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GSH & Wonka – pure talent on display

Well it’s the same old story isn’t it? You start a game and the instant it starts the Nazis and know-it-alls are yelling orders, charging in, dying and then blaming everybody else for everything. When they win it’s all down to their so called skill. When they lose it’s all your fault and the rest of the teams fault.

Same story every single game isn’t it? This one is no different. The game was a total loss at the start with everybody going every which way.

But you do what you can and move on to the next game. Unless your a Nazi or a know-it-all asshole.

The first to die? The Nazi JosephSchultz of GSH. He yolo’d in full bore, got off one shot and died instantly. Then of course he says this:

Yeah. All everybody else’s fault.

A few seconds later, steputon of Wonka, who was commanding everybody from the moment the countdown began until the moment the game ended, was next to die. He just drove around in circles commanding people, then died. Then insulted me after I said, “Says the Nazi” after the above insult.

Of course he went on to talk shit. They always do. So what happened? How did he do? Did he carry the team to victory with all his skill?


WOW!!! I’m SO DAMN GLAD he was on my team! Look at those MAD SKILLS!!!

And of course the Nazi was almost equally as impressive:

Well at least he actually hit somebody and did something in those 30 seconds he lived.

Better than I can say for steputon.

GG Trolls!

Link to Replay


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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Par for the course. I was playing a game of Warships the other day (yeah, yeah, yeah…I broke down, got bored and reinstalled, so sue me) and of course nothing had changed there either.

    There were these two North Carolina’s rolling around yelling at everybody, especially me, that we were all worthless. They couldn’t carry our stupid asses. We were all just too much dead weight.

    Now, the entire time, I was fighting my ass off in my Mogami too busy to type anything. The Benson Destroyer and I were working together kicking ass, so I don’t know what those two North Carolina’s were crying about.

    And of course, as usual, the game ends and you see this:

    And then, as usual, you see this:

    Typical, eh?

  2. Thing 1

    Status quo guys. When they fuck up, it’s “everybody has a bad game from time to time”. They always have a fucking excuse. Always. I tell you if I had a dollar for every time some asshole talked shit about how bad I was doing when it turned out he was the worst asshole on the team, I’d be a fucking millionaire several times over.

  3. PrinzEugen85

    Don’t blame you for playing Gomez, WG corners the market for these games. I’ll still play the odd game of tanks from time to time.

  4. steputon

    lol, it’s funny how you posted this XD; my clan mate showed me this and laughed. I watch a lot of protests and that is why I called you a dumb liberal. It’s typical how you call someone a Nazi is they disagree with your ideals.

  5. Thing 1

    We don’t call them Nazi’s for disagreeing with us, dipshit. We call them Nazi’s because they’re fucking Nazi’s. They spew out racist, anti-Semitic slurs every chance they get and use Nazi avatars and post on a web site chock full of Nazi propaganda.

    Read more, dumbfuck. Post less.

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