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Sir Foch gets Fucked by Wargaming

Well, folks, it’s finally happened: Wargaming have gone full fucktard.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Sir Foch is a…check that, WAS a Community Contributor. He did reviews on tanks, maps, and pretty much everything in between. Now, Sir Foch is, sorry to say, a lot like I am – that is he drops F bombs on a regular basis. He always has in every video he’s made that I’ve ever seen.

So the fuck what, right?

Let’s just take a look at one of his videos from earlier this year, shall we? Here’s one from February:

Now, not only does it open up with F bombs, it does so at Wargaming’s expense. Let’s face it: they fucking deserve it. They’ve taken a once great game with lots of promise and completely run it into the fucking dirt.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, on his latest video, Sir Foch did more of the same: he dropped F bombs and called what Wargaming was doing with the new Chrysler K fucking moronic – which it is. Here is his original video via Facebook:


More of the same, right? So what happened?

Well, it’s been no secret to us that Wargaming has been losing its ass for quite some time now and it’s actually been getting progressively worse. So, in complete desperation, they’re not only fucking their game up and throwing it under the bus completely to try to make a buck out of the shit-hole it’s become before they pull the plug, they’re also trying to silence anybody and everybody that disagrees with them.

Don’t think so? Well, let’s take a look at what they’ve done in just the last week:

  • They’ve black listed this site. That means not only can you not link to it at all, but that any mention of it is an instant strike and/or ban. (Warpack links are still okay if you’re wondering.)
  • They’ve attacked their own Community Contributors by not only making them take down videos, but by threatening them as well.
  • They’ve gotten rid of everybody in customer support and left behind two complete fucking morons to make bullshit posts on the NA forum under multiple accounts.

In short, they’ve gone full-on-fucktard. EPIC. I mean, all this time they’ve never had an issue with him, but now all of a sudden they do?

It’s not just Sir Foch they fucked with either. Circonflexes was also nailed and made to take down a video criticizing map changes to Highway that didn’t even have any F bombs in it at all.

So now they have their bully tactics not just fucking with John Q. Player, but their own fucking people that THEY HAND PICKED.

Let’s hear from Sir Foch on this. Here’s his video he posted AFTER they threatened him and made him take down the one you’ve just watched:

And there it is folks, straight from the horses mouth.

One would think that’s enough, but it isn’t. We feel it necessary to point out something here. A thread was started discussing this issue and it didn’t make it two pages before it was locked up tighter than a drum. You can find it here.

Of note, is this post made by some asshole named Quemapueblos that nobody has ever seen post before:

Really, asshole? You lock down a thread BEFORE it gets out of hand? It wasn’t getting out of hand at all you prick. It was actually a civil discussion. What’s more you say you don’t mind people not agreeing with you but then you lock down a thread that doesn’t agree with you?


Wait…don’t answer that. It’ll just be more stupid bullshit that will give us all a headache.

The fact is Wargaming are in full fucktard mode now. They’re shutting down everything, everybody and all things in between that tell people what this game is really doing and really all about.

They’re OK with Nazi clans, toxic chat, bullying, racism, cheats, hacks, botting, TKing, physics abuse, and everything else. They’re OK with ALL OF IT! Shit, they actually have CC’s that have been caught cheating red handed…but they’re OK! They still are little sock puppet, cock-sucking yes men for Wargaming, so nothing happens to them at all.

All of that said, we’ll just leave it with Sir Foch’s words echoed here once more…and Wargaming can never, ever make us take them down:

GG Wargaming



Can’t even make it a day without an update.

So after this thing turns into a shit storm, the usual Wargaming cock-sucking yes men come out in force blaming Sir Foch for all of this even though there was NOTHING AT ALL DIFFERENT IN THAT VIDEO THAT WASN’T IN PRETTY MUCH EVERY VIDEO HE EVER DID.

To make matters worse, the usual Wargaming cock-sucking yes men call him a liar by saying Wargaming never threatened to strike the videos and fuck with him hard.

And of course they have their sock-puppet, alt-account admin lying sack of shit post this on the open forum:

So according to Njial, who IS THE FUCKING BOSS in all of this, they HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER pursue a copyright strike.

Really, asshole?

Because there you guys are DOING EXACTLY THAT!

You lying sacks of shit!

These images were posted on the main forum by Gothraul. We are re-posting them here in the event they are deleted by those lying sacks of shit at Wargaming. All credit for these images belongs to Gothraul.

UPDATE 5/22/17:

Here’s The Jimquisition episode covering this bullshit:


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  1. Thing 1

    This article dedicated with respect to Sir Foch. Well done, man. Very well done!

  2. Only_Meuploading

    Someone on the EU thread mentioned that all this outrage about Foch will be forgotten in 10 days, and they’re probably right.

    However it’s a monumental frack-up by WG and they’re going to be hard-pressed finding a way out of the PR hole they’ve dug for themselves.

    If they’d just let the video slide it would have been a lot better for them.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Another Wargaming train wreck. Good going Wargaming, that was really not so bright! You are just re-enforcing the players opinions about you like an extra brick like the Berlin Wall. The Devs and some of the people in charge, all the way up to Victor simply have lost contact with certain aspects of this game. The more they beat down on their player base, the more hard line strong arming on their forums, silencing people, just gets the word out there how brutal they are.

    Give us your money and no customer service, meanwhile we ban you, threaten you, abuse you, like a filthy slave and a peasant. You just treat people like shit, an keep taking their money, sooner or later the word gets around.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    I took the opportunity to watch a few of Sir Foch’s videos before commenting. They’re all pretty much the same. What they did was blatant, wanton censorship and there’s simply no way around that.

    You can’t claim to suddenly have an issue with somebody when they’ve been consistently the same the entire time; and we’re not talking about weeks or months. We’re talking about years here.

    Very, very bad move on Wargaming’s part.

  5. TacticalCannonFodder

    Just wait for the Jimquisition on Monday.

    I seriously doubt that idiot will pull his head out of Nintendo’s ass long enough to bother with this shit.

    – Thing 1

  6. PrinzEugen85

    Nicely put together Thing. If I told myself a year ago that this was how it was going to go down, the past me would have never believed it.

    We’ve known it was happening for nearly two years now, the only difference was that they were doing it to the rank and file John Q Public player for the most part and all the “power clan, yes men” helped bully people around so that it always appeared to be John Q Public’s fault.

    Now that even the rank and file Wargaming people are getting eaten alive and beat down, people are STILL defending Wargaming. That right there should tell you what they’ve been doing all along, and that everything we’ve said about how they do business has been spot on all along.

    – Thing 1

  7. Zeedox

    This will prove interesting:

    They’ll ignore it. Notice they’ve sent in their little “yes” men to discredit it.

    How these fuckers can sit there and say, “it wasn’t what he said it’s how he said it” with a straight face is fucking outrageous. EVERY VIDEO SIR FOCH EVER DID WAS THE SAME EXACT WAY. So how is it the never have a problem with it for YEARS and now all of a sudden they do?

    It’s because they’re getting desperate now. Their reputation in the gaming world is absolute shit. They’ve spent some money to spam bullshit stories on how much they were making without one shred of reports to prove it, talked about how everything was growing…it’s all bullshit.

    They are in full-blown damage control to the point that they’ve gone too fucking far and it has backfired in a huge way.

    – Thing 1

  8. Only_Meuploading

    Interesting. Quite frankly I can’t see them taking one jot of notice of 100 signatures.

    From my point of view, the issue is the tank itself , the continual power creep and the general direction that WG has embarked upon in the past 12 months or so.

    These are the issues that Foch and others have raised.

    Will reinstating Foch to his former CC status actually achieve anything apart from some positive PR? IMHO, no.

    However, WG does need some brownie points at this time.

  9. Thing 1

    What this shows is that Wargaming are completely desperate. They’re so desperate that they have completely lost it mentally. Once you get to that point, you’re on the express elevator to hell. I can’t see them coming back from this. People have been bitching about this for months and months (the new spam premiums into the game that are only useful when firing gold) and Wargaming has completely ignored it.

    Wargaming have forgotten the number one rule: A game is a GAME. It’s supposed to be fun.

    Rather than build a fun game that’s fair and then find a way to make money off of that, they’ve built a rigged system that forces you to pay up or quit. Well guess fucking what? People have simply quit. The only people left are all the power clan assholes that don’t even play anymore either, they just sit on the clan wars maps sucking up free gold.

    Well done, Wargaming. You are the only assholes left playing your game.

  10. Only_Meuploading


    Not sure if I made this clear or not. My comment immediately above you was referring to the post made Zeedox.

    I totally agree with the written article.

  11. Zeedox

    Oh, I am quite sure WG will suppress that petition before too long.
    Hell, even the NA forums were cleared of any complaint threads about the incident or the chrysler money-grab.

    And if you do point out the EU forums, the NA shills pop faster then a wack-a-mole game (eight and counting)!

  12. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Who is that “Jabster” dude on that thread? He must a company Shill ? Every time I read the EU forum he is there defending Wargaming, going after people who are critical of WG, an before long threads are locked, an people are moderated/banned. That must be an office Shill for the EU ?

  13. Thing 1

    What a load of absolute fucking bullshit. Look at their FUCKING CHAMPIONS OF THEIR FUCKING LEAGUE AND WHAT THEY DID! They gave them A FUCKING TROPHY FOR IT!!!
    What a bunch of lying fucking assholes!

  14. Insurrectional_Leftist

    An all time low for Wargaming !!!! Lying SOBs !!! Now they are out right making shit up !!! He never did that!! Well, will the Mighty Jingles address this? This sounds like WG moderation lies when they ban someone from the forums !!!

  15. PrinzEugen85

    This episode of Mingles with Jingles goes in depth on this issue

    In short, “The Grand Old Man” of World of tanks/warships says he’s ending his contributor status with WG unless they issue a public apology. For the younger players here, Jingles was responsible for introducing the game to players as early as 2011. I personally learned how to play WoT from his videos in 2013.

  16. Thing 1

    Jingles is a douchebag looking to capitalize on it all. It’s not like they give a shit about him anymore anyway. He threatened to quit before and they told him, “go ahead”.

    He has the willpower of a wet turnip. He can’t even kick a gold digging, crazy bitch out of his apartment for fucks sake.

  17. Mr_Alex


    link removed

    It’s already posted in the update on this very page.

    – Thing 1

  18. Mr_Alex

    Interesting that WGNA WOT is also supporting what the WGEU staff are saying the same thing about SirFoch as well

  19. Mr_Alex

    I mean WGNA WOT staff

  20. Thing 1

    That’s because their original attempt to distance themselves from it backfired. Wargaming were SUPPOSED to present a united front. WGNA knew the entire move was full of shit, so they backed away from it, sent their goon squad out to troll about “how does EU have anything to do with NA” and when corporate found out what they were doing, they put the fucking brakes on it quickly and told them, “tow the company line, you fucking bitches”!

    So they did. They’re so fucking stupid it’s laughable. Anybody that can’t see through their bullshit is a complete fucking moron.

  21. TacticalCannonFodder

    Thanks for posting the the Jimquisition. I don’t always go for his style but I like his coverage of companies that try using copyright takedowns as a way to deter criticism. To date (as mentioned in the video) Wargaming is the only real game company that has done this to this extent whereas usually it’s done by asset flippers on Steam. Kind of telling.

    Yes, it is. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Frankly, the way he is I figured he’d not bother with it.

    – Thing 1

  22. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Well, consider what jingles pulled. When you watch his video of today, what did he really accomplish? Did he do anything to help get Sir Foch’s CC status regained or brought back? Some one needs to clarify that for me? Most importantly noticed about the very “Topic at hand?” Notice how the Attention about what brought the very topic up to begin with? Why didn’t Jingles buckle down upon the Tier 8 Premium power creep issue, which WG is responsible for which is causing this whole situation? What did this do to resolve the T8 Premium money Slurping situation of these “Money Gobbling, OP, T8 Prem-Tanks?” You noticed how the entire shit storm over the tank and the ass-9 shit-head plan by WG, has now gone kaput ?

    Did WG offer the community, Jingles (and he didn’t fucking press the issue any at all, he was more concerned with himself, and his CC status, an whether or not he would have to give up his beloved game, and extra income $$$) I mean what the fuck was everyone fighting for? Notice how Jingles said, “the cooler heads prevail etc. etc.. No, it was the rebel rousers, hell-raisers, and the solidarity of the community that stuck together as a united front, and the fear of the united masses, that made WG shit their pants !!! Does Jingles really think he was going to do anything without the whole community behind him?

    Now, “What about Sir Foch meanwhile?” What happens to him? The person who did stand up with a pair of “Rocks” which exposed Wargaming for being the Malicious Assholes that they are? And they proved it themselves ! Am I libeling? Not, if it’s true. And buddy we have proof today that it’s damn well true !!! Their bully, strong arming assholes!

    And I don’t buy the “Bit” about Victor Kisyli living in a protected little bubble, where the employees/Dev’s around him are the aggressors doing this strong arming shit, because they are protecting their innocent, naïve, virgin, CEO from the vulgar masses of the likes of us!” Do realize what those Devs are saying? We are trash, and they are protectors of the Romanovs (Victor).

    I don’t buy it !! Bullshit.

    Sorry, The status Quo remains, someone clarify for me, ” So Foch is still without CC status, banished? And ” WG in the end will still pump out these OP Money Grabbing Tier 8’s ?” Jingles is still a good ole boy making his Loot ? $ Do I have this right? Point out where I have this figured wrong?

    Once again this shows the absolute “rank amateur” level of Wargaming’s employees. They’re a bunch of narcissistic dumb fucks that believe and always have believed that they can do anything they want to anybody they want at will with no repercussions.

    Most of the time, they’re right. This time, it bit them in the ass hard.

    – Thing 1

  23. Insurrectional_Leftist

    It’s about 3 hours after I have made the post above ^^ Now, I have stumbled upon Rita’s Blog with her comments, and Jingles 2nd Video of the day. This will provide some, partial response to the points, and questions I made above.

    The story is apparently fluid and has changed since my post just hours ago.

    Feel free to elaborate on this and any of my remarks in regards to this if anyone wants too.

    Apparently, Jingles has decided to leave his CC status after all. And, I do agree that the NA is very heavy handed !!! Wargaming is making very bad business decisions !! And they are paying a road to Hell. I have to say they have not made me very happy recently, I’m sorry to say, truthfully am; however I have to speak the truth plainly.

  24. Mr_Alex

    Have been given confirmation that PointyHairedJedi has also left the community contributor program as well

    Good for him. Integrity is very rare in this day and age.

    – Thing 1

  25. Only_Meuploading

    The left and right hand are totally divorced from each other. Why WGNA had to weigh in, I have no idea, but it is what it is. They couldn’t find a root in a brothel quite frankly.

    Jingles video:

    Tsavo’s walking. You know it’s a fairly major issue if someone such as he is out.

    Tsavo’s full of shit. He’s just trying to finagle his way into the good graces of the player base. He’s an asshole. He’s always been an asshole. He’ll always be an asshole. He does nothing for anybody other than himself. The instant it profits him, he’ll back stab the hell out of you and laugh about it.

    As for Jingles, he’s an ass sucking fucktard. He got blasted for not weighing in, then he got blasted for making a video that OBVIOUSLY tried to appease Wargaming, now after he’s fucked up twice he’s trying to fix that.

    Fuck Jingles. That asshole has the back bone of a jellyfish.

    – Thing 1

  26. Thing 1

    So I bit the bullet and watched the shitty Jingles video. Apparently, nobody else did.

    He’s “removing himself from the EU CC program” but he’s going to still be making videos of Tanks and Warships.

    Just as I thought. He’s a fucking grand standing asshole. If you QUIT, you DUMBASS, you FUCKING QUIT. You don’t say you quit and keep on doing it, you stupid fucking grandstanding asshole.

  27. Gomez_Adams

    I have to agree. Jingles has never made a real stand on anything World of Tanks related. I really don’t get how he’s quitting but not quitting. That’s about the single most ridiculous statement he’s ever made, and he’s made quite a few over the years.

    I guess he simply assumes most people are really stupid and wont pick up on his hypocricy.

    Exactly! The problem is that most people are.

    – Thing 1

  28. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Jingles video:

    Yes, I caught what he said about him still saying he would still make videos, and that occurred to me also. The thought that ran through my head was, “So, I’ll keep my options open for later for them to “Bribe me back later once again with goodies, freebies, enticements, and when WG finally offers iron clad policy changes globally, and the rest of the player base, goes hungry by really NOT playing the game period !! or spending money !! NOT Playing at ALL !! Giving up the game completely etc !!” And why would he go back to War Thunder? Think about that for a moment? To make Wargaming envious, jealous of what their losing etc ! “” It’s a way to hurt them back for taking him for granted etc.” And to replace his “Income $$ stream being lost $$” Yes, I did catch that…

    He’ll still play World of Tanks, an keep some of his followers around, and some fan base for “when Wargaming does change their wrong headed ways (If they do, which they really will not– they never do ultimately — they just come up with a new scheme to get people like him back for their immediate purposes etc”
    —– And you’re a 100% right he tried to pull another of his “Jingles-Mingles-with-Wargaming-Horse-Trade-Extraordinaires” and Got-Shafted this time 🙂 —-


    That Jackass is well documented, by this site for his skullduggery, backstabbing, two-faced, asshole, self-serving, lying, “Caught like a Rat-in-A-Trap” with his grinning teeth an whiskers with the cheese on multiple occasions, swindling the player base, lying, cheating, con manning the player community like a Harp-from-Hell to selfishly serve himself. Tsavo is a full-bown asshole along with his Pal LaceyLace, and all his butt-buddies that go out an spread his lies like a tractor with a wagon that spread horse manure that fertilizes a field !! And the stinch of Tsavo’s lies smell up the whole community, as soon as you begin driving anywhere near the NA just as bad as the NA office itself.

    Stop holding back, man! Tell us all how you REALLY feel. 😉

    – Thing 1

  29. Insurrectional_Leftist

    You know what I like about the Jimquisition video? Is that skit he did with the whig, the make up, and his skit about those atypical .01% Unicums esl, “God-Like” Labs padders, who player the game 5 hours a day, THAT DEFEND WARGAMING, NO MATTER HOW WRONG THEY ARE, AND COMMAND THE ENTIRE BASE TO SIMPLY FALL TO THEIR KNEES TO SUBMIT, TO THE OMNISCIENCE AND INFALLIBILITY OF THE GOD-LIKE SUPREME DIVINITY OF WARGAMING !! WHEN IN FACT WARGAMING IS SO FUCKING ASS BACKWARDS WRONG !!

    I mean come on man..

    Does anyone realize, just how many people have endured Perma- Bans from the forum who did not deserve to be removed from the forums, JUST BECAUSE, of the Moderation Staff being, Just as screwed up in unfair, targeted moderation actions, hell-bent on taking out strategic persons, topics, and personal hits assigned by the NA office (or other servers for that matter)? It’s just appauling how this gaming firm is out of control going down the wrong road !!!

  30. Thing 1

    Yep. You’ll not get an argument from me. That those assholes had the blatant stupidity to bring up their stats as somehow making their stupid comments mean more on an issue that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH GAME PLAY just goes to show how fucked up and out of touch with reality they all are.

    It’s fucking pathetic. God help them when Tanks shuts down. They’ll probably all commit mass suicide…after all, they’ll have NOTHING left to live for.

  31. Gomez_Adams

    Wait just a moment: you mean to tell me that somebody brought their stats up regarding copyright threats on YouTube?

    Yes. It was some Wotlabs prick no doubt that made the statement to Jim at the Jimquisition that “I’m one of the top .01% of great players” or some other bullshit, like that somehow gave his opinion on Youtube videos more credence. If you watch that Jimquisition video, he talks about it.

    – Thing 1

  32. Gomez_Adams

    Oh good grief.

  33. Insurrectional_Leftist

    OK now they come up with this:

    Yea, Right. After shit is hanging off the ceiling, the fan, on the sides of the walls, on faces, and bodies on the floor. Yet still there is no comment on the source of what got the shit storm started? The bad direction of the tier 8 OP tanks, and the money grabbing that’s killing the game, and what about Sir Foch now?

    Brillant. Much less, who got all this shit started behind the scenes? I mean seriously what the fuck ? People bailing on the game, and defecting CC contributors etc.

    Did you really expect anything else?

    – Thing 1

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