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JA_Pinkerton – AKA Petr Rallytravel

There are trolls, then there are trolls, then there are paid “Yes” men. Enter our resident yes man, JA_Pinkerton. This asshole takes yes man out a whole new door. Let’s start with this little jewel he posted on this thread the other day.

And as usual, our screen shot for the lazy:






Now, if that isn’t the worst case of head-in-sand, then it’s a CLEAR case of somebody on the payroll. (He’s probably one of the two fucks that actually voted for the Golden Joystick rather than the Golden Dildo award.)

So, we wondered, what North American could POSSIBLY not see all the issues this game, more specifically this server, has?

Well, once again that answer is pretty fucking easy to get: He’s not American. He’s not Canadian. He’s yet another European (Czech in fact) that has floated over to the North American server to carry the torch for Wargaming.

Now, although we still don’t know his full, legal name, we have tracked down his personas online. Here they are:


Google Plus

Rallytravel Facebook

and the Czech Rallytravel Facebook

And here are a few lovely images of this asshat:

Yep. Another old, fat, weirdo with nothing better to do than troll internet forums. Again, why are we NOT surprised?

So how are we sure that’s him? Well, for one, his English was the easy tip-off that it isn’t his native language. Like this sentence:

And seriously, before posting, you should learn about what is an ad hominem and avoid using them.

Yeah, asshole, and you should learn how to construct a fucking sentence in standard English.

And then there’s this from another thread:

Could someone explain to an old grandpa what “Nice Meme” means in this context?  I’d assume that “Surprise Generosity”  would be good, so the “nice meme” would be the bad option.

Uh-huh. Definitely eastern European. So you just do a search and what do you find? This video:

Fucked up formatting, isn’t it? Which brings us to his Armored Warfare account (RallytravelCZ which is also his World of Tanks EU account he never plays) posted by the same Petr Rallytravel with the same fucked up format:

So, yeah. That’s him. No doubt.

So the next time you see this shithead post, just remember who he actually is, get a good laugh out of it, and move on.



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  1. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Yep, and sure as the world on post #41 (Nasfan) and Post #43 (Silversound), are going to be over here reading this and blaming me as usual like a bunch of little babies for all this. But, who cares? They’ll blame me anyhow, they’ve done it already in these 2 post. They’ll be just as wrong when they do it again a 2nd around, I mean they might as well be consistently stupid dumb asses multiple times in a row as once. When someone is making mistakes that many times around, “Why even bother telling them?” After all while even Wargaming Admins will be Laughing their asses off at them 🙂

  2. Icon_Charlie

    All I know is that old man makes us old men look like dicks… Not liking that one bit.

    He must have a real inferiority complex if he think it is “cool” to wearing a paper hat. The plastic hat and the photo shopped of his face does not give him brownie points either.

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