BillNye_The_Statpad_Guy & PixPax – User Submitted Video

Player: BillNye_The_Statpad_Guy & PixPax
Clan: OTTER / Wargaming
Submitted by: natspellbee via WoT Forum

This is without doubt the worst behavior we’ve ever seen. Not only does once again an OTTER member insult, berate and troll his teammates the entire game, he and his partner in crime PixPax (formerly of Wargaming) team up to invite one of the members they blamed for the loss to their platoon for the soul purpose of team killing him the next game. They do exactly that. If it were any of us that had behaved this way, we would be instantly banned. But this is Wargaming’s sponsored golden clan, featured in articles and videos on their site, so nothing happens to them.

Of course, just minutes after natspellbee posted this bringing it to everybody’s attention, it was instantly deleted. Wargaming covers and protects it’s own trolls as usual.

EDIT 10/4/16: PixPax has been PERMANENTLY banned from the game. Forgive us for laughing out loud.

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  1. BillNye_The_Statpad_Guy

    Yeah so what? People are assholes, and this is the internet, if your skin is thin enough to get triggered by the process of 1 public battle i wish you good luck in the real world my friend. also there is a video on MY channel of the same thing, so thanks for promoting chems instead of me :(. you’re a pussy. o7

    No, people aren’t assholes; you are. The really funny part is that you’re too stupid to know the difference between the two.

    – Thing 1

  2. Themuthapak

    Well yes people are assholes not just him, I don’t know how you cannot agree with that.

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