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Meet the Assholes – Wargaming Employees

Well folks, here we are after the big fucking debacle of Sir Foch gate. Wargaming, more specifically Wargaming North America, in their typical classless display of ineptitude, tried their level best to take this whole thing from debacle to full-blown three ring circus with their empty, made up, bogus, fuck-witted posts trying to somehow justify the complete bullshit that took place from the get go.

For those of you who have been under a fucking rock the last few days, here’s the CliffsNotes:

  • Last Friday, Sir Foch made another video that was typical Sir Foch: foul mouthed, passionate, and in your face. As always. Nothing new there.
  • Wargaming (EU)  freaked the fuck out for whatever reason and told him to take it down and removed Sir Foch’s Community Contributor rights.
  • Sir Foch, standing his ground, refused to take the video down.
  • Wargaming EU, namely Ph3lan, threatened Sir Foch with a copyright strike. (This is some serious shit for YouTubers.)
  • Wargaming EU, namely Njail, then makes a post saying they never did threaten a copyright strike and they never would do that.
  • Sir Foch then post the screen shots of Ph3lan actually making the threats.
  • Wargaming EU starts back-peddling like a bitch making excuses for what they did.
  • Everybody finds out just exactly how full of shit Wargaming EU is.
  • Wargaming EU then starts making all kinds of appologies and in general starts stroking the general populace in a vain effort to mitigate the absolute PR disaster this has turned out to be.
  • Just about the time the flames are getting under control, Wargaming North America (read as “That Complete Village Idiot Asshat Collective out in California) decides to send out all kinds of completely made up bullshit and in effect drops a 2500  pound Thermite bomb on the whole goddamed thing all over again.
  • Wargaming issues even more apologies, in effect telling Wargaming NA to shut the fuck up and stay out of it.

That’s the CliffsNotes, folks. Other shit has happened in between, like Jim putting up a video over at the Jimquisition over it (well worth the watch) and of course Jingles pretending to quit but at the same time saying he’s not quitting because he’ll keep doing videos anyway, and of course his little fuck buddy, on again-off again fiance and resident housing moocher Rita doing the same thing…yea. Fucking sickening. Those two were made for each other. They both have the spines of a jelly fish and the morals of…well…Wargaming.

So, all of that said, who are these assholes? I mean really. Who are they? Surely there has to be some accountability to something other than an avatar and a screen name. Surely there is a way to find out just exactly who these fucking assholes are so that they can be made to answer the fucking bell should anybody want them to.

Well, folks, there is. Right here. This page is a work in progress. We’re going to find out who all these assholes are and list them here one by one. We’ll hunt down every single last one that is within our power to find.

All of that said, here are the assholes we know of so far. Feel free to drop them a line, send them an email or give them a call and tell them exactly what you think of their fucking moronic bullshit and tell them to FIX IT!!!

Wargaming North America

Jay Stuart Cohen

General Manager – Wargaming North America
This is the head asshole in charge. This is the guy that has completely fucked up the North American Server.

1260 Hopkins St Apt 1
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 658-3935
NEW: (510) 524-0579

Email: [email protected]


Paul Barnett

Director of Community/Streaming/Social
Nowhere in gaming is there a greater example of complete failure than this asshole.

772 Walnut St Apt 15
San Carlos, CA 94070
(571) 278-4872


Brian Jakubson

Former Community Manager known as Ghostprime
Social Media Fuck-up Extrodinaire known as Meathead Militia

Original Home Address:
15 Bright Hill Dr
Clinton Ct 06413-1801
(860) 669-8711

6401 Shellmound St. Apt 8107
Emeryville CA 94608-1082

[email protected]
[email protected]


Felicia Johnson (Alias Felicia Michelle Perry)

Customer Service Manager known as  NyxWGA
This is the bitch responsible for all your tickets being complete and utter bullshit.

2701 Garrity Ct
Pinole, CA 94564
(206) 512-9242

[email protected]
[email protected]


Melinda B. Heilman (Alias Melinda R. Heilman)

Former Customer Support  (Low rent copy and paster)
Community Admin Fuck-up Extraordinaire known as Dance210 (And a really shitty player as well.)

Original Home Address:
1009 Plateau Ln
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 685-5471

1144 Hyde St. Apt 402
San Leandro, CA 94577-4506
(510) 815-8434

[email protected]
[email protected]

Criminal Record Report

Nicholas Theodore Moran

Resident Gomer Pyle Wanna-be known as The_Chieftain

7344 Ione Ct
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 263-2188
NEW: (415) 699-5579

[email protected]
[email protected]


Alex Brewer-Disarufino

Senior PR Manager North America (Definitely THE asshole that should be fired.)

4307 Gilbert St.
Oakland CA 94611-5131
(718) 855-0352 (NY Phone)

Email: [email protected]


Jake Neri

Head of Player Experience (Yea. He should DEFINITELY be shit-canned)
Former Director of Customer Relations (And he failed miserably at that too!)

3704 Whitworth Dr
Dublin, CA 94568
(650) 274-2685

[email protected]
[email protected]


Jamie King

Public Relations Manager (Another one for the shit-heap)
Former Community Manager (And was a complete, utter, epic failure at it.)

1231 40th St Apt 336
Emeryville, CA 94608
(801) 608-0064

[email protected]
[email protected]


Chris Jung

Monetization Specialist (This guy thinks up ways to rob you blind.)

1239 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 260-6197


Erik Whiteford (Alias Hans E. Whiteford)

Director of Marketing and Communication – Wargaming North America
(Now THIS guy has flat out fucking failed beyond the ability of words to describe. I mean, a Communications Director that still uses AOL & Yahoo?! Seriously?!)

10 Lupine Dr
Corte Madera, Ca 94925-1715
(415) 924-8039

[email protected]
[email protected]


Wargaming Europe

Marek Tučan (Uses the fake name Florian Mentl)

Head of Community Management known as Njial

This is the asshole that lied saying that Wargaming has never and would never issue a copyright strike. Yea. He should be shit-canned as well.


Zoltán Sipos

Community Manager (EN/EU) known as Ph3lan

This is the asshole that started the whole god damned mess by threatening Sir Foch with the copyright strike. This fucking waste of life should be taken out back and have the shit kicked out of him.




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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Meathead Militia was Ghostprime? Man, I really didn’t see that one coming.

    The dates all match. He was listed as the community administrator, which was Ghostprime’s job before that moron Dance210 took it over. The moment he was made the “face” of Wargaming NA and Dance210 showed up, Ghostprime never posted again. That can’t be coincidence.

    – Thing 1

  2. Frau_Blooka

    LMMFAO!!! BAM MOTHER FUCKERS!!! BAM!!! Let’s see you hide now you fucking bitches!!!!

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    What ??? The whole time? They have been playing us like this ? 🙁 How disingenuous, an I feel betrayed. Now, don’t that beat all. That make’s me feel really, really cheap and used. I feel really sad, but in very strange way, “How come I am not surprised for some kind of weird reason, oddly?” Yet,, still I find this even revealing after all the times so many people on the forum told others that employees were using alt-user names on the forum, and had multiple user accounts as employees! If this doesn’t blow the “Lid” off the entire thing where the Wot Labs crowd would crucify people for saying that openly on the NA forum, then I don’t know what will ? There’s now no telling how many other user names on the forum that “pose” as regular players accounts which are actually employees? 🙁

    You know given what we have witnessed in the last week from Wargaming, what else can be said, full of surprises about Wargaming ? Just Wow….!!

    There’s no more trust.

    You’re assuming that there was ever any trust to begin with. There wasn’t. These assholes have been lying for years. They cover their own asses by throwing everybody else under the fucking bus. They think they’re invincible because they have a protective barrier between them and reality.

    Not anymore they don’t.

    – Thing 1

  4. Mr_Alex

    Why am I not surprised really

    Stay tuned. This is just the beginning.

    – Thing 1

  5. Thing 1

    That attack happened in record time…and this time I caught its origin: Belarus.

    Go fucking figure.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    I just keep wondering how much money they’ve spent on doing all of this vs. what it would cost to just do things above board to begin with. I mean, to me, it would be much cheaper to make a fun, fair game and profit from the masses than to cater to hate, racism, elitism and spend nearly every bit of resources you have attacking anybody that ever dares stand up for themselves.

    They’re racist, elitist assholes, Gomez. What the fuck man? How do you not have that through your thick skull by now? They’ll go belly up broke trying to shut people up.

    They’ll not stop until one day the cops show up to escort them out of the building because the bankers now own it all.

    Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later for these fucking assholes.

    – Thing 1

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Wow,, You’re telling me Belarus attacked this site over this thread post this quickly ? Holy Cow! ? They are really vicious aren’t they! It’s like the Cold War never went away !! What kind of spying eyes do these guys have watching this place? It must be those hired Thugs from Wot Labs doing thier dirty work, spying for Belarus? Just, because they own Trump, they think they own this place to, wow ?

    Yep. DDoS’d again. Had to crank up the firewall again and will leave it running for a while this time.

    – Thing 1

  8. Mr_Alex


    I would not be surprised if the bankers took over Wargaming

    Well, from what little we know about the whole deal, it wouldn’t be the bankers per se because they (Wargaming) also own part of the bank. If anything, what would eventually happen is that the partners and creditors would use their votes and take over and force Victor out in a vote of no confidence. Once that happened they’d be free to do what they want.

    The reality though is that they may have already done exactly that and that may be why we’re seeing such a downturn in the game to begin with.

    – Thing 1

  9. Gomez_Adams

    Mr. Moran using his U.S. Uniform to promote a Russian video game for his own personal profit is, frankly, disgraceful.

    Of course it is! They’re all a bunch of fucking narcissistic assholes. What did you expect?

    – Thing 1

  10. Cigarette_Smoking_Man

    It would seem that you have exposed some of the various ranking officers within the organization which perform the work of the top tier “Handlers”. Good work gentlemen. For the more wise player base out there which are willing to visit this site and read those some of those names, can be more astutely aware at just how small a group of individuals operate under multiple user names, wear more than one hat, pretend to be more than one person, pull off more than one stage show bit under the big top. It lets those who have half a brain realize how this operation is pulled off at a minimum cost $, and will help explain why the customer service is so incredibly dysfunctional, marginal, and that is being generous at best. In more realistic terms it could be described as herding cattle with an electric cattle prog shocker, and a whip.

    Yes, its very shocking how some American, British, an a few German employees have easily falling in line with this management style straight from Belarus/Cyprus. It would appear WG knows how to cater (or rather target hire the right individuals for their organizational structure to perform their corporate culture style, operational standard).

    It would make me wonder too that for quite sometime that the Bank of Cyprus has been running Wargaming from behind the scenes for sometime now, slowly gaining more of a foothold upon the decision making process through Victor Kisyli and his Father (since he is part share holder). And since Cyprus is such a haven for Russian business, and banking interest internationally with of course off shore tax sheltering etc. Not just to avoid Vladimir Putin themselves, but to become a mini-Putin in and of themselves. Eventually, to play on the same level field as Putin themselves and be able to belong to Putin’s private Billionaires club circle. What better way to secure protection from Putin himself?

    The mere fact that you gentlemen are being cyber-attacked indicate that you are reaching out to remove the shroud covering the big top the WG Handlers are trying to hide from the unsuspecting players.

    It’s certain they don’t like us one goddamned bit. The funny part is that rather than doing the easy thing and stop being hypocritical, racist, nazi assholes, they spend all of their efforts fucking with us and anybody else that dares criticize them.

    That’s why we’ll win.

    – Thing 1

  11. Cigarette_Smoking_Man

    I seem to be out of smokes, anyone got a cigarette ?

  12. Gomez_Adams

    Gave that up years ago, pal. You should too.

  13. Thing 1

    I don’t smoke cigs. Got sick of the goddamned things. I have plenty of cheap cigars though.

  14. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1 and Gomez

    At this point I would not be surprised if World of Warships, Tanks, Warplanes and etc suffered the same fate as Armoured Warfare

    Warplanes suffered that fate long ago. That game was shit from the get go. Their HIGHEST LEVEL over the last month was 561.

    That is NOT a fucking typo.

    – Thing 1

  15. Gomez_Adams

    Well, this did a hell of a lot of damage. Their reputation at this point is completely garbage. Everybody got in on that story. It’s definately not done them any favors at all. To top it all off they’re locking up threads and banning people faster than ever now as if they can somehow make it all go away.

    It’s a pity, really. But that’s what happens when you hire idiots to do a professionals job.

  16. Speedy_DePalma

    Prime example of how not all publicity is good publicity. Think about it before this how many game and game news youtube outlets talked about WG? Slim to none it was it’s own small, self contained, enjoy the smell of your own farts community, now it’s “oh you think the practices of the company are unethical and messed up well wait until you meet the more vocal members of the player base!”.

  17. Mr_Alex


    You know how you mentioned Wargaming as a whole dislikes the NA server, would you be surprised if I told you they tried to sell the HMS Hood bundle at a whooping $210 NZ Dollars?

  18. Thing 1

    I don’t keep up with Warships, but Gomez PM’d me a few days back about how ridiculously pay-to-win it was. They had the hood available only in it’s max package for like 150 bucks (which is about the same as 210 NZ bucks) and the missions were all easy for the Hood. He also said people are getting fucked on the whole deal that already have the Bismarck because all they give you is the credit value of the ship, you get none of the XP that ship requires.

    According to him, the whole thing is a “pay us for pretty much nothing for most of you and something you’d get inevitably anyway for everybody else” cash grab. It’s just more desperation out of them. It’s not about “what can we do to make people want to play our game” anymore. It’s about “how can we seriously fuck over the few idiots still left playing it”.

  19. Mr_Alex


    Did you know over at the Armoured Patrol, Sub_Octavian one of the devs admitted in a Q&A (Question and Answer) session that the player numbers in World of Warships in NA, EU and RU Server has stagnated

    “those who finished them already don’t tend to replay it, and there aren’t many new players”

    About the Hood bundle, it is nothing more than a cash grab

  20. Thing 1

    From what little I know about it, Warships has been that way since the beggining. It just never really took off. It’s kept a good deal of the players it has which are mostly World of Tanks guys that just switched over to ships, but other than that there’s not anything much going on with it and there never really has been. In the end, they didn’t fuck up ships anywhere near as bad as they did airplanes, but you can’t fuck over your entire player base for 5 years, release a new game, and then think “Maybe we’ll get a lot of new players!”

    I mean really. How fucking stupid are they? You fucked over all your tank players, fucked up Warplanes so bad nobody ever bothered playing it, then you launch ships and nobody new plays that either. Wouldn’t you think that by now they’d realize, “Maybe we’re fucking up”?

  21. Mr_Alex


    They will never realize until it is all too late when the creditors take over

  22. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1, in one of the comments where you mentioned the bankers taking over, do you think they will do a better job of running World of Tanks and Warships and etc?

  23. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Maybe in the background they have been already running it to some degree? Wargaming bailed out, bought into Hellenic Bank of Cyprus.

    The lines are some what blurred maybe more than we realize, what’s being publically revealed? Cyprus is a tax haven for Russians, and Russian firms, financial interest, etc. Wargaming considers themselves a bit of an aggressor in the room, feels little if any allegiance or loyalty to the customers/players in the decision making process.

  24. Thing 1

    From what I’m seeing, they’ll sell it to somebody else for whatever they can get out of it. Lets face it, with the current team in place there is simply NO FUCKING WAY they will ever clean the game up and get back on track with it, so it’s not going to be worth the banks time to try and figure it out.

    They’d be far better served to put it up for bid and take the highest bidder and be done with it. Banks don’t care about fixing a god damned thing. They want their money.


    Killing time scanning the wot forums. Seems alot of the people listed on this site either got banned and or changed names. Or banned.

    Yep. A good many have just walked away from the game as well.

    – Thing 1

  26. Mr_Alex


    Not sure if this surprises you, WGNA and WGEU just carried out mass bannings on people in World of Warships forums complaining that the developers screwed up the most famous US Navy Aircraft Carrier, the USS Enterprise

    I looked around briefly and didn’t see one single thread or announcement to that effect. Considering the ship hasn’t even been released as of your post, I find it a bit hard to swallow. You got a link or something?

    – Thing 1

  27. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I started seeing that Jingles is now posting a lot of War Thunder videos again on You Tube lately. I’m sure the word made it over to War Thunder about why he came back over there. Of course that spreads good PR in the direction of War Thunder, and they might capitalized on that PR some kind of way? All of these bans will not be good for the community either. Soon the forums will be drying up like a wet sponge in the sun. Sad commentary for the forums giving that’s what forums are for 🙁

  28. Thing 1

    Jingles is a douchebag. He quit World of Tanks while saying he wasn’t quitting, then claimed a victory (as if that fat fuck did anything at all) after Wargaming made their “We wont sue” announcement, then caught flak for that, now is back at War Thunder picking up scraps because they don’t want him back and said good riddance to his fat ass a couple years ago.

    That fat fuck has LONG outlived any usefulness he ever had. He’s such a blatant brown-nosing yes man it’s pathetic. He has the backbone of the typical invertebrate.

  29. Thing 1

    Frankly, he’s wrong. Enterprise wasn’t the most famous carrier of WWII. That distinction went to Yorktown. Yorktown was reportedly sunk by the Japanese 4 fucking times. It was like a ghost ship to them. They absolutely feared it. Every time they reported it sunk, there it was two months later wrecking their ass all over again.

    They finally did sink her on the 5th go…only to see a brand new one built to take her place 7 months later. She sits in Charleston harbor, South Carolina to this day. I’ve been there many times. My uncle’s name is on the Medal of Honor plaque as you walk in the forward hangar.

  30. Thing 1

    Just got a look at Jay Cohen’s background. Did you guys know he defaulted on a 1.2 million dollar mortgage? No wonder the fucking GM lives in an apartment these days. (What’s more, the guys driving record is complete shit. Amazed he still has a license.)

  31. Gomez_Adams


    You hire a guy to run your company for the entire North American continent that can’t even handle his own finances. Small wonder it’s been a disaster.

    If you can’t handle your own finances, what in God’s name makes you think they’re capable of handling anybody else’s, let alone those of millions of people?

  32. Thing 1

    Nicholas “The Liar” Moran (aka The Chieftain) and Jay Cohen (aka the head idiot in charge) have acquired new phone numbers.

    The new numbers have been added to their information.

    Margaret R. Aebi (aka Thomas Aebi’s / Tsavo’s mom) has also acquired a new phone number. We’re sitting on that one for now.

  33. landedkiller

    The list needs to be completed where is Victor K’s contact information. If you want to change wargaming then you need to find the CEO’s contact information and then advocate for people to call him up. Why hasn’t anyone on here went after wargaming’s finances(are they in decline)? I have woken up to the shitpile wargmaing is.


    Holy crap I just found this website by accident. This is freaking gold. I had no idea dance was a fat woman, I had no idea Tsavo was mental, and I can’t wait to see what is nest.




    Never mind, I was going to try to become a member but it seems you can not keep your politics out of it. Your website, your choice; my time my choice. I think you would get more people if you kept to the subject at hand.

  37. Thing 1

    There are no “members” here. You want to post, post. You don’t, don’t. Makes no difference to us whatsoever. Hundreds of people read the site each day without commenting. We have no problem with that.

  38. Lasse Pedersen

    well they are so fucked up its almost funny!

  39. Thing 1

    Yes they are. And nearly all of them are out of a job now.

  40. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Lasse, it is pretty hysterical, actually. It was in a rare case, something that inadvertently good that happened as a by product, (to those people above getting what was just to due owed to them ), by another vicious maneuver by Wargaming. Soon, a few remaining people will be without an entire game at the rate things are heading! 😀

  41. normtgnome

    Thing one another bought wargaming employee trying to act like She is all that,
    Really man go back to your classes and try to get better.

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