Tsing of -Q-: Patent Asshole and Fail Player Extraordinaire!

Well folks, grab whatever you’re drinking, sit down and prepare yourself – because here we go again!

Once again this is a classic example of why XVM just needs to go; and once again, this video is brought to us by a guy that’s turned into our de facto roving reporter, Insurrectional Leftist.

This time, it’s Tsing of the clan MIMIC that gets in on the act. By the by, MIMIC is a clan so fucking retarded they use the letter -Q- to represent MIMIC. Yea. OK. Makes sense. (Truth be told, they just really, really, really wanted to look like -G-, but everybody had already used the rest of the letters in the alphabet, so there you have it.)

At any rate, the game doesn’t even get underway, and Tsing is at it. He starts off insulting a platoon of three players for their stats. See? The game hasn’t even started yet, and away this asshole goes with his XVM bullshit.

What this shows, once again, is that people use it not as a “tool for improving themselves” and not as “a learning instrument”, but as a club to beat people over the head with. This butt munching asshole Tsing looked at the stat screen as the game loaded up, and then unloaded on these three guys for no reason at all other than their stats.

That’s pure bullshit.

So let’s take a look at the players in all of this, shall we? The three guys were:




Well, it’s clear that two of them are struggling. But when you consider that purpletank has been playing less than a year and has less than 1000 games played, and EarthshakerEM doesn’t really care as he’s just in it for the blowing shit up, it’s no small wonder their stats reflect that.

But our resident asshole Tsing doesn’t give a shit about any of that. He’s a great player. He hates having fail players on his team. I mean, he’s a statistically superior player that is being dragged down by these players that are just having a good time. Right?


The guy is an also ran with an ego and attitude of a unicum with the overall talent of a crippled, dyslexic, jackass with a facial tick. Nothing more. And his “power clan” he belongs to? Well, apparently they took pity on Tsing’s stupid ass because he’s joined the same clan twice. (Nobody else would have his retarded ass, so there you go.) But then again, when you only have 18 personnel, you’ll take pretty much anybody you can get.

But then they made this patent village idiot a fucking combat officer? Seriously? The guy couldn’t combat his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone actually LEAD people into combat.

The only thing this ape-raped, shit-for-brains knows how to do is find somebody, ANYBODY, in XVM with worse stats than his and talk shit. That’s it. That is the extent of his talent.

But I digress…as usual. Back to the replay:

Our man in Istanbul, Leftist, then ask Tsing point blank, “why pick on people over their stats”? Oh boy…that puts Leftist on Tsing’s shit list as well. It’s not too long after that that Tsing starts blaming everybody for the loss, blaming Leftist for doing nothing, calling everybody stupid and fail and what have you…

Wait a tick…did I just type he called Leftist a fail player? Yes, I did. Well, Tsing, you fucking knuckle dragging asshat, if Leftist is a fail player in that game, what does that make you?

Leftist did more damage, more kills, and earned more XP than you did. So, if he’s fail…well, I guess that makes you a complete fucktard, right?

No. It doesn’t.

People just play a damn game. Nothing more. Some do well at it, some don’t. A good majority just don’t give a damn – they’re in it for a good time for a few minutes with a few friends. They don’t live their lives through a fucking game, you moron.

If you think stats in a pixel tank game are the secret to life, then God help you, because you must lead the most failed and miserable life imaginable.

So here you go, folks. Here’s Tsing, a guy that is REALLY IN NO POSITION AT ALL TO INSULT ANYBODY OVER STATS, insulting pretty much everybody over stats (link to replay):

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. What a jerk. Did you notice how many times he made the point that support doesn’t care and will do nothing at all? He must speak from a lot of experience.

    That’s part of what I’m working on now believe it or not.

    – Thing 1

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Guys, Thanks for putting this up. The nerve of some people! It’s one of those glories x5 weekends, and not much you can do about things other than contribute move on. No need to attack people over stats.
    It is truly the BAD side of XVM this kind of thing. These 3 guys are just having fun, they didn’t deserve all those insults. So, Tsing got all that trouble started for nothing! Makes no sense.

    No problem man. Thanks for sending it in. And no those guys didn’t deserve that. Nobody does. What cracks me up is how absolutely average at best Tsing is to be talking that much smack. I mean really. Who the fuck does he think he is?

    One thing I hate to point out is that some of those “good” players have turned out to be far more right than I ever gave them credit for: the stat whore abuse is just as rampant by lower ranked players as it is the upper ranks. Gotta give them credit for that at least.

    – Thing 1

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Oh, but I found out today in my garage that Tsing does not feel that way, he sent this to me below:
    Tsing (4/8/2017 9:15:41 PM) Yes, please, post the replay on WotReplay so everyone can see how useless you are.
    Tsing (4/8/2017 9:15:51 PM) Liberal twit.
    Tsing (4/8/2017 9:23:14 PM) Now, if you’d like to learn how to play the O-Ni better, I’d be happy to teach you.

    Seems, he see’s things differently it would still seem…. He seems to have this Trump view of the game it would seem (No political puns intended here, all views I would think are welcome here on the site, which ever way you see things Left or Right, Democratic, Republican, or Socialist, Marxist, World views are welcome as long as they conform to the rules of the website that Thing1 has laid down, of course)

    That’s the thing about douche bag assholes – they’re never wrong. Ever. That’s what makes them douche bag assholes. And he’s a fucking 49% player for fucks sake! What the ever loving fuck makes him thing he has ANY room to say ANYTHING to ANYBODY?!?! He can’t even manage to win HALF the time!!!

    God damned moron.

    – Thing 1

  4. Armadaus_Baldwin

    Not to put anyone into a hissy fit, but to me, it seems like both you and the antagonist are putting way too much energy and value into what another person says over a video game… whereas the “shitters” in the Berts seem to have the right attitude. But hey, whatever floats you communal boat right?

    Yea…because people should be able to insult people at will and never answer for it. People should be able to act like complete fucking douche bags and never suffer anything for it.

    You’re a fucking idiot and part of the problem. Not surprising to see him run and cry to his clan mates and have them stumble up here trying to excuse his shitty behavior.

    The only reason people do this bullshit is because people keep on letting it go, which in turn makes those assholes even more brazen than before.

    It’s not just them that ruin the fucking game and ran off 10’s of thousands of players. It’s people like you that sit on their ass, do nothing, and let it all happen.

    That you, he, and apparently you entire shitty clan condone that behavior just shows the kind of fucking assholes you all are. Every last fucking one of you.

    And thanks for helping me decide which story to put on Facebook this morning: https://www.facebook.com/ExposingWOT

    – Thing 1

  5. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve never understood that attitude either. It’s called manners. By excusing ill-mannered behavior, you make yourself part of the problem. There is no reason for people to abuse other people over a simple video game that means nothing in the realm of reality.

  6. ArthVex

    Small point of fact, -Q- (Mimic) is done. They broke apart a few weeks ago, only the guys with no interest in CW are left.

    Just because some of the assholes left the clan doesn’t mean it’s not still a clan chock full O assholes. Funny how a sister clan member is here making excuses for it rather than doing the right thing and condemning them for it.

    But then again, you’re associated with them, so you’re probably the same exact kind of asshole that they are.

    – Thing 1

  7. ArthVex

    You might want to check again, asshole. I advised The CO of QQ to break with mimic, and they did. -Q- called one of our members shitters, and we immediately cut all ties, which included changing our clan name, and paying the gold involved. Watch your mouth. I joined these guys as a favor to an old buddy.

    You are under the impression that anybody on earth gives a flying fuck about the history and current events of you and your miserable, fucktard associates.


    You’re two related clans and always have been. To this day you’re both still using the same naming scheme and same logo. That you’ve fallen completely to shit just goes to show how fucking toxic you all are that you can’t even get along with each other, let alone anybody else.

    Ponder that, dipshit.

    – Thing 1

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