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To Expose or Not To Expose – UPDATED

Folks, I’ve just come into something interesting. I now have Steven Sisk aka Killswitch95 aka Demonic Angel of Death’s public background report / criminal record.

It is, to say the very least, extensive. So, should we or shouldn’t we?

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The AYES have it. Here is just a VERY small sample of what our “fine, upstanding citizen” has been up to:


Special thanks to Steve Sisk for posting this morning and removing all doubt about which charges were actually his.

Nicely done Steve / Killswitch95 / Demonic_Angel_of_Death / G_Sauce_Washingdude

It’s idiots like you that keep us not only in business, but laughing our asses off. Thanks, man. From the bottom of our hearts.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    I voted no.

    If it’s traffic violations, that’s one thing; but when you get into the realm of criminality, reports can often be dicey. What’s more, even though it’s a matter of public record, one can get into trouble if the facts are misconstrued in any way.

    Traffic is one thing, so are financials. Even credit rating services get it wrong. But be very, very careful when it comes to outright criminality.

    My two cents.

  2. Thing 1

    I see your point. Don’t agree with it but I do see it. We’ll run the poll until Friday. Whoever wins wins and the chips will fall where they may.

  3. Gomez_Adams

    Fair enough.

  4. Zeedox

    I abstained, but I agree with Gomez about certain types of information.

  5. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I voted NO …

    1.) You never know, he might have molested someone ?? (We don’t know?) Or, he could be under a witness protection program ? Who knows? He could be wearing a wire for the cops? We don’t know how deep this guy is in? Speculation “only”…

    2.) Then again, he did tell the whole forum community, He did’t care about any of this stuff, none of this bothered him at all? Um ?? I mean seriously, sounds like If he was an Ax murderer he would be proud of it?

    Maybe he wants everyone to know ? 🙂

    This one’s kinda tough..?

    We need more votes out there…

  6. Speedy_DePalma

    I went yes, if you’ve seen it already and think it’s newsworthy then by all means. Said person has already said they don’t care and they’ll bring up the same schtick about how it isn’t him so go for it.

  7. Thing 1

    Said person has already said they don’t care and they’ll bring up the same schtick about how it isn’t him so go for it.

    And that’s my take on it right there!

    If the fucker has already clearly stated he doesn’t give a shit, which he has, then he has given us his full permission to post any fucking thing we want.

  8. Thing 1

    They ‘ayes’ have it. We should have it up by no later than Monday.


    Inquiring minds…

  10. Thing 1

    Some shit is up. I’m still holding off on the more serious shit for now as more than one person has advised against it.

  11. Zeedox

    So, like tasvo, he can’t drive. But in this case, on both land and sea…

  12. Thing 1

    LMMFAO! Yep. That’s it exactly. That and a complete disregard for his personal finances as well as law enforcement as a whole.

  13. Gomez_Adams

    Another fine example of the typical troll player of World of Tanks. He and Thomas (Tsavo) must be related.

  14. Speedy_DePalma

    Grand total of 46 someones been a busy bee, no cousin/stepsister touching on there? It is Gamecocks territory afterall.


    Forge check…buy new tank.
    Win win

  16. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Looks like Stephen must be in the neighborhood somewhere?

  17. Thing 1

    Grand total of 46 someones been a busy bee, no cousin/stepsister touching on there? It is Gamecocks territory afterall.

    Yes it is. And you know as well as I do that anything goes on “THAT” side of Columbia.

    Forge check…buy new tank.
    Win win

    I’ll bet 1000 bucks I don’t have that’s EXACTLY what he did. And of course was too stupid to realize he’d get caught.

    Looks like Stephen must be in the neighborhood somewhere?


    Want to see what really happens in his basement? Fair warning (especially YOU Gomez) what has been seen (and more to the point heard) cannot be unseen or unheard:

  18. Zeedox

    My ears bleed…

  19. Gomez_Adams

    Mother of God…where do I begin?

    -Wrong key.
    -Wrong Progression.
    -Horrid vocals.
    -Horrid base line.
    -Horrid drumming.
    -Horrid, non-existent, below rank amateur, probably just started playing 5 minutes before the video was shot guitar playing.
    -Recorded on open mic, not a mixer.

    It’s beyond awful. It borders on a very thin line between revolting, and insulting to the entire field of endeavor known as music.

    That is what you do while you’re learning. It is NOT what you put out there in the public eye. Ever. If not for your own sake, then for ours.

  20. Thing 1


    Thought you’d get a kick out of that.

  21. Steven Sisk / Demonic_Angel_of_Death / Killswitch95

    Hey guys, killswitch95 here, yes that one, this is a secondary forum alt I had, but don’t worry it’s already banned there…

    Point is… That isn’t me…

    As you’ve already expertly pointed out my name is Steven Sisk… Congratulations you found out information readily available on the internet. It’s not like I posted my videos on the NA forums which led back to my Youtube channel which used to be named after me or anything… Hats off to that expert investigation. However I didn’t mind that, in fact your first “Exposing Killswitch” post with the humanizing cream was actually really funny and I had fun watching your assumptions take you to wild places, but, that person isn’t me…

    My name is Steven Sisk, not Stephen Sisk… Steven can be spelled many ways and you have spelled it wrong. Meaning you have exposed some guy who has absolutely no connection to any of this whatsoever…

    I don’t care if you say things about me online because at the end of the day that’sjust words in cyberspace, however I, not that you care, do not like that you have taken it upon yourself to upload someones criminal record without making sure without a shadow of a doubt that person was who you were trying to expose.

    I’ll tell you right now, the closest thing I have to a record is a paid ticket for riding without a seat belt I got while with friends on vacation…

  22. Thing 1




    The reason we only posted the really vanilla shit is because we knew as well that there are two Sisk in your area. One is Stephen and the other is Steven. You see, Stephen only has a few records, and we posted them all. Steven on the other hand has a laundry list a mile long that we were concerned couldn’t possibly be a loser like you, so we’re NOW going to post THOSE since you have seen fit to VERIFY who is who.

    We wanted to cover our ass to make sure we had the right guy and not post any of the inflammatory shit.

    You see, we know you better than you know you. We know you’re an ugly, fat assed loser. We know you always have been. We know you always will be.

    We knew there was no way in hell you’d sit still if we selected the wrong guy.

    We knew there was absolutely no way you could keep your mouth shut and just let it go and think, “Thank God they got the wrong guy”.

    Thank you for being you and letting us know BEYOND ALL DOUBT which criminal record is in fact you.

    And yes, we know about the seatbelt violations. You have SEVERAL of them. And that is nowhere NEAR all that is on that record.

    The post will be updated to show the records YOU HAVE NOW CLAIMED AS YOUR OWN which completely and totally removes us from any case of “mistaken identity” you will try to claim later.

    What’s more, Leftist inadvertently trolled your ass into YET ANOTHER ABSOLUTE VERIFICATION of who you are.

    Remember this thread you posted?

    Where you posted more of your usual blacked out bullshit on your Killswitch account while using your Demonic_Dipshit_of_Dumbassery account?

    Then Leftist posted this:
    Leftist Trolls Steven Sisk

    Then you come back with this:
    Steven retorts to Leftist

    You see, Leftist had simply read this article and was poking a bit of fun at you. But you TOTALLY lost it and PM’d him over it PROVING YET AGAIN THAT YOU’RE A FUCKING LIAR.


    Goodfellas Laughing

    Good job, dumbass!

    And thank you!

    Because now there is NO FUCKING WAY ON EARTH you can deny you’re the same fucking person you DIPSHIT!!! LMMFAO!!!!

  23. Zeedox

    Someone has never painted a room before and talked himself into the far corner.

  24. Thing 1

    That’s the thing about fucking idiot rednecks: They simply can’t help themselves. The admission of the seatbelt violation was about the dumbest fucking thing in the world he could have done.

    I mean, that record he just admitted to has domestic violence, drugs, assault AND seatbelts. The one we posted didn’t have a single fucking seatbelt violation on it.

    Kind of narrows it down, doesn’t it?

  25. Zeedox

    And there ain’t no window on this side of the room, although the closest may be handy.

  26. Zeedox


  27. Thing 1

    His fat ass wont fit in a closet. What a fucking idiot. The funny as hell part is Leftist IM’d me with a screen shot of Demonic’s post wondering what the fuck it was all about because he had not come over here to see the posts yet.

    I’m guessing he went to sleep right after he PM’d me about it because it was very late and I’ve not gotten a reply from him since I sent him the message to read all this shit.

    Man, I shit you not, I’ve been literally in tears laughing my ass off since 5 this morning. My fucking stomach is fucking killing me I’ve been laughing so hard.

  28. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my God you have got to be kidding me. Surely, nobody on earth could possibly be this stupid.

    I have never seen anything like this. In fact, I’ve never even heard of anything like this.

    Wow. Just wow.

  29. Thing 1

    Surely, nobody on earth could possibly be this stupid.

    You just saw it dude. Yes, they can be. His name is Steven Sisk. LORD of the idiots.

  30. Speedy_DePalma

    If those traffic stops had a dashcam or the officer had a bodycam you could do a FOIA request.

  31. Zeedox

    We can haz our own Cops episode?

  32. Insurrectional_Leftist

    🙂 OMG you guys are a trip. I’m only seeing this just now really. I had no idea this was going this way? LOL

    The more you try to cover somethings up the more they seem to get more exposed. Just ask Paul Manafort, Trump, and his family. 😀

  33. Thing 1

    We can haz our own Cops episode?

    LMAO!!! It wouldn’t suprise me to find out he already stars in at least five episodes.

    OMG you guys are a trip. I’m only seeing this just now really. I had no idea this was going this way? LOL

    I know, right?

    Best I can figure, when you left that post poking fun at him on the World of Tanks forum he hadn’t seen the post here, so he came over, saw it, then went back over there and sent you the PM.

    But then he came back over here under yet another reroll account (G_Sauce_Washingdude) and left two posts, but none of you ever saw them because as new posts they hadn’t been approved yet.

    So there’s really no way you could have known what the fuck was happening. Only Steven knew. Which is yet another dead giveaway on his part.

    I tell you guys, I’ve seen some stupid in my time…but this fucker wrote the god damned book on it.

  34. Gomez_Adams

    You know, I sort of feel sorry for the guy. I mean, he’s made a complete and total fool of himself pretty much everywhere now by constantly denying the undeniable.

    Then he goes and takes it out a whole new door with this debacle.

    It’s sad really. What a lonely, sad life that poor guy must lead. I pity him.

  35. Thing 1

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the fat ugly fuck. If he wasn’t the asshole he is, he wouldn’t have the problems he does.

  36. Thing 1

    Oh for fucks sake…

  37. landedkiller

    If only we had a video of the cops chasing him down lol.

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