The Insider – Part III

This is part three of a series of four. If you missed it, here’s Part I.

We now continue from where we left off.

EWOT: So map design, game design, all that shit is done by the same damn people that troll the populace and in general fuck up the entire game?!

X: Yes.

EWOT: What the ever loving fuck?!!?

X: It’s their mentality. They’re all in their 20’s and 30’s, very few in their 40’s but they all have the mental capacity of 10 year old’s that just stumbled across a loaded gun or a dirty magazine or both at the same time. Some of them go beyond even that; they’re sexually perverted and bring that to the job every single day. In 99% of work environments, especially in the United States, they would all have been fired long ago…some probably even jailed.

EWOT: Then why aren’t they?

X: Because the vast majority of them are all on board. Only a few people are actually dead set against it, but they for the most part keep their mouths shut to keep their jobs.

EWOT: I can’t believe this.

X: Believe it. It’s true. Did you really think after all the things you’ve covered that they were making a game, making an environment, making content for you? Or anybody else but them for that matter? They quite literally believe that everybody loves it, and anybody that voices an opinion contrary to that is unceremoniously fired.

EWOT: So you tow the company line, become a yes man…

X: Or you’re thrown out on the bricks. Yes. It gets better: I have personally attended meetings where the opening statement was, “So guys, how can we fuck with them (the players) today?”

EWOT: I think I’m going to be sick.

X: You should be. It’s a horrible state of affairs.

EWOT: What about all those surveys they’ve taken? Surely they saw from that how some people hate the shit they’re doing!

X: Most of them were trashed and never looked at.  It was actually ordered by the home office (in Russia) but most everybody  (especially the U.S. Office) just made up their own results and sent them in and trashed all the actual reports.

EWOT: Jesus H Christ.

X: You’ll need more help than just him. *laughs*

EWOT: So, Warships – all the backlash over all that anime shit. I’m not aware of it being that bad with the whole Girls and Panzer thing.

X: Well, Girls and Panzer was done a lot differently. It was what you might call a “trial run”. First off, it wasn’t “in your face” everywhere like Warships did theirs. It also was, sorry to say, a great deal more tasteful in design. I still thought then as I do now that it’s about the most ridiculous idea (grown men looking at cartoon little girls) but at the time (of GnP) I didn’t see anything that wrong with it. It wasn’t until the trip to Asia that my eyes were opened.

EWOT: That was for Warships?

X: Yes. I have to tell you, and this isn’t easy, but I felt dirty for weeks afterwards. It was disturbing at the very least.

EWOT: What aspect of it?

X: All of it. The girls they had representing the show were not just young. They were very young. One I know full well couldn’t have been 13. 14 tops. And all the guys are just gawking at them like they’re at a strip club in Las Vegas, and these girls are posing for them, with them, all that jazz…and in the background you see these guys in dark suits standing around watching everything…I tell you, I was actually scared. I felt like I was in some sort of snuff film.

EWOT: I don’t know what to say.

X: There’s nothing to say. I couldn’t even tell anybody about it until now. I mean, most of those that went were all in on it. They loved it. For me though…I still lose sleep nights from time to time.

EWOT: Over what, exactly?

X: What happened to those little girls after we left. I’ve never been able to get that out of my mind completely. Ever.

EWOT: So this new thing Warships is putting out, the High School thing?

X: I’m so very glad I’m not there for that. I got a call the other day from someone who is still there. They told me to go up and look at the feedback on the site. Man, it was just hidden comment after hidden comment after hidden comment of people complaining about it, not wanting it, finding it revolting…but it’s not going to matter. They have no idea who they’re dealing with.

EWOT: Who are they dealing with? Give us all a clue?

X: You’re not dealing with one man. People think if they complain enough, Victor will come to their rescue and make things right. He wont. He wont hear you if you yell at the top of your lungs into a bull horn right into his ear. You’re dealing with a group. You’re dealing with a group of eastern Europeans and Asians that enjoy a very, very long history of exploiting people, mostly very young people, both male and female, for their own sexual gratification.

EWOT: How can they possibly get away with that shit?

X: Everybody’s in on it. I mean, that’s just the way it is. It’s like drugs – 99% of people will say they’ve never done drugs in their lives but at the very same time 25% of them are slamming their hand in the car door on purpose so they can get some pain pills. It’s a sickness. It’s a mindset. You can’t defeat that.

EWOT: Obviously. Man…most of us here hate that shit, but I think I speak for everybody when I say, “I never thought for a second it was that god damned bad a situation.”

X: It’s bad. It’s only going to get worse too. Believe it or not, perversion is selling a lot better than WWII at present, so it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

EWOT: So now we have what hope exactly of things ever turning around?

X: I would say none. Very little at most. You have a mentality in place that can do no wrong in their own minds. It’s quite comical actually to sit there and watch them rage on in meetings about how stupid the player base is, how can they not like this, how can they complain about that. And they do that, you know?

EWOT: Complain about us?

X: Oh yea…BIG time. *laughs* You would be amazed how many production meetings turn into just pure rage fests against the player base. I remember getting in a lot of how water for a comment I made once three years ago. One of these rage fests were going full swing when I said, “But they are the people playing the game. In the end, doesn’t their opinion count for something? Anything at all?” Man, I am here to tell you, you could have heard a pin drop. Literally. It got dead quite and everybody was staring at me.

EWOT: So what happened?

X: Same thing that happened to Rommel at a meeting with Hitler and the general staff when he suggested that the Jewish hierarchy handle and oversee the Jews themselves – I was unceremoniously dumped from those meetings and reassigned. Strangely, I know exactly how Rommel felt that day.

EWOT: So what then?

X: Well, for me it was on to other things, but they always come back to the same things.

EWOT: Such as?

X: The MM, SPGs, the illegal mods and the abuse.

EWOT: No anime in that?

X: Look, is it disgusting? Yes. Is it disturbing? Very. But as far as actual complaints go, it’s way down the list.

EWOT: So what’s the most complained about thing?

X: *laughs* It’s a neck in neck race between the MM, SPG’s and the illegal mods. Abuse and racism run a very close second.

EWOT: So all this “Fair Play” bullshit we discussed earlier that’s done nothing, whose bright idea was that?

X: Well, the whole thing was really a damage control effort that got rolled out in a hurry. There were several different people that had input into it, so it was more of a committee thing than anything else. In the end though, it stopped nothing. But it never had a chance to, did it?

EWOT: I’m not following you.

X: How do you stop something that you yourself take part in?

EWOT: So the employees are cheating?

X: Yes. Big time. We’ve covered that already. The part you don’t know is that the cheats actually come from Wargaming.

EWOT: We’ve thought that for some time. So they are the ones that sell them as well?

X: Absolutely! It’s a win-win. Most of them were actually dev tools. Aimbot for instance is nothing but a marker tool to set dispersion and RNG with.

EWOT: Pretend I know nothing about programming.

X: OK, the Warships aimbot is the easiest example. It shows a mark where you should fire to help you hit the ship. Now, the mark takes into account the ships speed, angle along with your speed and angle and your shell velocity. That tool is used to adjust the dispersion values. At 0, your shells will always hit the mark if you aim at it. But by adjusting the dispersion/RNG relative to that mark you can get to a point where enough shells hit and miss to make the game more “playable” as they like to call it.

EWOT: But without that tool? How do you do it without the tool?

X: You can’t. You’d be like a player – guessing. So…

EWOT: You use the tool to set the game up, but then somebody takes that tool, puts it on a website and sells it for money.

X: Exactly. And it’s Wargaming that does it. It’s their tool. It’s their money. They just get people to register the site and run it externally and there you go. Instant income.

EWOT: Son-of-a-bitch!!!

X: *laughs* they sell the botting software too!

EWOT: Tank Leader?

X: Yes. That’s theirs as well. As is all the other ones. It all belongs to Wargaming. They make almost as much money off the cheats and botting software from the typical users as they do premium accounts.

EWOT: Why am I not surprised?

X: Well, you’ve come so very close to nailing it on this site so many times it’s almost painful to watch.

EWOT: And all the naysayers? They’re…

X: Wargaming and their hangers on. You are fighting a battle you can not win. You are simply out manned.

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