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James Fields: Nazi, Murderer, and World of Tanks.

This past Saturday, August 12th, a young man 20 years old named James Fields, a white supremacists Nazi, got into his Dodge Challenger and ran it full tilt into a crowd of people protesting the Nazis killing 32 year old Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others, some severely. Two Virginia State Patrol Officers, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, 48, of Midlothian, Virginia and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, 40, of Quinton, Virginia were also killed as they responded to this act of wanton, racist terrorism.

There are far more questions than answers to this tragedy at this point in time. We are here to shed some light on some of them.

Let’s start with asking, who is this James Fields and what makes a young man like him.

Well, James is a product of his surroundings. Obviously, he was interested in Nazism, went looking for it, and found a group of  like minded people that took him in, taught him all about it, and helped him be a part of it.

So the next question becomes, “Where the flying fuck does he find a group like that?!”

World of Tanks and places like it, that’s where. Don’t think so? Well, let’s take a look at this:

Hmmmmm. Interesting, is it not? Now, just so you know we’re not Photoshoping this shit, here’s the link: James Fields World of Tanks Profile

Now, here’s another interesting tidbit – his clan page:

And here’s a link to that: ETKD Clan Page

Interesting little logo they have on the player list page. Interesting name as well, isn’t it? But that’s all only suggestive. Let’s dig deeper.

We here at Exposing World of Tanks are not new to the war on Nazis. We’ve been fighting them since day one. The problem is, Wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes) actually protect them. Not only do they protect them and defend them, they do so with EXTREME efficiency.

The funny part of that is that Wargaming “says” that they don’t condone that sort of thing. Here it is straight from their EULA:

So, according to Wargaming’s EULA, it is against the rules to even SUGGEST Nazism, let alone ACTIVELY CREATE IT, PROMOTE IT, AND TAKE PART IN IT.

Really? Then how does one go about explaining this:

Now, for a game that CLEARLY states it’s against the rules, not to mention anything remotely resembling decency and honor (which of course Wargaming care nothing about) it sure as hell is very, very easy to find Nazism all over their forums, all in their games and everywhere in between.

As mentioned before, we are no strangers to this. We’ve been talking about this and fighting it for a long time. In fact, we have been banned and black listed by Wargaming for pointing all of this out to begin with.

Here’s a story we did not too long ago regarding an ENTIRE CLAN OF NAZIS.

Here’s a story we did about a guy freely and openly USING THE NAZI IMAGE LISTED ABOVE ON THE FORUMS.

Here’s a story where a Wargaming League Player is caught being a racist Nazi.

And here is ANOTHER ONE who is the commander of the most toxic clan in World of Tanks, but is protected by Wargaming.

And HERE is an article on some of those very people – the Wargaming Staff. See anything unusual at all?

Yeah. They’re ALL white. ALL OF THEM.

We could (and have) go on and on, but just look around the site. You’ll see them everywhere.

Now, it would be one thing if all of this was going on without Wargaming knowing about it. But the problem is, THEY DO know about it. They know ALL about it. They have known about it for YEARS. In fact, it goes beyond that: This entire site is forbidden to be linked to or even discussed on ANY Wargaming forum because they don’t like what we’re showing people.

We’ve sent in tickets. Tons of them. 1000’s of others have sent in tickets as we’ll. We (and others) have provided screen shots like this one for YEARS:

and this one:

and this one:

Over and over again. Now, what do all of these racist have in common? Well, other than being racist, they are all still in the game, still playing, still using the same images, still hurling the same racist comments, still flying the same Nazi colors and it’s all good according to Wargaming. It’s all fine. They give it the thumbs up.

So that brings us back to this guy:

That’s him. That’s James Fields. That’s him standing with a bunch of Nazis.

Here’s what we believe to be his Facebook page:

Funny how he uses the military cover pic when he never made it to the military. Oh well…wishful thinking. It’s probably what drew him to military games – that same wishful thinking and love of Nazism and the golden days of Hitler. Let’s face it, there is no better place to be a Nazi than World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes.

Why is that? Well, the only thing we can come up with is that they, the leadership of Wargaming, the forum moderators as well, are all Nazis or at the very least Nazi sympathizers.

How else can you explain all these people being reported, shown time and again to be racist, to be using Nazi symbols CLEARLY against the rules and absolutely, positively NOTHING is done about ANY OF THEM.


The only people that are banned are those who try so desperately to stop it. Every member of this site but two is forum banned forever. Why? Well, they dared stand up to the Nazis. Don’t think so? Read this thread from just the other day:

This is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME: Someone brings up all the hate speech, racism, Nazism and more and what happens? He is INSTANTLY attacked by the same people, the Nazis and racist, over and over, post after post, page after page. Does anything happen to them? Nope. But the OP gets a forum ban for causing unrest, or some other stupid bullshit, most of the time if not permanently banned outright.

It’s the racist and Nazis that are always saying, “Grow a thicker skin” or “words shouldn’t hurt you” or “you must be a pussy if you let that upset you”.

Well, thicker skin isn’t going to stop a 4800 pound Dodge, is it?

When did it become those who want peace that had to hide? When did it become OK to be a racist, Nazi asshole in public and NOT OK to speak out against it?

Have we all time warped back to 1932? What the flying fuck has happened to us? How is it we are run by, abused by and prisoners of racists?

Well, that’s how Wargaming works, folks. They bully everybody out of the game to protect their Nazi haven. We’ve shown it time and time again to the point that all doubt should be removed as to what sort of people Wargaming are and what type of people they protect.

In closing, we’re just going to post one more image. It’s this one:

So what’s so interesting about that picture? Well, look in the lower right corner. Yeah, WAY down there in that itty bitty type. See that? That says his last game was played April 9th, 2017. To the best of our knowledge, that’s right about the same time James Fields left Kentucky to move up to Ohio to join his mother.

For all we know, that’s not the same guy. Who knows? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. But there are a few statements we can make:

IF (and it’s a big if) that actually is James Fields, then he got all the training in racism and Nazism he could ever hope for by playing World of Tanks. He was supported, defended and allowed to flourish as a white supremacist Nazi. It is in World of Tanks that he received everything he needed to feel confident about being a racist. It is in World of Tanks that he flourished.

IF it’s NOT actually James Fields, then whoever that is couldn’t pick a more perfect place to learn about racism and Nazism. For all anybody knows, he’s sitting at a red light right now eyeballing a group of African Americans or Jews or LGBT folks demonstrating and standing up for their rights, pumping the gas pedal a bit…thinking about it.

Thinking about it hard.

Then again, maybe it’s nobody at all.


Either way, it’s a god damned frightening state of affairs created by Wargaming…and Wargaming is completely and totally OK with that.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that left me speechless.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Wargaming has now, jumped the Shark !! They have potentially been allowing dangerous Nazi’s in this game roaming our streets! And all the reports that have been made to NA support office that have been handled so poorly. I wonder what the FBI will say about this?

    Oh Dears.

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