You are currently viewing 47 Seconds of PURE Skill – SaVaGee of SIMP

47 Seconds of PURE Skill – SaVaGee of SIMP

Folks, this will in all likelihood be the shortest article we’ve ever done. Here’s the video:

Here’s the game results:

That’s it, folks. That’s all we got.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    LMAO!!! Yeah, man. That’s funny! Such skill is possessed by so very few these days. It’s humbling watching it in action.

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    47 seconds of awesome skill and those comments throughout the rest of the game were hysterical also. ?

  3. Scorpiany

    The only real mistake he made was not realizing that he had no backup… Which I suppose is a pretty big mistake to make. But I am surprised how aggressively the enemy light tanks went over the ridge to shoot him. Even good players can have mind-bogglingly bad games sometimes. It happens.

  4. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I think what happen was he was trying to race out fast to one of those key positions early, so he would be able to inflict damage quickly on the other team. I think that was the idea?

    But, perhaps he was unable to light up those other tanks over those dunes, and without an extra assistant tank spotter, and the extra gun to draw their fire Incase of an ambush, it back fired.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I’m still running mostly “stock” on my little Bat Chat, maybe I could have done better? I tried to cap toward the end, when I could have tried for more damage, but it was really all over as far as the game was concerned.

  6. Gomez_Adams

    He went full yolo. That’s really all there is to it. Normally, he has plenty of backup from clan platoon mates to save him and he simply assumed he was in the same situation.

    He wasn’t. Rather that show tact and skill by adapting to that fact, he tried to conduct business as usual and paid the price for it.

    It’s their blatant hypocrisy of always trash talking anybody else that ever does that while excusing themselves when they do it that really gets to me though.

  7. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yea, exactly. It’s the lack of honestly, is what creates and sets up the divide there. I thought it was rather odd when he went driving out in the open like that? I figured well he must know something I don’t? After that I was figuring on a safe place to survive to work around in that stock light I was in…

  8. Scorpiany

    Usually I would go to the same position even if my allies aren’t coming, just to get the initial spots on the enemy team (And make the enemy think it’s not an abandoned flank) – Typically enemy lights don’t rush over the ridge like that, until their second run.

  9. Thing 1

    Which of course means that there’s no fucking skill involved. It’s just like the old fucking Pacman game: you follow a pattern assuming the same results. All there is to it is to learn the pattern.

    But then once some part of the pattern changes you’re fucked.

  10. Scorpiany

    The pattern creates results, that’s why it develops in the first place. The challenge is trying to squeeze some of those useful results out, before adapting. Without the northern end of Sand River, light tank gameplay becomes a lot more complicated. Of course you can still be useful, but it does become part of your job as a scout to fester off the northern end at least a little bit; otherwise a push becomes easy for the enemy.

    The SIMP player probably needed to go around the northwest so he’d see the light tanks before they pushed over the ridge though; he’d also have had cover to utilize if they began pushing like that.

    I agree that you have to improvise and adapt, but there are certain elements which are still key battle from battle on a map. Although arguably the risk of 3 enemy lights on the enemy team did not justify going so far alone. It’s instinctive to open up with that ridge because of how useful it is. That’s why all 3 enemy lights went there as well, even though they would have had no way of knowing that the SIMP player was alone. Were mistakes made? Yes. Can I really blame him? Not really.

  11. Insurrectional_Leftist

    But, the question is, “If it had been ME that had done that” would I have received that kind of defense ?” Not entirely sure I would have?

    I think we know exactly what would have happened, with my stats being displayed in game with XVM, the comments afterwards like time and time again by these guys on numerous occasions.

    It’s whats called blow back. People take out the MM frustrations on each other. They go after stats. The verbal assault through this game, was pretty telling afterwards, when that tank exploded.

  12. Thing 1

    Fuck no you wouldn’t have!

    That’s the thing: all this “Skill” they talk about doesn’t fucking exist. It’s down to strength in numbers. They platoon and click start at the same time so they wind up in the same games and look out for each other so they get away with doing the same shit everybody else does.

    But let one or two of them fuck up and not support him and guess what? He turns into a fucking dumbass with no skill.

    Why do you think all those yolo assholes start screaming “nobody supported me” every fucking game? Because they’re playing alone for one of those rare moments and don’t have all their buddies looking after them as usual, so they turn into a fucking moron.

    That’s all the stat padding whores have done since day one.

  13. Scorpiany

    The point is valid you’re making, Isurectional. With XVM in the game, I find myself assuming that a high WN8 player will know what they’re doing (Until they prove otherwise), while I assume green or lower players don’t know why they’re doing what they are (Once again, until proven otherwise). Part of that reasoning is because of the way I myself played though. Even when I had green stats, I realize in hindsight that frequently I made mistakes that seem silly to me now.

    On the otherhand, without XVM, I’m cautiously optimistic about everyone. I hope that players know what they’re doing, and will give everyone an equal defense, unless they prove a defense isn’t justified. Mostly an arguement for removing XVM from the game… Although the downside is that there will be situations when I don’t realize that the player next to me can’t find their left mouse button anywhere. Nonetheless, the point that XVM can result in a negative experience for players because of this intrinsic bias built into it for players of different skill levels, is valid.

  14. Thing 1

    Well said.

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