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Graf Zeppelin – A Desperate Money Grab

Well folks, here we are again – another day in the life of the bullshit that is Wargaming. Every time we post an article, we keep thinking, “what else can they possibly do to top this?

Today, we found out. Say hello to the most desperate money grab we have ever seen from Wargaming: The Graf Zeppelin.

Now, the Zeppelin has been in the works (rumor wise) for quite some time. It was thought that it would be a fine, T8 torpedo based premium carrier that would bring the Germans into the fray in carrier based conflicts.

Now, we’ll freely admit we are no experts on World of Warships. That’s not our cup of tea. We have in fact only two people that hang out here that even play it: Mr. Alex and Gomez Adams. That said, Alex actually commented on this ship a few times: that it was going to be a disaster, that they took the torpedo bombers off it and quickly, and completely without testing it, swapped them out for dive bombers with disastrous effect.

So this morning, we checked it out. Turns out, Mr. Alex was completely correct. Here’s the announcement of the ship:

So we click on that to find out what it’s all about and find this:


60 fucking dollars?! Holy shit!!! This thing must come with a free bottle of Jack Daniel’s, a couple lines of cocaine and a hooker to be named later!

It is the most expensive ship Wargaming has ever sold. It is also one of the absolute worst. How do we know this when we’ve freely admitted to not knowing that much about Warships? Simple: everybody else that has posted anything about this ship says so. Take a look at the comments right below the pricing:

What’s more, the lead ship reviewer on the World of Warships site, Little White Mouse, had this to say about it:

You’re not getting a full review of Graf Zeppelin — not at this stage. This ship isn’t ready and it’s an insult to the player base that Wargaming did not have the courage to admit that. Players there are being asked to fork out the equivalent of 13,500 doubloon to own this piece of garbage. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to play test an unfinished ship, now’s your chance. Wargaming is demanding that players pay for the privilege and the going rate isn’t cheap. I can’t promise you that the ship you’ll be paying for will be any good when they finally get around to finishing it. Graf Zeppelin has had a very troubled development history and I do not have confidence that they can patch this ship to make it an enjoyable or compelling choice for players based on the design decisions so far implemented.

Currently, her AP Bomb drop mechanics are unplayable. There’s no UI feedback explaining the 6 second bomb-delay. A player would feel rightly justified in believing that their system was lagging each time they attempted to launch an attack. The Stukas are well on their way to returning to the ship by the time the explosions finally come. Her HE bombs do work. However, the game play being offered up is the equivalent of that of a gimped Air Superiority Lexington. Her Bf-109T fighters are scarcely better than Enterprise’s tier VII Hellcats but without the necessary reserves to out-muscle her opponents like the American premium. This doesn’t make for very compelling game play.

So one half of Graf Zeppelin’s armament choice doesn’t work. The other half is functional but mediocre at best. Any form of in-depth analysis is just not worth my time at this stage. I will not humour Wargaming by treating this like a finished product. Players are being asked to foot the bill for this ship’s troubled development history. In my opinion, apologies should be made. Refunds should be freely issued when asked for. The ship needs to be pulled and sent back into testing. It’s not ready yet. We’re very lucky that this wasn’t simultaneously released on the NA server.

I urge players to keep their wallets closed.

And then this from Lert, another community contributor:

Basically, according to this developer post in response to the whole issue;

  • The ship is totally fine;
  • Which is why they’re going to add torpedo bombers at some point
  • The ship is also totally finished and done;
  • Even though some of the intended features are still under development; they’re still working on the deep running torpedoes.

If the ship was fine, they wouldn’t be needing to add other features to it, and how can the ship be finished if some of its intended features are still under development.

Wow. I mean just fucking wow. Their main guide writer says it’s shit on their own forum and another community contributor essentially says the same thing. What’s more, it’s got 233 up votes already and that is growing at an alarming rate.

This is what happens when you give up. This, folks, is the 2nd sign of the appocalypse: When there is NO REASON to release a complete piece of shit, yet you do it anyway knowing FULL WELL you’re going to catch hell for it, then you put the BIGGEST PRICE TAG YOU’VE EVER PUT ON A SHIP ON IT, then only one thing is certain:


Yet another classless display on Wargaming’s part. What’s more, they don’t give a shit. If they did they would never have released it to begin with. What’s more, they would have made it the same price they made other T8 ships: the mid 50’s. By comparison, the Saipan (an American T7 premium carrier) which is a superior ship cost 43 dollars…a WHOPPING 17 dollars less.

What the actual, ever-loving fuck were they thinking?!

Money. That’s what they’re thinking. That’s all their thinking. It’s all they’ve been thinking for a long, long time. But now, it’s different. Now, it’s desperation – literally hurling absolute shit into the game because they simply no longer have the time or manpower to do things right anymore.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    They’ve been talking about this ship for a long time. With the success of the Kaga, it’s really unbelievable they released this ship as is.

    The only bright side to any of this article is that they put the Mutsu back on sale at the same time. That’s a hell of a ship.

  2. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1 and Gomez

    Ichase is also now no longer a Community Contributor, he was fired by WG for his coverage on the Graf Zeppelin CV

  3. Thing 1

    Go figure. That’s why CC’s have no credibility and haven’t for some time: if they don’t tow the company line and talk about how great everything is they get shit-canned.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    Here’s his video on it:

    For a company that allows racism, Nazism, profanity beyond the pale, bullying and more in it’s games, to fire someone for saying what we all already know is just stupid.

    The fact is this is the third person I think that they’ve fired over giving bad reviews. They sit there and say, “We welcome criticism” but in the same breath say, “But your fired because we didn’t like what you said”.

    They can’t sit there and look at all the screen shots of the chat in their game, do nothing at all about it, and then pretend to be offended by someone dropping a single F bomb in a video.

    Once again, it had nothing to do with anything other than silencing someone who wasn’t being a ‘yes’ man for Wargaming.

  5. PrinzEugen85

    Well said as always Gomez.

  6. PrinzEugen85

    I’m not expecting anything, but I sent the relevant information to Jim Sterling. Clearly WG didn’t learn anything about CC abuse from last time.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @PrinzeEugen85, and look how they even still came after this site also. Approx. 2 weeks later, Wargaming sent their Attorney on this site trying to intimidate, bullying, and giving ultimatiums that they were going to get this site taken down etc. If certain things were not done etc..

    This was “AFTER” they published their, “We will not do it again” Letter on their Offical NA forum site, with signatures that will never do something like this again ever! Sure, enough they broke those written promises completely ! With all those VIP signatures on that letter. Their word is useless !

    Their attorneys have visited this site officially. And tried to take this site down. Because, they didn’t like what it had to say..! Everything it had to say was accurate.

    Thing1 can elaborate even more on this in detail.

    But, Wargaming revealed it’s true self once again. They learned nothing. They were right back at their old tricks again.

  8. Thing 1


    They released a tank that was completely bogus even when many CC’s were saying so.
    They shit-canned Sir Foch because he called it for what it was.
    The community was outraged not only by the blatant fuckup of the tank, but the treatment of Sir Foch.
    Wargaming realizes they fucked up huge, start apologizing and many people forgive and forget it.

    Flash forward to this, it’s the SAME EXACT FUCKING THING!!!

    It’s not that they don’t realize what they’re doing at the time. They know FULL WELL what they’re doing. They PLANNED IT THAT WAY.

    They just figure the people that are left, after being fucked over for so long, wont mind…because the fact they’re even still there tells Wargaming they’re complete fucking idiots that will put up with ANYTHING Wargaming does.

    The sad part is: They’re right.

  9. Gomez_Adams

    They really need to hire a profesional for their press releases. These two right here actually open them up for legal action:

    – it is clear that we didn’t put enough effort into fine tuning and finding the right balance and play style for the Graf. We really wanted to release her for Gamescom and uphold tradition, but could only do that with dive bomber setups if we later wanted to add back torpedo squadrons that had been positively received (but also too powerful) in the first round of testing. This was a technical limitation, but also a choice we were fine with, as we thought we could balance the dive bomber setups to be competitive.


    To make things worse, the final changes that were done for her didn’t go through usual procedure and community contributors did not have a chance to correct the previews that they had prepared, which meant that the thing they showed to their audiences was different than what was eventually released on our live servers.

    Now, the first statement admits that they knew ALL ALONG what they were doing. The second admits that they knew ALL ALONG that they didn’t care.

    That, friends, is the textbook definition of negligence and bait and switch:

    – You knew there were problems.
    – You knew you were breaking protocol.
    – You knew you were in fact selling something that you didn’t advertise beforehand.
    – You didn’t care. You did it anyway.

    The fact that they actually published that and opened themselves up legally just goes to show the stupidity level they operate at and the complete, total, absolute lack of anything approaching professionalism they operate under.

    I’ve seen a child’s lemonade stand run more professionally than this.

    – edited for formatting by Thing 1

  10. Gomez_Adams

    Well said as always Gomez.

    Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

    edited for formatting by Thing 1 – Gomez, it’s not ‘quote’ and brackets. It’s ‘blockquote’ surrounded by less than, greater than.

  11. PrinzEugen85

    It looks like WG got busy fast with the response, maybe they’ll axe Meathead. I never liked his neck-beard anyways.

  12. Insurrectional_Leftist

    What a way to treat paying customers ! Products have to work first before you collect money! You don’t use the customer as a guinea pig, after he has paid his/her money!

    Releasing things in this way exemplifies incompetence, ineptitude, and in this case I think the door is open to questionable, or intentional violations in business practices that could get them into serious hot water legally.

    And once again, the treatment of the CC community contributors is appalling. This heavy handedness of Wargaming seems to never stop.
    Well, I wonder how many people will be threatened with Lawyers this time for trying to speak out?

  13. Thing 1

    Well, that’s the ENTIRE PURPOSE of test servers and community contributors. If your shit isn’t working, you don’t release it. It’s not rocket science.

    This really is nothing more than exhibit A on how desperate Wargaming is for money. They’re so fucking absolutely desperate that they’re just hurling shit THEY KNOW FULL WELL IS FUCKED UP into the game for a dollar.

    And I agree completely on Meathead, Prinz. That fucker is a waste of space. He thinks he’s hot shit, but the reality is he’s just a fucking dumbass peddling a broken video game.

  14. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1, Gomez, Insurrectional_Leftist and PrinzEugen85

    This would explain why GZ was rushed on sale, I heard from a former Supertester who used to test content for them and who used to play NavyField, the old time and newer supertesters from NA, EU and SEA WOWS servers were all kicked from the supertesting team and were replaced by people from Wargaming’s own team

  15. Mr_Alex

    @Thing1, Gomez and Insurrectional_Leftist

    Lately I have been testing the GZ CV and can say when she has her Torpedo Bombers armed with Deep Water Torpedo, the GZ CV is still brutal against BB’s and when I made a thread on the WOWS NA Forums on how GZ CV is still OP, within minutes some of the Supertesters jumped on the thread shilling that the GZ CV with deep water torpedo is not OP and some of the players started asking the Supertesters why the GZ CV Deep Water Torpedo can easily detonate as BB

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