Wargaming vs. Players – Russian Revolt

So as the player base on the North American server has been on the express elevator to hell for the last few years now and is more populated by bots than actual players these days, the typical Wargaming yes men have said:

  • So what? Europe and Russia is where they make their money.
  • Russians are their main market and it’s huge there and they love it!
  • With millions of players in Russia, they don’t need North America!
  • They’re raking in the money in Russia so who cares?!

Really? Truly? So all is quiet on the eastern front?

Apparently, not.

The entire power elite of the Russian player base are up in arms and planning a complete boycott of Clan Wars. Original posting HERE.

In the end, it boils down to this: Payoffs. That’s really it. They want their free gold. They’re crying rivers over it.

Now, they (the yes men) claim that they should be rewarded for displaying their “skill” and taking part in Clan Wars. The question we have is, “why”?

If you play the game, you allegedly play it because it’s fun. Clan Wars is nothing more than an extension of the game that was designed to give clans a chance to show who was best by who could dominate the map the most. It was, in the beginning, an almost real-life game of ‘Risk’ or ‘Axis and Allies’, and it was very cool…except for the payoffs.

The problem with games is that like all things the greedy assholes of the world instantly begin to scam it as hard as they can. The concepts of fun, fair play and sportsmanship never occur to them. Cheating, rigging, collusion, exploitation…that is their idea of fun.

So what happened were power clans started recruiting people hand over fist and using them as partner clans to dominate the maps. They would rig matches to lose lands back and forth every other week or so and share all the proceeds for that. In so doing, they pushed out the small, single clans almost overnight.

So for years it’s been the same 6 or 8 clans and their dozens of subsidiaries rigging the map for complete control, leaving only the top 1.5% of the player base even able to take part in Clan Wars to begin with.

Yea. Fun. Engaging.

Most rational, thinking people saw the inherit problem with this bullshit years ago: If you cater to only to top 1.5% of the player base for long, you will ultimately destroy yourself. Whey else do you think the U.S. Stock Market crashes on regular intervals? (It’s for the same, exact goddamned reason.)

What Clan Wars and XVM did in conjunction is create an elitist, toxic environment of abuse that made this game unplayable by the status quo. Who in their right mind would stick around and pay money for that kind of absolute abuse?

What’s more, Wargaming never did one single goddamned thing to stop it. They were living large. They were on top of the world.

What’s more than that is those very same people swore up and down that the gold was never a factor, that it wasn’t that much and that they still sunk huge amounts of money into the game.

Really, assholes? So why all the crying now?

Because it IS about the gold. That’s why.

The typical Clan Wars ride-along player could easily earn between 800-1200 gold per week. That’s around 4300 gold per month. That’s worth roughly 20 bucks per month which is DOUBLE what a premium account cost.

What’s more, the higher ups and very active members made much more than that. They could easily average 1500 to 2000 gold per week. That’s closer to 7200 gold per month. That’s worth 32 dollars per month. That’s about triple what any average player would ever spend on this game.

That doesn’t even take into account the even larger gold payouts those same people made on tournament play that they rigged as well.

Now they’re fucked…and rightly so…and they’re crying like bitches over it. Now they can’t just sit on their ass and get free gold all year long.

How long did they actually expect that to last? Apparently, forever. But with declining numbers comes declining income. All those players they told to “uninstall, go play Minecraft, nobody will miss you” are now gone, playing other games, and they are very sorely missed to the point that the only people left to squeeze money out of are the very same people that never wanted to spend it to begin with.

It’s fucking hysterical.

The North American server is all but dead now. It’s painfully obvious they’ve pretty much pulled the plug on it by cutting their data plan back to the minimum and running rolling black-outs on chat to cut bandwidth to keep the game playable only at the lowest levels. This has resulted in lag of biblical proportions and threads galore on the forums complaining about it.

All of that, as usual, is falling on deaf ears.

The same thing is happening across Europe and Russia now. The cutbacks on data, gold payoffs, and everything else has reached the point that now even most of the yes men are turning against Wargaming.

Well, assholes, what did you expect? Since you and your holier than thou, toxic bullying ran everybody out of the game, who is left to squeeze for money?

You are, bitches. You are. You’re all that’s left now. So they will cut the gold payoffs, they will bleed you dry. You’ll have no choice but to start cutting your subsidiary clans loose so you can bogart what little is left for yourself. That of course will turn them against you and the real war actually begins as the ones you used to work with try to cut your throat for what little scraps are left on the table.

In the end, it will be fun to watch. I for one am going to take great personal joy in watching it happen.


Because as much as I hate to see the game in its death throws, I love watching all these assholes that said, “just leave, nobody cares, go play Minecraft” crying like bitches over free gold, while all we wanted was the fucking game fixed and the toxic bullshit stopped.

It’s poetic justice at it’s very best, and I do truly love watching that happen.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Holy cow, man. You must have dropped that mic from 1000 feet up. I heard the thud all the way down here.

  2. Thing 1

    You know it man. You fucking know it!

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Poetic justice man! Now that’s the Real Reason right there ! Bombs away… Anyone whom tried to play a few clan wars, or tourneys etc. and followed what went on knows what happened. Those Gold Mooching, Purple Padding, Exploiting, Cheating top 10 Clan (sub clan) “Pig Moochers” chased everyone away, the average paying customer, like a bunch of welfare queens! cursing, insulting, bad mouthing the rest of the “paying customer base”. I mean seriously, “How long did they think that was going to last?” When the average player who is paying to support the game$ cannot play an average clan war, or a tourney, cannot make atleast just a “tiny” bit of gold, or some fun once in a while…. “How the hell does anyone expect he is going to stick around an pay forever supporting the game for a bunch of Assholes, spitting on him, talking down to him, brow beating him, telling him to go play “CandyLand”, or “Git Gud” you’re Bad & you don’t deserve a Skill Based Match Maker, you’re only here to pay to support our asses while we shoot you for cannon fodder pal!!! Why? Because, we purple stat padding assholes are stat elitist exploit kings of the game looking for loopholes to exploit the game, while we call them Skills… Now, give us more Free Gold !

  4. Thing 1

    “How the hell does anyone expect he is going to stick around an pay forever supporting the game for a bunch of Assholes”

    The irony of the whole thing is that it is THEY who always brag about “supporting the game” when the fact of the matter was they got all their shit for free by mooching off the clan wars map and rigging contests.

    Now that they’re going to have to pay to play, and wont get all that free gold, they’re crying rivers over it.

    Now it is THEY who have to support the game…and they don’t want to. They’re too used to the game supporting them.

  5. Mr_Alex


    Basically it shows Wargaming as a company in its final months or even weeks, when that happens, I bet the bank will liquidate whats left and sell World of Tanks and Warships to another company or developer

  6. mp31b30q9

    Simply another WarGouging created crisis anyone with an objective mind could see coming from miles away, years ago. Five (5) years of WarGouging kissing the ass of grown adults (in top 1%er clans) living in Grandma’s basement who’s greatest fame in life has been exploiting a 50% spread arcade RNG game for personal gain while insulting the 99% of the playerbase that ACTUALLY pays the bills. While Jimmy McFatty McShitbucket is crying about his 7th FREE Tier 10 tank for rigging clan wars the players that ACTUALLY pay the bills get a free LTP every anniversary.

    Enjoy the fucking bed you made WarGouging, your not a game company your a fucking criminal enterprise.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Well said Mp31, you can say it like it is here man. They failed miserably at taking care of the average joe who making them their money, an gave those upper jerks everything they wanted. And their still Gouging.

  8. mp31b30q9


    Literally around 120(ish) clan members from my old casual clan (Steam Gamers as in fucking Valve – Steam) and relatives (all paying) have quit the game for the same three reasons: (1) MisMatchMaker (2) RNG (3) Arty (4) Maps while WarGouging bobs the noob of 1% of the playerbase for the last 5 years.

    So what does WarGouging do? They double down on the same exact shit and wonder why 15K people are on the NA servers at 1300 hours EST on Sunday.

    15 fucking K on a weekend at 1 PM eastern, that’s 10K+ below server average the last 3 years.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I completely agree. The server population has definitely dropped. There’s no two ways about it. The population deniers on the NA forum are not even as strong as they used to be, though they still come out still. But, the numbers are just plainly tipping their hand.

    When I started the game in May 2013, at time of day, there were an amass of players online at time exactly !! And the numbers would begin shooting yo even higher after that. And of course the lower population does not help the existing MM well at all

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I keep wondering how much lower vs the amount of time vs threshold of population it will go before it bottoms out etc?


    The total weekend player base for all wg titles dont even come to half of what tanks was doing 5 to 6 yrs ago.
    I cant wait for tje day i start hearing the cries from the pixel collectors.

  12. Insurrectional_Leftist

    The other thing is that people have become aware that these missions are geared, tied, controlled, and connected with the Match Making and RNG. They have grown exhausted with the programed losing streaks, and up/down cycling of the MM while trying to complete a mission, or caught out of cycle during a mission, when they want to play a certain tank etc. Randomness goes out the window, and everyone has recognized it. Play too many battles and you soon realize just how far out of the box the double talking lies are on the main forum.
    When you’re on a server like the NA where the population is much smaller things are more apparent in some ways than the EU for example.

    I myself would not mind the Waffle coming back. I had no objections to it when it was still in the game. They had broken it so badly, before they removed it, I couldn’t see how it was the threat it once was? They should put it back, an actually “Fix the Thing” Once again, they listened to the “Man Baby Crying Unicums” that lesser stat players should have it, and no deserved it but them anyways… Yea, Wargaming keep listening to the same assholes who ruined Clan Wars, and all the rest of the game.

  13. Thing 1

    What cracks my ass up no end is how they all talk shit about it being random on the main forum, but then run like little bitches back to Wotlabs and cry rivers over the same rigged bullshit everybody else sees every day.

    It’s always been that way: when things go their way it’s because of their “skill” and “how good they are”…but when the shit hits the fan and they can’t win no matter what, they all cry like the little bitches they are about how rigged it is and how fail the teams are and how it should be impossible to lose that much.

  14. Mr_Alex


    Are you aware Wargaming has changed the World of Tanks E-Sports to 15 VS 15 format and from what I heard not a lot of players are liking it

  15. Thing 1

    That’s because it makes it more difficult for them to rig it.


    That just narrows down the teams. There will be less good players to form other competition ready teams.

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