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GSH – Another Nazi Clan Protected by Wargaming

Well, folks, here we are again with yet ANOTHER Nazi clan protected by Wargaming. You just can’t make this shit up.

Now, before we get into yet ANOTHER Nazi clan, we need to make something abundantly clear:





Now that we have that abundantly clear to all, here we go:

The clan uses the letters GSH. It stands for Geyers Schwarzer Haufen (Geyer’s Black Bunch). Here’s their clan page logo:

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the triple triangle is called a Valknut. Now, it was used back in the Viking days as the symbol for Odin, and is still used to this day by pagans. Annnnnnnd cue Jerry Seinfeld:

But that’s not what they’re using it for, folks. They’re the typical, redneck, sleeping with their sister, drinking Jack Daniels, living in a trailer, living on welfare, sucking up food stamps, closet white supremacist, wanna be Nazi’s.

So how do we know this?

Well, first off, they’re led by an Executive Officer named The_German_Tanker_. And here he is in all his glory:

Yes, a fine, upstanding example of very cosmopolitan citizenry, is he not? Shit…the poor fucker couldn’t even get that chick to stand within 2 feet of him after paying her 30 bucks. I shudder to think what he paid her for a hand job…if that was even on the menu.

Fucking pathetic.

Anywho, on with the article:

Well, taken alone the symbol COULD mean they’re pagans. Put together with the Iron Cross and the name Geyers Schwarzer Haufen, however, it could only refer to one thing: The 8th SS Cavalry Division. So how to you get to a Nazi SS division from Geyers Schwarzer Haufen? Pretty simple really, and it’s typical of cowardly, closet white supremacist that are too ashamed of who they are and too chicken shit to stand up for what they “say” they believe in, to use hidden references that only they recognize.

The problem with that is simple: They’re fucking stupid.

What they “say” Geyers Schwarzer Haufen refers to is an uprising that took place centuries ago, 1525 to be exact. That group of that uprising was refereed to as Geyers Schwarzer Haufen because the person that was in charge name was Florian Geyer. So, you flash forward 400 years and change and what was the 8th SS Cavalry Division referred to as?

Florian Geyer.

Yea. That’s no coincidence people. That’s intentional. They’re fucking half-wit Nazi’s. To make matters worse, let’s take a look at their post in the recruitment center on the World of Tanks forum:

I mean, it just screams out “we’re closet Nazi’s and we love you, man!” I mean, just read that shit folks. Go on now. I’ll wait.

Some of my favorite statements in that:

  • We will have a very mature leadership…

Really? Fucking when, dumbass?

  • We can fix your stats and tier level if that is what you seek.

Really? Hmmmm…

Fix them how? To where no reputable clan will ever recruit you again?

Obviously, these are not very sharp individuals…but then again, most racist aren’t. They’re always ignorant people that can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground and lean forward in the car while it’s going up hill. Just to show you how fucking stupid these inbred fucktards are, feast your eyes on this:

Strangest god damned English I’ve ever seen. And by the way you fucking morons, if you can’t speak proper German, don’t speak it at all. Google Translate is NOT the way to go. Idiots.

But I digress…(I know, I know. It’s getting to be a habit, isn’t it?)

Moving on: So all of this, although VERY HIGHLY SUSPECT, isn’t really 100% proof, is it? Well, to us it is.

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

How about this, sports fans?

And that comes from this site:

Click here for link.

(Don’t you just love that “Tell the truth and fear no one!” statement on a site full of fucking closet cowards hiding a World of Tanks clan?)

That’s them, folks. That is a bunch of white supremacist, on a white supremacist site, recommending the GSH clan, led by WilhelmvonPreussen, who is still the commander to this day.

NOW how convinced are you?

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

They refer to their own “private” website they have. It’s a secret. It’s not posted anywhere, and if you’re not a member you can’t see any of the racist, circle-jerking bullshit they post.

Unless, of course, you know how to use Google:  Secret GSH Nazi Site That Can’t Be Seen

And let’s check out some of the quality posting they’re doing over there, shall we?

Yea, folks. These guys are full on, racist, dipshit Nazi’s and they’re proud of it, which is why they hide like bitches. Here’s a tip, assholes: get a webmaster that knows what the fuck he’s doing.


Oh, and for the record, we’re going to start off a new list on the name and shame forum: Known Nazi’s. Fuck you assholes! We’re calling you ALL out.

UPDATE 4/18/17:

Couldn’t resist folks…I just couldn’t resist…

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my. And the hits just keep on coming. I have to say though, the “not that there’s anything wrong with that” video cracked me up. I remember that episode. It was funny as hell.

    Me too! (About the Seinfeld). It was about being gay though. Still, I thought it was fitting. Glad you enjoyed it!

    – Thing 1

  2. Speedy_DePalma

    As much as I’d like to think that those delightful manchildren that do the “moderation” over at WG will do their jobs on this one because the evidence is insurmountable here’s a depiction of what I think they’ll do with it.

    That about sums it up.

    – Thing 1

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Well now GSH, where are your fearless racist leaders, Snowpanzer and President Snow at? Those Fascist anti-Semitic attack dogs? Have they gone into hiding under new South American names now perhaps?

    Well, I just got pictures of the Commander, WilhelmvonPreussen. Needless to say, they’re going up right after I hit update on this post. Wait ’till you get a load of this cocksucker.

    – Thing 1

  4. strengthpro67

    You are trying really hard to paint GSH as a racist clan, but if that’s the case, then every group of guys sitting at a wing joint shooting the shite and watching a game is ‘racist and nazi’.. DO yourself a favour and look at the membership; their are people from all over the world there, from Latinos in south america to FIRST NATIONS here in Canada and french Canadians. Your virtue signaling falls flat on it’s face when you look at the REALITY.. unless you consider native Indians to be secretly German Nazi lovers..

    Next time, shit for brains, post in the story comments, not the login screen.

    That you associate with them makes you one of them. That is why your name is on the list of known Nazi’s on the Name and Shame in the forum, you stupid fuck.

    – Thing 1

  5. Gomez_Adams

    I’m sorry, strengthpro67, but how you can look at all of that and say they’re not racist is beyond my ability to comprehend. If you got suckered into it, that’s one thing. It happens. You think somebody is on the up and up when the truth is you really just don’t have the first clue who they really are.

    Well, you know now. You have to. Anybody that looks at all of that in the article knows. So from here on out, you have no excuse. Sorry, man. That’s just the way it is.

    You’re a shitload more gracious than I am. The fucker knows. He, like them, is just a dumbass that thinks everybody will suck up his bullshit and believe it.

    – Thing 1

  6. jairogut

    I am Colombian, 50-white 50-black, I love fucking black girls and still I command all those (how do you say: White supremacists) in Battle…. does it make sense??? Stop being dumb:

    BTW Playing german tanks only does not make you Nazi

    Although you can complain about some posts (and of course you can have your reasons) they have nothing related to WOT gameplay.

    Pal, it doesn’t matter what color the person or persons are you hang out with. That’s irrelevant. When you preach, practice, love, promote and stand for hate, murder, and evil, you’re a worthless, piece of shit racist. If you’re too fucking stupid to know the difference, then god help you…because nobody else will.

    – Thing 1

  7. LesPaul11

    I am a Peruvian guy, and I’ve been in GSH for quite some time. That being said, I know very well them, which makes me think that this article is 100% idiotic.

    Seriously, you can’t just assume we are “Nazis” because we like a particular tech tree in the game. We have done nothing wrong as a group, and there is nothing to expose here.

    Take my advice, and get yourself a hobby. You clearly waste a lot of time and it is affecting your sanity.


    No wonder they have so many in that clan: you’re all complete idiots. LOOK UP, PAL! See all those SS pictures? See those posts on the White Power site? That’s YOUR CLAN, PAL!

    And funny how quickly they took down that cheesy assed, Nazi website of theirs too. They know full well what they are, who they are, and they’re hiding like the little closet Nazi bitches they are.

    Too late, though. We know who you are. We also now have some of your real names, and it’s only a matter of time before we match those up…and when we do, we’ll post those as well.

    Fucking Nazi bastards.

    – Thing 1

  8. Gomez_Adams

    Does anybody but me see the irony in the fact that they’re sending Central and South Americans, where the Nazi’s fled to in droves when it all went south, to defend them?

    It’s not irony. It’s once again stupidity. They’re so fucking stupid they don’t think anybody but them would ever put that together. Fuck, EVERYBODY saw the Boys from Brazil. Fucking idiots…

    – Thing 1

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yea, It’s kinda obvious. An no mistaken disrespect towards South America in general is being invoked upon a continent of folks here. You just have a far, far smaller group of people thinking their being clever by hiding behind another boundary they all fled to after the end of WWII to continue a shameful philosophy bent upon crimes on humanity. Wargaming should finally do something about this kind of thing in their game, but as always their office allows corruption to go rampant like this in game, by not enforcing it’s EULA agreement. As you know there is another clan on this website, that is outright another Nazi Clan as well. But, the funny thing is you report them, an nothing is done about these thugs. Wargaming is so focused on robbing children’s piggy banks, mom’s Visa card, and Saturday night drunks of their loose change they come up with broken ass patches to implement like 9.18 to keep afloat, while Victor man’s his sailboat on the French Riviera, instead of cleaning this trash up.

    Yes, they send in the “Boys from Brasil”.

  10. Speedy_DePalma

    Useful idiots at best and it was natural for those last bastions of the Nazi’s to flee to a continent where they spent a few centuries using a system named the Casta. Basically what it was was a generational genealogy chart where the white people where at the top the more indian and black you had in you the lower you were in society.

    So, in other words, it’s Mississippi? 😉

    – Thing 1

  11. Frau_Blooka

    Don’t hate me guys but I don’t have a problem with Nazi’s. I mean they’re fucking morons and all but so what?! The problem I have is with coward Nazi’s. If you’re going to be a fucking Nazi then stand up be a man and be a fucking Nazi. Wear that shit. Don’t sit there hiding like a fucking bitch talking shit from behind a fake persona like you’re all billy bad ass when the truth is your a chicken shit coward talking shit that doesn’t have any balls to stand up for what you belive in while hiding like a bitch.

    Although I personally think all Nazi’s should be killed on sight, or at the very least have the shit beat out of them on sight, I see your point.

    – Thing 1

  12. RD170

    Some old screenshots, sorry about the blacked out names, did that to post on the official forums (some shitposting alts involved)

    Yep. Can’t have the truth getting out now, can we? I fucking hate Wargaming and their Nazi cronies.

    – Thing 1

  13. Insurrectional_Leftist

    GSH again, really? “When does the Nazi Racism stop?” Just amazing how WG will not enforce any of their eula agreement. How WG keeps proving themselves as NAZI sympathizers, apologist, defenders of it, and super extremist right-wing, fascist, white-supremacy, hate groups, which use on-line internet gaming for their hate machine activities.
    How cowardly, gutless, and spineless these bloodless little freaks are…. I would say they team kill on a regular basis in game, team damage people while other players are not looking at the start of battle for kicks, a put other people up to doing it cause their too goddamn gutless to do it themselves. That’s the kinds of people they are. Let me say it here right now even early ahead of time. “They will be looking for revenge sooner or later to put out hits with other players, to do their dirty work cause they don’t have the balls to do it with their own clan (GSH) tags in game, they’ll get South American clansmen to do it sooner or later (or other players) to it for them so they can hide. That’s how they roll.

    That’s how Snowpanzer used to operate guys. They would contact their network pals to attack people in game, like hired hands, so they would not get caught doing bad things in game. Until they were finally kicked out of one clan in past for doing things that caught up with them.

    That’s what’s so amazing, it was they who had lost “their minds” in game long ago, and they still have.

  14. Panzercross

    Just so you know,
    I am a former member of GSH. Before you delete this comment because you want to treat it like a grain of salt; please listen.
    I was looking for a clan that shared my interest in German armor and history. I joined GSH for that reason and I was happy in that clan for about 2 years. WilhelmvonPreussen and 101st_Schwere_Panzer_Abt were the clan executives at the time while Snow_Panzer was the clan commander. In general, my experience was positive with generally good people who had a laid back relationship with the other clan members. Like any clan that focused on being enthusiasts of armor from a specific country, like the Russian clans (SOYUZ being one of them), there are fanatics that exist that are so called Wheraboos/Weeaboos/Commieboos (German/Japanese/Soviet respectively) and even further there are the political fanatics (the worst of the worst, aka. Neo-Nazis/Pro-White Power). I was not one of the political fanatics, however I was a borderline Wheraboo on the debate whether later German armor if it had been developed earlier would have done anything to determining the war’s outcome.
    I tended to stay away from the political fanatics, however I became involved in the civil war shortly after Snow_Panzer got his first long-term ban from World of Tanks as a result of complaints from other players. In my personal opinion Snow_Panzer was one of the high ranking officers (along with Dannar) that was trying to keep those two groups separate.
    By the time Snow_Panzer moved on from World of Tanks in late 2016, and Wilhelm became commander along with The_German_Tanker getting a promotion as well (You are right – he is the leader of the Neo-Nazi cult in the clan): I was getting bullied by German_Tanker and 101st (a little bit also by Wilhelm). After putting up with their antics for a further 3 months (temporarily coming back for another two weeks after rage quitting their clan) while getting moral support from Dannar (who still remains in the clan to this day) I quit permanently while burning my bridges in the process (social suicide). I still remain friends with Dannar to this day and platoon with him on occasion. This is also the inspiration from which I started the Historical Immersion Mod Project. Hopefully someone will accept me into their clan. I sure hope that people will not judge me because I am a former member of GSH, but instead help me face the future as I intend to improve my skills and become a better person in World of Tanks.

    That’s how shit happens. It’s called “peer pressure”. They take people like you that don’t have a clue what they’re really all about, indoctrinate them, let them get comfortable with the surroundings, and then start in on you and hope that you’ll be like most spineless fucking worms and fall in line with them and do as they do.

    That’s the problem with the world: everybody needs to “belong” and “be a part of something”. It’s all bullshit.

    You woke the fuck up. Good for you. You don’t NEED people to be a man. All you need is the balls to stand up for what’s right and call bullshit on the things that aren’t.

    That’s why this site was created to begin with. That’s why they hate us. It’s why they’ll hate you as well.

    Fuck them. Be your own man. It looks to us like you’ve taken the first big step to doing exactly that.

    – Thing 1

  15. Thing 1

    UPDATE: SteelRonin was removed from the known Nazi list. It was brought to my attention that he wasn’t aware of GSH’s real Nazi agenda and the instant he found out he left the clan. Well done, SteelRonin.

  16. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Good for him !! He left them.. Sounds like he was unaware of stuff. I can understand someone not knowing, or being uninformed about something.

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