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Tsavo Part II – The Asshole Just Can’t Stop

Well, folks, it’s that time again. He’s back and as big an asshole as ever. You got it – Tsavo (aka Thomas M. Aebi) is once again trolling the forums spewing nothing but pure shit in every single thread he visits. You’ll never get anything but shit out of him. Ever. It’s all he’s good for. (Well, let’s be frank: it’s all he’s full of, so what did we really expect?)

For those of you not familiar with our history with this asshole, here’s the first article we did on him last year: Profile _Tsavo_

You might want to give that a read in its entirety before you move on to this one. It will explain a LOT.

We’ll wait.





Welcome back! Now that you’ve read that, you’ll see that not much has changed.

Here’s a few examples of his last few posts on various threads just over the last 24 hours:

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 18 2017 – 12:53, said:

Crying because the game’s not made easier for you isn’t the way to go C:

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 17 2017 – 6:35, said:

I don’t really have an issue with shells not penetrating my targets.  Perhaps this is an operator issue?

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 17 2017 – 5:31, said:

We all started as baddies at one point.  Some of us learned and improved ourselves.  Some of us, well, some of use chose not to improve ourselves and are now stuck in a perpetual loop of baddiness.

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 17 2017 – 12:11, said:

This thread provided some comedy.  Like all of Woe’s threads.  Inability to come to grips with the game = salty rage threads.

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 16 2017 – 21:52, said:

Almost every single accusation of cheating was due to being ignorant of the game’s mechanics or their positioning in a map.

So why does he do it? What makes him such a patent asshole? Well, we have our ideas and we’ll get to those in a few moments. The better question is, “Why the hell did he come back?”

Well, to answer that question you have to understand why he left in the first place. You see, it’s easy to be an asshole when you have a lot of people backing you up. But once you prove yourself to be a full-blown, ass kissing hypocrite, then people tend to turn on you rather quickly.

You see, back in May Tsavo “quit” the game over the whole Sir Foch incident. He was never going to play again, he was outraged, he was blah, blah, fuckity, lip service blah.

He never quit. He never missed a game. People called him out on his bullshit.

Then he got shit-canned from his job at Point Park University. That probably had a LOT to do with it.

Yep. Fired. Terminated. Given walking papers. Kicked out. Told to leave. Given the pink slip. Give it a name.

So, now he’s jobless, broke, still living at home with mom as he always has (and at 31 years of age, I mean, DAMN…get a life, son) and can’t afford to do shit.

Seriously. The dude has spent his entire life playing video games in his mothers house. All of it. He’s never taken on any real responsibility, never had his own dwelling, shit, he can’t even afford his own car for crying out loud…which leads me to this little post of his

View Post_Tsavo, on Aug 16 2017 – 21:22, said:

Sometimes words form sentences. Other times words make spaghetti.

Now, what’s funny to me about that post is that Tsavo the asshole made that post on a thread titled Country Wide Vehicle Inspection.

Now, the OP clearly doesn’t speak English as a native language, which is why Tsavo the asshole said what he said to insult him, but the jist of it is that he was all for a Nation Wide Vehicle Inspection policy to keep shit cars off the roads.

So why would our man Tsavo be interested in that? Well, probably because he’s been ticketed for NOT getting his car inspected on a couple of occasions.

The last time he was busted for it was February of last year. Apparently, Tsavo decided to run a red light right in front of a cop. Tsavo being Tsavo, I guess he figured the world revolved around his “living with my mother, have no job, have no life” self. It doesn’t.

So he got pulled over. Not only did he run the light, he didn’t pay to have his vehicle inspected either. Two tickets in one go…that equals what I’ve had my entire fucking life and I’m nearly twice his age.

In the interest of full disclosure, my two are:

  1. Speeding 65 mph in a 55 zone. The truth is I was doing just over 110 in a 55…but I was taking Dan Elliot, racing driver Bill Elliot’s brother, back to Bill Elliot Ford (the dealership Bill owned at the time and has since sold) as Dan was drunk as a skunk (again) and needed a lift home and I had been told to get him there jiffy quick, so the cop took pity on me and let me off light. That happened in 1988. (Post script to that, the cop took him the rest of the way…a shitload faster than I had been going.)
  2. Passing in a no passing zone – I was stuck behind a tractor, got pissed off at doing 10  mph and passed him. Didn’t know a cop was right in front of him. My bad. That happened in 2014.

But back on topic, here it is, folks, just so you have no doubts:

Identifying Information

Pa Admin Office Of Courts

Name: Thomas M Aebi
Date Of Birth: May 2, 1986
Current Age: 31
Address: 444 Chestnut Ln / Strongstown, PA 15957
Gender: M
Ethnicity: Other

So there’s that. But folks, that is FAR from a one-off. This guy has a list of violations for the same thing a mile long. Apparently, he spends ALL of what money he gets on Tanks and Gold and NONE of it for basic responsibilities. Here it is again in 2014:

And yet again just a few weeks later:

Here’s another failure to get an inspection in 2010:

This goes on and on and on. We only went back to 2009:

He had another one October of that same year as well.

I tell you, it boggles the mind. It’s about the most classic example of good-for-nothing, spoiled brat loser I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean really! The guy has the mentality of a 12 year old that thinks there is no such thing as responsibility, accountability or anything else of that ilk.

Small wonder he acts like the spoiled brat little asshole that he is. But where does that come from? I mean, what makes a person that way?

Well, most people would blame the parents. We’ll be looking into that to find out. I mean, the last thing on earth we really want to do is dig deep into Jon’s, Margaret’s, Elizabeth’s and the other Aebi’s past and the Rhody’s past and the Gray’s past and all that. I mean, that’s probably a Pandora’s box of bullshit that would make us lose sleep nights, and we certainly don’t want that.

But we will do it, if that’s what it takes to get to the bottom of what makes this asshole such an asshole.

Maybe the worst part is that 17 years ago, the kid in this picture was a spoiled brat, but he wasn’t quite the complete worthless asshole he is today.

Stay tuned for further bulletins on this topic. We’re nowhere near done with this asshole.

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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist

    He was probably driving this when he got pulled over! 🙂 Muhhahaha, Muhhahaha, haha 🙂

  2. Gomez_Adams

    That’s probably not too far from the truth.

    The sad part of this is how holier-than-thou and self righteous Thomas has always acted. He’s always portrayed himself as some sort of high and mighty, all knowing, all being person of high stature.

    And then you find out he’s just another failed loser living off his mother sucking her dry while blowing all his money on a free-to-play tank game so he can have some form of a life and take out his frustrations on others.

    If he weren’t such a complete jerk of the highest order, I would pity him. After all, he’s roughly half way through his life and look what he’s made of it.

    What a sad, sad example of a man he turned out to be.

  3. Thing 1

    He’s a fucking asshole.

    He was born a fucking asshole.

    He was raised a fucking asshole.

    He will always be a fucking asshole.

    I’m willing to bet money, his entire family (all three of them) are chock full-O-fucking assholes. We’ll find out eventually.

  4. Thing 1

    I tell you guys; no wonder he’s so fucked up. His mother has 4 fucking aliases, his dad has 4 as well. It’s like they’re all fucking grifters hiding from the authorities and bill collectors by constantly changing their names.

    I’m not shitting. How do you get from Von S Gray to Ron S Gray to John Scott Gray to Scott Gray?

    Pic of the family from 2010 added to story for shits and giggles. That’s right before World of Tanks came out and made that asshole Thomas into the great troll he is today.

  5. Gomez_Adams

    Well, in the end I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, does it?

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Damn Tsavo, hell if you need money for registration an tags get a loan man! Hell, I can spot you man. You can pay me later man. Just get a job, an pay me back then man.

    I’m not insensitive! If you need money just ask. Beats getting pulled over cause then you gotta pay more in Court cost etc.


    When i click his content. Theres no contents.
    Did he get kicked again?

  8. Thing 1

    No. Wargaming have disabled that just for him so people can’t easily follow his bullshit and expose it like we did the last time.

    You have to go to the search feature, search for author and enter his name. Then you can get a list of threads he’s posted in.

    You have to remember: Wargaming takes care of perverts, pedophiles, Nazis, racist, you name it.

    But you and me are fucked. They don’t do jack shit for regular people.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, that’s the pity of it all. The scummier you are, the more lowdown you are, the more they take up for you, or people like Tsavo! It boggles the mind. What kind of agreements could WG possibly have signed off on to run an organization like this? What kind of unethical, filthy, slimy, dirty operation do they hide in writing to get away with this?

    What kind of lawyers do they use to do this with?

  10. Thing 1

    None. They’ve never been sued. People always talk shit but at the end of the day they don’t do dick because they don’t want to invest the money in it. Wargaming knows that, so they don’t give a fuck.

  11. Frau_Blooka

    This fucking guy is amazing!! Seriously he is!! He’s one of those fat ugly fucks that get into all that anime porn and furry dress up bullshit and sits around with the two like minded pervert buddies of his he has and circle jerk each other off. His fucking mother sells insurance. Wonder if she has a policy on his ass for when he hits rock bottom and winds up eating a shotgun.

  12. Gomez_Adams

    His family is in insurance? I definitely wouldn’t have thought that. She (in the picture) looks more like a real estate person to me. I don’t know why.

  13. Thing 1

    LOL! You’re right man! She does look like a real estate agent.

  14. Icon_Charlie

    Recently He and Uberdice just looked at my profile, which I found to be… amusing. I reckon a few of my comments on the forum of late got them interested on whom I am. I have not changed a thing on the profile on that forum since I first signed up… I must be pushing a button or two about the actual facts of the game.

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Icon_Charilie Yes, Tsavo and Uberdice are one of those who are tribal with their own selfish worldview of this toxic community. It’s like dogs when they come up sniffing your leg to determine if you consider you one of them or not? That’s a rather crude way of putting things, however that’s what it amounts to basically.

    And if they can’t find anything they can use from you, or use you in any useful way, or they can’t convert you to their “Selfish Twisted” demented little chamber of horrors of personal greed, abusiveness, narcissist activities, or to join their merry outfit of becoming a cancer on the community,,, Then they will soon turn on you at some point?

    They begin to lump you in the basket with the rest of what they consider the bad apples. That’s how they operate.

  16. Thing 1

    Recently He and Uberdice just looked at my profile, which I found to be… amusing. I reckon a few of my comments on the forum of late got them interested on whom I am.

    Uberdice has about one more time to piss me off and he’s going to get the same exact treatment that Tsavo (Thomas) got.

  17. Shadora

    This person is a narcissist. Look at his posts and how he will try to twist every thread into something about him. It’s comical. This person is the personification of an Internet troll with mental problems to boot.

    Some of it is an act and some of it appears to be mental illness. I am not a doctor so I don’t know, but he has all of the traits of being a stalker and one of those weirdos that is friends with one of your friends that he brings out once in a while that the weirdo alarm goes off when you see him, and then you have to ask your friend not to bring him around anymore.

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