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Well, folks, here it comes so brace yourselves and gird up your loins! Since World of Tanks has released a line of products for your gaming experience (we’re NOT shitting here, folks – they have) we figured it was high time for us to release some of our own.

Here is the add for the official World of Tanks products:

Told you we weren’t fucking kidding.

Well, that said, our products are going to be a bit different. Our products will be sponsored in part by the very players of the game. That’s right, you too will be able to capture the pure essence of some of the very players featured on this site.

We here at EWOT take our products seriously! We’ve gone to great lengths and left no stone, used tissue, blow-up doll, furry costume, powered apparatus and other unspeakable items used by these players unturned to capture their pure, unadulterated gaming essence for your pleasure!

Stay tuned as products will appear as they are researched, developed and manufactured right here at EWOT!

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my God. I have the feeling this is going to get completely out of hand.

    I can’t wait! LOL!

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Awesome dude !! ?

  3. Thing 1

    Your idea man. I just decided to pick it up and run with it. 😉

  4. Allegra

    Is WG seriously just asking for the placement of the symbols for the tanks over the original brand names…that you are still able to see?

    If not, why the frack would this site show this?


  5. Thing 1

    Nope. That’s just their shitty artwork from this shitty site that Leftist came across.

    We didn’t change a single thing. We just posted the image as is. (It’s in a slider so you may have to click around to get it to roll up.)

    The pictures of the individual products are even worse. Exhibit A:

    World of Tanks Shaving Cream

  6. Allegra


    For a company that’s allegedly worth Billions, that product is worse than a lot of the merchandise that is sold by YouTubers.

    It’s a wonder that they simply didn’t buy the original product and use a texta to ‘modify’ it. It certainly couldn’t have turned out any worse.

  7. Thing 1

    True. But then again everything they do is pretty fucked up lately, so sure you’re not surprised.

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