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Xeraux – Wargaming Shill, Two-Faced Prick

I don’t know where people got the idea that a name change in a free-to-play pixel tank game can suddenly wipe out who you are and what you’ve done, but it seems to be the new trend in World of Tanks.

Here’s another asshole that used to be one way, then figured out that everybody knew that he was completely full of shit, so he shelled out the gold for a name changed, put on a new avatar and then started taking the art of corporate shill shit posting out a whole new door to gain favor with the mods/employees of Wargaming that he buddies up with.

Now, Xeraux (we’ll get to who he REALLY is in just a moment) has been on our radar for some time. We get PM’s all the time from people talking about this asshole, but last night was the icing on the cake.

This latest round of missions put on by Warfailing has been, at best, a fucking disaster. They’re changed on the fly, the rules were misleading and outright lies, it’s just been one epic cluster fuck after the other.

Then yesterday, you had this posted.

And the screen shots for our lazy-assed members:

Now, that is a factual, well put, very clear post. MANY people were fucked over by this. It’s been all over the damn place.

But who is the first person to show up and blame the OP? You got it! Xeraux:

Really asshole? Really?

Well, I could go on and fucking on about how this is ENTIRELY Wargaming’s fault…but just a few post later, the last remaining voice of sanity even REMOTELY related to Wargaming summed it all up to perfection with this post:


Now, surely, there is no way possible any rational, thinking human being come retort to that. Sadly, this is Xeraux we’re talking about, so…yeah…the fucking asshole did:




What did they give you, Xeraux? Rigged MM? Do you get special RNG? Do they send you free anime porn subscriptions via their Asian connections? All of the above?


Well, it would probably help if we knew who the asshole was to begin with. You see, Xeraux didn’t start out his World of Tanks life as Xeraux. He started out as JayHollyLion. (His alt accounts of that name still exist for his emergency reroll plans should he need them.)

But of course, Jay and Xeraux aren’t anything related to his real name either. His real name is:

Jasper Leto-Niemetz

He’s a douchebag from California. (Yeah…home of Wargaming North America.)

What’s more, he’s a two-faced prick as we mentioned before. While he’s on the World of Tanks forum under his Xeraux persona posting about how great Wargaming is, he’s under his alter ego Jasper account commenting on TragicLoss’ video about how hard and unfair Wargaming is:

What makes an asshole like this? Well, in a word: Attention.

You see, young Jasper has been BEGGING for attention his entire life and never gotten it. He never got any from the get go.

When he first started World of Tanks back in 2011 as JayHollyLion, he really thought he was going to be HUGE in the gaming world. He spent a few years building himself up stat wise and then he went to spread his gospel to the world about how great he was. He even started his own blog about it.

It failed miserably.


Of course, having gone around in game talking smack and fallen flat on his fucking face, he decided to start over completely. New name, new image, and he even tried to branch out into War Thunder.

As is easily predictable, he failed miserably. Again.

His War Thunder career lasted less than a month.

He tried Goggle Plus. FAIL.

YouTube. FAIL.

And so he fell back to the only thing he has in his life: World of Tanks.

Like so many others we’ve covered, in the end, he’s just a lonely loser looking for attention…desperate to be recognized for his own greatness that doesn’t actually exist at all.

He now lives his life running two accounts: One being pissed off and disappointed at Wargaming and the other defending it relentlessly to gain favor.

What a sad, miserable, fucked up existence that asshole lives, eh?

The icing on the cake? The poor fucker looks like this:

If he weren’t such a  worthless, two-faced asshole, we might actually feel sorry for him.

NAH! Fuck that. He’s a fucking asshole.

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  1. Gomez_Adams

    Oh boy. It just never ends, does it?

  2. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Christ Almighty Trolls, and Shills everywhere. What is the world coming too? Now, if we could only contain these trolls/shills and recruit them with the intelligence service to go after the Russian internet waves, “We could unleash them upon Putin, where they would do some real damage constructively!”

  3. Thing 1

    It takes all fucking kinds I guess.

    What kills me though is that all of it, all of this, is over a fucking free-to-play pixel tank game. The multiple identities they use, the lengths they go to to hide who they are, the constant and near endless life of being online 24/7.

    I mean these fucking people LIVE on this shit. It’s not like us that maybe write an article on some asshole ever few days or week or whatever. They do this shit every waking moment of their entire lives.

    That’s why we have no hope of keeping up with it all. It’s just not fucking possible. If I had a fucking team of 100 working in shifts 24/7 we probably still couldn’t keep up.

    So many fucking trolls…so little time.

  4. Xeraux

    Thank you for posting! It’s good to know I have fans out there. I do want to set a couple things straight that you seem to have misunderstood or made up. In order? Let’s go.

    Obviously many people disagree with my view on the missions. Too bad. It’s my opinion. Thanks for yours.

    JayHollyLion was a silly name based on a book series I don’t like anymore, and I renamed. You should know, I renamed to Niemetz and then Zephaxus before settling on Xeraux.

    I also disagree with a lot of stuff WG’s doing, and I can see the game going downhill. But these missions were easy, and almost all of the complaints stem from people just not having time to complete them. That’s fine, but isn’t solely WG’s fault. Even if they are a shitty company.

    The comment on Tragic’s stream is about the difference in T34/IS-6 missions vs the Spz 58 missions. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t something you’re so great at. That’s okay, moving on.

    You are right about me being big in the WOT universe: I was ready for it, and I almost expected it. Knowing better now, I still plan on streaming when I get a better rig. I DID stream for a month or so, got a few followers. Then my good comp broke, but oh well.
    Your rant about my personal life (I mean, mini-rant) is where you start to lose credibility, as you have nothing to back it up.

    I wouldn’t call War Thunder a career. It’s a relaxing and good-looking game I enjoy(ed) playing.

    Your closing comments about my sad life gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I think it’s kind of funny that someone I’ve never met and who knows virtually nothing about me can get such an impression of me based on my opinions about a computer game. On the other hand, I think it’s really sad that someone I’ve never met and who knows virtually nothing about me can get such an impression of me based on my opinions about a computer game.

    I would defend myself, but I really don’t think there’s any point to it, since nobody on this site seems capable of having a rational discussion. (Prove me wrong, please.)

    I also want to add that you really didn’t get far with my alt accounts. I could list them, but I’d really rather you not know.

    I think I’ve covered everything I wanted to, so to close out MY comment, I’m both proud of that picture, and sad that you didn’t pick a better one.
    You know the ones I’m talking about =)

    Have a nice day,
    Jasper Leto-Niemetz

  5. Xeraux

    Nevermind about the picture, I see you linked my Facebook profile. Thanks again =)

  6. Thing 1

    You’re a fucking two-faced, lying sack of shit.

    You’re welcome.

  7. Gomez_Adams

    Having read that long winded excuse that contradicts everything he’s actually said prior to now, I can only say this:

    At least he’s consistent.

  8. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Fans? Respectfully, I think some of them were trying to tell you to please stop trolling them to death. Every time people are trying to point out legitimate issues about the game, missions, or trying to communicate to everyone else “ What’s happening, or affecting their player experience” to Wargaming, you would keep trolling/shilling everyone at every drop of a hat, despite clear evidence.

    It didn’t appear, nor has it for a very long time that you were trying to accept others opinions, with any fair grounds of ending discussion on facts or just differences of opinion.. Thing is everyone had “already” gotten their opinion about you already, because of how you were treating everyone else on the forum!!

    Yet now you are justifying all the obtuse, trolltastic, shilling for WG with your above comments.

    How about this? “ Why don’t you show some guts get on the forum and start calling WG out on their hypocrisy, schemes, and start pointing out to the community what you see them getting away with !!” You will not earn friends from WG fan boys, you’ll draw some fire, you’ll get attacked sometimes, you’ll have high stat players denounce you, gang up on you etc. But, atleast you won’t be a hypocrite, and show you have some ability to call out something when you see a wrong.

    Ask yourself, “Am I getting paid by the hour to shill for WG?” Because If not, you’re in the wrong line of work. The other players are not seeing it that way.

    WG flawed this mission plain and simple, to scam as much money out of the average player base as possible, it was very deceitful, slimy, and a highly unethical business practice! Everyone see’s it. It should be investigated


    What a sad and lonely life he lives.

  10. PrinzEugen85

    My heart goes out to good and kind people who are unpopular who really deserve friendship. Then you get guys like Xeraux who after peeling back their unpopularity, you discover that there is nothing but shit inside anyways.

  11. Dirty_Camel

    Yo, Skorp Locked that fucking thread at ‘Parade Rest’ right from the start, screenshot 3rd post in, and these fkn morons pile in as defenders of the WOT Universe trying to justify WG’s blatant fuckery. Really, what do these fucks get from trying to suck off WG. If I make 100 ‘cock sucking’ posts in the forum does that tag me with good MM? It would explain though, why I’ve been getting drug through the mud lately, as I refuse to let WG place it’s stamp on my tonsils.

  12. Thing 1

    Yo, Skorp Locked that fucking thread at ‘Parade Rest’ right from the start

    Yes, he did. His post was pretty much a statement there was no coming back from. But those fucking trolls just don’t know when to quit.

    It’s funny to me how absolutely fucking ridiculous they make themselves look, yet they defend it at all costs. He even did it here by contradicting himself three fucking times, PROVING BEYOND ALL DOUBT what a two-faced douchebag he is.

    And he’s too fucking stupid to see it. That’s what makes it so fucking funny and sad at the same damn time.

  13. Icon_Charlie

    I’ve been sending people I think that would be good to this site. The more people that know about this site the more pressure can be placed on the BS that goes on in WoT and in the forums.

  14. Thing 1

    Well, the problem for most people is that they’re afraid of retaliation. The number of unique visitors we get each day is simply staggering. We’re averaging around 850 per day (not counting bots) and that’s slowly but surely creeping higher and higher every month.

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist

    @ Dirty Camel, I think so too. It’s a reasonable working theory. I have never sought favor with WOT on the NA forum. And my stats, have never been stupendous no matter how hard I try. However, in the last 3 months they have really taken a super nose dive!

    If you notice when you do speak out, and start tapping on the truth really articulately, you get really “Ruff” Match Making !! The Shills, an the Trolls are constantly belly rubbing Wargaming anyway they can. They are what you might call “Stats whipped”. They carry the company line for the glowing reward for good MM.

  16. Zeedox

    It’s like people refuse to believe in “variable setting at runtime” in programming.

  17. Zeedox

    Man, he’s still tanked about this column. You should see his shit spew on the boards like bad diarrhea.

  18. Insurrectional_Leftist

    He reminds me of Striker_70. Striker still can’t get over this place. He stalks me in game chat, sneaks around and stabs me an others in the back on the NA forum too. Their all a bunch of cowardly backstabbing “wankers” that are obsessed with anything that speaks out about their “silly” geek raging, sneering, hissing fits all the time.

    It just astounding how they can’t get over this place? 🙂

  19. Thing 1

    They’re all the same. They go on and on and on about how it doesn’t bother them, that they don’t care, ha-ha-ha but they just can’t stop talking about it, crying over it, complaining to their buddies about how they were wronged and bullied and boo-hoo-fuckity-hoo. Even Tolos came out from under his rock crying his usual river of tears over it the other day.

    And now Striker 70 has gone completely off the reservation about us hacking people. That’s fucking hysterical. The guy has obviously gone COMPLETLEY ’round the bend.

    It’s fucking hysterical watching them all come completely unhinged. What makes it so fucking first rate funny is: It is THEY who did it, not us. We simply point out WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY DO.

    That’s the part they can’t stand: the fucking truth about themselves.

  20. Dirty_Camel

    Yeah, this shit-bird Xeraux made a comment the other day about Thing 1 coming to my aid in the WOT forum. I basically told him he was deemed a fkn dipshit across many forums. So, he’s been lulling around here lately if he knows I’m associated with Thing 1. He’s probably trying to figure out how to remove that fucking retarded picture of him on here. BTW, I got my 4th ‘warning’ in the WOT forum today for calling out some broken hearted Mahou fuck, then I sent a ticket in against the pussy moderator “who’s feelings must have been hurt”. 30 day ban until I can cash in my 5th and final warning with a “Fuck you Trolls and Moderators” meme.

  21. Thing 1

    @Dirty_Camel: Me coming to your rescue? WTF is he on about? Associated with you? No offense, but until you posted here the other day I had never fucking heard of you. He’s taking paranoia out a whole new door.

    @Only_Meuploading: Yeah, man. They do that bullshit all the fucking time and get away with it. Hell, half their champion team is on video saying nigger and laughing about it and not one single fucking thing was done to them.

    They’re a bunch of fucking racists, pedophile pervert fuckers and always have been, and they all look out for each other as well.

  22. Dirty_Camel

    @Thing : Yeah, that was my point, the only thing that links you and i is this forum. Being that I just showed up here, it tells me he’s in here lulling around still if he mentioned us both in the same sentence. In any case, he can eat a dick.

  23. Thing 1

    LMMFAO! Yeah, man. I hear ya. Fucker must hang out here more than we do to pick up on it that fast.

  24. M1F

    Xeraux, you should let the justice chase in this case. this is not legal and you have the right to ask for punishment. at least, this website should get closed. This attitude and behavior of many in here is pure middle age. bounding someone on a prange on a market place and then beikg angry, when someone tries to defend himself. this is poor, absolutely disgusting. the webpagefounder is pure scum, even if some of those here stated person do shit in our wg universe. youre far worse than those trolls

  25. Thing 1

    goodfellas laughing

    Another fucking village idiot.

    1st off shithead, you’re over 18, so there’s no such thing as doxing. You’re a legal adult.

    2nd, It’s all public domain information, dipshit. YOU put it online. It’sYOUR fault for putting it all in our hands.

    3rd, if you weren’t such a miserable fucking asshole, you wouldn’t have this problem.

    4th, using a VPN to try to hide who you are doesn’t always work that well, Jasper.

    How fucking pathetic are you to think you can create a few fucking reroll accounts you save for later, then whip it out a year later and nobody will know it’s you?

    Fucking rank amateur moron.

  26. Scorpiany

    I fucked up your post. You must have posted the instant I went to edit mine and I clicked yours by mistake. Sorry man. My fucking bad…I haven’t had my coffee yet.

    – Thing 1

  27. Insurrectional_Leftist

    That’s 100% correct what Thing 1 said, and what Scorpiany said. Even FaceBook clarified to all of its users this point recently to all. If you post it ( photo, print, image, etc ) and you make it public on line, and once you do that? Then it’s not longer private personal info anymore!

    And your older than 18 years of age. Knock yourself out with an Attorney all day long if you wish.

  28. Thing 1

    The big disconnect comes from the euro-trash. In the EU, doxing is the posting of pretty much anything that someone doesn’t want posted and it is against the law there.

    Unfortunately for them, this is the United States. This game in the NA realm is run on, licensed by and takes place in the United States, so it falls under U.S. law. They can take their Canadian and EU euro-trash pussy laws and wipe their ass with them because they don’t apply here AT FUCKING ALL.

    Doxing only applies to minors in the U.S. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if you never published a fucking thing in your life if you’re 18 or over, I can post it if I find it.

    That’s all there is to it but the fucking euro-trash cupcakes assume (and always has) that the fucking earth rotates around them. Sadly, a bunch of fucking moron Americans (Tsavo, Xeraux, etc.) actually believe them.

    But that’s what happens when you’re a fucking idiot douchebag: You spend most of your life looking like a fucking idiot douchebag…because, well, you are.

  29. Zeedox

    Umm, can we not mix some of us north of the border, with the euro’s?
    And as far as I know and have read (and I am not a lawyer) unless there’s malicious intent in Canada public info is public info.

  30. Thing 1

    My bad. Was in a bit of a pissy mood especially after fucking up Scorp’s post. First time I’ve ever done that. Still can’t figure out how the fuck I did it.

  31. Zeedox

    lol…VPN problems?? LMFAO.

    Maybe he bought his computer from Demonic Angel and “that IP” that comes with it.

    (Demonic_Angel_of_Death October 25, 2017 at 9:15 pm “So you’ve got an IP Address match which makes sense because I bought his old computer from him…”)

  32. Thing 1

    LMMFAO!!! Yeah, man…levels of that stupid. Unfuckingbeleivable.

  33. Gomez_Adams

    I tell you, gentlemen…it’s just raining stupid up in here.

  34. Dirty_Camel

    At least he could have changed his WOT avatar before he logged in here as M1F, fucking unreal. Then, addressing himself under his other account name…. this muh-fucker has issues! Here let me try it:
    Dirty Camel: “Hey Clean camel, your cock is really big”
    Clean Camel: “Thank you Dirty Camel, I work out”
    Dirty Camel: “I was joking fag, but I see you would like me to check out your crusty nutz
    Clean Camel: “Awwww Dirty, you so silly”
    Dirty Camel: “Fuck off, you clean humped idiot”
    Nope, not as fun as I thought it would be. I stand by my original comment, that muh-fucker has issues!

  35. Zeedox

    I’m sorry you’re too stupid to follow a conversation X

  36. Gomez_Adams

    Wow. Just wow.

  37. Thing 1

    You’ve GOT to be fucking kidding me. Begging for shit on the god damned open forum?!?! What a fucking loser! I mean, god damnit man…at least have some fucking pride.

    We all know you live at home, have no future, fucked up your grades, and are a pathetic loser, but for fucks sake, dude. MAN UP.

  38. Gomez_Adams

    I’m sort of curious: has he responded to what you sent him, T1?

  39. Thing 1

    I wouldn’t know dude. I blacklisted him. Anything comes from him goes straight to the garbage. Got better things to do than deal with that fucking idiot.

  40. Insurrectional_Leftist

    Holy Cow ! Do these guys ever paint themselves in a corner, or maybe they messed up, and spent all their money on drinking, or tried to buy the whole WG premium shop out or something? Or better yet, maybe they trying to make fools out of others, so they can go back to their Clans to prove some sort of “right of passage” of douche clownism ? Wow… I missed the original post.

  41. Thing 1

    What it boils down to is: Mommy found out he was using the credit card for stupid shit and cut him off.

  42. Shadora

    I have to hand it to you, these fucking troll threads make me laugh my ass off to the point where I have to keep coming back to read them. You picked all of the right assholes too. I think most of the forum trolls are just looking for attention, even if it is negative. They just want a response and they will say whatever is the opposite of what you say, like clockwork.

    I think these threads are great comedy and my only hope is that more trolls show up on the WoT forum to make fun of.

  43. Thing 1

    He has about a dozen alts. He’ll be fine.

  44. Insurrectional_Leftist

    He got banned ? ?

    I wonder what he did this time ? ?

  45. Thing 1

    Same shit he always does man: act like a complete fucking douche bag.

    Then they deleted his announcement thread. Then he posted shit here and I deleted it and banned his account.

    What a fucking loser. Guy’s going to spend the rest of his life making new accounts because nobody can put up with his stupid ass for any period of time.

  46. Zeedox

    They removed my link……

  47. Gomez_Adams

    Funny how they’re coming down hard on people all of a sudden, isn’t it? I mean, after years of letting people just troll on for days on end, they’re throwing around the ban hammer in record numbers.

  48. Thing 1


    Yeah, they deleted the thread, that’s what I pointed out. The funny part is they didn’t ban the alt account. It’s still posting this morning.

    I mean, what the fuck? They KNOW it’s him, they delete the thread, but do nothing to the alt?

    It’s shit like this that makes you wonder how the flying fuck any of them have a job. Then again, I guess most of them don’t for much longer, so we have that to look forward to.

  49. Zeedox

    Ahh. I’m beginning to think they simply use a Magic 8 Ball to make decisions.

  50. Beornotns

    Yeah, 10,007 posts and the ban. But now? The Alt is strong in this one…


  51. PurpleBlitz

    At least the fucking shills are all getting their paychecks fucking cut with the WG office move. Shit, man, the forums will be so dead without these corporate douchebags polluting it with their bullshit. So glad people like Xeraux will be out of their jobs. Where will they get their OP premiums and pay-to-win fucking ammo now??? Ha, makes me smile to think of it. Fucking losers. Can’t fucking wait for it dude, it’s gonna be sooooo fucking NICE!
    You guys will probably have less to write about though which is kinda sad, this site is hands down the best World of Tanks content site on the whole fucking web. Definitely coming back for more, holy shit dude! GOLD!!

  52. Thing 1

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Truth is, we already have less to write about. As the game has been dying at an accelerated rate lately, even some of the hard core trolls are quitting it as well.

    A great many of them have changed their names and kept a much, much lower profile as well.

    In all, in the year and a half we’ve been doing this, the trolls have started hiding deeper and deeper in cover, rarely coming out to fuck with people anymore.

    Should you or anybody you know come across one, don’t hesitate to save the replay and let us know.

  53. PurpleBlitz

    Cheers! If I see anything worth sharing I’ll come right back.

  54. PurpleBlitz

    Saw the dude in a game earlier, he was shit-talking some cool guy who had a valid complaint. Turned out Xerox did top damage and was just laying into the guy. What an ass.

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