Ficarra – User Submitted Video

Player: Ficarra
Clan: ENJOY (Formerly of HAVOK and RELIC)
Submitted by: Insurrectional_Leftist

Well, here we are again with yet another complete horses ass of RELIC/HAVOK raging at his team non-stop because he’s a dumbass.

Now, the one constant in any Wargaming game has always been: If you’re all alone and the rest of your team is far away from you, then you’re not going to last long. Even the so-called unicums (read as holier-than-thou, power-platooning, gold-spamming assholes) will tell you never go it alone.

But that’s not Ficarra’s style. Ficarra is an asshole like the rest of the HAVOK/RELIC people, so he expects everybody to back him up no matter where he goes and what he does.

So what does Ficarra do here? Well, he yolo’s like the noob he is. His problem though is that this time he is alone. He doesn’t have his little asshole buddies from HAVOK / RELIC backing him up.

So he rolls out in his IS7 to light years ahead of the rest of the team all by his lonesome and tries to play it like he’s in a AMX 13-90 or something of that ilk.

Needless to say, he doesn’t last long. In fact, he last about 3 minutes and that’s it. (Yet again, a recurring theme of the power clan failhards when they’re on their own.)

So feast your eyes on a so-called unicum and his “game prowess” that gets him blown to bits in a couple minutes. At the 3:35 mark, he’s dead…and like the typical power clan, fail-hard asshole, he spends the rest of the game blaming everybody else.

And there you have it, folks! Another quality, Wargaming sponsored, power clan asshole that makes everybody’s life in this game miserable to the point it’s just not worth playing anymore.

So how did Ficarra do? How well did he fare? Well, he finished 3rd in damage (behind Insurrectional_Leftist) and 7th in XP (behind half the team).


[sarcasm] Wow. He really contributed. [/sarcasm]

What’s even worse is that Wargaming has never and will never do one single thing about it. Quite the contrary: they still feed these assholes free gold and tell them to “keep up the good work”.

The whole thing reminds us of something from history, so we’ll just leave this here:


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  1. Aldus

    Yep. Typical RELIC douchebag. They’re all like that.

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