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Hellsfog – Typical RELIC Asshole

In our story about RELIC, we point out just a bit of how toxic a clan it is but we didn’t really get into why it is that way and how it maintains that level of complete asshattery.

Enter Hellsfog – the case in point of a farm system that breeds assholes. This guy is exhibit A on asshole. This poor bastard actually believes the entire game should be completely based on his play. We’re not shitting you. It’s not a game for this asshole: IT IS HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

How do we know this?

Well, you know those conversations you have with people about, say, golf? So you play a round once in a while, so does the guy next door and that fellow in marketing at your work. You’re all pretty much hacks that handicap the back 9, but you have a good time playing it and occasionally, not often, you hit a shot that would make Jack Nicholas proud. You know those conversations?

You will NEVER have one of those with Hellsfog. You’re either Dan Marino, or you shouldn’t play. You’re either Michael Jordan, or you shouldn’t play. You’re either Hank Aaron, or you shouldn’t play.

What’s more, this asshole makes it a point to remind people how superior he is every day. He’s one of those “I-have-blue-stats-so-my-shit-don’t-stink” people.

He defines the word ‘Toxic’, which defines the clan RELIC. (Other than ‘Gay’, of course. We all know how they’re all preoccupied with homosexuality, which we covered in the other article.)

So let’s take a look at some of this asshole’s posts, shall we?

On a thread about the MM still being fucked up (which everybody pretty much agrees on):

View PostHellsfog, on Aug 04 2017 – 02:16, said:

I wish WG would bring neg rep back. It would make these threads shorter, let them sink to the bottom of this cesspool faster and make it easier to find useful posts. WG can’t you make this happen for us?

On a thread asking for a PvE mode just like World of Warships has:

View PostHellsfog, on Aug 02 2017 – 05:09, said:

No. Play AW if you want to PvE.

On a thread about Gold Rounds ruining the game, which has been complained about since day one:

View PostHellsfog, on Aug 01 2017 – 13:55, said:

This is one of the most schizophrenic communities I have ever seen. Threads complaining how tanks are op because they lack weak spots and can only be penned with gold rounds then threads like this complaining about gold rounds negating armor. Threads about tanks being ineffective with +/- 2 MM then threads complaining about gold rounds which are the thing that makes the lower tier tanks effective against higher tiers. If I was WG, I wouldn’t listen to us either.

Seriously, folks…look at that post. Let’s break it down:

Threads complaining how tanks are op because they lack weak spots and can only be penned with gold rounds then threads like this complaining about gold rounds negating armor.

That’s EXACTLY the point, you fucking dumbass! They engineered the game to where you HAVE to use gold rounds or you simply can’t succeed. You either bounce every shot or pen every shot. It’s feast or famine based not on any skill at all, but on what type of round you’re firing and if you can afford to fire them continuously.

Rather than making a game based on skill and knowledge, they’ve created a roulette wheel where you have a 50% swing in RNG and if you don’t use gold you simply can’t win, and if you do use gold you almost can’t lose.

A good friend of mine said it best: “The problem with being a complete asshole is that the complete asshole is so bitter about being an asshole they don’t realize they’re actually a bitter asshole.”

That sums up Hellsfog to a T.

I mean, for a guy that thinks he’s so great, why the fuck didn’t even ever make it to RELIC proper? Was he not gay enough? Well, however unlikely that may be, anything is possible.

But this guy is so convinced he’s so skilled and that this game is life, that he thinks if you’re not good enough you should be banned from the game.

No shit folks. That’s what he thinks. And what’s even more ridiculously funny is that a guy that talks all kinds of shit about how good he is and how bad you are says this:

Hellsfog, on Jul 30 2017 – 13:35, said:

Absent a replay, the game does a spotting check every few seconds which is in effect a dice roll. It is possible you had some bad dice rolls.

WHOA NOW! Dice rolls? What the fuck? Are we playing Dungeons & Dragons now? Where’s the “skill” in that, asshole?

But wait, there’s more! Check out his idea on banning people from playing:

Hellsfog, on May 19 2017 – 23:39, said:

I have the answer to your questions. Anyone who can’t manage at least 340 Wn8 and a 47% WR after 5,500 battles will be banned for 1 day. If that person hasn’t improved following their next 5 games, they will get banned for 3 days, a week and then permanently. Any player with 5,500 battles or less who has at least 20% of this games in arty and sucks in arty, will be instantly banned. They will be allowed to reroll as many times as it takes to not be a bot.

Really? So nobody plays pubs unless they do so to his standards?

How about this rule while we’re at it: No sub clans. You’re not good enough to make it to the main clan, go start your own or don’t join a clan at all. I mean, if you suck to the point they don’t want you in the main, what gives you the right to leech off of their success?

How about that one, asshole? Your shit talk is down to one thing and one thing only: You THINK you’re good because you get your ass carried by the memory of what RELIC once was.

The fact of the matter is you aren’t that good. You, like so many other assholes, are just an also ran that never made it to the top of the food chain. If not for your affiliation, you would be shit.

The reality now though is this: Your affiliation IS shit, ergo YOU are now shit.

It is YOU the game could do without. It is YOU nobody cares about. It is YOU who are the problem, not everybody else.

Everybody else just wants to play golf, then share a few stories about their round, good and bad, and have a laugh about it.

That’s what games are…or at least, it’s what they’re supposed to be. Wargaming, and people like Hellsfog, have ruined all of that. Small wonder the population gets lower and lower, leaving only these assholes behind.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    I had a couple of run-ins with this guy in the past. He really is some piece of work.

    I was on his team once when he started giving this guy that was in a JT88 a lot of crap. The fellow in the JT was set up back behind them trying to snipe (as he should be) and he kept yelling at him for being a camping idiot.

    It’s a JT88 for crying out loud! What the hell else is he supposed to do? Flank a T44?

    It was a classless display. But then again, that’s RELIC, isn’t it?

  2. Thing 1

    Not surprising. They’re all like that. When they win it’s all about their skill. When they lose it’s all about everybody else screwing it up. I wish I had a fucking nickel for every time I’ve seen them yolo into bullshit, get wrecked, then start blaming everybody for not supporting them.

    I’d be a fucking millionaire.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Then of course if only I could have a nickel for every time they then will head over to Wot Labs to be total elitist, unbearable assholes…! Reminds of a movie scene.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Seems our RELIC Asshole Shill/Troll is in a mood to cause some shit today. After posting to a topic about tier 8 Premium tanks and the game, seems he want’s to make something of it. So typical of this one. What I noticed was when he replied that my constant reply notification system problem on the forum seems to suddenly go away when only he replies to any of my comments. Anyone else on the forum, it fails to function for. After exhaustive attempts with WGNA support, and endless tickets they failed to resolve the issue, and told me that it could not be solved, and they could not fix it.

    Now, suddenly RELIC Asshole out of no where it suddenly “ONLY” Works for him? Doesn’t anyone else find that rather especially strange? Rather rotten in Denmark, wouldn’t you think? So, I generated another ticket to support with screen shots showing the red-notifier actually functioning this time ( of course only for him ).

    I wonder how Support will “copy paste, or bluff-rationalize their way out this one?”

    Meanwhile, if you read the thread above, you’ll see how Mr. Hellsfog replies egging for a blow up on the forum hoping for a confrontation on the thread for a strike if he can draw one. With his final reply.


    I don’t understand what you are complaining about now but I guess it’s enough that you get to complain about something. amirite?

  5. Thing 1

    Dude, the only thing I can think of is that it’s because they’re quoting you and you’re quoting them. If somebody has you on ignore, or you have them on ignore, you will no longer get any alerts about their ass at all or them from you.

    Other than that, the only way that happens is if they just completely block your alert system and only add those they want added. That’s doable of course but it’s something only the forum admins would know about or have access to.

    The way around all of that shit is to subscribe to that thread. In the upper right part you’ll see a button that says “follow this topic”. That’s an RSS feed. It will send you alerts every time somebody replies no matter who the fuck it is.

    Try clicking that the next thread you get into. If that doesn’t work, you’ll know it’s them fucking with your account. If it does, you’ll know it’s because you’ve ignored a bunch of people and they’ve ignored you and it’s fucked up your overall alerts.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    What I am saying is, “ Hellsfog IS on my ignore list, yet he is the Only one period over the past 9 months to have ever been able to send me a notification “red” indicator in the upper left hand corner when someone replies to a comment I have made upon the forum”

    Any other person, who I have never heard from before, new, friend, or anyone else period cannot activate the notification feature, but him alone !!! Only him alone, even others who I have on my ignore list cannot even do that !!

    That only leaves one thing? Who in Admin has provided special permission settings, for him to do this, while I’m being told, “ We can’t help you, or sorry we won’t help you.”

  7. Thing 1

    Yeah. That’s fucked up as hell. They’re doing that.

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist

    A website that only Hellsfog can thrive upon. After 2 threads closed, and vaporized by WGNA Moderators in a failed attempt by Hellsfog and his Clansmen pals at trying to downplay the effectiveness of “Illegal cheat mods” in World of Tanks, and being caught in a staged contrived stunt of using a clansmen who ran as many illegal mods as possible to be banned by the Twitch gaming platform, they tried to manufacture consent over the community that the illegal cheat mods they use have no impact on the game, their stats, nor can help others.

    But still, they did not stop there. Another (3rd thread) was launched in a bid to keep their “Big Lie” moving forward. They continued their attacks, not only upon me, but on the credibility of Aslain, and the credibility of his Mod Packs I used also. After I made a request to Aslain concerning the matter, Aslain agreed to come look at the thread.

    Aslain made the following comment upon the thread:

    Posted Today, 04:30 PM

    Beta Testers
    88 battles
    Member since:
    All mods in my modpack are allowed to use, I care very much for my modpack to be clean, and I check all mods that may fall info forbidden with WG Staff.

    Anyone saying the otherwise is wrong or trying to troll nor trying put bad fame on me for whatever reason he has.

    Feel free to ask WG if you think that some mod in my modpack is disallowed.

    Edited by Aslain, Today, 04:32 PM.

    Despite Aslain setting the record straight, and clarifying his pack never contained any fore mentioned mods or contained any of the sorts of the “Accusations that Hellsfog made”, Hellsfog still twist the clarifications made by everyone to the contrary, and actually doubles down harder in his condemnations.

    1.) He was asked to produce the Game Replay in question. He refused to do so. Instead, he said he would only send the replay to whom only wanted to see it via PM. So, he refused to post evidence of his accusations, slanderous claims, to me, or the damaging credibility remarks made toward Aslain and his mod pack.

    2.) He goes further with insults and attack:

    ” You posted the video on your hate site, ironically.” Post # 152

    3.) Now he reveals once again his and the team of clan trolls at work on this whole project upon it’s inception to discredit everyone and thing to do with the existence of the use of “Illegal Mods.” Notice his twisted statement below which holds the key:

    The point, which you are trying to obfuscate, is that you demanded the end to all mods and called others hypocrites while using a heavily modded client yourself. Similarly, the only person smearing Aslain in this thread is you.. Nobody else mentioned him or cared where you got your mods from. Post # 152

    AND, What does this mean? It means friends, that Hellsfog is the ONE with his FRIENDS who are obfuscating ( and running a scam over the community trying to convince everyone that Illegal Cheat mods don’t give you an edge over everyone else in the game! That’s what this whole elaborate scheme was about ), and that HELLSFOG Smeared Aslain’s Mod Pack, Aslain, threw myself and everyone under the bus with more of his usual exaggerations and lies. I called for the removal of “ILLEGAL MODS” out of the game. I also called for the closure of the mod folder also.

    HELLSFOG, also want’s you to think it’s not important where the mods come from. He, forgot that, “I don’t create mods, therefore i must be using a mod pack from someone!” In his smearing attempts he forgot that.

    HELLSFOG is a pure definition of what RELIC Clan represents. Once part of RELIC always Relic. You can take them out of RELIC, like taking out the Trash, but you can never take the trash out of former RELIC Players like HELLSFOG.

  9. Thing 1

    Well, based on all that shit, why would he care if you used illegal mods since he’s saying they don’t help anybody anyway?

    The guy’s obviously a fucking cheater or he wouldn’t be defending the cheats. See him for what he is: A fucking asshole cheater and nothing more.

    Aslain on the other hand is a horse of a different color. The guy has had his own issues with Wargaming over his mod packs, but normally that’s because Wargaming will tell him it’s OK then change their fucking minds a week later.

    The one constant is all of this bullshit is Wargaming. They’ve never done a fucking thing to really stop cheating, clarify what cheating is or anything else for that matter. They’re completely fucking inept and frankly I can’t wait until they go tits up bankrupt.

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, it’s as if the cheaters are doing the ultimate, ” Move along these are not the Illegal mods or the Issue at all you’re looking for ” Look else where, you’re wasting your time here, all of this means nothing, “Move along”.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    LMFAO … Figures. The thread got “Vaporized” Gee, should we be surprised or not ? What does the survey say here? Let’s see a show of hands.

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