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Trondd of Claws – Another Asshole for the Ages

Seriously. This guy is so anal he must have been potty trained at gun point.

Not only did his mommy drop him on his head as a child, she kicked him in the balls while he was down, then straddled his ass, took a squat and pissed all over him. She must have for this asshole to be this fucking bitter.

Now, we didn’t do a video on this because it’s strung out over a long period of time and it’s more hassle than it’s worth, so we’re just doing it in pictures. For those of you who want to watch it as it happens, here’s the replay link. Knock yourselves out.

On to the game:

We make it EXACTLY 32 fucking seconds into the game before Trondd looses his fucking mind:

Fun fact: Neither Lowe is anywhere NEAR his ass and never was. So not only is he a racist prick, he’s a stupid prick to boot.

So now our resident asshole-would-be-hero-of-the-day proceeds to go full potato into the middle and get his ass kicked. Seriously. That guy is dead VERY quickly…and you know what that means:



And then right on the heels of that:

It’s right about here he starts pissing off everybody:

Now, of note, is that he’s telling 3 tanks to go full yolo into 5 tanks. Real smart for a dead man, wouldn’t you say? Especially given that those three have had their asses kicked pretty hard in heated battle up to this point.

Meanwhile, the real fight is over where Leftist is around the hill with 8 tanks on that side alone. But that’s OK…our armchair shit-for-brains isn’t done yet:

Now, he’s STILL yelling at the poor VK that got his ass kicked early on. The IS6 waiting for him is full strength. So for him to go in there is suicide. The JT88 is down to about 500 hits left at this point as well, so he doesn’t want to risk it either.

He is told again to shut the fuck up:

But lets just keep spamming the alerts and  hurling insults, right?

At any rate, back up on the hill, the JT88 ran over to help the trapped T27 that was also running on fumes with only a few HP left. It was absolutely beautiful teamwork and was seen as such by everybody. (With the exception of course of the resident asshole trondd who had nothing good to say to anybody about anything.)

So that’s it then, right? Now those two can go around the back of the IS6, rip him apart for the win and let the VK just sit tight and keep him from capping them.

It’s in the bag.

But lets talk more shit anyway just because we’re an asshole:

Wow. Really? I tell you, this is the kind of asshole that just needs to be instantly and permanently chat banned. He’s a fucking asshole of biblical proportion.

Now, one would THINK that if you’re talking this much shit, you were the end all be all, right? I mean, one could understand even if they didn’t condone it if he was out there all alone, carrying the team, doing unbelievable feats of “DID YOU FUCKING SEE THAT” carry shit, right? So that’s what set him off, right? He was just KILLING IT and got fucked up by all the fail around him, right?


And for somebody calling the VK useless and a shitload of other horrid insults, he needs to have a word with his own fucking platoon mate first I think.

So they lost, right? That must be it. They lost and he’s pissed. Right?


Trondd is just a fucking asshole. That’s all there is to it. And a stupid, racist asshole at that.

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  1. _VIPER_x

    Totally agree. Immediate chat ban for this Trond character. Keep preaching the good word, brother!

  2. Thing 1

    Count on it.

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