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Moonrider – Forum Troll / Fail Spy

Well, folks, here we go with our first troll of the new year. And the winner is:


Congratulations, Moonrider. Now take a bow…and while you’re down there, kiss our ass you ugly, bearded, fat fuck. (No, the shave didn’t help you man. You looked better with that ugly-assed mug covered up…but we’ll get to that in just a few moments.

Now, our history with Moonrider goes back to when this site was first getting set up. I was, at the time, only a passive part of what was going on. Gomez was trying like hell to set up a forum for the site at the time and was just getting his ass handed to him by a bunch of fucking Wotlabs trolls that were spamming it non-fucking-stop.

And it was Moonrider who kept saying over and over again that he was blocked and couldn’t register his name and that Gomez had banned his ass.

Of course, none of that shit was true.

They even set up an account in his name FOR him and he made some other stupid shit accusations against them and I think at that point they just said, “fuck it” and moved on.

Moonrider has always been an asshole. He never has anything good to say about anybody or anything other than himself, which is funny since the ugly fuck doesn’t have a whole shitload going for him. But I digress…

Here’s the type of asshole Moonrider is – he’ll post this in a response to somebody:

But when somebody else does essentially the same exact thing, he posts this:

In other words, Moonrider is allowed to use images in response because he has no fucking brains or vocabulary, but if anybody else does it then they’re a fucking idiot that needs to go back to school.

That’s Moodrider. That’s how he rolls.

So here’s the next question, who is this prick?

Well, you guessed it, we’re going to tell you. Moonrider’s name is Jesse Woodson. Ahhh fuck it…here you go:

Jesse H. Woodson
22109 Countryside Ln
Lignum, VA 22726
MySpace (YES!!! He has a fucking MySpace Page!!!)

We’ll pause for you long enough to stop laughing and clean up the shit you just spewed out of your mouth all over the fucking monitor.

So here he is in all his glory, folks:



And fat.

Just like almost all of them. It’s so fucking predictable it’s almost disappointing, isn’t it?

So, that’s it then. That’s him. Typical fucking World of Tanks, ugly, fatass troll.

UPDATE 1/6/18:

So Leftist brought to our attention the fact that Jesse made a bit of an ass of himself over at the Wotlabs forum when they changed the colors of the WN8 scale back in 2014. Apparently, he cried like a little bitch over it, then got essentially neg repped / shamed off the board completely.

That lasted about two weeks before he crept back saying his wife had died of cancer and he was burying her that Wednesday.


His wife has cancer and is dying so he’s worried about and bitching about colors on stats in a free-to-play pixel tank game?




How do we know this? Well, let’s look at a few things:

Here’s his Facebook page where he announced he was engaged to a lady named Erin Beach. That’s in 2013 as stated.

So a year later, he’s crying like a bitch over stats, gets neg repped and shamed to death, vanishes, then comes back announcing she’s dead of cancer:

You know, that would be very sad but for one small little detail.

Here she is just this past October:

Pretty damn nice looking…especially for an alleged corpse.

And we have her Facebook page which we’re not going to post, but it’s also alive and well. She’s a girl after God’s own heart. She’s going back to school to get her degree and working her ass off at two jobs to take care of her family while shit-for-brains Jesse plays fucking eye-spy and pixel tank games.

Nice going, dipshit. You pissed away a woman most guys dream of finding over a fucking free-to-play pixel tank game.

So where does the “spy” thing come in? Well, this is where it gets dicey. This is either a complete, total, epic fail on his part or the most staggering set of circumstances to occur since John Wilkes Booth leaped down to the stage with a smoking gun in hand after he didn’t shoot President Lincoln.

Oh wait…

Anywho, so I get this mysterious email. Here it is in it’s entirely:


I often disagree with your approach. And I think your political commentary is shoddy and takes away from your purpose. But with those digs I just wanted to tell you:

Rita published this crap about a skin in the console game and didn’t contact anyone for statements, didn’t realize that WG can take anything they want that users post to the forums etc. My point is, it was shoddy journalism.

While I don’t agree with your editorial slant, you guys do great investigative work. Undeniable. And the quality of your work is a sharp contrast in comparison to the gossip column Status Report has become.

I check the site out. I have a different view. In the end you have a right to your approach and you do some great work.

I do PR work in DC. You fact check better than a lot of major networks and papers. In a time where journalism has really devolved to printing gossip, you guys have some respectable principles. Diversity of opinion is great when the opposing side has command of the facts. It’s why I keep reading your stuff.

You can print this if you want. I sent this privately simply because it is partially critical. Please don’t use my name or phone if you do.

I am a crappy 50% player in the game who struggles passed tier 8, by the way.

Christopher Alexander

I responded back cordially:

We never expected for everybody to agree with us. Hell, that’s not even REMOTLEY possible.

We were just sick to death of never having a voice. Of the Wargaming power clans who are also the moderators deleting anything and everything that shows who they really are and what they’re really all about while putting their own bullshit narrative into place by nothing but pure censorship.

If we get it wrong, it’s not because we just fucking made it up. We’re simply telling it how we see it with the information we actually hunt down and find.

Thanks for the letter. No offense is taken. We’re not above criticism (god knows we’ve gone ’round and ’round with Scorpiany on more than one occasion), but criticize us. Don’t come on our site trying to troll us with your bullshit like they do on the official forum. You’ll notice that Scorpiany still hangs around.

Thanks for the letter. Believe it or not, we’re getting more and more just like it almost daily now.


Thing 1

So then, VERY quickly, he comes back with this:

The fact that a dude named Thing 1 could bets his beat better than half the DC press corps (on either side of political spectrum) pretty awesome.

You guys have your thing, and I get it. But I’d love to see you guys sit down with Wargaming and do an interview. You’d need to be softer in your tone and that may not work with your intent, but that would be something.

While I am not as negative about them in general, there media relations are poor, and I doubt they would do it.

Funny, Chieftan and I were in adjacent units in Iraq (I was a Scout) and a few years ago I was in a match and chatted with him. When I explained what I do now he encouraged me to apply for as their PR head.

That would have been a tough job.

So they invest in the new tech. Does this mean they stop being accountants now and spend money to enhance the game? Or will they be more arrogant and double down with the attitude that the graphics fixes everything so stop complaining about your tier 8 you bought perpetually being feasted on by tier 10s.

Guess we’ll know soon.

So, instantly, I’m like:

So what WAS an apparently innocent email now turns into “I know the Chieftain” and “you should sit down with Wargaming”.


So, I make a couple of calls and go into investigation mode.

The guys email address is: [email protected]

Why would DK, a multinational fucking publishing/media company, use fucking Gmail? Well, folks, they wouldn’t. I made a phone call and it turns out not only does DK NOT use Gmail, they have never heard of anybody named Christopher Alexander and are sure that he and his message are a complete fraud as far as they are concerned.

OK. Cool. So who is he then?

Probably best to run the phone number he provided. So I make another call and get that done. I also open the source on the email itself and find the final IP address of the original sender:

That, folks, is the IP of the cell phone that sent the email.

It’s an unregistered, pre-paid cell phone. Oh how convenient, eh? But we do know where it was used last. It was last registered bouncing off a tower in close proximity to Jesse’s house.

Well, let’s look at a few pictures to help you all visualize this better. Here is Jesse’s house:

Now, if you zoom out from that, you’ll see where the cell phone last registered:

Folks, that is one hell of a coincidence, is it not?

But then the question arises, why would he go to all the trouble? Well, we have a theory on that. You see, we think he thinks that he’s smart. He wanted to see what we would do, and if one of us would call the unlisted, pre-paid cell so they could fuck with us or something.

I don’t really know.

But I do know this: Moonrider came to this site earlier to see if we had published anything. First time he’s ever been here, folks. Today. Right after all this shit went down, he shows up.

Now folks, any ONE of these things in and of itself means nothing.

But ALL OF IT?! What the fuck are the odds?

Less than zero, folks.

Like we said, that’s Moonrider. That’s how he rolls…like the fat assed fucking idiot that he is.

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  1. Zeedox

    The failbook page has already been deleted it seems.

  2. Thing 1

    Well, looks like we were pretty accurate with our assessment then.

    That’s the beauty of stupid people that think they’re smart: they’re really and truly fucking stupid.

  3. Scorpiany

    The first email did seem dicey to begin with, and I wasn’t sure what to think of it when you posted it on the Forums here… But holy shit did that take a turn.

    Claims to work from DC, doesn’t use a DC email… Tries to sound convincing & trying to get you on his side by saying that you do better work than “Half of the DC press corp”… And then tries to pull you into doing an interview with WarGaming.

    If that doesn’t sound sketchy with alarm bells blaring all around it, I don’t know what does. Sounds like he did a 5 minute google search run on how to sound convincing, and thought that would be all it takes. If you’re going to claim to be from DC… Just adding .dc@gmail and talking about it a bunch makes it MORE suspicious, not less. It’s the same tactic scammers use, to add an extension and talk about where they claim to be from a bunch, without providing any proof nor using a remotely legitimate email address.

    Funny, is that on the Forums this guy has a “holier than thou” attitude. His post history contains nothing but him calling people idiots, or whining about anything and everything other people have to say. For someone who’s oh so much better than everyone else, he sure did a pretty amateurish job at pretending to work for a company that he doesn’t.

  4. Scorpiany

    I believe I may have mixed up DC and DK up in my post. Never rely on me to type something correctly.

  5. Rafalefighter47

    It’s amazing how many scumbags like him show up. Growing up, I’ve noticed that jerks like him are stupid. I may not explain their stupidity, but I know THAT they’re stupid.

  6. Insurrectional_Leftist

    I remember this guy. He was the one over at “Labs” who caused a big “Shit Storm” with Never Wish over the colors getting changed, ( not for everyone else’s benefit, but for his own personal benefit ) that it fucked him over that it moved him down in colors on his WN8. So, he blasted Never Wish over it. He put up a photograph on a thread that gave neverwish the middle finger! and labs too. He threw a big tantrum over it! got some other people in trouble over it. But, no he came over to the NA forum thread, spread his shit over there too. Stirred up the forum trolls, started a fight etc.

    He then made a big pronouncement over how he would never go back to Wot Labs ever again !! But, the he crawled back over to Labs again sure enough! Started posting again. Trying to get back into good graces again.

    Supposedly, his wife died of cancer, and he tried to gain sympathy from everyone he could to take the heat off of himself etc! I remember. He said he played guitar etc.

    Just recently he was stalking ‘me’ on my NA profile. I saw where he visited my profile just about ( I think it was about/approx. 2-3 weeks ago? ) I couldn’t figure out why? I was like, “What’s he doing sniffing around again?”

    You said, “SPY” ?

    Who’s he spying for and what reason? You think it’s Labs again? Is he on a mission from Never Wish to get even with us? Covert Operations from Labs to get into good graces again for Never wish ? Be recruited by the Shills from the NA forum? He’s a real suck up when he wants to be.

    Boy, that’s pathetic !

    I think he’s drinking the same water up there Trump and Pence are drinking 🙂

  7. Thing 1

    @Scorpiany – no worries man. I do that shit all the time. I listened to what you meant, not what you said. 😉

    @Rafalefighter47 – Yeah, man. I hear ya.

    @Leftist – His wife didn’t die of cancer. She left his ass.

    What’s more, about 4 hours after this story went live, I start getting all kinds of emails from that asshole, most of them contradicting what he had already said. I’ll post them on the forum for you guys to review.

    He also spammed several messages on this article under the name Eat_Pray_Love, but I’m not cluttering this up with his lame assed bullshit.

    Oh…and this is the funniest shit you’ve ever seen. Check out the IP’s:

    Moonrider is Eat_Pray_Love

    The ONLY WAY IN HELL you get IP’s that close together is when you’re on the same network. It’s painfully obvious he used his laptop for one and a tablet or desktop for the other on the same fucking network.

    He must be related to someone we know.

    I shit you not, guys…some of his excuses go beyond even what that fucking idiot Steve Sisk (Demonic_Angel_of_Death) was saying to try to explain how he had the same exact IP as Killswitch95 because he bought his old computer and lives nearby.

    He says he never said he worked for DK in one email, then sent a letter to the marketing department asking them to forgive him because he never said he worked there and copied us on it.

    Like that makes a fat rats ass worth of fucking difference.

    He says he never said he knew The Chieftain that he only “ran into him” once.

    Funny how quickly the story changes and contradicts itself, isn’t it?

    There’s a word for all that shit. It’s called: PANIC.

  8. Thing 1

    Hey Leftist,

    I went over to Wotlabs because I didn’t remember anything about that bitching about the colors of WN changing and searched it up. You’re right. Here is his post history:

    Moonrider's bullshit

    So the two weeks leading up to burying his wife he spends all his fucking time bitching about the color change on the WN8 bullshit?

    He’s so fucking full of shit. I mean really…who the fuck would believe that kind of absolute shit. He would have to be the most worthless fucking asshole on earth to spend his wife’s dying days playing and bitching about a fucking free-to-play pixel tank game.

    What a complete fucking douchebag.

  9. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my. This is just…wow. It’s not every day that I’m rendered speechless.

  10. Thing 1

    It gets worse. Story has now been updated.

  11. Zeedox


  12. Gomez_Adams

    Oh my. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

  13. Shadora

    I think Insurrectional_Leftist hit the nail on the head in terms of his motivation. I think he was dumb enough to try and blow smoke up everyone’s ass to gain access or favor here and to then think he was going to do some kind of EvE Online type corporate espionage that we hear about in the gaming world and destroy everything from within.

    I don’t think this guy has the brains or ability to destroy anything except maybe a Dunkin’ Donuts daily chocolate glazed output by buying them all so nobody else can have any that day.

    This guy is about as bright as the sun is to a blind cave fish. He is harmless however, due to his simple mind and has been neutered before he even began.

    I believe Insurrectional_Leftist is right in that he wanted to be an Internet hero to either WoTLabs or WG or the WG forum, but fell flat on his fat face due to their being no activity in his brain.

  14. Thing 1

    I don’t think this guy has the brains or ability to destroy anything except maybe a Dunkin’ Donuts daily chocolate glazed output by buying them all so nobody else can have any that day.


  15. Insurrectional_Leftist

    It just keeps getting more surreal doesn’t it? So, real truth is his “wife” ran off on his ass! OMG … Unreal. But, could you blame her?

  16. PrinzEugen85

    This is just incredible. Once you think you’ve heard it all..

  17. Thing 1

    I know, man! You just can’t make this shit up. When we all first started this, we NEVER thought it would lead from a few basic assholes and what they do into the realm of pure, mitigated fucktardery on a level never before seen by mankind.

    I tell you…the other day Gomez was talking about this new “Gamers” mental disease that was going to be added to the actual list of mental illnesses.

    This site is a fucking gift-wrapped case study on it.

    Man, I have seen some serious shit in my time. I’ve done some shit as well that could have (and in one case SHOULD have) landed my ass in jail. But I have never, ever done some shit like this. My shit was done out of necessity. I lived on the streets for most of my youth. You do shit to get by.

    But shit like this? Mother fucker…even in my darkest hours I never even dreamed that bullshit on this level was possible.

  18. Shadora

    I believe what we are seeing in Internet troll or gaming disease are people who are used to being behind a computer and feeling safe, but when the time comes to take action or do something irl, they fall flat on their faces like this guy because many Internet trolls and some gamers are escaping to the Internet or gaming realm as a safe place for them because they might be outcasts in society.

    They build up confidence to break out of their Internet world and it comes crashing down like a wingless bird trying to take flight from a perch 100 feet above earth in blissful treetops, but instead, falling to the ground in a frightening, twisting, turning flame-out landing on their heads and being eaten by a fox sitting patiently for him in the 10 seconds it takes to hit bottom.

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