PleaseNo and candsbrown: Two Physics Abusing XVM Assholes

This video comes to us from OldFrog75 by way of Insurrectional Leftist.

Here we go again on why XVM should be removed from the game completely:

In this replay, you can see that nothing is said, nobody provokes anybody at all, but in less than a few seconds from the start these two mouth-breathing, shit-for-brains asshats PleaseNo and candsbrown start shoving OldFrog75’s T1 tank around for lack of anything better to do and just to screw with him.

They never say a word. But let’s go ahead and take a look at what happens (Download Replay Here):

Now, I’m sure they were on their headsets laughing it up at how they were abusing somebody that couldn’t fight back. It’s what assholes do. It’s why this game is a steaming pile of shit these days. But the question is, “Why?”

Well, lets look at the two perpetrators, shall we?

Not what you’d really call top drawer by any stretch of the imagination, but not terrible either. So, what about the guy they were screwing with? Let’s have a look at him too, shall we?

Now, for the record: OldFrog75 has been playing for EXACTLY one month as this story is being typed. That’s it. One month. Suffice to say he really has no clue what he’s doing yet, doesn’t really know how the game works at all, but he’s trying to have a good time figuring it out.

But nooooooooooo…we can’t have that, now can we?

Of course not. Enter XVM. Now, these two assholes have probably gotten their fair share of abuse by the purple pussies over the year-and-a-half they’ve been playing. They obviously know each other as their account creations are within a day of one another and they platoon together quite a lot from the looks of things. In fact, I’d put money on them both being failed re-rolls of some unicum wanna-be asshat that didn’t quite work out, so they decided to use them as troll accounts instead.

There is no reason on this earth for them to have ever screwed with OldFrog. Not one. He didn’t say anything (NOBODY did in fact), he didn’t accidently shoot them, he didn’t pull in front of them…nothing.

This is, once again, XVM in action. This is two failed re-roll asshats jumping into low tier tanks, getting into a game, letting the game start, then hitting the tab key and looking for somebody to fuck with. Who’s the reddest guy on the team?

The new guy, of course. Let’s fuck with him.

That is what this is. That is why XVM needs to fucking go. It has done nothing from day one but create this exact bullshit – an environment of abuse, bullying, insults, trolling, and more. It’s ruined the god damn game completely.

One could learn to live with the bogus spotting, the lag, the bullshit mechanics, because after all it’s tanks. Tanks are cool. Really, they are.

But this bullshit? No. Fuck this. It’s just not worth dealing with.

You wonder why you can’t keep new players, Wargaming? This is why, you stupid fucks.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Yep. That about sums it up. I find it hysterical that Wargaming keep falling all over themselves trying to figure out a way to return thier game to greatness when all anybody has to do on every game they make is look at the stat-toxicity. It’s the same in every single game they make. How they haven’t figured out to just get rid of it, just turn off the damn API for it, is beyond me.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Getting rid of the WN8, and these trashy WN8 Labs Tags on the forum over there also would be a great service even. Listening to unicums cry, cry, and cry more about how their being focused, by reds, oranges, yellows, an limes always shooting them, crying about how the scrubs, an tomatoes shot them, Wah!! How dare the cannon fodder shoot back an hit us,, Wah.. 😐

  3. the_Deadly_Bulb

    Had some games tonight with our new clanmate OldFrog75. He learned a lot and we had a good night of ‘toning and shooting the reds. He did some good wolfpacking in his Pz III/IV. This is a guy that gets it, he just needed some info and tips.

    Got no use for griefing shitters. Wanna be puke stains that mess up others enjoyment so they have something to whack themselves to sleep by. Thanks Insurrectional_Leftist for helping our clanmate with this. Never saw this site previously. Good site, good work. Lets continue to out asshats and TK pukes!

    Good to hear! It’s shit like what happened to him that ruined the game to begin with. Ironically, it’s guys like him the game actually needs the most, which is of course whey they’re treated the worst, which is why the game is complete shit right now.

    Best of luck to him, you and your clan.

    – Thing 1

  4. BajanDoesSparklez

    Is couldn’t fight back the same as sitting in a corner and doing nothing?

  5. BajanDoesSparklez


    Speak English, dumbass.

    – Thing 1

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