Arcangelrain – The Most Worthless Fucktard in World of Tanks History

Well, folks, it’s another wonderful day here in the realm of World of Tanks with yet another wonderful video of the wonderful game play to be found in the most wonderful of games, World of Tanks!

This one, once again, comes to us via Insurrectional Leftist. This time, however, it’s a bit different. This time, he’s not victimized at all – his entire team is.

Sports fans, I have not seen any bullshit like this ever. I mean ever. In any game, anywhere at any time I’ve never seen this. This asshole should be found, and beaten to within an inch of his failed and miserable fucking life.

So, his name you ask? Well, here you go folks. Fair warning – brace yourselves. This guy is really, really, really bad.









This guy is not only bad, he’s an asshole that goes completely beyond the pale. Here’s some of his choice comments from the match:

And then there’s this little gem. We left this full size to illustrate to you folks EXACTLY where this asshole sat the ENTIRE GAME up to the point he runs over at the end and drowns himself to give the enemy the win.

That was NOT a fucking typo. He actually does it.


Now, although he is the main subject of this article, it must be pointed out that he’s not the only completely worthless fucking waste of human life in this game. He is joined by another complete asshole.


Where in the name of all that is holy are these fucking morons coming from?!

I mean, the average person can’t be that bad if they went out and actually TRIED!!!

So, to set the stage for you, at the start of the game the first person to speak is Arcangelrain. He says, and I quote, “I’m going to camp base.”

Folks, it digresses into a world of absolute shit from there on out. Grab another whatever-you’re-drinking and watch this shit (Download Replay Here):

In the words of the great Eddie Murphy, “Can you believe this mother-fucking shit?!?!

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my God. You have got to be kidding me.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    You know, I am setting here re-watching this once again. Still these 4 days later, this replay makes me want to “puke”. All the O-Ho had to do was even wait still in the cap area for the VK45B, in a smart defensive position to avoid the 1st incoming shot, determine, or determine his path and direction to the cap etc. Prepare a massive HE round, and hit him in his sides, rear, or even in his turret side etc. It should have taken the VK 45B out, and if not, the 2nd HE round would have. The O-Ho was at 100% HP Health. He could have absorbed 3 hits easily most likely. Plus, he could have loaded an Perm round also? (or whatever round was more suitable for that Pen), Just avoid shooting at that front plate! He could have used, that camped position, and the 100% Health to have won the game atleast for all the effort everyone tried in the game, and their time etc.

    That was simply so abysmal ! To just drive off and drown like that? Why? It made no sense. If support were to review it, an saw he atleast fought at the end to defend the cap, and then actually destroyed the VK 45B, for a win, that would have negated the reports even mostly likely if the replay was reviewed (not that WGNA hardly ever does review these you would wonder?).

    The fault I can see on my part perhaps would have been, asking the other tanks to try not to have engaged the T-54, and ask them to come with me and, we all engaged the VK 45B together, before he came around, before I went after the T-54. I felt for some reason some how with the VK 45B being at the low of HP the players would be able to handle the VK 45B, I assumed wrong. So, I could take some blame for not tactically realizing it would have been better to have went for the VK 45B 1st before the T54? But, the real threat seemed to be the T-54! I felt I was correct in that assumption? Because, of the stat of the player, and in the end he had 7 kills, he was fortified in the monastery, sniping in an OP tank. If I could weaken him enough? (which I was able to get him to a 1 shot atleast) he could be killed and was in fact. I just underestimated the IS-6 would not come behind the VK 45B to shot his sides or rear? Or that the O-Ho could not be honorable enough to atleast try to do what he “Promised the team he would do” and that was, “Defend the Cap” He did clearly say he would defend the cap in the chat clearly. We had no idea he would suicide in the water, and say, “I Win”. He could have killed that VK 45B. With a 100% Health tank, a large gun, with HE, or a Perm round I could have atleast min. of 3 good shots on that vehicle. I’m sure he could have killed him. I hope some game, someone does the same to him when he works hard for a win, and they throw the match on him! 🙁

  3. Steamboat_Willy_Sr

    Funny replay, sad ending.

    What strikes me however, is that this site is now calling out players for poor stats?

    Animal farm anyone?

    No, jackass. Had you bothered reading other stories you would have seen this statement:
    If you’re one of those stat whores that have always accused us of ignoring anybody except so-called “good” players, well…this one is for you.

    The stat whores used to claim it was always the players with bad stats that did all the bullshit. We hadn’t come across any up to that point. Once we did, we posted them just the same. We don’t play favorites here. If you’re a fucking asshole, you are treated accordingly. If you don’t get that, try pulling your head out of your ass.

    – Thing 1

  4. Steamboat_Willy_Sr

    Nice reply, too bad, I had been a supporter of this site and frequented it regularly as well as encouraging others to visit it as well. You’re anger and disdain towards anyone who disagrees with you, even if done in a polite manor, now makes makes this site one to avoid.

    You came on making snide, insulting, bullshit comments. What did you expect? As I said before, we don’t play favorites here. If you act like an asshole, you will be treated accordingly.

    – Thing 1

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