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Population Numbers – They’re awful, and Wargaming is hiding it.

For the last few years, anybody with even half  a brain has seen a drop in the number of players on the North American server. Time and time again, people have tried to talk about it only to be assaulted by the usual forum thugs and Wargaming employees and ultimately banned and their threads deleted.

The most egregious example of that came about a year-and-a-half ago when not only an entire thread about the population numbers was deleted, but EVERY SINGLE THREAD ABOUT POPULATION NUMBERS OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS WAS ALSO SYSTEMATICALLY DELETED.

Now, the Wargaming admins claimed that it was just routine deletion. Really? Routine? It had never been done before until  people started linking to all those screen shots and threads from the past proving there was a problem and THEN you “ROUTINELY” deleted just those threads?

Meanwhile, we can all look up threads from 2010 and 2011 about pretty much any other topic and off topic post ever made…but not the population. Those are all mysteriously gone.

Lately, more and more threads are appearing about how the numbers online are very, very low…especially since the 9.18 patch has pissed off so many.

Guess what: they (the thread makers) are being assaulted as always by the very same Wargaming thugs with the same lame-assed excuses:

  • School is out.
  • School is in.
  • People are asleep.
  • People are at work.
  • People are dead…what the fuck ever.

It’s laughable that they come up with the same exact bullshit when the reality is that none of those factors do or ever have made a difference.

Why not? Well, it’s this simple folks: If ANY of those factors made ANY difference at all, then:


That I have to point that out to anybody is ridiculous…but there it is. All of that said, we’re going to sort it all out right here, right now, with the actual numbers from Wargaming’s own API.

Now, sadly, the API only holds the population data since the server split. The population data from when it was a single server was all wiped out (rather conveniently) and we don’t have access to it. But these numbers do include ALL DATA SINCE THE SERVER SPLIT.

We’ll start by showing the overall graph for all time and work our way down. This includes all players for all times on BOTH SERVERS since the server split:





See a trend folks? You should. No matter what time period you set, the population has been steadily and constantly falling since the server split. Not one single time has it ever increased. Ever.

But sometimes graphs don’t always tell you the entire story. Lets  put the numbers into a more simplified order and look at the actual differences:

[wptg_comparison_table id="3"]

So what we see here VERY clearly is that the decline has been not only steady, but accelerating; so now the question becomes: Why?

Well, it’s simple really:

  • Complete failure to address any of the issues complained about since day one.
  • Constant introduction of worthless, unused, and in many cases ridiculous game modes nobody ever asked for.
  • Creating useless content that adds more confusion to the game than clarity.

In the end, they had a great game from the start, and rather than fine tune it by fixing the obvious issues everybody was pointing out to them, they flat out ignored all that and tried to cover it all up by introducing absolute junk.

Wargaming didn’t just cut their nose of to spite their face; they went all in and cut their entire head off.


Special thanks to Gomez Adams for his input into this article.

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  1. Only_Meuploading

    It is unfortunately the case from where I sit.

    The incessant lag that has been complained about since 9.17 has not been addressed. The Mods made a specific thread for people to post their data. Mods replied 4 times in approximately 270 odd posts and two of those were on the first page. WG just does not seem to be able to fix it. Has lag been an issue in the past? Yep, but certainly earlier on they at least made a concerted effort to find a remedy. Now it’s:

    Posted May 14 2017 – 03:57
    Community Specialist
    •Member since: 05-31-2012

    Hi guys!

    For anyone who is having lag / server / ping issues – please do send us a Support ticket. We are aware of the situation and are collecting specific information to help diagnose and hopefully address this issue.

    For the Support ticket, we need:
    • PingPlotter run while issues are occurring
    • WG Check while issues are occurring
    • Replay showing the lag

    You can go here to find a nice guide on what is needed to report the issues.

    All three items should be attached to the Support ticket. If there are any questions, please let me know.

    **Really? You have to submit a replay now? Why? How the frack is that going to assist them?

    Then there are the smaller issues such as the ‘Emblem thread’:

    If you look at the first page people are asking about size of emblems (apparently no size limit…that’s a new one to me); links are incorrect, etc.
    They fixed the initial link, but not the one in a post lower down as it still goes to the forum rules. These guys are supposed to be paid professionals. Don’t they get people to check things before they go live?

    Micro patches are announced without actually telling anyone why they occurring and then they only only do so when players complain about being kept in the dark.

    If you look through the threads, the number of negative posts are increasing at an exponential rate.

    It simply appears that WGNA in particular has dropped the ball and simply doesn’t give a flying fuck any more. I’m almost convinced that they are deliberately attempting to run the game into the ground in NA. And to top it off there is a rumor going around that SA will be getting their own server – this was initially posted on a reputable site that I’ve now forgotten – but was posted on the forums a day or so ago. If this happens I think it will be the final nail in the NA coffin.

    I don’t know. They had the makings of a great game and absolutely screwed it up and are now appear be looking for as much money as they can screw out of the players as possible, in the shortest period of time. Well done WG, well done.

    Everybody that had even a clue what they were doing has been fired. All that’s left are the lowest paid blithering idiots that are now just posting complete shit in a vain effort to make it look like they’re doing something about it.

    That fat-assed, bloated warthog Dance210 is nothing but a CSR with no knowledge of any kind at all that has been put in charge of things. That she’s heading up things tells you just how far down the rabbit hole Wargaming has gone.

    – Think 1

  2. Only_Meuploading

    And just to emphasise the need for additional revenue by WG is the new Chrysler K prem T8 tank:

    Foch did a review of this which was a little negative – and was promptly ‘asked’ by WG to take the video down:

    198 pen with AP, but 260 pen with APCR. Yeah, seems appropriate.

    What’s with the machine gun ports on the front glacis? They don’t show up as a weakspot in the collision model. Hmm, go figure.

  3. Mr_Alex

    Foch has had his CC (Community Contributor) status removed

  4. Only_Meuploading

    No, actually he hasn’t as far as I know.

    He was apparently threatened with the loss of his CC, but from what I understand they didn’t follow through with it.

  5. Only_Meuploading

    I appear to be slightly less than correct with the above statement. Foch has indeed lost his CC status. My bad.

  6. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1, you know everytime someone in World of Warships raises that the population numbers is falling, some of them use a stat site to prove their point, the mods and the shills either delete the thread or outright ban the member in question

    RU Server highest number playing at peak time: 21,153
    EU Server highest number playing at peak time: 27.220
    Asia Server highest number playing at peak time: 11,129
    NA Server highest number playing at peak time: 12,270

    Also news from the Armored Patrol is that WGNA will be porting World of Warships to console as well, I bet the number of console players in WOWS will be quite low


    Almost none of the problems we have complained about have ever been addressed. The good Mods, that agree with us have all been silenced and done away with.

    I agree completely!

    – Thing 1

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ HOTA as I sit here listening to the news out D.C. Tonight from the Trump Whitehouse, and I reflect on Putins behavior in Moscow, it begins to make one wonder just how identical Wargaming operates along all those lines.

    Pretty fucking frightening, isn’t it?

    – Thing 1

  9. Gomez_Adams

    That’s the very thing that gets under my skin the most, HOTA_CHATON. It’s not like the vast majority of people are complaining about so many different things that it’s an untenable position to be in. It’s the same things over and over again, for years, and not one single thing has ever been done to fix any of it.

  10. Thing 1

    Yep. Saw that one coming a long time ago. They’ll be shutting down the west server because there simply isn’t anybody on it anymore at all and hasn’t been for a long, long time.

    I like how they’re trying to spin it as something good when everybody knows the only reason they’re doing it is because they don’t have any players to justify having two servers anymore.

    Man, a shitload of Australians and New Zealanders are going to get fucked huge. LMAO!!! Back to the SEA server they all go. Once their pings hit 500, they’ll be flooding the forum for days on end.

    I got 25 bucks says Assassin7 is the first person crying like a bitch over this.

  11. Icon_Charlie

    First time poster here.

    Another tool to measure health of a game/company is using Google Trends as it measures the internet interest. In its simplest form it records the times people type in the name in question.,%2Fm%2F0h3qc73,%2Fm%2F0r3w7jk

    What is interesting is the regional interest of the game in question and you will find the greatest interest is all under the old Warsaw Pact countries of old.

    Now on this chart posted I added War Thunder as my test names as you can actually find the actual players by the hour playing this game. I also added WarCrack as well just because to shut the hell up about old games dying crap excuse given on the WoT forum. Old games can last a long time if maintained properly.

    Have fun when comparing this to a REAL video game,… such as League of Legends or Overwatch…which by the way has over 30 million registered players (since they bought the game) and I believe made over 1 billion during it’s fiscal reporting.

    Compare WoT to that good old World of WarCrack (Warcraft)… that old game that peaked at 12 million subscribers… that was supposed to die a long time ago.

    Reason why I am saying this is that Wot is supposed to have a huge player base… they do not.

    Again have fun with this free tool and see the actual internet interest on an item…

  12. Thing 1

    Nice post, man. Welcome aboard.

    Don’t take offense to your post having to be approved before publishing. Everything with a link in it does. It keeps the Wotlabs and Wargaming trolls from flooding us with porn.

    Yes, they actually did that before.

    At any rate, you’re right. Most people I know are still playing old games. Lots of them. Hardly anybody I know is still actively playing World of Tanks anymore. Most are like me: they pop in for a couple games after each patch, find out it’s even more fucked up than it was before, and log off and wait for the next patch or two to go by.

  13. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Interesting charts. Good to get any kind of corroborative data that clearly points out and reveals the truth behind the disinformation bombardment that Wargaming puts out on the NA forum and upon their paid troll/bot news deception link sites etc to mislead the players and any other unsuspecting victims in the gaming online universe.

  14. Gomez_Adams

    You know, it’s reached the point where Victor has become something like Trump – all his yes men and all the trolls run around constantly saying everything is fine, that it’s YOUR problem, that Wargaming is doing great.

    Then Victor comes out, admits things are bad, says they’ll try to fix things and work on things, and in short order proves them all wrong.

    You get two polar different stories from the same body of people. That’s when you know things are going not just wrong, but very badly wrong, because that shows one thing:

    That Victor knows how bad things are, and that the people working for him are lying to him and trying to cover up how badly they’ve completely screwed up in order to keep their jobs.

    There is no other plausible explanation for why you get such polar opposite statements from the same company.

  15. Icon_Charlie

    No offense taken though I am still wondering why WG has not tried to shut you down yet. I used to track this game using Xfire as well as Goggle trends but there are additional information showing the total active players in a region.

    You should take a look at my profile at WoT forum that has not changed since I started playing the game back in 2013. You will get a reason why I am here. They really pissed off the wrong person as I am not some fucking asshat who lives in some dark moist corner.. in a crawlspace of a mobile home… sucking on fish heads… and being a try hard at a game that is most likely rigged.

    Nope I’m retired living the good life in California.. Unlike some of those assholes working for WG.

    As stated on the forum I don’t care about my stats as it reflects on all the information I know of how this game works. Actually all things considered that is being old, disabled and most of the time unable to drive because of the amount of morphine and perocet I have to take to dull the pain that I’m under, I’m quite happy to not pay for the game. I make credits winning or in this case losing in WoT. There has been changes to MM recently and considering some

    @ Insurrctional Leftist.
    I have dealt with this type of eastern mentality while doing business over there. Everything is a con job. Disinformation, misinformation is the norm. Reading the 4 part series of the scam being done does ring a bit of the truth. Oh by the Way as stated before in that forum The old Soviet Warsaw pact countries are dirt poor.. REALLY DIRT POOR… Do you really think that they are going to spend money when they can cheat and get it for free?

    We in the US are pretty patient on certain things but when the local consensus gets fed up they leave. That is what happened in the N/A region. They left after the bullshit coming from WG.

    I actually hope they do go bankrupt.

  16. Thing 1

    I am still wondering why WG has not tried to shut you down yet.

    They have.

    They sent a lawyer after us and lost.

    They spent months DDoS attacking us and lost.

    Their supporters (Wotlabs) have done the same and lost.

    Lately, they’ve given up. In large part (we think) because they got caught and reprimanded by several data centers. Another thought is they simply can’t afford to keep it up. It takes money to pay for all that data. We don’t have to pay a dime to stop it.

    We’ll see how long that holds water though – them not constantly attacking us, that is.

  17. Icon_Charlie

    “There has been changes to MM recently and considering some”

    Sorry I did not finish that part of the sentence. Will complete it now. I have issues of sleeping as well so I’m up on may different times of the day and get sleep while I can.

    “There has been changes to the MM recently and considering some more done in the future”

    I start taking notice of the changes on June 26th of this year. I was and have been hovering around 47% for a long time. Now the last time I looked I’m at 46.64. The tiers I play are in the 6-9 range. During that time I’ve made positive credits regardless. It’s due to the patterns I pick up in the beginning and during the match.

    That’s why people bitch during the weekends but IMHO it is not because there are just a lot of potatoes (I’m one too). It is not the complete reason at all because you can see the MM change (Fri morning schedule maintenance change to Mon morning maintenance change) then things seems to set up to a “better” gaming experience.

    Just try it yourself. Take a note pad on the days you played during the week and during the week end and after several months of data you get your result one way or another.

    @Thing 1.

    I found your sight by accident as I was looking up on Mahou and their cheating ways, which lets to looking at other things, which lead me to here.

    Never thought there would be a place to have an opposing view on this game. Glad there is one.

    Now its time for me to pop some pills and try to get some shut eye. Hopefully get in a few hours.


  18. Thing 1

    For me, MM has always been all wins or all loses. It’s feast or famine. There is no in between. I either rake up huge numbers, win 65% of my games and dominate or I can’t hit a damn thing, do little to no damage even when I do, and win 35% of my games and rage quit.

    It’s one or the other. What pisses me off about this game more than anything is simply that: You can play fantastic one day in any given tank and the VERY NEXT DAY all of a sudden you can’t hit shit, can’t damage shit, can’t kill shit, and get your ass kicked.

    Same fucking tank, same fucking crew, same fucking game you’ve played for years and all of a sudden it’s like you just sat down to play it for the very first time.

    It’s just pure bullshit. The RNG is so ridiculous it’s unreal. Of course, that’s why it was never taken seriously by main stream gamers and why Wargaming had to create its own league: everybody knew the RNG made the game completely luck based more so than anything else.

  19. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Well, there’s no question that something of lately has occurred to the Match Maker even more than the normal dysfunctionality of it, and just recently I might add.

    1.). 1st the was the noticeable change when we merged to the centralized server.

    2.) Then, patch .20 was dropped, and the MM turned even farther worse.

    3. ) Then, they dropped a micropatch to adjust for the 30 x 30 GB’s mode.

    What I then began observing during and after the Labor Day weekend was that damage dropped radically. It was as if you could not get any damage no matter how hard you tried as before!

    I was actually moving up in damage and WN8 slightly. Then, it was like a rock falling to the ground, as soon as the events above took place I listed.

    I think they have done something to the Match Maker.

  20. Keller13

    What does wargaming expect? They don’t listen to the community. The list includes, bad mm,op premiums, gold ammo, artillery, high rng, horrible lazy map design, and really small maps. The thing that broke it for me was introducing the tier X lights then making it where everyone else has better view range. Oh and your accuracy is worse, your pen and dpm is worse, and you lose more pen over distance than any other class. I proudly can say that I haven’t given them any money since 2016 and will never again.


    Trying to check server stats but can’t seem to reach any such site. I’m assuming I’m doing it wrong.

  22. Thing 1

    A lot of them are going offline.

    People simply don’t give a shit about this game anymore.

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