You are currently viewing Ritagamer – A Classless Con Job of Epic Proportion

Ritagamer – A Classless Con Job of Epic Proportion


Watching this video may cause nausea, diarrhea, migraine headaches,

dyslexia, early onset Alzheimer’s, fits of rage and projectile vomiting.

OK, if you’re like me and didn’t make it past the first 30 seconds before rushing into the bathroom to hurl up lunch, let me explain what this is all about:

It’s a con job. Plain and simple.

Now, we’ve always thought that Ritagamer (real name Rita Sobral) was just an uneducated, spoiled brat whore that left home because her parents actually expected her to do as they say, work hard, get an education and make something of herself. She wanted to tour around Europe sleeping with people for her free ride to do whatever the fuck she wanted, so she in effect told her parents to go fuck themselves and has spent the better part of the last 10 years doing exactly that.

Well, friends, turns out we were exactly right.

She’s been in England now for the last couple-a-few years sucking that poor old fat bastard Jingles (real name Paul Charlton) dry among others.

  • She’s never gotten a real job in her life.
  • She’s never finished a school, not even high school.
  • She’s never done a fucking thing other than drink, fuck people she doesn’t know, suck anybody she comes across dry, mooch, beg off of others when none of that works and play video games.

That’s it folks. That’s the sum total of her entire life. How proud her parents must be.

But NOW, all of a sudden, out of the blue, she want’s to go back to school and get a bachelor’s in history, work for herself, you know…actually accomplish something in her life.

Well, I’m calling 1-800-BULLSHIT.




It’s fucking laughable to a level that I’m actually laughing as I type this.

First off, she admits to never finishing the equivalent of high school. Well, we all knew that. One can see it by her stupidity and her lackadaisical attitude about all things and her general attitude of posting about her sex life all over the internet as if it’s some sort of accomplishment. This is what the typical 15 to 16 year old high school student does, which for a 26 year old is beyond the pale.

Then she sits there and tries to make out how hard it is to keep up with all her ‘work’ (and we use that term so loosely we should be cited for solicitation of prostitution…something I’m sure Rita is very familiar with), her blog, her streaming…boo hoo hoo.


And your “blog” isn’t “YOUR” blog. It was HANDED TO YOU! It was a successful…no…let me rephrase that: It was THE MOST successful World of Tanks blog on the internet and it was GIVEN to you by Silent Stalker, and in less than three years you’ve run it into the fucking dirt because…


Fun fact: you don’t even WRITE, you dingy bitch. All you do is copy and paste other people’s shit, or some lame assed video. That’s it. It takes, literally, SECONDS to do that. What’s more, you COULDN’T HANDLE THAT AND HAD TO GIVE OUT HAND JOBS TO A HALF-DOZEN GUYS TO GET THEM TO DO IT FOR YOU.

But you just don’t have the time. You just are so overwhelmed with streaming.

OH WAIT! That takes only a click of a mouse and a video game.

Wow. Just fucking wow.

So the question then becomes: How the flying fuck are you going to handle school?

Answer: You’re NOT. Ever. You probably don’t even have any intention at all of going. You’re probably just doing this to suck people off for money to go on some World of Tanks gathering trip.

I mean, you sit there and cry about 17,000 quid like it’s some unobtainable Mount-fucking-Everest amount of money. Bitch, that’s only $22,000. That’s IT. That is WAY BELOW POVERTY LEVEL AMOUNTS OF MONEY. Most of us (who actually work, that is) make that in a 3 or 4 months tops, for crying out loud.

It’s LESS THAN ONE HALF OF ONE YEAR at my alma mater. (Since you probably don’t know what the fuck that means, it’s Latin for the school or university that you attended and graduated from – something you would know absolutely NOTHING about.)

Here’s two things you could have done and still could do to pay for it with relative ease and no actual skill required:

  1. Work at McDonald’s for one year.
  2. This for 6 months. (Well, in your case, probably closer to 9.)

But you wont do either. Why? Because you want everything handed to you the way it has been you’re entire fucking life. You want others to do everything for you.

The fact of the matter is you’ll never amount to jack shit and you’ll never finish school because the ideas of work and responsibility are as alien to you as they are to any other leech.

  • You couldn’t even finish high school, but you’re going to do a college bachelors of science degree in three years?
  • You can’t be bothered to ACTUALLY WRITE an article on a fucking blog, but you’re going to suddenly find it in you to do term papers and research articles?

Yeah. Bullshit. Pure, 100% bullshit.

Take a look around this place. There is more ACTUAL WRITING here over the last year than you’ve done in YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

Take a closer look around.



You know why?



That’s it. That’s all there is to it. We do more in our spare minutes over the course of a week or two than you do in your entire failed and miserable life, yet you have the gall to cry about it and tell others how hard your life is and how desperate you are?

That means: we accomplish more by fucking around in our spare time for shits and giggles than you and your band of merry men trying to actually make a living have in your entire life.

Think about that. Hard.

Because you have some serious soul searching to do. You are a failure of epic proportion. You didn’t give SHIT to your siblings. Your parents disowned your worthless ass because, well, you’re fucking worthless.

You’re 26 going on 40. The free ride you’ve been getting is either at or very near the end.

Frankly, I don’t give a fuck if you crash and burn or not, but there are a few who hope like hell you’ve finally woken up and decided to face the music.

Me…nope. You’re a fucking useless whore party-girl. You always have been. You always will be. You’ve never changed and always found somebody to take care of your worthless ass as you’ve partied, drank, snorted and fucked your way through life.

You will probably get a thousand quid or so from your fundraiser, realize it’s not a drop in the bucket of the 17,000 you asked for, and rather than suck it up, get a fucking job and start working your way through school like 90% of the planet does, you’ll just take it and blow it on booze, a hotel room for a few days and a bag of weed or a few pills and continue to cry rivers about how hard your life is.

It’s who you are.

It’s who you’ve always been.

It’s who you’ll always be.

I’d love nothing more than for you to prove me wrong, but you wont. You don’t have it in you. Do you?

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Brutal. Just brutal. That is without doubt the most brutal article I’ve ever read.

  2. Thing 1

    Truth hurts man. But only for a little while.

  3. Frau_Blooka


    minion mic drop

  4. Thing 1


  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Holy Christ…

    Damn ! If that right didn’t motive me to want to succeed at ALL cost, then nothing will !!

    Well, That could be he pep talk of the century, sometimes the most glaring negative lectures are the one’s that really make a person really get pissed ! To the point where they either, going into an utter oblivion of anger, pain, depression, tears, and an explosion of precedent to thwart everything but that one goal.

    Only Rita herself, knows the answer to this, from this point forward to prove anyone wrong… currently as things stand this where ship is destined to sail.

    One thing is for sure, “History Majors are required to do a LOT of Critical Writing” You better love writing like a devotion ! That Major is writing intensive.

    You might find to complete that degree in 3 years is going to require “intensive amounts of time”. IF you’re going to succeed. It means as the author of the article above has pointed out: Sacrifices made to streaming, parties, friends, fun time, screwing off, (and screwing), drinking, boyfriends, Gaming, Traveling, Trips, Work balance study regime, Early bedtimes, and even all-nighters (late night) study grinds etc…

    It takes lots of commitment. More than you know sometimes. And if you want a Grade Point Average that don’t Suck, where a potential employer, wants to Hire You !! You have to be able to compete with other graduates later (IF YOU GRADUATE)

    And if you have student debt, you will work a REAL JOB even if it means sweeping floors, waiting tables, or Mining Coal, for almost 37-40 hours a week, to make those payments every month, or someone will kick your ass sooner or later when your time limit runs out on your time allowance to pay back those loans !! (those ass kickings come in different ways)

  6. Gomez_Adams

    I guess that’s the most upsetting part: She doesn’t have time for her blog, which she never really wrote anything on anyway, because she’s too busy playing video games, but she’s having this delusion of grandeur that she’s somehow going to have time to do all of her school work, have somebody else pay for it, and still apparently party on and play video games.

    Although the article is brutal, it does make a valid point: She’s completely and in all ways totally delusional if she thinks that’s going to actually pan out for her.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Gomez, You’re right man! 100% right. It’s like building castles on sand. There’s no foundation. If you build a castle on sand, sooner later it’s all going to sink. ` sigh `

  8. Speedy_DePalma

    Sounds a little like Darkside Phil “ah kah mahn”.

  9. Thing 1

    I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. Seriously.

  10. Gomez_Adams

    I would venture the guess that it’s a British thing.

  11. Mr_Alex

    Is it just me, after seeing her face, its utterly unattractive

  12. Thing 1

    Well, you have to remember that the reason there’s a lot of guys that think she’s pretty is because they themselves are fat, ugly, and have little to no chance of ever landing anything better looking than the ass end of a cow.

    So to them, she’s pretty. To any average man or better, she’s not.

  13. Speedy_DePalma

    You mean to tell me you haven’t heard of the greatest Street Fighter II player in the United States? (That is in the mind of that Phil guy because he placed 4th in some tournament a decade and a half ago and the three winners were from Japan so by that standard he was the best in the US) I just use him because he’s prime example of a bloated ego having no skill hack begging for money like Rita. And it’s not so much the face but that voice Christ almighty is it punchable, half the time I’m not sure if she’s doing a Sylvester the cat impression or trying to summon Cthulhu from the bottom of the sea.

  14. Thing 1


    No, I’ve never heard of him. Then again, I never played Streetfighter II either. So there’s that.

    But yeah, I get your point now. Same fucking ego – same worthless shit-for-brains.

  15. Meatslab

    I worked 3 jobs and went to school full time for 6 years. Fuck this cunt.

  16. landedkiller

    This is a hurtful article to say the least you asshat leave the girl alone and go back to investigating wargaming. Everyone has their hobbies and their passions. If you want to act like a little kid and swear at me that is fine. Wikileaks at least knows how to expose the truth without going after people. It’s kids like this that ruin the millennial generation with no respect for women and yes I read the insider interview and I know what wargaming did (which was sick) you do no better by going after Rita. Take a common sense pill and apologize. The girl hasn’t done anything to you and runs a decent blog still. Shame on you for posting such a trashy article.

  17. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ landedkiller, passions? hobbies? Sounds like yours might be going in and out her bedroom window at night when Jingles is asleep in the other side of the house? Maybe it would be better if you just moved in with the both of them, I mean it would be more practical actually. I wouldn’t be caught dead posting a video like that begging for money, what about all the people that got sick and had to go to the ER Room that watched that video? I mean maybe you need to take some commons sense pills yourself man, get a hold of yourself, come to your senses and wake the fuck up dude.

    I think you might find the millennials are on the other side of the scope, and not on this side, if that helps you some. She doesn’t run the blog anymore, Pal.

  18. Thing 1

    This is a hurtful article to say the least you asshat leave the girl alone and go back to investigating wargaming. Everyone has their hobbies and their passions. If you want to act like a little kid and swear at me that is fine.

    Awwwwwww…isn’t that sweet? Look, pal – if you want to fuck her go talk to her. I doubt seriously coming here acting like some sort of knight in shining armor on her behalf is going to get the job done.

    Wikileaks at least knows how to expose the truth without going after people.

    So you admit it’s the truth, you just don’t like the way it’s done. I can respect that. But there’s an old saying, pal – The truth hurts.

    It does. But only for a little while.

    The girl hasn’t done anything to you and runs a decent blog still.

    No, she isn’t decent, and no she doesn’t “run” a blog. She has other people doing that for her and doing it BADLY.

    She spends most of her time spamming forums and Twitter with her sexual exploits and drunken binges. That’s why she doesn’t have any money and no time to do her own shitty blog.

    Take your shit up with her, pal. But fair warning: you’re going to actually have to suck it up, put on some clothes and go out of your house to pull that off effectively. Just FYI.

  19. PrinzEugen85

    Jeez, I wish I could bottle up that acid of yours Thing; there’s old paint here that needs to be stripped!

  20. Thing 1

    It’d be much easier to simply cover it up with all their bullshit. There’s an ample supply of it.

  21. Meatslab

    I love this site

  22. Thing 1

    Thanks! That’s about as high a praise as one can get.

  23. Greatwhiteshark1

    I see she is off in Portugal having a holiday.This is after asking for money to help pay with studies.Pretty low dog act

  24. Thing 1

    Man, she’s been living large with the money the fucking suckers gave her. She’s been racking up huge dinner bills, buying up all kinds of shit and posting it all on Twitter.

    I think she posted one image of a couple of books and was whining about all her studies.

    It’s a fucking classless display…but what did anybody really expect from a crack whore?

  25. Gomez_Adams

    We have a term for people like her in the south: White Trash.

  26. landedkiller

    I take back all my previous stupid comments Rita got the classic what comes around goes around treatment. “White trash indeed”.

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