You are currently viewing WoT video for critiquing.

WoT video for critiquing.

This is my very first video ever created for youtube.  My format is going to be music with text discussing about the game in question as well as other things.  This is harder then just recording and adding your voice to it as there is a lot going on such as making everything, from video, to music, to text and make everything blended together to make it sound right.   Here is the Url.  The video is unlisted at the moment so only people up here who click on the link can see the video.



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  1. Thing 1

    My two cents:

    1. I love the music choice.

    2. The text doesn’t stay up quite long enough and is hard to read. I would try using just pure white text with a small drop shadow or if you don’t have that ability a small text box with a dark tint to it. Using centering format would help the overall aesthetic as well. You could also just try removing the text outline. I think that causes more harm than good from a reading standpoint.

    3. You’re putting too much text on the screen at once. When you watch it full screen, the bottom line of text winds up below the progress line and is all but impossible to read.

    If you’re going to do text on a video, you have to do it for the large screen primarily. Now, that’s going to MAKE people look at it in full screen mode more times than not, but that’s the price you pay for using that much text and it will allow you to use a slightly smaller font size so you can lay it out a bit better and leave it up a bit longer.

    Overall: Great video – you just need to rework the text to make it easier to read, leave it up longer to read, and format it a bit better.

  2. Icon_Charlie

    Ty. This is what I need before fleshing it out completely

    “If you’re going to do text on a video, you have to do it for the large screen primarily. Now, that’s going to MAKE people look at it in full screen mode more times than not, but that’s the price you pay for using that much text and it will allow you to use a slightly smaller font size so you can lay it out a bit better and leave it up a bit longer.”

    Reply. It was done on full screen mode 2560 x 1440 and recorded on a 27″ monitor.

    Reply to #2 part of 2. The text has been already centered. I think I am going to shrink down the font size and increase the time taken to read. Myself I was able to read it but that is just me. I’m used to (trained) in reading things quickly when doing Q&A. I’ll increase the duration of time.

    Question – Is the color of the font acceptable?

    Next question – This is a different approach in creating content than what is normally done creating content in video games. Adding music, adding text discussion of the game in general.
    Do you think it is worth it enough to separate this type of video content from the rest of the crowd?

    Finally. I was thinking of calling this playlists as the 47%ers. Considering that all that you see are the stuff from yahoos showing their “best stuff”… How about us Average Joe’s having their own way of showing off their stuff???

    All we see are meta tanks with suspect players. Very little is being shown in the lower tier in game play… not so common tanks and of course definitely not the average play. Do you think this playlist could take off?

    Thanks for the input. Will start making these corrections as I have comment. then re-post.
    Time for meds Wheee…. 🙂

  3. Thing 1

    Reply. It was done on full screen mode 2560 x 1440 and recorded on a 27″ monitor.

    Work only in 1920 x 1080. Anything above that is going to be useless unless you’re doing 4K, which you aren’t because the game doesn’t support it. All you’re doing is making things harder than they need to be.

    Question – Is the color of the font acceptable?

    I don’t know. Without that white outline it might be.

    Do you think it is worth it enough to separate this type of video content from the rest of the crowd?

    I have no idea, man. Frankly, I don’t like all the “talk” videos because most of the assholes doing them try to sound like they’re smart and wind up sounding like complete, epic, total douchebags. I’ve always preferred videos without all the bullshit talking going on. I’m watching the video to see what happens, not listen to some idiot ramble.

    Finally. I was thinking of calling this playlists as the 47%ers. Considering that all that you see are the stuff from yahoos showing their “best stuff”… How about us Average Joe’s having their own way of showing off their stuff???

    That’s actually a good idea. A “Festivus for the rest of us” to channel my inner Jerry Seinfeld.

  4. Gomez_Adams

    “I turn like a stuffed pig on a spit”

    LMAO!!! So true, man…so true. LOL! I’ve got one, I know the feeling.

    My critique:

    When you are capturing your replay, change your resolution to 1080. That will make the players names and such readable and give everybody a better picture overall.

    Your text is HUGE, and as T1 mentioned doesn’t stay up quite long enough. Sometimes I would have to hit the back button because I wouldn’t quite get the last couple of words.

    It’s a long, long, video, so you have plenty of time to leave the text up longer. Also, if it was center justified rather than left justified it would look neater and fit the picture better. (This is what T1 was mentioning but he didn’t say ‘justified’)

    I would make the text white as well. That salmon color with the white outline is a bit hard on the eyes. As mentioned earlier, simply removing that outline might help out.

    That’s about all I’ve got. I’m watching it on my laptop, so even in full screen mode the action in the video is very, very small due to the huge resolution you captured at.

    You have to remember that the majority of people that are going to watch the video will be watching it on a laptop with a screen 17 inches or smaller. Using resolutions over 1080 makes it smaller and smaller and smaller as it’s crammed down onto the screen.

    Nice video though. I was giggling pretty much all the way through it.

  5. Icon_Charlie


    I’ll do the export I’ll do the 1080P. If you want to me to record in 1920 x 1080 instead of 2560 I’ll have to re-record the video. Doable but it will take longer.

    Next the text on the text editor is at 9 point font. I’ll go lower definitely and make the timing longer when reading text.

    I’ll try white for the next text color sample.

    And Yes I do like my JadgTiger It’s slow… got a lousy traverse and a big hitscan but in many ways it is better than a JagdTiger E100. You can make money off of that T-9 TD and it sort of fits my style of play. I also get a kick of killing off those Unicums when they do not take me so seriously.

    Again these are the thing I need to see.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    The problem though is that when you’re dealing with raster based images (which is what video is) the point size changes along with the resolution. So 9 point text at 1440 becomes more like 40 pt text by the time you get down to 768 which is typical laptop resolution.

    1080 is still the industry standard for that very reason. To illustrate, here is a shot of your video on my laptop:

    Icon Charlie Video Shot Laptop

    See how absolutely HUGE the text is, but we can’t see the chat applet or names in game at all?

    That’s what happens when you record at huge resolutions and then have to cram that down onto smaller screens.

    I’ll run down stairs to the office and shoot one from my gaming rig in just a few minutes so you’ll see the difference.

  7. Gomez_Adams

    Here it is in 1080. Notice how very large it still is, but at least it’s not totally overpowering.

    Icon Charlie video shot 1080


    I think people with hearing issues or sound issues will enjoy this type of format.
    Drop it on the wot forums.

  9. Insurrectional_Leftist

    You’ll find just the right fit sooner or later man. You’ll keep fine tuning and experimenting and it will fall into place.

    I haven’t played my Jagdtiger (tier 9) in a while.

    Yea, sometimes it’s better to have some music, and a text line to read about comments on the battle about what was going on with analysis, than all the talking.

    I think some people are more interested on your perspective on that game, than just hearing who you are. Because, so many people are just wanting to “be heard” on youtube these days with this game etc…

    You can be heard, without losing your privacy.

    Unless you want to be like Claus Kellerman ( being nutty ) LOL .. Which that’s fine, if that’s how he really is.
    Or you can be like Quicky Baby, Love of WG till you die, Company man all the way.
    Or you can be like Rita ( Better not go there)
    Or you can be like Jingles Extordinare
    Or some of those other Dedicated Purple streamers over at Labs/Twitch …

    But, I think that’s a good concept you have there. Why not for the masses? Why not for just the average Pubbie? Why not for the 47%er ? That’s largely the majority make up of the game pretty much?

    Why does the game have to be always streamed, and represented by only the to top notch (Assholes) of the community? An why should you have verbally speak? It’s not a requirement.

    They should allow more people to stream more easily, and do more replays faster and easier. If Wargaming were more serious they would come up with more Tools even to facilitate this even better.

    But, VICTOR is busy with Blitz again.

  10. Insurrectional_Leftist

    How about a test page? Would you have a template or some way to offer samples of colors, sizes, samples, backgrounds for the lettering etc, different setups to show?

    Just a thought only… I don’t how time consuming, or how much trouble, or time that would cause you on your end?

  11. Gomez_Adams

    That’s going to depend on him and what he’s using. Believe it or not, what one application calls 12 point text may look more like 18 point in another. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it depends on the native resolution you’re working in.

    He says that’s 9 point text. In a native 1080 environment, at 72dpi, 9 point would be barely a fraction of that size. Here is that 1080 screen capture of his video I took earlier with different sized text on it added in Photoshop CS6:

    Text sample pic

  12. Icon_Charlie

    This is all helpful. I am glad I’m doing the critique in here. Also An FYI. The reason why the video is long is because of the possibility of monetization on Youtube. 10 minutes or more.

  13. Thing 1

    There is no requirement on how long a video must be to be monetized. Hell, most of QB’s videos are less than 5.

    YouTube is pushing towards longer videos so that they can squeeze in more advertising and they’re changing the way they rate some videos. For those fuckers it’s about money over content.

    But the problem with that is that it’s backfiring on them because people don’t have very long attention spans, especially on videos that are long and full of bullshit just for the sake of being long rather than because it shows anything worthwhile.

    At this moment, making a longer video doesn’t really give you any advantage. Odds are pretty good that it never will. People want a quick fix, not have to sit down for almost the length of a fucking sitcom and watch some long, drawn out thing that could have been summed up in 5 minutes.

    Be careful who you cater to man. By puffing up shit that just rambles on you can very easily lose most of your audience instantly.

  14. Icon_Charlie

    Spent all night fighting with my Video Editor

    Output is at 1080P.
    Increased the time for text.
    Changed the Font from Arial to Calibri
    Changed the color of the Text to white.
    Made some minor changes to some of the Text boxes as well.
    Changed the size of the Text from 9PT to 6PT according to the text editor

    Thanks for the help so far.

  15. Gomez_Adams

    To me, the text looks much better. A lot easier to read and it’s not all down in the controls like it was before. Much, much better all the way around.

  16. Thing 1

    I was going to embed it but you have that disabled.

    At any rate, yeah. Much better. If I was going to be an asshole (and I’m pretty good at that) I’d say that I don’t like seeing the windows frame on it. But other than that, it’s perfect as far as I’m concerned.

  17. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yes, Thumps Up… that is much better…

    I think that does a better job indeed. Now, you can build off of that. Make some little tweeks, if choose to do so from there etc…

    But, that is much better to view and look at..


  18. Icon_Charlie

    Thank you. This is all good to know. I am and decided to create video style as seen here and the working play list is going to be called “The 47%ers. I’ll be going over first on how to play a turretless TD then work on other tiers and types of tanks. Yup doing to go down the lower tiers and shoot em up… as well as reporting on seal clubbers and assholes and whatnot.

    Another thing. I am leaving all of the mistakes and flaws on this first try on creating content. I lost my adopted son last week while trying to create this. Because he was not “officially” adopted by me and my Sweetie, his family won’t let us be at his funeral. Sweetie is not taking this well and in many ways neither am I. The last time he talked to me was on my birth day (October 7th). He had a massive heart attack late that evening and died a few days later. Dead at age 39. Creating the video helped me to not think about how fucked up people can be. So in the end it is going to work out. It a good way to remember him by.

    I would like to continue this method of critiquing. I need more eyes to see my mistakes because after awhile working on it you do not see all of them.

    So you will see my content first before going on youtube. Who knows? It might catch on? Lets just see what happens. But I know that this is different enough and the target audience is for us average Joes…

    It’s for us 47%ers!!!


  19. Icon_Charlie

    BTY my next video is aimed at Claus Kellerman for his comments about us TD Campers.
    He actually changed the title of his video as it was called fucking campers… Yea

    And the fucking moron shows a 110E4 as an example of playing an aggressive TD A TURRETED TD.
    I have one that I videoed in my Steel Coffin on 10-13-2017. It should put him in his place.

  20. Thing 1

    That has always cracked me up no end: guys in what are actually tanks with good camo bitching at guys in fucking aircraft hangers with fixed guns for camping.

    Yeah. Let’s see you flank that T44 in a fucking JT88.

    Claus has always been an incredible flake. He’s OK from time to time, but by and large he’s just annoying.

  21. Gomez_Adams

    Looking forward to another video, Charlie.

    And I’ve always taken Claus with a grain of salt; I don’t think he’s actually as serious as many people make him out to be. I’ve always thought he was in it more for a good time and lack of anything better to do than making a living or taking it seriously.

  22. SilverEaglewing

    @icon_charlie for me the e4 is a bit tricky, its not a hellcat nor is it something like a t95. In the replay, the player mainly used it to hold down corners. With the turret its able to hide the lower plate reasonably well, while putting shots. (Keep in mind there might still be cupola if you poke to much and HE spammers. You are sometimes able to brawl with heavies, by using the heavies aroune such as a maus, e 100 or type 5 as a damage soaker, and you can put in shots afterwards since your armor is somewhat unreliable at tier 10(gold spammers) it all depends on the sitution, help push if you think you can effectively deal with enemies and try to bait shots then shoot them for 800. If you are unable to have any support stay back where there are teammates. The further away, the longer the enemies have to cross open ground to try to outflank you. Tanks such as strv 103bs and hellcats for example should try to stay back and red line. All depends on the tank. In the situation of your jadgtiger, you did the right thing. Since your slow and have a gapping weakspot its best not to push as enemies would outspot you and start bleeding you before you get close enough to see them. All depends on tank and situation.

    As for the video you made, it would like someone said above be great for people that have a hard time hearing. Good luck.

  23. Icon_Charlie

    Reply. I played the E4 in the test servers for many years, I know what it is capable and its a hell of a lot better than many of the T10 TDs I’ve experienced with.
    It is one of the TD’s I am going up that line to get. To me it’s that good.

    Here is my second video. Enjoy.

    This is a unlisted video.

  24. Icon_Charlie

    Also For the record. I actually toned down my rhetoric with my comments with Kellerman. But the rest stays. I know what I saw when first when he posted up his video and -then- changed his title. It was “Fuck Campers”… But I decided not to go down that road completely. He made his title change so I toned down my comments.

    But he did make that comments that I know that many players makes about us Turretless TD players… THAT we automatically suck… That because I’m red as a tomato means I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about.

    Just because I am not going to fucking play their game and pay shit loads of money/time (any/or what I posted in my video channel). A know a lot about playing games, that is being a real play tester in my long and varied career. I know what and when I smell a con. I am so not going to play this BS… I will pay when I WANT TOO. NOT BECAUSE I HAVE TOO.

    BTY I made my wealth in real estate… not being a E-sport playa… Someday I’ll tell you what it is like dealing in the lands of make believe… commonly known as the Video Gaming Industry. I also plan to do some video gaming reviews as well.

    And it will be honestly fucking brutal as I am beholding to no one anymore in that industry.

    Now I know the gimmicks on this game. But I’ll play this game MY WAY. Considering that some of the pictures That I have seen in this channel about some of these assholes… makes me wonder if they have hair on their ball sacs yet.

    So yea there are certain things that will get me riled up and even in my old age there is one thing I am most certain of.

    “You can never get rid of the old dog that is within you”…

    Heh… enough talk. Time for my happy pillz 🙂 I think I’ll be doing videos in the near future… even if it just to piss people off… I’m going to do them…


  25. Thing 1

    Cool video. Good game too! Racked up nearly 3000 damage and held off 5 or so tanks. Great job! I can’t believe that idiot in the KV went right across the middle like that knowing you were sitting there.

    Then again, maybe the fucking idiot didn’t look at the mini map. 😉

  26. Gomez_Adams

    Good video! I never did get the top gun on my JT. I was in the process of grinding it when I essentially gave up on the game.

  27. Icon_Charlie

    Thank you. I did get top score in the game. Barely beating out the Conqueror. Damage + assisted Damage = +4500 pts Then add +2 kills. For 340 games I was playing the JagdTiger with a borrowed crew. Penalties and all. Until this September I did not spend any money messing with that crew. When I did though the numbers started to go up.

    I don’t regret my decision one bit in playing with a serious disadvantage. If anything it made me a better tanker. My ongoing percentage to hit rating with that thing is at 72% and I shoot a long range as possible. I was 10 out of 12 or 83% to hit in that game and 7 out of 10 in damage.

    I guess what I am saying is yes. If I did exactly what the other “players” do on how they increase their win percentage I’d be in the low to mid 50%’s by now. I’m 53% in Warthunder though I do not play it that much. But I am not going to spend that much money on this game. If I do it is only because I’m doing a video on a certain tank to change crew and maybe some premium time. I’m committed to try to do quality videos and if it means finding out answers to certain questions like I just posted below… well then I think it is worth it.

    I’ve already spent over $400.00 on Overwatch because to myself there was value in the product. I don’t have to play Comp in that game. I can mess around playing a game with the AI a few million people with the same mindset. It’s rather fun without the Bullshit. Wot was like that back at 2013-2014 but then the asshats got greedy. Stupid greedy. So I stopped putting any serous money into the game. Just some Chump change here and there.

    I think my next video is going to be if 6th sense is really worth the grind. To be honest I am really not so sure. Few of my tanks do have it but I’ve played so long with out it and used the basic tools given (such as the red warning arrow when being seen). I’ve got by without it. My Nashorn does not have it and its my money maker and I got ace tanker without 6th sense.

    I do know that Brothers in arms is a must in this game. Also Camo and repairs for your TD. but 6th sense I’m on the fence. I think it is situational myself. Certain styles and certain tanks needs it more than others.

    We will find out soon and thank you all for all of your help.

    I appreciate it greatly.


  28. Gomez_Adams

    I’ve never played Overwatch. I do play Diablo III though. I got the Necromancer expansion a few weeks ago and have been having a blast with it.

    Went on a massive losing streak in Warships so I quit it again for a while.

  29. Thing 1

    Well, go ahead and call me a shithead, but I’ve actually binged on War Thunder the last two days. It’s still full of shit, but man the bombers are fun!

    Crank up the Sammy Hagar, jump in the B-17E and give it hell! YEAH-COME ON!

  30. Meatslab

    Same here. Ive been playing Warthunder. It has a shit ton of obvious hackers, but its still a bit more fun than WOT

  31. Thing 1

    Yeah. Their aimbot problem is beyond fucking belief. It sucks too. You can be having a great battle, fighting like hell. You and your teammate up against two enemy and you’re struggling. All of you. Fighthing your asses off and then one guy comes in and POP, you’re dead and POP you’re teammate’s dead.

    One shot each. Done.

    It’s so fucking obviously full of shit. NOBODY can aim an aircraft doing 350 mph that accurately and one shot people 8 times in a game. Fucking nobody.

  32. Icon_Charlie

    Next video for viewing. I think this is going to be the first one to be posted public. Had fun doing it. All videos are at the moment unlisted for our viewing.

    Anyhow enjoy.

  33. Gomez_Adams

    LOL! That was funny. I liked all the potato references in the beginning. Potato player drinking moonshine made from…potatoes. LOL.

    The only real downside to me is that now I have that damn disco song stuck in my head. Damn you!

  34. Thing 1

    Well, once again there’s a couple sections where the text doesn’t stay up quite long enough for me to read it all. Other than that, it’s cool. Love the quotes at the end. Kudos for the nod to DeForest Kelley.

  35. Zeedox

    If I may offer some advice regarding text timing on screens during presentations.
    Text should stay on the screen for as long as the the author takes to read it silently two to three times to themselves. The author of any text tends to know and understand their own text very well and hence their reading of it is very fast. The reader, however, takes time to digest your words as they have no context or prior knowledge of your points.
    I have found this timing to be just about perfect during presentations.

  36. Icon_Charlie

    Could you show me where in the video the Timing is off. It’s the years of being a play tester/Q&A/Quality control. I’ve read it myself several occasions and of course do not see this, which is why I need the advice as where I am messing up.

    @ Gomez The first one is a Tom’s diner remix and the second is from an 80’s B movie.

  37. Thing 1

    Text should stay on the screen for as long as the the author takes to read it silently two to three times to themselves.

    That. Any time I do it, I make sure I can read it at the pace of the Narrator of Winnie the Pooh.

  38. Zeedox

    Okay……I did QA also so here goes.

    The Title card timing is good. I can look around at your pictured background after reading the text.
    Every card that follows in the first 1:15 needs to be at least one full second longer, some more. Even after watching the first minute four times I still had problems keeping up.
    For instance the card “No.4 T-50” goes for 7 seconds and at that point I am just hitting the last word as the card changes – giving me no time to digest or look at the background before the next text. It needs to be a minimum of 9 to 10 secs to allow me to finish and see the background (I want to see your background because you have a picture and not a plain colour – so obviously YOU want me to look at it)
    Card “I really have to laugh” lasts 10 seconds – there are 40 words. You have one contracted word, “don’t”. It needs to last about 13 secs for me to finish and realize the picture is unchanging in the background.
    Card “Yep, I’m a potato” lasts 12 seconds – there are 55 words. There are eight contractions in this sentence. This needs 15 secs, maybe even 16.
    Anyone without English as a mother tongue will struggle with contractions and add to the reading time. You have used a mixture of contractions and non-contractions throughout.

    No offense but the dissection of that first 30 secs cost me about 25 mins (and I’m retired too), so I’ll leave you to make any further changes you deem necessary.

  39. Icon_Charlie


    None taken. If I did not wanted feeed back I would have not posted in here 🙂
    Will look to see what I can do in that first 1 minute of the video it is rather cramped in there I might have to change that section entirely.

  40. Zeedox

    yes, cramped lol.

    Tell you what.
    You re-work your first minute and I’ll find another 25 mins and get further in.

    Overall though, I like it.

  41. Thing 1


    There’s nothing more dangerous than two old, retired farts with too much time on their hands.

  42. Icon_Charlie

    Next video is up.

    I have made adjustments to my previous video (I-R-POTATO) and that one will be online for regular viewing in a few days.

    My reply to Kellerman will me online for regular viewing on 11-13-2017. I gave myself a cooling off period as that video as well as the first video was being created while my son passed away. I’ll be posting that one as is in memory of him.

    But enjoy the video. I did good in that one.

    And again thanks for the help. It is truly appreciated.

  43. Thing 1

    Your son died? Fucking hell, man. I’m so sorry. It’s against the law of nature for a father to bury his son.

  44. Icon_Charlie

    Reply. Thank you. He did not take care of himself. You can only say so much. His suffering is over and I’ll see him again when my time comes. That is how I can take this, because you are right. Parents should not bury their offspring. He was 39.

    Moral of the story is you have to take care of your body. You only got one of them.

    But enjoy the video. It is a reason why I am doing this.

  45. Thing 1

    You either haven’t finished uploading it yet or you have it set to private because I keep getting a Video Unavailable screen.

  46. Icon_Charlie

    Ty for telling me this.. It is unlisted now.

  47. Thing 1

    Lots better man. Much easier to get through the reading before it moves on.

  48. Zeedox

    Icon – that looks great. I’d give it an 8/10 (could have been a 9, but I am Canadian 😛 )

  49. Thing 1


  50. Icon_Charlie

    HHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just posted (I-R-POTATO) on the video section NA forum site and my god all of the assholes are coming out… You should take a look at all of the freaks!!! 2 full pages already.

    By all means comment over there if you like, but I actually excepted this… Don’t they fucking know that they are doing??? They must make themselves look like idiots and it is all written down.

    This can be spin doctored as a reason for people leaving the game. The High Toxic level of the shit heads commenting on the motherboard. Holier then thou attitude towards others.

    Lets see how long the shit storm continues… 🙂


  51. Thing 1


    Took me a while to find it. What’s funny as fucking hell is that you NAME the thread, MAKE the video and talk ONLY about the lower end of the spectrum, but they still somehow think the video is about them and skill and all that fucking bullshit.

    I mean, you said FROM THE OUTSET who it was for and what it was about and they STILL fucking insult you.

    Yep. That right there is EXHIBIT FUCKING A on what’s wrong with the game.

    It’s like making a video about gardening and stating clearly that it’s about gardening and that it is not for hunters, but then the fucking gun nuts show up and start spamming shit about how gardening sucks and you should be out hunting.

    Fucking morons.

  52. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Hell, I comment over there, you know what would happen instantly… So, I guess I should pass?

  53. Thing 1

    Yeah. OROR you could comment so that way they could start the you and Charlie are the same person bullshit.

    Just for shits and giggles.

  54. Gomez_Adams

    Holy cow. That’s pretty classless, even for them.

  55. Icon_Charlie

    Go right ahead an post Insurrectional… As a matter of fact every one post. My video is pretty tame and you can see what has happened… please someone make sure that this does not get swept under the rug. I am thinking of going to their US office.

    Since I found out where they are at.. I just might bring this to their attention personally.

    Until then please support my actions here.



  56. Icon_Charlie

    Also please comment on the Youtube and thumgs up on the video. This is the only way for people to stop this BS. Sort of fighting fire with fire…

  57. Gomez_Adams

    Well, I was perma-banned from the Wargaming servers so there’s nothing I can do but read now. As far as Youtube comments, I only do that for my personal videos for obvious reasons.

    Contrary to what a lot of the WoT trolls say, I don’t have a ton of different accounts that I post with. I haven’t posted in the Wargaming forums at all since I was banned. I do use my tanks account to give plus votes from time to time while I’m reading, but that’s about it.

    I did give a thumbs up on the video when I watched it.

  58. Icon_Charlie

    @ Gomez. Thumbs up is fine…. that’s what counts..

  59. Thing 1

    Done man. Could have sworn I gave it one the other day when I first looked at it. I must be losing what’s left of my fucking mind.

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