Qazdarf – Physics Abusing Asshat

Well folks, leave it to an x5 weekend to bring the trolls out of the woodwork. Remember OldFrog75 that was picked on a few weeks back by those idiots PleaseNo and candsbrown? Well, he’s back with another little tidbit of yet another shit-for-brains player screwing things up.

Now, OldFrog75 wasn’t the victim this time, he was just the witness. Right at the start of the battle, Qazdarf, who I guess was dropped on his head as a baby, has no clue who his father is, and whose mommy never told him she loved him, decided to just go hell bent for leather fucking with people.

So let’s first of all take a look at who we’re talking about:

Yea. That looks legit, does it not?

At any rate, Qazdarf wasn’t the least bit interested in a battle. He was there for one reason and one reason only: to fuck with people.

His first victim is TheOWLshot in his T1 heavy, but Qazdarf was having problems shoving him around, so he went for Rothem_One in his Panzer II. Hey, he’s lighter and easier to push around, so why not?

So Qazdarf hits Rothem_One and starts pushing him back towards the out of bounds line, eventually flipping him over. It snowballs into a complete debacle from that point on.

Was he reported? Yep.

Did they do anything to him? Nope.

And they wonder why their game is shit and they’re losing players. This is just another in a very long line of examples as to why. You’d think the fucking idiots would actually do something to get rid of assholes like this, but nooooooooo. Oh well, here’s the video for your puking pleasure (download replay here):

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