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Five Reasons World of Tanks Fails

Well laddies and gents I think I have finally reached a breaking point.  I have watched this game degrade from some time now and its just beyond repair. I just cant see any logical reason to continue PAYING World of Fucking Tanks a single red cent.

My hesitations to continue playing started back in 2013 when I attended a meet and greet in Mobile Alabama.  If you have read that article, then you would have a pretty good understanding on my mind set.  You can view the post here.

Aside from how fucked up that was, there have been many other things that are so ludicrous it blows my mind.  So, for the purpose of a nice little vent, lets go over them!


Number One

The Type 59 – The Type 59 was introduced as a premium tank and it was very popular.  It was op, no doubt.  Thousands of players, including myself, purchased this little beast.  The glory was short lived though because the douche bags at WG headquarters decided it would be a great idea to nerf the shit out if it.  No refunds.

So big deal right.  They simply noticed that the tank was op and fixed it.  Good for them. Right?  Well its not like these tanks go thought any testing.   However, I was forgiving and we all moved forward.


Number Two

The T26E4 SuperPershing – So much hype of this tank it hit Youtube channels everywhere.  Once again, an overpowered premium tank was released… and I bought it.  Then the following happened. Here is Proof. It is posted directly on their website


The frontal armor of the T26E4 SuperPershing is not currently representative of its historical counterpart and its performance may see a dip once the 8.6 Update is released — due to overall gameplay changes coming with this update. As a result, we’ll be temporarily be removing this vehicle from the in-game store. Players who already own this tank will still have the ability to play it.

The changes for the T26E4 SuperPershing will not arrive in time for the 8.6 Update, but when we’ve finished tinkering it’ll once again become available. Which update that will occur in has yet to be determined. Most of the changes will center around altering the armor angles of the frontal plates, and an exact list of the changes will be provided in a future article. Owners of the T26E4 SuperPershing, who purchased the vehicle prior to the changes, will have the opportunity to sell it for the full retail price in Gold (7,200).

Right, historical accuracy.  This was rhetoric tossed around back then.  Players had a hard time with this concept because the game isn’t fucking historically accurate!


Number Three

HD model upgrade – WG Sneaky little way of nerfing a tank without telling you.  So now they can simply change a tanks armor characteristics and you wouldn’t even know it. That is until you take it out on the battle field and noticed its playing differently. They do this all the time.

Comet HD Nerf

T14 HD Nerf


Number Four

Power Creep  – The situation where updates to a game introduce more powerful units or abilities, leaving the older ones under powered. WIKI

For an example of this, lets take a look at the Type 59 and the Type 54 mod 1.  Both of these tanks are premium tier 8 medium tanks.  I configured both of these tanks with 100 crews, perks, and modules for the purpose of comparing the two.

Now take at look at the IS-6 and the Object 252U

This is clearly a power creep.  You can deny it, but it doesn’t change the fact that newer tanks are introduced to the game rendering older tanks under powered and useless.


Number Five – The deliberate removal of a tank from the tech tree, making it a premium tank, and replacing it with a newer seriously op as fuck tank.

Lorraine 40 t Replaced by The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP

Why do this? It does make sense for the purpose of tank progression, to have players grind from a light tank to a light tank.  However, so many other tank lines grind from light tanks to medium tanks.  Why remove the tank though, why not just move it to a medium tech tree.  This is poor planning on WG’s part and a clear attempt to exploit its player base for more money.

How about more examples you ask. I mean surely this is just a fluke right?

French TDs in 9.20: Tier X Reshuffle

FV4202  removed and replaced by Centurion Action X


So there you have it.  Five good reasons WOT fails!



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  1. Meatslab

    After writing this post, I got to thinking about how much money I have paid to Wargaming. So, I decided to add it up. From 8/06/2011 I have, what I used to refer to as invested, over 2589.00 US dollars. Now it just feels like I wasted 2589.00 US Dollars. This includes the 500.00 dollars I spent to travel to events.

  2. Thing 1

    That’s a shitload of money. I’m nowhere NEAR that level. I might be in it for 150 bucks total. I’m still pissed off.

    To be fair though, they did offer anybody that bought the Super Pershing a full gold refund if they wanted it. You had 30 days to test drive the tank after they changed it and if you didn’t like it they’d credit you the gold.

    So that one I can let go. The rest? Not so much.

    Another fine article, man!

  3. Zeedox

    And apparently, you can use #MAGA (Millionaire Asshole Golfing Again) on the forums but a response with #covfefe gets you a verbal warning.

    So to add to wg’s failures list: alt-right OK, everyone else not.

  4. Thing 1

    No shit, partner. You can be a Nazi, no problem…but post opposition to being a racist prick and you’re done for.

    Post an acronym that is an intentional insult and it’s OK. Post a word that is, literally, gibberish and you get nailed.

    Stupidity squared.

  5. Gomez_Adams

    The moderation has never been right. But that happens when you never change it. All they do is make new accounts and start all over like it’s somebody new.

    It’s so obvious it’s laughable. They post complete junk and make so many bad calls that they lose all credibility. Once they do, they just “reroll” an admin/mod account and start all over again.

    They all probably have so many alt admin accounts they can’t keep track of them.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    And one more small point:

    Probably the biggest debacle Wargaming ever pulled was against TD players. Back when Vlad first got me into the game, he played Russian TD’s almost exclusively.

    Now, the weird thing was that he was a better player than I was, but we couldn’t figure out why I was rated so much higher than he was.

    For over a year that carried on. People hurled all kinds of insults at him saying, “Learn to play” and all that junk.

    Then, of course, Wargaming dropped the bombshell on everybody: They had rewarded TD players 25% less base XP from the very start.

    So all those people that played TD’s for the first 3 years of the game got screwed. Hard. He never really got over that. It’s a big reason he finally just gave up and quit nearly two years ago now.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, Alt-Right politics 100% totally allowed on NA forum. Agregious outright, despicable, flagrant condoned Pro-Trump, GOP, or pro Russian slanted politics toallly protected. However, even the slightest preposition used, inadvertently left of center, or a generic term the….. Insta __ Strike !!! 🙁
    It’s as if Steve Bannon and Putin both are moderators on the forum !! With Wot Labs as their humble slaves pulling the levers !

    The moderation is a massive failing reason.

  8. PrinzEugen85

    I never knew that Gomez, it certainly explains a lot. I wish I knew someone with a time machine and tell myself not to bother back then.

  9. Gomez_Adams

    So do a lot of people, I’m sure. I don’t think they ever meant to really tell anybody. I think it was accidentally put in the patch notes because it really did cause an uproar.

    I can’t for the life of me remember which patch it was though. I know it was quite a while ago though.

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