ThePigSheFlies – User Submitted Video

Player: ThePigSheFlies
Clan: SIMP
Submitted by: Insurrectional_Leftist

Well, here we go again with another Wargaming sponsored asshat insulting the entire team after doing pretty much nothing the entire game.

Now, if you get into a possition where you’re the only one that does anything at all in a game, then we can fully understand the frustration level. But when you pretty much yolo right up the middle headlong into the enemy and get blown to bits, then you sit around the rest of the game insulting everybody else on the team, then it turns out that they all did better than you did, then you need to just shut the hell up.

Here’s the gameplay finish shot:


And here’s the replay of ThePigSheFlies insulting everybody after he gets his ass kicked after doing pretty much nothing. He starts at about the 4:38 mark and continues off and on the rest of the match, but it’s worth watching entirely to see him simply drive non-stop right up the middle right into the teeth of the enemy all by himself as if he’s simply invincible.

What a complete idiot. Obviously, he’s too used to having his SIMP buddies carry his worthless ass by following him blindly and covering his ass. Alone, he’s no more than a yolo idiot.

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  1. Really_Fuzzy_

    Unlike most of the trolls posted here, this player actually posts some useful bits in the forums. I’m hoping this guy was just having a bad day.
    Have you ever noticed though, that once decent players get into top clans their behavior often changes dramatically? At first I suspected it was their (barely restrained) ego occasionally bubbling to the surface but recently it seems that being a D-Bag is a top clan requirement. Perhaps there’s an unspoken competition among the top clans to see who can beat MAHOU members at being the most arrogant, condescending, self-absorbed, e-peen stroking assholes. Maybe the winners get to troll forums and rig matches with impunity.


    Actually, the reason for that is simple: once they get in a Wargaming sponsored clan, they’re untouchable. They know this, so their level of asshole goes from around 2 or 3 to level 10 instantly.

    – Thing 1

  2. Zeedox

    “thepig” was in the forums the other day claiming he had some hush hush ‘security clearance’ .
    I called him out, BECAUSE when you have a security clearance that high you don’t go around bragging about it.
    The back-peddling began and it turns out “thepig” works for a company which has its own controls for data.
    He likes to equate that to a “security clearance” for his own ego purposes in the real-world.

  3. Gomez_Adams


    I tell you, guys, I truly weep for these poor people. Think about it: how absolutely miserable must your life be for you to have to completely fabricate a life on a free to play pixel tank forum?

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