You are currently viewing EWOT 1st Anniversary Awards – The Best and Worst of World of Tanks

EWOT 1st Anniversary Awards – The Best and Worst of World of Tanks

Well, folks, it’s been one year since this site went live. Yes, we know, it was registered back on the 18th, but we didn’t publish it at that time because there was nothing to publish. We, unlike most, don’t put up blank pages that say “coming soon”. It’s fucking stupid. So we waited until the 30th when we had a few stories on the site and published it then.

That said, it’s been a hell of a ride. We’ve had far more support as well as far more attacks against us than we ever thought possible. In the beginning, we were simply hoping to have a platform for those that were bullied, silenced by bans, screwed over by Wargaming and it’s trolls and to point out how blatantly corrupt their system is. But it turned into far more than that. It turned into an underground movement of sorts.

It has been, to us, an astounding success beyond anything we thought possible. It has seen us attacked by the entire Wargaming machine and its lawyers, troll supporters and shills and we’re still here. We came out on top.

So, in wondering what we should do to mark year one, it was pretty much a no-brainer that we should take time to recognize some of the events and people we’ve encountered along the way that has made this site so successful. We’ve taken submissions from dozens of people from all over the world on this and picked the best ones for this tribute to both good and bad.

I would like to take a moment before we get started to thank all of the hundreds of supporters that have submitted files, stories and information to us. You’ve made a lot of this site possible. We’d also like to thank the thousands of people that have stopped by. Yes, you count too! We’re not here for money. We’re not asking for any. We don’t have any ads. We don’t need them. We’re here, believe it or not, for you.

Thank you all from all of us!

And now, to business:

The Best of World of Tanks

The “He must be Job because shit just keeps happening to him” award goes to: Insurrectional_Leftist

Seriously. This guy gets more abuse than Rodney King did. Everybody fucks with him. He’s made the hit list of  -G-, SIMP, OTTER, RELIC (and all it’s bitch subsidiaries) and dozens of individuals as well. How? Well, that’s the funny part: we have NO idea. About half the replays on this site are his. It’s simply un-fucking-believable that one guy could draw the ire of so many douchebags. How he’s maintained anything resembling sanity is nothing short of a miracle. Most would have thrown in the towel, given up and walked away LONG ago.

The “Our Man in Istanbul” award goes to: Allegra

Allegra, who is very low key and a great guy, has brought a ton of completely bogus bullshit to our attention. He’s a quite guy that simply tells it like it is and moves along without wanting any recognition for anything. In all, a great guy that’s helped us out a good bit and deserves a public “Thank You” from us. Well done, man. Don’t be a stranger.

The “How could anybody think of fucking with this guy” award goes to: OldFrog75

Seriously: how could ANYBODY fuck with this guy? He’s low key and cool as the other side of the pillow, but people still fuck with him. HOW?! You would be very hard pressed indeed to find anybody as easy going, happy-go-lucky and in general an all around good guy (ah la Tom Slick) to game on with. Maybe that’s why people fuck with him: they’re jealous of him and can’t stand the fact he makes them look like the complete douchebags they are. Oh well…hang in there, man! We’re pulling for you!

The “Damn, I wish he worked for us” award goes to: SirFoch

Seriously, dude. Join us. Come to the dark side. Let go of your anger, strike them down with your hatred and make your trip to the dark side complete!

The “I’m not going to take this shit lying down” award goes to: Mr_Alex

This guy never, ever quits. It’s simply inspiring how passionate he is, especially about World of Warships. He posts pretty much all of the updates regarding Warships and it’s goings on single handed. Well done, man! Keep fighting the good fight!

The “I eat lawyers for breakfast and shit them out by mid-afternoon” award goes to: Whisky_A_Go_Go

Thanks, man! You absolutely fucking rule! We owe you HUGE!

The “Even Keel” award goes to: SPACEDUDE 71

If we could all be a bit more like him, this game would be fucking fantastic…and my blood pressure wouldn’t be the problem that it is.

The “Voice of Reason” award goes to: Gomez_Adams

Seriously, folks…can you think of anybody on earth that gives a more fair shake than he does? Besides, he’s never lost his cool that I know of. Well, maybe once…but he had a really good fucking reason!

The “Twelfth Man” award goes to: Speedy_DePalma

This guy is always consistent. More importantly, he’s nearly always right. He’s called out those that deserve to be and also put us in our place on a few occasions when we got it wrong. Well done, man! Thanks for popping by from time to time.

The “Devils Advocate” award goes to: Zeedox

Really, folks: to this day, NOBODY knows which side of the fence he’s on. (For the record, I think the guy has a pogo stick and just leaps from side to side for entertainment purposes only.)

The Worst of World of Tanks

The “What a lying piece of shit and a total waste of human life” award goes to: Laceylace

This is a guy that posted a picture of a girl saying it was him. Then he said that wasn’t him that he was actually another girl he posted a picture of. Then he said that wasn’t him either and posted a picture of a third girl saying that was, in fact, him. Then he said that wasn’t the case that it was the second girl he said he really was that he really was. Yea. Sure. Right. How fucked up are you when you not only have to lie about being a girl so that ANYBODY will tolerate your toxic ass, but then you can’t even make up your mind which girl you’re going to lie about being. FOUR FUCKING TIMES!!!

The “How the flying fuck did that stupid bitch EVER get that job” award goes to: Dance210 (aka Melinda B. Heilman)

Folks, the title says it all. The most epic failure of a community admin ever seen on any forum anywhere, bar none. I mean, this picture (which is REALLY her and taken from her Facebook page) says it all:

Yea. That about sums it up. I mean, she must be able to suck a grapefruit through 50 feet of garden hose or something…that’s all we can think of as to how she got the job. Thank God they ‘re finally shipping this stupid bitch off to some other failure of a game that is on its last legs – the Wargaming equivalent of being sent to Siberia. (If ONLY they really WOULD ship this bitch off to Siberia. Then again, I wouldn’t really wish that on Siberia.)

The “What the flying fuck was he thinking” award goes to: Jay Cohen (General Manager Wargaming NA)

I mean, really. This is the asshole that not only oversaw the complete, systematic destruction of the player base in north America, but also in an apparent drunken, cocaine infused, methamphetamine boosted rage decided to put his toxic two cents in on the Sir Foch incident that was already calming down once again boosting it to, quite literally, a global PR catastrophe for Wargaming. How the flying fuck does he still have a job? If any of us performed their jobs as badly as this asshole, we’d probably be taken out back, beat the shit out of, and THEN fired.

The “would you all just PLEASE shut the fuck up” award goes to: All the arty haters

Seriously. Just shut the fuck up. Your bitching has taken arty from a bearable inconvenience, to a troll mechanic, to an unbearable fucking nuisance.

The “Most worthless son-of-a-bitch to ever walk the earth” award goes to: TodSoldat

This Nazi asshole admits to beating up teenage girls, being a racist, Nazi asshole, threatening a Federal Employee and more. How this fucking moron isn’t under the jail by now is nothing short of the most fantastic example of dumb luck ever seen on this planet. Haven’t read up on him? Do so HERE.

The “He got his comeuppance” award goes to: PixPax

This asshole, along with his apparent life-partner, BillNye_The_Statpad_Guy, made a video of intentionally trolling  and TKing a guy for laughs. He did it one time too often and was permanently banned from the game for it. Without doubt, one of the single best moves Wargaming has ever made.

The “Douchebag of the Year” award goes to: _Tsavo (aka _Tsavo_, Zeman_Bastogne, ElectronicFunk)

You need to read the full article on him HERE. In the end, it comes down to this: he’s an epic fucking fat-assed troll that bullied people non-stop. He fucked with us and got owned. He came back and tried to make himself popular on the official forums with giveaways, but only proved once again how much of a fucking douchebag he is and was unceremoniously told to fuck off by essentially the entire forum populace.

The “Queen of the Pedophiles” award goes to: NyxWGA (aka Felicia Johnson)

This bloated warthog of a latent lesbian is about as bad as they come when it comes to defending and promoting child pornography. She single handed wrote the rules that allow people to constantly post pictures of OBVIOUSLY under aged girls in sexually explicit clothing, poses and sexual acts on all Wargaming owned websites. She also single handed enforces it by banning anybody that ever dares speak out against this absolutely grotesque exploitation of female children. Her defense to it is the same as all the other pedophiles: it’s animated, so it’s OK. No it is NOT OK, you perverted bitch. To a man, all of us here long for the day this shit catches up with you, and you find yourself handcuffed in the back of a patrol car headed for prison with the rest of the perverted fucks you work with.

The “Worst, most toxic, used to be good but is now worthless clan” award goes to: RELIC

This once great clan full of assholes is now, at best, an also ran clan full of even worse assholes than they had to begin with. Granted, an asshole is an asshole, but at least the original assholes were pretty damn good players. Let’s face it, back in the day if you weren’t rocking a 60% win rate, your odds of getting into RELIC were slim and none. Now, they can’t even manage a full roster anymore (there’s only 87 members as of this writing) and to make matters worse the majority of the people who are there are sub 55% win rates. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Strange how they talk more shit now than they did then, and they can’t even remotely back it up anymore.

The “Worst blogger in World of Tanks History” award goes to: RitaGamer (aka Rita Sobral)

Here’s another useless bitch that apparently can suck a grapefruit through 50 feet of garden hose. Her articles are simply regurgitated Wargaming press releases with the insight of a dyslexic, blind mole. Her claim to fame is, apparently, swimming out to meet incoming battleships and laying face down with her ass in the air when the troops go on leave. Seriously: this dingy bitch has gone stone-cold-fuck-nuts. She spends more time posting sexual innuendo on The Chieftains threads than doing anything remotely resembling actual blog work. Her blog started off with some promise. No shit. Silent Stalker essentially handed her the keys to the kingdom of World of Tanks blog wise and what did this dingbat do with them? Chunked the keys under a flower pot and went down to the red light district to peddle her worn out wares. It’s fucking pathetic.

The “Grow a spine you worthless, fat, two-faced bastard” award goes to: The Mighty Jingles

For a guy that puts on an air of self-righteousness, this fat bastard is worthless. He pretends time and time again to “take a stand” and “do what’s right” and usually sells out in less than 24 hours. The case in point was the entire SirFoch incident where he didn’t say a fucking word when it all went down (hell, our story was up days before he even commented on it) and then when he sees the shit storm getting COMPLETELY out of hand, he throws in his “I wont stand for it – I’m quitting – maybe I’ll go do some War Thunder” video tirades. Guess what? He did fuckall. He folded like a house of cards in less than 12 hours. He’s the only man we are aware of that can actually suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and he does it often. He’s a worthless, two faced suck up that has nothing in his life but a couple of video games. Let’s put it this way, he’s most known for what? War Thunder and World of Tanks videos. He’s quit them both. But he’s still doing them. Fucking spineless prick.

More to come…

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Well, first off, thanks for the mention. Secondly, that is fantastic! I really needed a good laugh! Very well done, guys!

  2. Speedy_DePalma

    Hey thanks for the nod guys keep up the good work.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yea, I sorta feel like those crash dummies on the TV set you see talking when they go to work to crash test another new car 🙂 Each time it’s like, “Oh No ! Mr. Bill, no, no, no, oh noooo! Not again..! My neck has whiplash looking at the player line up to see who’s coming at me next… Maybe, those guys still have their special xvm identifiers that say, “There he is!”
    Hey man, 1 whole year this place is still here… !! COOL..

  4. Felix_der_Fuchs


    That reminds me, still running those borderline-illegal mods like in this video? Sad you’d even bother using hitskins, vladimir. But I suppose it’s to be expected of sub 50% shitlords ^_^

    While I’m at it, why are you following someone you wrote a nasty article about? I think someone’s got a cruuuush :3 Awww, how cute! A retarded schizoid mental hospital escapee who figured out after atleast 3 years of toil and tumble how to turn on his computer and stumbled upon this wonderful game we play, wot, making loads of alts that are obviously his (the ips matching not helping anything tbh) follows his twitch/wot waifu! So adorable! Perhaps you’ll drink that can of turpentine the next time you’re having a hallucination of your twitch waifu commanding you to post delusional shit on a shittily coded blogsite.

    You’re a very special kind of stupid, aren’t you? First off, Vlad hasn’t been seen nor heard from in forever. Secondly, he and Leftist aren’t even remotely the same person. Thirdly, none of the mods in the video you posted are illegal you dumb fuck.

    Fourthly, don’t comment on the login page you moron. Jesus wept…I would ask just how fucking stupid you are, but you’ve already proven it.

    Fifthly, dude…when you play like this:

    Moron Stats

    Then the last thing on earth you ever need to do is open your mouth. Seriously, dude. A bot is better than you are.

    – Thing 1

  5. Felix_der_Fuchs

    Totally forgot to link the screenshot!

    Wow man. You’ve broken the case wide open! Leftist followed a blogger on the internet! WOW! SHOCKING! I’ll alert the media!

    – Thing 1

  6. Felix_der_Fuchs

    Oh while you’re alerting the media at 5 in the morning, be sure and add this hilariously damning evidence of your- I mean leftist’s dipshittery ^_^

    It’s 6am, dumbfuck. And nothing has been altered. I simply reply to them.

    What’s more, moron, it’s pretty fucking stupid to criticize someone for being on a site when you are in fact on the site at the same exact time.

    Fucking village idiot.

    – Thing 1


    Posting with a long ago banned account. That has to say alot about this guy.
    Wg forums rips him a new asshole. He goes ballistic. Gets banned from forums. Then comes here to hide as he spews bullshit. Gg felix

  8. Thing 1

    I’m still scratching my head at how ANYBODY can be THAT FUCKING BAD.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    O.K. Put the hand cuffs on me I was on twitch a very long time ago ( that’s been so long ago I barely remember ). I committed crimes by going to twitch, I saw Rita, and JennaBug that’s no secret. Why do these post sound so familiar from the past? Sounds so similar from a group of knot heads from the NA forum? Or maybe Labs even? Or maybe some familiar clansmen from the past? Always, always these creepy stalking shadowy types springing from nowhere. I wonder who it could be?

  10. Thing 1

    If I had to guess from the sheer stupidity of the writing I’d say it’s FlorbFnarb. I could be wrong though. Not likely…but I could be.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Oh, yea. FlorbFnarb. He’s off his meds again, that crazy mixed up guy. (if it’s him that is) 🙂 Yea, Florb was accusing us for his account getting hacked. When he was warned about giving his password over to those stat boosting sites. Which is tragic when you think about it. He loses his money for paying to boost his stats, then they steal his password. Why Florb would do something like that is beyond me? Well, we’re talking about Florb.

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