Laceylace – User Submitted Video

Just when you think a known asshole can’t be any more of an asshole, leave it to Laceylace to prove us all wrong. In this video, Laceylace TK’s Jynx, who had got his ass shot off early on and was barely alive.

Laceylace then goes on to troll Jynx hard, then starts telling him how he isn’t breaking any rules because he knows how the TK system works and since he didn’t get flagged for it or turn blue over it then he’s not actually breaking any rules at all.

Right. Manipulating the system to intentionally team kill people isn’t breaking the rules. What a fucking prick. How this asshole isn’t banned already is simply mind boggling.

As if that weren’t enough though, Laceylace being the shemale he tries so hard to be, starts PM’ing Jynx in his garage and just keeps on trolling and talking shit.

It’s once again just more evidence on why this game is complete shit now and who made it that way.

And here’s the after game assault:

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  1. notch123

    He still isnt banned so erghhh who looks like the idiot now?

    That would be the idiot that posted this exact same comment on the login page first before realizing he was in the wrong fucking place.

    In other words, you.

    By the way, tell Jeffrey we said hi.

    – Thing 1

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