

Pretty straight forward, is it not? So did customer service look into this at all? Did they think to themselves, “What the fuck? A guy’s going around on our forums with a fucking Nazi SS Officer as his avatar and NOBODY is doing a god damned thing about it?”

Nope. They sent him back whence he had come:

So these fucking morons not only ignored his ENTIRE FUCKING TICKET, they sent him a link to the rules that CLEARLY SHOW IT BREAKS THE FUCKING RULES like he’s somehow going to look at that and see…fucking what, exactly? That it BREAKS THE FUCKING RULES?!?!








Well, what we’ve just recently discovered (from a source unrelated to this) is that Lionel Delvalle isn’t smoking anything at all. He in fact doesn’t exist at all. But that’s another story that’s coming up soon.

To add insult to injury, they INSTANTLY closed the ticket so he couldn’t even reply back to it at all…as if doing nothing at all was a solution to the problem.

So, to review:

  • A rule was CLEARLY broken. A Nazi SS Officer is prancing around the World of Tanks forum with impunity.
  • A report was made.
  • That report was looked at by a Wargaming employee, who saw a Nazi  SS officer and he ignored it.
  • A report was made to another Wargaming employee about the previous employee ignoring the SS Officer image.
  • That report was looked at and was again completely ignored by a Wargaming employee.

Holy fucking shit. Is this a conspiracy?

Surely not. Surely, Allegra has just accidently stubled upon two people that are so busy jacking off to the images of 10 year old cartoon girls that they copy and pasted bullshit responses, shut down the complaints, referred him to the rules (which he already knew but apparently they can’t be bothered with) and called it a day.

So what does he do?

Allegra, a man with the patience of Job and a man truly after God’s own heart, refuses to give up. He tries one last time.


And what does this do? Is the third time a charm?

Fuck no. You didn’t really think this had a happy ending, did you? He got the same bullshit all over again:




Now, other than the fact that Jether Currie doesn’t exist either, what do we know?

What we know is that for all intents and purposes, what we have here is not one, not two, but THREE Wargaming employees looking at BLATANT PROMOTION OF NAZISM, and letting it go. They didn’t do a fucking thing.

That, folks, can only mean one thing:


This goes back to other articles on this site, clans named with antisemetic slurs, player names making fun of Jews, racist rants allowed to go on and on and on unchecked…

The fucking list is endless.

And NOTHING happens to these racist pricks! NOTHING!

Just the other day, our buddy Gomez Adams got perma-banned for showing these racist rant images:

So if you post proof of racism, you’re INSTANTLY BANNED.

If you’re the fucking racist, WARGAMING PROTECTS YOU AND DEFENDS YOU.

This shit is against the law. How these fuckers aren’t in jail or at least having the shit sued out of them is completely beyond our ability to fathom.

One thing is certain: Allegra, by bringing this to us, has stuck his neck out. Huge. So if he should suddenly find himself the victim of unrelenting team kills, abuse, bans, and the like, we’re going to know EXACTLY why. After all, if you’re going to fuck with people telling the truth and standing up for what’s right, eventually, you’re going to find yourself in an absolute world of shit.

I can’t think of any collective group of racist assholes that deserve to be forever encased in shit than everybody working for Wargaming at this point. They’re the most revolting, racist, Nazi loving, pedophile shitheads on the planet, bar none.

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I have been a blatant victim of their ignoring of this on several tickets in the past already. I have multiple tickets in archives, where at one time I had believe action was being taken, only to learn over that NO action was every being taken just as the rest of the player population was slowly learning and realizing. Their EULA is a revolving door. The exercise the power to enforce upon only certain individuals (which the choose to eliminate, or oppress, punish, censor, and relegate when they want to), and then totally disregard their EULA when it is totally convenient for them to do so.

    To turn things around on one hand, what they will sometimes do even is take a false claim based upon NO evidence, of an accusation of a placed company troll, or shill to make a basis accusation that someone is a Nazi, then they will enforce the provision to the fullest extent, to ban them for 30-days, or permaban them if that uncover the real truth behind something the WGNA staff is doing (another words revealing or catching the Admins. or the Moderators in the act of doing things you are describing up above).

    That is more evidence that “Corruption” exist in the WGNA office, and its is widespread. Which must mean that the main office heads in admin are taking marching orders from the very top, or being advised by their legal team on some technicality, perhaps?

    But, this is simply blazing stuff for a company and firm to allow to transpire like this. It is mind boggling.

    As long as you’re one of the racist, pedophile fucktards, they take care of you. If you have any moral fiber at all, you’re victimized by the racist, pedophile fucktards.

    – Thing 1

  2. Gomez_Adams

    It does seem to be the truth. You show them what’s going on, they get rid of you. You break every rule in the book, they protect you by forbidding anybody talk about it. It’s a horrible state of affairs that goes on every single day and they seem to be not only perfectly OK with it, but to actually pride themselves on it.

    It’s a disgusting state of affairs.

    You have a bad habit of stating the obvious. 😉

    – Thing 1

  3. Frau_Blooka

    Fuck me running. What a bunch of bullshit!!!

    You and Gomez…always pointing out the obvious.

    – Thing 1

  4. Speedy_DePalma

    It’s all a big joke to them it has to be, that’s what happens when you give power unchecked to a bunch of little man complex having nobodies.

    Good point.

    – Thing 1

  5. _Reflex_

    “It’s obviously a take-off on the name Big Red One, which is in fact the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Marine Corps.”

    That’s actually not a fact at all. Big Red One is U.S. Army Division, part of III Corps. I served with the 1st Inf. Division. The USMC has 1st Mar Div is based out of Camp Pendleton, CA and not in Fort Riley, KS. Forts are generally Army bases, while Camps belong to the Marines.

  6. Thing 1

    I did screw up and say Marines and not Army. My bad there. But as far as the rest of it, I’ll just leave this here:

  7. normtgnome

    So all I can see here is snowflake that got her feelings hurt.
    I just don’t get why people like you think you have more rights then other people do.
    If he wants to be the racist asshole he is let him. Much like you need to be the thin skinned snowflake you are.
    Just backlist him and move on.

  8. Thing 1

    Look, asshat: nobody gives a fuck about you jacking off to pictures of Hitler in the privacy of your mothers basement. You’re a Nazi. We get it.

    But the game rules state it’s fucking wrong and results in bans. And these asshats go around throwing it in other peoples faces, not the least of which are the Jewish folks that play (or rather USED to play) the fucking game and Wargaming sits there and watches it happen and does nothing about it EVEN THOUGH IT’S SPECIFICALLY AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES.

    THAT is the entire point of the article that you, in your Nazi “poor me I’m discriminated against because I’m a useless, racist piece of shit” crap posting, completely missed.

    By the way: does your mother know you’re using her email to set your shit posting accounts up with?

  9. Gomez_Adams

    The only type of people that defend racist Nazis are in fact racist Nazis.

    There is no defense to being something the entire world fought to defeat.
    There is no defense for standing up for everything that is wrong with humanity.
    There is no defense for suggesting people to ignore everything that is wrong with this world and pretend it’s not happening.

    You, sir or madam, are the problem.

    You have some serious soul searching to do. If you in fact even have one.

  10. Zeedox

    There’s only one way to deal with nazi’s. (According to my veteran Uncles)

    And it’s just like a nazi to use his mommies email addy.

    Edited to embed video by Thing 1

  11. Thing 1

    Amen, brother! Amen!

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