You are currently viewing YOUJO, NICO, and Friends – Racist KKK Clans of Hate and Their Buddies

YOUJO, NICO, and Friends – Racist KKK Clans of Hate and Their Buddies

Well, here we go again, folks. Another so-called power clan, another bunch of racist protected by Wargaming. Now, this was brought to us by a person that frequents Wotlabs who wants to remain anonymous. Yeah, I know…it sounds fishy on its face, doesn’t it?

But that being said, the screen shots speak for themselves. Now, this person doesn’t know what actually happened to set all this off, but the reality is that it doesn’t fucking matter what he did. By he, we are talking about JunkersHiryu.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Junkers is, he’s a damn good player in tanks, but pretty much sucks ass in ships. He’s like most of us: we have our moments of being an asshole, but by and large we’re not that bad.

So whatever it was he MAY have done, he certainly didn’t deserve the bullshit that happened to him. For whatever reason, the YOUJO – NICO clan community of despots, backed up by the authority and permission of Wargaming North America, decided to PM spam him with racist & homophobic bullshit. It is, at best, FUCKING DISGUSTING. These players should be INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THE GAME FOR THIS SHIT.

Here are the names of the fucking KKK Racist Assholes of YOUJO, NICO and their racist, Nazi, pedophile buddies:

  • johnmadara [YOUJO] – Executive Officer

  • StaleMemes [YOUJO] – Junior Officer

  • Lex_xD [NICO] – Private in Pedophile Anime Clan – Also a racist KKK member by proxy

  • HasATogInHisPants – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • _DirtyRain_ – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • _Solidify_ – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • RealFunny – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • Ive_Been_Naughty – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

Here’s a couple of shots of what these worthless, KKK racist assholes did:

And the fucking racist pig on top of the list, johnmadara, is the worst of them all. This little two-faced, cock-sucking, latent homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that) racist fucktard goes on the forums pretending to be this reserved, patient, intelligent person of calm, collective cool that obeys the rules and preaches doing the same:

While he’s in game doing this fucking bullshit:

Yeah. Fucking hypocritical racist asshole.

Below are the full screen shots of the rest of this shit. I’m too fucking disgusted to edit it all out.

They have all been reported by multiple people for this disgusting bullshit.

Nothing has been done, as usual.

Nothing will be done, as usual. Ever.


Because Wargaming LOVE racist, Nazi, homophobic, pedophiles and protect them at all costs. That’s why. In fact, we’ve drawn up a new logo just for Wargaming based on this article and the people in it. They should all have it branded into their fucking foreheads:

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. Just wow. Every time you think it can’t get any more blatant, it does. Why is it that every last one of the league teams and top clans are chock full-O racists?

    I just don’t understand how Wargaming thinks that’s good for them. I really, truly and honestly can’t wrap my head around it all.

  2. Allegra

    @Gomez_Adams – I agree. I just don’t understand how WG thinks that it doesn’t reflect badly on them.

  3. Thing 1

    It’s not that they don’t realize it reflects badly on them. That’s not the issue.


    If it wasn’t, they would do something about it rather than promote it, protect it, and ban everybody that actually points it out rather than the people actually doing the bullshit to begin with.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Holy Cow, more Nazis !! The Game is teaming and swarming with Nazis and assholes everywhere !!

    That EULA doesn’t mean crap, unless it means more profits for WG.

    ” Well Batman same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, same Bat Game, only the Nazis keep increasing !!” 🙁

  5. Tamagakure

    This is amusing, coming from the most blatant wot related troll site. I have given punishments to my members involved though, but thanks for the exposure regardless :^)

  6. Allegra

    @Tamagakure. You’ve given punishments? Really? So that probably explains why johnmadara is still the Exec Officer then? Unbelievable.

  7. Gomez_Adams

    By punishment he means the same thing Wargaming does: He says he’s done something but will never say what it was he did and there would be no way to prove it even if he did.

    There is only one punishment for behavior like this: excommunication. Not just from the clan, but from the entire game.

  8. Elevendy

    @Allegra and @GomezAdams

    We kicked all four of them and we were waiting for WarGaming to issue a punishment. It was said to go to HQ but nothing came of it. We invited John and Stale back to the clan after 3 weeks since nothing came of it and we needed them back for tournaments and clan wars, but I still badger them on the fact that they went out of their way to essentially bully someone is pretty fucked.

    I don’t really care about the racial slurs as words, but the fact they were targeted at someone who does adhere to that and can’t change that is pretty fucked up. If they called him something else I probably wouldn’t have cared at all.

  9. Elevendy

    Also just to clarify Lex_xD didn’t say that, someone used his account to send that message.

  10. Gomez_Adams

    So you are perfectly OK with racism so long as it benefits you?

    You do realize of course that means you actually subsidize racism, which makes you just as bad if not worse than they are, don’t you?

  11. Thing 1

    We kicked all four of them and we were waiting for WarGaming to issue a punishment. It was said to go to HQ but nothing came of it. We invited John and Stale back to the clan after 3 weeks since nothing came of it and we needed them back for tournaments and clan wars

    You absolutely worthless fucking piece of shit. Why bother doing anything, asshole? If you’re going to sleep with racist simply because somebody else doesn’t do your fucking job for you, then FUCK YOU, YOU RACIST, NAZI LOVING PIECE OF SHIT!

  12. Tamagakure

    I’m just letting you know what was done in a rational manner, unlike yourself. Thanks for the tactfulness regardless <3

  13. Elevendy

    We kicked half of them, if WarGaming doesn’t want to put force behind it then that’s not our problem. At the end of the day we run a World of Tanks clan, what they did is extremely stupid and I still let them know how what they did was one of the dumbest things they could have ever done; however they play World of Tanks better than most anyone so I’m not letting them pass up. We are a community, but we’re a competitive clan first, every large community of over 300 members always has a few bad apples, but we try out best to try and balance it out.

    Good luck with the website though, you’d get more traction if you didn’t scream Nazi and Racist 24/7.

    Also doxxing doesn’t help your cause too much either, so you’ll probably be hit with a lawsuit with time.


    Idiots talk about lawsuits. Most cant even afford to even drive and talk to a lawyer.
    WG actually spent shitloads of money having lawyers attack this site.
    And here we are a yr later.
    Bigger Better and Brighter

  15. Thing 1

    I’m just letting you know what was done in a rational manner, unlike yourself. Thanks for the tactfulness regardless

    That’s the problem you racist, Nazi loving, pedophile: NOTHING WAS DONE! You did NOTHING! Nothing at all changed. They’re still in your clan, still in the same positions. YOU DID NOTHING!

    You “say” you reported it to Wargaming. So what? YOU didn’t take action. EVERYBODY reported it to Wargaming. Like I said before, you just talk some bullshit about doing nothing and then blame Wargaming when it is in fact YOU who kept them on board to this day.

    If you had ANY moral fiber at all (which you don’t) their ass would have been shit-canned PERMANENTLY no questions asked. Instead, you pat them on the back, let them suck your tit, say, “there, there, it’ll be OK my little racist, Nazi child” and go on with business as usual.

    Also doxxing doesn’t help your cause too much either, so you’ll probably be hit with a lawsuit with time.

    You need to learn how to read you stupid, racist, Nazi loving moron. Doxing only applies to a minor. None of these assholes are, nor are you. You post your shit in the public domain, I can post it ANYWHERE I WANT.

    Welcome to the United States you stupid fuck. You’re NOT in Europe. Shit doesn’t work that way here.

    I wish I had a dollar for every village idiot that’s talked about Doxing and has NO FUCKING CLUE what it actually is. I’d be a fucking billionaire.

    You’re both so fucking pathetic it is simply stunning.

    Idiots talk about lawsuits. Most cant even afford to even drive and talk to a lawyer.
    WG actually spent shitloads of money having lawyers attack this site.
    And here we are a yr later.
    Bigger Better and Brighter

    Testify, brother!

  16. Elevendy

    You’re on some good shit friend. Take care.

  17. Thing 1

    You’re on some good shit friend. Take care.

    I state FACT, pal. Go on then. Call a lawyer. You wouldn’t be the first to do it. You wont be the last. You do all have one thing in common though:


    Just call Wargaming North America and ask them. They’ve already lost twice. So what chance do you really think your stupid ass has?

  18. Gomez_Adams

    Oh boy. All the internet rich guys with attorneys on retainer are out in force today I see.

  19. Thing 1

    Yep. As usual. They’re all tough guys with lawyers and buddies on the police force and they know the director of the FBI.

    Bunch of fucking 25 to 35-year-old, full of shit pussies, living at home with mommy, camping out in their bedrooms all day playing video games and talking shit, the lot of them.

  20. Elevendy

    Well they all got perma banned today so it’s not my problem any longer. Nice post.

  21. _Gungrave_

    Well that certainly was an interesting read.

  22. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, a more interesting read than you’ll find on the soviet NA forum where censorship, fear, intimidation, and employees posing under names spam the report button to get you banned for telling the truth candidly about things Wargaming does not want people to discuss etc.

    Make a reply to someone, and the goon squad reports you, they ban you. If your one of the goons, you can violate the EULA straight to hell, for 12 pages, an nothing ever happens to you.

    Those same people are the ones who object to this site being created. Made allegations of doxxing, that had never heard the term before, had no idea what it meant, yelled attorney because of one ignorant, unethical, lying, asshole by the name of Tsavo ( Thomas ). The story is still posted here on the site.

    Wargaming came with their law firm, and their attorney found no Doxxing of individuals. It did not exist. Cased Closed.

    Yet, Dumb asses at WoT Labs, NA Forums, and other sites still insist such jibberish !! As you can see we are still here.

    If you doubt any claims, you could take a collection of funds an acquire an attorney to purse specifically that issue.

    I’m sure Thing1 could care less, if anyone wanted to knock themselves out. Frankly, it would be cool to meet all these attorneys! I need to fill my contact book with their names, phone numbers, etc I might need them myself to use back against Wargaming! I might need to retain them later 🙂

    What about that Thing1 tell them send them over, we need a good referral list of our own.

  23. M0nkE

    Yeah, you really gotta watch out for those NICO guys, can’t trust anything any of them tell you.

    Also, just for the record:


    n; a ruler or other person who holds absolute power, typically one who exercises it in a cruel or oppressive way.


  24. _Gungrave_

    @Insurrectional_Leftist Even if the site gets taken down its not that hard to change the domain name to get around legal issues or simply host the site outside of the country outside the reach of any legal power the course may have.

  25. Scorpiany

    I’ve always had issues with some of the anime Clans in the game because of this very reason – I don’t know what it is about them, but they just seem to attract some of the most vile and toxic people you will ever meet. There is a disproportionate number of hateful players in these Clans who think it’s okay to say racist, sexist, homophobic slurs at anyone they have the slightest disagreement with.

    As for @Elvandy… The fact that you invited them back in 3 weeks because they weren’t banned, shows just how little you actually care. You’re saying that such behavior is absolutely allowed in your Clan, and frankly even supported if you’re going to let them gain Gold & other such rewards in tournament & CW play with your Clan. It’s hardly even a slap on the wrist for them. You really need to rethink your approach to recruitment… Because it all ends up negatively reflecting back on you as well.

  26. Tamagakure

    Scorpiany, I do hope that you realize that most high tier clans have their issues with toxic people. I also hope that you aren’t ignoring the fact that these players are being improperly labeled as Nazis and KKK members when in reality, they are misusing a word in a childish manner. I have disagreed with you in the past regarding N1NJA and the like where you allowed immature players like CaptainSpetsnaz to run rampant. In this case, punishments were delivered and yet we are being labeled as Nazi/KKK members? This is disgusting and extreme on so many levels that it most definitely rivals the stupidity of my own member’s actions. I do hope you are taking this website with an extreme grain of salt, as it is no better than the people it targets.

  27. Allegra

    You know Tamagakure, I have no idea if johnmadara is or was a Nazi or a member of the KKK.

    However what I can say, is that he is a heck of a racist. And to make matters worse, he can’t seem to take responsibility for his actions – as outlined in his Locked Topic. If any clan has an issue with toxic players, it is of their making – you don’t like it – you boot them from the clan.

    It’s that simple really. To say or do anything else is to condone what John or any other toxic player does.

  28. Gomez_Adams

    Kudos to Scorpiany. Well said.

    As for Tamakagure, that’s a pretty classless, shameless attempt at justifying their behavior.

    It shows once again your complete lack of scruples and willingness to associate with anybody, including racist and perverts, to further your own standing in a free-to-play pixel tank game.

    It’s beyond pathetic and classless.

  29. Tamagakure

    By your own method of labeling I myself am a Pedophile in an anime clan. I’m not really sure I understand your rationale, as it is seemingly itself based on insults and unfair generalizations. You are no better than the people you target.

  30. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Gungrave, they tried to take down this site once already with their law firm. Their attorney tried, but failed. Wargaming tried it approx. just a few weeks after the Sir Foch incident. After they signed the letter promising they would never do those things again to the community etc. Wargaming NA was still in copyright strike threat mode after Sir Foch. They had lied once again. But, they didn’t succeed.

  31. Gomez_Adams

    @Tamagakuri – If the shoe fits, wear it. Your clan is obsessed with pictures of obviously underage, overdeveloped little girls. Your clan is obsessed with racism and use racist terms excessively.

    And YOU are in charge of it all. YOU condone it all. YOU defend it all as if there’s nothing at all wrong with it.

    You fully deserve what people call you as you are, at this moment, taking not only an active role, but a LEADERSHIP roll in all of it.

    Hitler himself never killed a Jew. Does that make him any less a Nazi?

    No. Nor does it make you any less a racist pervert.

    You are what you do.
    You are what you defend and protect.

    You are, by your own words and actions, everything they’ve said you are.

  32. mp31b30q9

    Like I said on in the now closed thread – WG/WGNA earned alot of respect from me over this incident/issue.

  33. Tamagakure

    You’re making an uneducated generalization about my clan and its members yet again. And I don’t know what you mean by “they”, unless you’re referring to your multiple alts. There is plenty wrong with what my former members did, and I most certainly do not condone it, but once again, you are no better for using insults and assumptions to make your points rather than be respectful and educated about it. You are no better than them. Keep letting your immaturity get the best of you.

  34. Gomez_Adams

    Yes, you do condone it. You always have. Even when all of this broke, you still kept them around.

    You are just as bad as they are.

  35. Tamagakure

    Care to take a walk in my shoes for a day? It’s clear that you know me and my views better than I ever could :3

  36. Gomez_Adams

    You sound more and more like johnmadara – making excuses, playing the victim like you’re innocent and pure as the driven snow.

    You’re not, any more than he was.

    Frankly, I wouldn’t allow you’re shoes to sit on the walkway off me front deck, let alone put my feet in them.

  37. Tamagakure

    I’m far from innocent, just as you are, and just as anyone else is. And John never once said that he was innocent, so this goes to show how little effort you put into the people you cover.

  38. mp31b30q9

    Organizations (especially pseudo military ones) across the board take on the values and goals of their leaders and their actions are a direct reflection of said leaders.

  39. Tamagakure

    Youjo isn’t an organization, it’s a clan for an MMO game. And the members involved in this were punished regardless. I am fine with you blaming me for handling things in an improper manner, but don’t accuse me or any of my players of being pedophiles, nazis, and kkk members. That is a childish and disgusting assumption to make and is why I am saying Vladimir and his alts are no better than the members involved in this incident.

  40. Thing 1

    OK, fuckhead, that’s about it. You spoke your two cents which winds up being less than fucking worthless.

    Fact is, when EVERYBODY ELSE sides against you, it’s NOT EVERYBODY ELSE you fucking pervert.

    On another note: I can’t believe fucking Scorpiany posted that. I’m stunned. Well done man!

  41. mp31b30q9

    Except a clan IS an organization and you ARE NOT a victim.

  42. Thing 1

    Damn straight. In fact, he’s the ring leader of all those stupid fucks.

  43. Gomez_Adams

    And boom goes the dynamite. LOL.

  44. mp31b30q9

    Ahhhh man, I wanted to ask him(?) what are the banned player(s) reroll names going to be and how much Clan Gold is going to be spent on them.

  45. Gomez_Adams

    Just look for the brand new additions sure to be there already with low games.

  46. Thing 1

    And promptly DDoS’d right after banning his racist, Nazi, pedophile ass.


    So I click a button, he waste his money.

    These idiots will never learn. They keep on thinking they’re dealing with some shit-for-brains like they are living in mommies basement.

  47. Gomez_Adams

    There’s a big surprise.

    I find it hard to believe that people still do that. Don’t they realize by now how useless it is and how easy it is to defeat the vast majority of the time?

  48. Thing 1

    Actually dude, no they don’t. They’re too fucking stupid. They actually think it cost us something or causes some problems. They’re so fucking stupid they don’t realize all I do is literally click one button and that’s it.

    The visitors that come here are more than willing to wait for the 3 second test. It’s nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    What’s fucking hysterical is the sheer amount of money they’re throwing away on this bullshit all the fucking time. The Ukrainians are laughing their asses off over it I’m sure. Or at the very least they’re laughing all the way to the bank with those dumbasses money.

  49. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Well, we know who one of the DDos er’s are now don’t we !! 🙂 I guess Sela was right, when he pointed out on the NA thread who it was. We know further have confirmed who and group that he belongs to haven’t we. They think their funny allright. But, they have tipped their hand now.

  50. mp31b30q9

    I was just thinking of Sela’s comment about DDoS myself.

  51. Meatslab

    I missed all the fun

  52. Gomez_Adams

    What fun?

  53. Thing 1

    We had two jackasses pop by and post anime porn on the forum. You know, business as usual from the anime pedophile crowd.

  54. Gomez_Adams

    OH! I missed it too then.

    You know, it’s funny how you call them perverts and they all take exception to it, scream that you’re insulting them, report to the admins how they’re being bullied…

    and then they show up posting a bunch of perverted crap which pretty much proves that everything you said about them is 100% true.

    If it weren’t for the fact they’re revolting, perverted, pedophiles you could almost feel sorry for how absolutely stupid they are.

    I mean, all that crying about how “it’s an art form” and “we’re not perverts” and “you just don’t understand and you’re a judgemental troll” they spew out and they go and post anime porn and remove ANY AND ALL DOUBT what it all REALLY is and REALLY leads to.

    That is stupid on a level that is simply incomprehensible by anybody with anything approaching a brain.

  55. Thing 1

    Amen, brother! TESTIFY!

  56. Zeedox

    lol…I wondered what the mighty jingler (impersonator, I gather) was up to………

  57. Thing 1

    The culprits were:


    Those three are anime pervert pedophiles as well. I tell you, they had access very quickly to the most revolting shit you’ve ever seen. In fact, what they posted will actually get you jail time here if you’re caught doing it.

    To me it’s just fucked up how those pervert pedophiles think it’s funny. I mean, what the ever-loving fuck?!

  58. Zeedox

    Pringles…misread that earlier.

    Thanks for the correction.

  59. Thing 1

    In the words of a good friend of mine, “I listened to what you meant, not what you said.”

  60. KineticRhyme

    What server is this? o.o

  61. Thing 1

    North America. Pretty much everything you see on this site took place on the North American server.

    HOWEVER, the VAST majority of offenders are not American. They’re either European or Canadian.

  62. PuddingTimeWithNEP

    just for fun , wtf are you smoking because i want that shit for that retarded post

  63. Thing 1

    Says the anime pedophile pervert clan member. Go fucking figure.

  64. PuddingTimeWithNEP

    oof ,just wow you just say the most dumb shit because you are retarded also anime doesnt = porn .Unless you only think that just because you watch them from your porn site .

  65. Thing 1

    What are you, fucking 12? Speak English you dumb fuck. I know you’re Canadian, but for fucks sake that’s no excuse to type in pure gibberish.

    Anywho, I hope you enjoyed your last post. Now don’t you have some 10 year old girls to go look at? I mean, for crying out loud your clan logo is one…so yeah. That’s what you do.


  66. Gomez_Adams

    It is comical in the extreme to see someone who is represented by a picture of a little girl trying to take the moral high ground.

  67. Zeedox

    Was that Felix again?

  68. Thing 1

    Nope. But get this shit: they have now changed their logo. No more anime little girl:

    New Non-pervert pedophile NICO logo

    And as half-assed as that is, it was done in one quick fucking hurry last night. Obviously, they’re catching enough shit over it.

    So once again, we do make a difference from time to time. Fucking pedophiles SHOULD be hiding like the bitches they are. Fuck all that “in your face” shit.

  69. Gomez_Adams

    Well, at least they’re back in the closet. For now.

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