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1001001110 – Absolute Cockgoblet

This is going to be a fun post.

1001001110… Yes, that’s his username. This absolute cockgoblet has made it his life mission to ruin every single player’s battle that he gets into… And so far, he’s been doing an incredible job. With a whopping overall Win Rate of 38.6% and recents of 34.06%, you may think that he’s just a bot. But alas, you’d be sadly mistaken. To drop below 42%, it generally takes being an active detriment to every team you’re on… And this guy really does take the cake.

I’ve had the displeasure of playing against him in the past, and have tried over and over to get him banned, but WarGaming simply put simply doesn’t give a single shit.

1001001110's initial deployment in the battle.

Take a look at his wonderful positioning. He’s as far away from any useful location as he possibly could be. When he’s called out for it in battle chat by many players in the battle, his responses are simply “fruitful” to say the lesat.

What a sad little troll.

As though that wasn’t bad enough as it is, this wonderful asset of a player decides that after he’s spent the entire battle camping and spewing his garbage in the chat, that the best possible tactic is to drown his vehicle.

Of course he does.

But here’s the thing – He’s been a well known troll for a long, long time. WarGaming doesn’t even have any excuses here – This guy openly admits to actively trolling, and it’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that he’s intentionally trying to be a detriment to his teams.

So, why hasn’t he been banned? Because WarGaming just doesn’t give a fuck. They really don’t. I’ve tried to get him banned many, many times. I’ve PM’d multiple WG employees, submitted screenshots & replays, mentioned him multiple times – And yet, nothing.

It’s just like stickygreen – Everyone knows it as a bot, one that’s been banned & had the account reset in the past… Yet it’s still around, botting.

I don’t understand why WarGaming doesn’t do anything. It’s beyond silly. It’s beyond reasonable. It’s just them not doing anything to keep tabs on their community, and showing some of the worst rule enforcement & community management that I’ve ever seen from a gaming company.

This issue goes far beyond just players. I might have to write about my full experience actually interacting with WG staff & employees. As former Council of Armored Forces, and current Community Contributor, I’ve had quite a few of them (Including some from the highest-ups)… And sadly they’re not particularly positive. I may come across as a corporate shill sometimes, but that’s just a certain level of restraint I have to have on WG’s platforms, as a CC. It sucks. However, sometime early last year, I decided that I wouldn’t continue to stop myself from criticizing the company. They do many things that they deserve to be called out for. As a CC, it should be my job to be a voice for the community. Part of that involves calling out the company for stupid decisions, and that’s what I’m going to do.

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  1. Thing 1

    Holy fucking shit.

    You forgot to post this though:

    Man, that is OBVIOUSLY nothing but a god damned griefing troll account. He botted his way up to some tanks and then just goes out bashing the shit out of everybody for the sole purpose of fucking with them.

    And Wargaming lets him. Shit, it’s probably one of them. (The employees) doing it. I mean, how the hell can you do that and EVER make enough credits to keep going?

  2. Gomez_Adams

    Yeah. That’s just awful.

    It’s not just trolls like that they let go either. It’s all the racist as well. I mean, my God, it’s as if they have to be under federal indictment before they take action on anything.

    It’s not like it’s a big mystery. It’s right there in all the images and tickets. That they sit idle and do absolutely nothing about any of it is the very reason the game went to absolute crap.

    It’s almost as if they are trying for a new world record: most toxic game ever.

  3. Frau_Blooka

    Holy fucking shit!!! Scorpiany and I agree on something!!! Fuck me running!!!

    THey’re so god damned worried about banning people talking about what’s wrong with their piece of shit game but they let shit like this that makes it a piece of shit game go unchecked. IF the stupid fucks would BAN ASSHOLES LIKE THIS, THEN THEY WOULDN’T HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT THEIR FUCKING GAME!!!

    If they put half the effort into banning these assholes as they do the poeple simply saying what’s wrong with their piece of shit game then it wouldn’t be a piece of shit game to begin with!!

  4. Gomez_Adams

    Guess what? I think he’s been banned since this posting. I can’t get his account to come up on the World of Tanks site. It says “unavailable”. This is what I get when I search his user name.

    player unavailable

  5. Thing 1

    Well you can still look him up in game. He’s still there. His last game played was on your birthday. Ironic. LMAO!!!

    What HAVE you been up to, asshole? 😉

  6. Gomez_Adams

  7. Thing 1


  8. SilverEaglewing

    I might not agree with everything on this site. But this play 100 is indeed the most useless pos. Bots can have better stats than this cum gurgling shitlord. Also you go for calling out those baddies at wg scorpiany.

  9. SilverEaglewing

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes typing on a phone ^

  10. Thing 1

    I might not agree with everything on this site. But this play 100 is indeed the most useless pos.

    So when he does it to one of your own guys you like, it’s garbage player that needs to be banned. But when they do it to anybody else (especially one of us) it’s all good. Right?

    Funny how what he posted is MILD compared to some of the shit players we’ve posted about but you don’t “agree” with it.

    Nobody asked you to agree with “everything”. But to come on here and say Scorpiany is right when all those videos of racism, bullying, physics abuse, team killing and more that we’ve posted LONG before he ever came along is OK and we’re wrong is pure bullshit, pal.

  11. PrinzEugen85

    If this guy was actually banned only because of an article posted here, that’s just mind blowing. Getting rid of bots and griefers is in WG’s best interest, not just ours.

  12. Thing 1

    He is the third person to be banned from the game after appearing on this site behind PixPax and Johnmadara. That count should be at least 12 by now.

  13. SilverEaglewing

    @Thing 1
    The things said in chat should be punished, however I think doxing people is over the top. These people want to act like this in game, sure they’re gonna get chat banned or maybe perma banned, however it stays in game and shouldn’t affects someones real life. They spew racist crap in real life they face the consequences.

  14. Thing 1

    @Thing 1
    The things said in chat should be punished, however I think doxing people is over the top.

    I wish you fucking people would learn what doxing actually is.

    Doxing is trying to actually harm somebody by posting his address and saying, “Go fuck him up” or “go shoot him” or “go kick his ass”.

    We have never done that.

    What we are doing is simply showing the entire world who these assholes really are. It’s perfectly legal. They are cowards that talk their shit behind a hidden identity. When we find who they are, we fucking post it.

    There are only two things we can’t do: Post the info of a minor (someone under the age of 17) or post suggestions to do them bodily harm.

    That is the fucking law.

    Here’s a fucking tip: You don’t want your shit posted all over the god damned internet? THEN DON’T POST YOUR SHIT ALL OVER THE GOD DAMNED INTERNET AND THEN ACT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE TO EVERYBODY!!!

    It’s not rocket fucking science.

  15. Gomez_Adams

    To expand on that:

    In large part, doxing only involves minors and the EU. It doesn’t technically exist in the United States and isn’t even listed as a crime.

    When displaying the non-published information of a minor, you can get into some serious trouble with law enforcement due to the law protecting minors. (This is the same reason they always blur out children’s faces on all video’s on the news and the like unless they have the parents permission.)

    Child protection laws are rather draconian in the United States, which is in part why they no longer discern between real and animated child pornography of any kind. (Even anime just posing is considered child pornography in the United States now.)

    On the other hand, if you’re 18 years old or older, you have no such protections of any kind. Anything posted in the public domain is free game. They (this site) can post your family history if they find it online. They can post your personal pictures, videos, anything they want if they are publicly available online.

    So, in the end, anybody that has their information posted online has nobody to blame but themselves, because in the end it is THEY who put it here by posting it all online to begin with.

    That is why this site has never lost a legal battle yet, and in all likelihood never will.

  16. Thing 1

    That’s part of the whole problem with these fucking idiots: They THINK they’re in England or Canada or New Zealand.

    This is the UNITED STATES you dumb fucks. U.S. Law applies, not that bullshit you have.

    And yes, even World of Tanks is governed by U.S. Law – it is based in the U.S., it’s servers are on U.S. soil and it is licensed in the U.S.

    So take all that bullshit EU garbage and shove it. It doesn’t apply here.

  17. Frau_Blooka

    The funny fucking part is that they are the assholes fucking with everybody else!!! That the even have the fucking nerve to cry about being outed is fucking hysterical!!

  18. Thing 1

    Exactly. They fuck with everybody else with autonomy and say “grow a thicker skin” and all that bullshit like it’s somehow their right to fuck with people.

    But when people start fucking with them all of a sudden it’s awful, mean and shouldn’t be done.

    Just proves right there the kind of whining, sniveling little bitches they really are.

  19. MashiTheOxygenTheif

    What a… colorful character.

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