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Wargaming Customer Service Fail – Epic Edition

With all that Wargaming is doing wrong, and let’s face it – that’s pretty much everything these days, one would think that it just can’t get any worse than it is.

And you would be wrong. Enter player Ruplingers.

I wish that I was Rod Serling right now, because a story like this deserves the honor of being penned by his hand, with his singular wit and talent, because folks: this shit comes to you straight out of the Twilight Zone. I can almost hear Rod’s wonderful voice as I did for so many episodes all those years ago, ringing in my ears in a way that both excites and frightens. I can almost see him standing nonchalantly on the other side of the room, cigarette in hand, that trademark smirk on his face, as he introduces this story…

“Enter a player named Ruplingers, whose only desire was to quit a game he had grown weary of. But Ruplingers doesn’t realize that this isn’t just any game, it’s World of Tanks. And World of Tanks is a game you simply do not quit, and that it’s not just any customer service he will be dealing with, it’s Wargaming customer service…and it takes place in The Twilight Zone.”

In what can only be described as an absolute kaniption fit, this post appeared on the official Wargaming Forums in the New Players section last night:

Posted Today, 11:33 PM

16324 battles
Member since: 05-26-2012

Anybody want a free account until the fucks at Wargaming ban me.

Email: [email protected]
Password: haY9cocks

Fuck you wargaming I warned you to delete my account now you will have to ban me because your customer service sucks donkey balls Fuck you wargaming. Your customer service is terrible that is why I am leaving and why I am doing this. Fuck off u worthless pathetic fucks.

Wow. Where the hell did that sort of rage come from? I mean, what set that in motion? How does one hit the end of their rope to a point they do that?

Well, it all started with the fact that Wargaming have just run the game into the fucking dirt. A LOT of people have quit. They’ve quit to the point that AS WE PREDICTED, Wargaming are shutting down the West server and migrating everybody onto one server.

(Enter that shit-for-brains Striker 70 to say that they’re just doing that for the school year, or because school is out, or because they planned it 10 years ago, or because…well, shit…fill in the blank with any of a bunch of other stupid bullshit he says.)

But I digress.

Apparently, folks, Ruplingers just got so sick and tired of Wargaming’s bullshit that he wanted his account deleted. No shit – deleted. Removed. Wiped out.

Now, just for the record, this is who we’re talking about:

Obviously a decent player. Obviously a long time player. Obviously a very, very pissed off player.

One can only assume that this person was simply so pissed off, but couldn’t count on their own will power to quit, so they wanted the account wiped out to where they simply would have no reason to log on ever again.

With that in mind, they sent in this ticket to Wargaming Customer Support:

Ticket #1106774
Category: WoT
Sub-category: Account Support

Please Delete my account. I can’t play due to lag and I submitted a ticket and they were unable to help me. In addition to that the changes in the game such as tiers 1-3 are only for beginners and tiers 8-10 you cant make credits I don’t care for. My internet service provider was UW-Platteville when I registered. Platteville, WI was the location of the time of registration. Thank god I never made any purchases.

Pretty cut and dry, right? So what does Wargaming Customer Support come back with? This little jewel:

Earl Begovich (Fake name. No such person exist.)
August 6, 2017 5:19 PM

Dear ruplingers,

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support.

Since World of Tanks is Free to Play, there is no need to cancel or to delete an account. You will at no point be charged for any reason.

Furthermore, if you use your Wargaming account for other games such as World of Tanks for the PC and World of Warplanes, those accounts will also be deleted and we will not be able to retrieve it if you ever decide you want to continue playing again.

For security reasons, we require the following information to begin the account deletion procedure:
What was the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when you registered for your account?
We look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Earl Begovic

Wow. Just wow.

Now, they could have simply looked at his account and saw that he’s never played a single game of Warplanes or Warships. Or, barring that, they could have checked Warships Today and Warplanes Today and found out the same information.

But no. Let’s not SERVICE the customer. Lets troll the flying fuck out of him by asking him questions he’s already answered and making statements that have absolutely NO BASIS in reality regarding his account. Not deterred at this point, Ruplingers has another go:

August 7, 2017 3:32 AM

I don’t know it was at UW Platteville whatever internet service provider they use. I lived in the dorms so I never signed up with any internet service provider. I am guessing centurylink but I don’t know for sure. If you don’t delete my account, maybe I should just do something to get my account banned? If that’s the only way for you guys to delete my account.

At that point, any rational person would simply say, “OK. You asked for it, you got it.” and be done with it. But not Warfailing. Noooooooooo…

Jether Currie (Another fake name. No such person exist.)
August 7, 2017 5:56 AM

Hello ruplingers,

Thanks for getting back to us and for providing information.
The ISP of registration you provided do not match our records. Could you have created your Wargaming account at school or on vacation?

Once we receive your account’s ISP of registration, we will be able to finalize your request.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Jether Currie
Wargaming America Support

So he has told them TWICE that he set up the account at college, gave them the name of the college, and now they ask if he set the account up at school.

Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

Man, they are trolling his ass hard. I mean, come on. They’re not even TRYING to read anything the guy has said at all.

The problem is, Wargaming are not interested in customer service. Quite the contrary: Their customer service department is actually a “Detract and Frustrate into giving up” department.

The department is run the same way all those telemarketing firms are run: They ignore pretty much everything you say so they can frustrate you into either buying something so they’ll leave you alone or block them so you don’t take up any more of their time in the future.

Wargaming is doing the exact same thing, only they’re trying to frustrate you into simply giving up and leaving them alone so they don’t have to actually do anything at all. Emailing is cheap. Having people actually take action cost more.

All of that said, Ruplingers doesn’t give up:

August 8, 2017 6:59 PM

Yes that’s what I said read my post please before responding I created it at UW Platteville close my account now or I will run an ad on your forum and give it away

But then just a few minutes later, his patience begins to slip away.

August 8, 2017 7:02 PM

In fact I am sick of this crapban me now I am sick and tired of your god damn answers being so pathetically stupid and ignorant. Read the entire post before responding you fucking idiot,

So do they do it? Do they read the post finally? Maybe? Hopefully?

Of course not:

Eric Mason (Another fake name. No such person exist. See a trend?)
August 9, 2017 7:17 AM

Hi ruplingers,

We do understand that you your account to be deleted as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the information that you provided to us did not match with our records and we at Wargaming take account security very seriously. Without the information that we need to verify your account, we will be unable to proceed with your request. In order for us to assist you further.

Can you please provide us the following information below:
Bonus codes used in your account
First tank bought using gold

We appreciate your understanding and patience while we are working together to resolve your issue.
We look forward to your response, Commander.

Best Regards,
Eric Mason
Wargaming America Support




This is where you can see Ruplingers start to break down. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion as his sanity slowly slips away. Frankly, I don’t know how he’s held it together this long.

August 9, 2017 9:42 PM

How am I supposed to remember all the bonus codes I have ever used? That’s like remembering what Christmas presents that you have gotten for the last 4 years. I don’t remember the first tank using gold are you kidding me. I remember I got an is-6 for free by completing missions. I remember I got a bunch of free tier 2 tanks. My highest tank was an M103 and then I sold it because it costs to much.

Now, for the record folks, bear in mind that they can see the location Ruplingers is contacting them from. They can also check that against game logins, so they know full well that the person contacting them is doing so through the exact same connection that has played the account.

This is displayed right there on their screens. They can also see that he has given them explicit details of the account that only the one using it would know.

But this is Wargaming Customer Trolling Center – they are NOT there to help you. They are there to fuck with you until you give up.

Now, this next CSR proves the actual level of intelligence of Wargaming employees. Dig all the typos, missed capitalization and ridiculous sentence structure of this asshole:

Jonathan Tracy (Another fake name. No such person exist.)
August 9, 2017 11:33 PM

Hello ruplingers,

Thanks for writing back. We pologize for letting this drag on. but as you may have noticed, we take account security very seriously here at wargaming suppport. And as the true account holder, you should be able to provide details on the information we request from you. but as you have said, the matter with the ISP would really be difficult as you were only being hosted by the university you were at. we understand that . That is why my colleague asked insteead for information on your account activity.

The last bonus code you used was roughly about a year ago. We ask that you rty and recall which particular bonus code was that. we only need a brief description of the said bonus code.
Once we that final information we will be allowed to make changes on your account.

We look forward to your response.
Best Regards,
Jonathan Tracy
Wargaming America Support

Clearly, that asshole needs to go back to grade school and learn some basic grammar. But again, I digress…and Ruplingers falls farther and farther down the rabbit hole.

August 10, 2017 6:01 PM

I am guessing it was for free day of premium for Wargamings birthday. I don’t know exactly what the code is. Yes you guys take it very seriously but it is also very annoying for the customer. Granted this is a free game and you can’t expect customer service to be that great but I have played other free games and the customer service was a lot better. In fact that is the main reason why I want to close my account.

And the retort.

Lucas Silva (Another fake name. No such person exist.)
August 10, 2017 6:13 PM

Dear ruplingers,

Thank you fro getting back to us.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with any account information during the account verification process. Please understand that as the true owner of this account, we suspect that you should be able to provide us with the correct account information. Until we can verify that all your account information is correct, we will be unable to process your request.

Please know that this is only set for security purposes and in no way are we trying to make things difficult for you. We want to assist you as much as we can, but can only guide you to the proper direction.
In the event that you’re unsure of your account registration information, we recommend that you review your records and reply back to us when you feel you may have the correct information which will allow us to proceed with your request.

Have a great day!
Best regards,
Lucas Silva
Wargaming America Support

This is beyond belief at this point. Lets review:

  • He told you he set up the account at school, and which school.
  • He told you he has never spent any money.
  • He told you the only premiums he ever had were the giveaways and an earned IS6 via missions.
  • He told you the only codes he ever used were free ones you gave away.

Now, based on that, right there on your fucking screen, you can see:

  • That he knows where the account was set up from originally, something only the account creator would know.
  • That he hasn’t spent any money, so it was stupid of you to ask what tank he bought with gold.
  • That the only premiums on his account are in fact the ones you gave away and the one he earned – just like he fucking told you.
  • That the only codes he used were the ones you gave away.

So there is no reason on this god damned earth to doubt him. Not one. And now, our man Ruplingers gives up. Frankly, most of us would have long ago – which is EXACTLY what Wargaming wants us all to do.

August 11, 2017 6:24 PM

This is a load of crap. Guess you will have to ban me then

Which leads us to the forum post he made last night. The funny part of all of this? Within 1 hour of the forum post, his account was deleted.

Best of luck, Ruplingers. You will live on in our memory. Well done!


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