stinkybritches_: Shit player from a shit clan talks shit.

If you’re one of those stat whores that have always accused us of ignoring anybody except so-called “good” players, well…this one is for you.

Although we very rarely come across “bad” players starting all kinds of shit, this one was brought to us once again by Insurrectional Leftist. In the interest of showing that we’re non-partisan when it comes to stats, as shitty as these guys are, we’re putting them up here.

Now, to be fare, the entire game starts off with a bunch of moronic posting from just about everybody. Insurrectional Leftist has a go at Trump. Vauntin has a go at pretty much anything. Stinkybritches simply states that he shit his pants.

We’re not kidding. He did. Here you go:

That takes place just seconds into the game followed by a bunch of other juvenile shit posting by pretty much everybody. Oh well, such is the environment of World of Tanks.

At the time though, none of it is personal. The game progresses in a chaotic fashion as usual with people clicking everywhere, asking support from everybody and in general adding a bunch of useless banter in an already useless game.

Be that as it may, towards the end of the match after Leftist dies by fire, he ask about a certain consumable and ask if it helps stop fires. He gets no answer from anybody, so he ask again.

Then, out of nowhere, stinkybritches just hammers him. Now, stinkybritches had died quite some time before this happened, and hadn’t said a word the entire time. One would think watching the entire replay that he had simply left the match.

Apparently not. He had been waiting for somebody to troll, and he didn’t disappoint. As if that weren’t enough, Vauntin jumps in on the act as well after Leftist informs stinkybritches that he’s going to report him.

It pretty much digresses from there. (Download Replay) Here you go:

Now, the thing about this that has us sitting up taking notice is that it’s not very often we see someone THIS BAD trolling people in game. Normally, it’s more the stat whores insulting you over your stats than anything else. They’re (the stat whores) always on about how it’s the shitty players that do it more, but we’ve not really seen that until now.

For the record, here’s stinkybritches stat tag:

This guy is a personnel officer? Really? It’s about this point we collectively start laughing our asses off…until we look at the shit clan this asshole is a personnel officer of:

Click Here for full Wotlabs page.

“Dance like no ones watching?”

“Love like you’ve never been hurt?”

What is this bullshit – The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy clan?

To take that one step further, check out the commander of this steaming pile of way-too-liquidy shit clan:








I mean, wow. Just fucking wow!

So, this is rare but it simply has to be done: We’re sorry. We’re sorry we didn’t believe you stat whoring sons-of-bitches. We were wrong. You do have just as much an issue with shit clans as the typical solo player does with stat-whore clans.

There. We said it. We’ve covered it. It’s done.

And Vauntin, you stupid fuck: you’re borderline fucktard anyway. Best be careful who you decide to come “help out”. In other words, look before you leap…because on this particular occasion, you landed in a pile of absolute shit.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Mother of God.

    82 members with a 46% average win rate and sub 700 average Wn8? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was a blatant troll clan full of alt accounts.

    We hear ya. Nobody spends 10’s of thousands of games on troll accounts though. They’re just that goddamned bad.

    – Thing 1

  2. Vauntin

    I’m Vauntin and I approve this message! Did he get his safe space after he was triggered? Did he need grief counseling? Also, why didn’t you post my stats?

    Because you’re not the object of the post, asshat.

    And for the record, it was you that were “triggered” you fucking idiot. You’re the one that jumped into a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with you from the outset.

    – Thing 1

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I think that account on the forum is deleted for StinkyBritches. Wonder what he was doing on the forum that got him deleted? Well, I’m guilty as charged. No doubt about it. I confess right here an now my guilt in the matter bringing up Trumps name from the beginning and confess my sins. Of course, I didn’t mind the counter political commentary in return coming back too me. I expected that as I should, when you start it first (as I did), you have expect x100 back in return (good or bad). That I didn’t mind. But the ending stuff, well that’s a bit different. Ole Well, the Kelly Ann was wrong about one thing the Microwave Oven is not as colorful with it’s data as this, or hilarious 🙂

    By the way does anyone know about that skill question I had anyway for sure? It’s the Preventative Maintenance Skill I was talking about. Question is would this prevent my Jagdpanzer 100 from catching fire, if I do not have a auto ext. loaded on it? I have 2 ext. skills trained on it however, that will not stop or put out the fires it seems. How can I stop fires, or put them out, if they start? If I put fire ext. on all crew members would it stop the fires?,, or would this Preventative Maint. skill stop it?

  4. Gomez_Adams

    Here’s what the skill says: reduce by 25% the chance of engine fire

    So, no. It doesn’t prevent it. It just lowers the odds a bit.

  5. Thing 1

    You’re both partly right. The auto-extinguisher lowers your chance of catching fire by 10%. The Preventive Maintenance skill lowers it by another 25%, but that’s if the entire crew is trained in that skill. You have 6 crew men in the JPE100 with only two of them trained on the skill if I’m reading your post right. That means that each crew member makes up roughly 16.7% of the skill. So by only having two crew members trained in it you’re only getting 33.4% of that 25% for a grand total of 8.35% reduction. So all together you’re getting an 18.35% reduction in the chance of fire.

    That’s pretty good, but it’s a far cry from the 35% you would have if your entire crew was trained in Preventive Maintenance. I think that’s how they actually figure this shit…but knowing Wargaming, it could be even lower than that with some half-assed voodoo math they use.

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