You are currently viewing -G- Cries about Fair Play while being corrupt as hell.

-G- Cries about Fair Play while being corrupt as hell.

Well, folks, it’s another day of hypocrisy here in World of Tanks, and yet again it’s the resident bitch clan -G- crying rivers over being wronged.

Here’s the actual thread.

Here’s a screen shot of the OP for those too damn lazy to click the link:

Now, according to N3RV3, somebody joined a clan he was teaching so that he could “steal” information about that clan and give it to another clan in an effort to give them an advantage and help them win.

OK, here comes the question: what’s wrong with that?

This is a war game. It’s based on winning, right? I mean, isn’t that what they all say? So, what rule did the person actually break?

None. He didn’t break a single fucking rule. So why is the guy from -G- bitching like a little brat? Because that’s what they are: brats. They’re so used to getting anything and everything they want that the instant somebody pulls a page form their own playbook they cry foul.

Let’s review a few infractions that -G- has been guilty of:

  • rigging clan wars battles
  • rigging clan wars strategies
  • offering gold payments (bounties) to kill people in game
  • hosting sites that made illegal mods available for download
  • hosting pornography
  • bullying
  • racist slurs
  • homophobic slurs
  • anti-Semitic slurs

and folks, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t believe me? Well, guess what – there’s proof right here on this site of most of it already. You can read all about it here.

And that’s just ONE of them, folks. There’s a lot more just like him in that clan and worse.

Now, if -G- is willing to take part in all of that (and they are, they’ve been doing it literally since day one) then what gives them the right to cry about somebody that isn’t even breaking the rules to begin with?

Well, apparently, Wargaming does. After all, if any of us had started that thread against them (and we did, folks) we would be instantly permabanned (and some of us were), the thread would be instantly deleted (and they were), and nobody would ever know anything about it at all (and they still don’t).

But this asshat can name and shame over a non-violation and absolutely nothing happens to him. The thread isn’t deleted, it’s left up for all to see. It’s not even locked.

There’s always been a disparity between the vast majority of players, and those of the power clans. Power clan members can do whatever they want and get away with it. We’ve proven that time and time again. Regular players are banned instantly.

One more small point before we go: If it was HE that was TEACHING THEM about strategy, shouldn’t he have TOUGHT THEM about VETTING MEMBERS PROPERLY?

Well, yes. He should have. But then again, that’s why he’s a fucking private and not a leading clan member.

Hey asshole: It was YOU who let the guy in. YOU who gave him all the information and YOU who let him walk off with it.

But you being you, you were so damned greedy to get any member you could to use to your advantage, you were blind to the fact that other clans might just use your stupid ass to their advantage.

And that’s EXACTLY what they did, dumbass.

So you want to cry rivers and blame somebody for this shit? Do it in the mirror, dipshit. You were had, and that is on nobody but you.

Being in -G-, you should know better. After all, you assholes do far worse every single chance you get.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    -G- crying foul? Wow. That’s…interesting.

    I personally don’t see that the spy did anything wrong. I mean, spying is part of war. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. It’s all part of the game.

    Now, I’ve seen some guys rip off clans, steal gold and the like and that is simply unforgivable.

    But that’s not what this is. As mentioned, he was looking to use anybody he could to further the clan and that spy was doing anything he could to further his. If you’re going to let just anybody in and give them access to everything, especially in a competitive environment, then you deserve what happens to you.

    There’s a reason the “probationary period” was invented. Clearly, he didn’t use it. That alone tells me he’s not in a position to be teaching any clan anything.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    2:44 A.M my time. The thread has gone PoFF ! Cannot even be found in the locked thread archives. Someone must have sabotaged the thread big time! And no doubt the same usual suspects did so. And, the employees sectioned it where no one can see it again!

    So, Fucking Wargaming typical.

    Meanwhile, take a look at the Locked Threafs. Just scroll through and you will find the more interesting topics of this community. That’s where the real crimes can be found! Some of the truth seeping out, and most of the real dissent, and honest discourse being….banished.

    It should be rettitled, “The Gulag Archives” Where real forum and voice is sentenced to. The Graveyard of where a forum truly dies.

    Joseph Stalin would be proud of Wargaming, and of the WGNA.

  3. KineticRhyme

    Oh, you know, the enemy clan/s found out about our strategy. Well, shit, right?
    But now that you know that they know what you’re planning, sure it feels betraying and all, but once logic and tactical/strategical thinking sets in, you’d thought “Hmm now let’s make a new tactic that will counter the ones they think we are gonna use” right?


    Decides to complain about it in forums instead. I mean, yeah that happened to some clans I was in, but after some raging and saltiness and we calmed the fudge down, we did what any decent clan would do: think about how to deal with the tactic we developed in the event that they used it against us.

  4. Thing 1

    2:44 A.M my time. The thread has gone PoFF !

    Yep. It appears here showing the blatant bullshit and they instantly get rid of it, cover it up and pretend it never happened.

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